C8– Lu Ran Is Beaten

  ”Yes, that’s right!” The others’ eyes lit up as they listened. These thugs were originally proud masters, and what happened during the day had made them fear Yun Zheng more than anything else, so of course, they didn’t dare to retaliate. Lu Ran, on the other hand, was the best person for them to vent their grievances.
Now, there was no need for the gangster to persuade them, and the others were all eager to try their hand at it.

So, some things were just so coincidental. Yun Zheng’s unintentional kindness could be rewarded by others’ single-mindedness, and as Lu Ran was the one who started it, he naturally had to pay the price.


For Lu Ran, the recent days were really too difficult. After he was kicked out of the orphanage, the word “white eyed wolf” had stuck to him like a dog’s skin plaster. Not only people outside were particular about him, but even Lu Ran’s adoptive mother also had a bit of a problem with him.

In the study, Lu Ran’s adoptive mother and her husband conferred.

“If you ask me, I’d rather send Lu Ran away. He’s not a grateful one, and even if he does get that status in the future, it will most likely backfire. Moreover, although that family is dead, the Gu family is not stupid. With Lu Ran’s unassailable appearance, even if he doesn’t remember it, the Gu family won’t be able to see him, so why take the risk?” Unlike Lu Ran’s adoptive father, Lu Ran’s adoptive mother, until the very beginning, did not approve of adopting Lu Ran.

“Nevermind. What I want is this little white wolf character of his. What’s more, only if my family’s side doesn’t like him, I’ll have a chance to plot.” Lu Ran’s adoptive father was very calm: “The Gu family’s family is elite, and Gu Yan is even the best of them. Although he has been abroad all these years, his tentacles are about to reach out to Xingcheng. Such a person, Lu Ran is really favored by him, before something has to happen. As for the rest of the matter, this family is even more indifferent. As long as the stuff is with Lu Ran, he can have the right to inherit it. You’ve also said that the person is dead, where else can you go to check the bloodline ……”

The words behind Lu Ran’s foster father became lighter and lighter, and in the end, there was only the ill-intentioned malice left.

Outside the door, Lu Ran could hear clearly, but his heart was cold.

He was called over by his foster father, and the purpose, was for him to hear this conversation. Through the crack of the door, Lu Ran saw the stinging eyes of the man inside and understood that this was the final warning. If he was in trouble next, the only thing that would happen to him was that he would be kicked out of the Gu family. As for what he had always regarded as a life preserver, he would also lose it altogether.

After all, if the Gu family could raise one Lu Ran, they could raise a second. He was nothing more than a puppet who could be used as a handy tool. It was nothing at all to be summoned and waved away.

Silently leaving through the doorway, the extreme humiliation stabbed Lu Ran’s pride to pieces, and every breath was a painful burden on his heart. The hatred for Yun Zheng was added to the list. However, even so, he still had to go through the aftermath step by step.

On the side of Cao Ming, he only had to give a command, so that he wouldn’t rat him out. And cousin Cao Ming’s operation fee, most of them wanted him to come out and confess. The most troublesome thing was the police. The Cao cousins, a pair of idiots, failed to clean up Yun Zheng, but they were beaten up, and finally, they even called the police.

Cousin Cao Ming had a criminal record. Cao Ming himself had just been expelled from No.2 High School because of deceiving his classmates. It happened that Yun Zheng was an excellent student. How could anyone believe that Yun Zheng beat them like this?

The most ridiculous was the injury report. The shattered fracture on Cao Ming’s cousin’s arm, in the words of the forensic pathologist, would have been impossible unless a van had run over it, which would have been impossible with human power alone. It was ninety percent a false accusation.

So one after another, the film police were also annoyed, simply in the name of them fighting and brawling, they detained the Cao brothers.

After an irritated cleanup, Lu Ran came out of his room and told the housekeeper that he had to go out.

In the end, it wasn’t a pretty sight, and Lu Ran didn’t call a cab when he went out. And those thugs just happened to follow him along.

In Xingcheng City at night, except for a few lively business districts and night markets, the streets were relatively quiet. And it was in such a place that something happened. The rotten-smelling sack was placed over his head, followed by the severe pain from his stomach, making him lose all his strength and unable to even scream.

Without a doubt, Lu Ran was beaten up solidly. In the end, he was also stuffed into a trash can.

If it wasn’t for the Gu family’s housekeeper finding out that he hadn’t returned and asking more questions, Lu Ran was afraid that he would have to spend the night in the trash can. The only thing that could be called lucky was that no bones were broken. But a face that was originally clear and beautiful was so swollen that he couldn’t even open his eyelids, and his nose was broken.

This was really a great shame. As the young master of the Gu family, he was even plotted against by someone when he walked down the street. They didn’t know, was it because Lu Ran’s character was too rubbish, or was it because the Gu family was too useless and couldn’t even protect a youngster?

In less than half a day, every well-informed person in Xingcheng City knew that the adopted son of the Gu family had been beaten up, and there were many who looked at Lu Ran with displeasure and came over to mock him in the name of a visit.

The most annoying thing about Lu Ran was that he didn’t even know who beat him up. From beginning to end, the gang that beat him didn’t make a sound. As for Cao Ming’s side, he also missed the opportunity to instruct him, causing Lu Ran’s name to be revealed in the end.

If he hadn’t been so careful, he would have had no connection with the account he made several payments to and would have used a hidden account that the bank had removed its name, which would have been a charge of “aiding and abetting” right now.

Gu Family

“Young Master Lu, Cao Ming is at least in trouble because of you, the Gu family can’t ignore him.” Cao Ming’s mother once again came to the Gu family to cause trouble. This time, Mrs. Gu didn’t even look at him and just had the housekeeper send him to his room. Lu Ran understood that the Gu family was already fed up with him. In particular, Cao Ming’s mother, a woman, even bit his surname to make a sarcastic comment. This made Lu Ran even more furious.
However, at the present troubled time, he could only endure.

After talking at any rate and making promises, this was the only way to finally send this difficult woman away, Lu Ran’s face was gloomy and he viciously smashed everything on the table on the floor.

“Yun Zheng! Good for you!” Lu Ran gritted his teeth as he read, wanting to bite Yun Zheng’s flesh and blood.
He had originally believed that Yun Zheng was the one who was responsible for his embarrassment this time. After listening to Cao Ming’s description, he became more and more determined in this thought.

“Prepare the coffin? Hehe, he, Yun Zheng, is killing the chicken to warn the monkey! Stop f*cking daydreaming!” Lu Ran’s expression was fierce, gritting the crown of his teeth, trying to suppress the anger that was about to break through his senses. Yet the layers of accumulated anger and humiliation were like sharp bayonets, shattering his self-esteem and making him unwilling to hold back in obedience to his foster father’s words.

It had been ten years since that incident. Yun Zheng still hadn’t recovered his memory, and most likely there would be little chance of recovery in the future. As for the one in the Gu family, he had almost gone straight insane back then, otherwise, how could he have remained abroad for so long and not come back? As for the adoptive father, oh, the object was now in his hands, and if he was anxious he would make the truth public. At that time, the old thing would also be unable to survive.

D*mn it now was the best time to get rid of Yun Zheng!

Thinking about this, Lu Ran finally couldn’t hold back and decided to start acting. This time, he wasn’t going to use any intrigue or trickery, he was going to use the most open and honest method to bring Yun Zheng to his doom. But an unarmed orphan, just the word power was enough to crush him to death!

So thinking, Lu Ran picked up his phone and made another call.


However, this vengeful thought of Lu Ran’s, Yun Zheng was unaware of it. He didn’t even know about this matter of Lu Ran being beaten.

The weather at the beginning of August was already very hot. Yun Zheng listened to the weather forecast and wondered if he should add another dish of cold noodles. On this day, he went to the park side to set up his stall as usual. But for some reason, there was always a vague feeling of something strange.

Yun Zheng counted that there seemed to be fewer breakfast stalls today than usual. But looking at the gloomy weather, he suppressed his doubts, thinking that maybe it was going to rain soon.

Soon, long lines of customers were forming again to buy noodles. And the worries in Yun Zheng’s heart also diminished a bit because of his busy schedule. But it didn’t completely disappear.

However, it turned out that his hunch was right. Because it didn’t take long for it to be verified.

Not far away, the police cars that were whistling came straight to the morning market. At the same time, the stall owners in the morning market immediately panicked.

“The city manager, it’s the city manager coming!”


The crowd of stall owners shouted as they fled in all directions. As for those customers who were buying breakfast, they couldn’t care less at all.

These days, the weight of the word city management was still very heavy, and once caught, it was a small matter to have your car impounded, but a huge fine is the most fatal. They were just trying to make ends meet, and if they were caught, they might have to take a year’s worth of revenue.

Yun Zheng was also nervous for a moment because of their panicked move, but he quickly regained his composure. He had a big stall here, and there was a circle of people around him inside and outside, so even if he had the intention to run, it would be impossible. What was more, Yun Zheng really wasn’t afraid. Because this food truck of his was checked out and had already crossed the open road. So even if he was caught, he could only barely be counted as a business location violation.

Just as Yun Zheng was thinking, those few city officials had run over to him.

“Who told you to set up your stall here? Don’t you know that illegal business affects the cityscape?” The lead city guard was not very old, and the eyes that measured Yun Zheng were filled with disgusting greed.

“Tighten up and buckle down the stall. Kid, you come back with me now and call your guardian along.” He eyed the box containing Yun Zheng’s money without a trace.
It was only a few minutes ago, and he had earned so much, so it seemed like he had met a fat sheep. As expected, that young master of the Gu family hadn’t lied to him, this was really a lucrative job.

As for the others, after hearing his words, they also rushed up and brutally pulled Yun Zheng’s noodle stall cart, forcibly pinched the fire, and were about to detain the stall and the people with it.

However, before Yun Zheng could speak, the ones lining up next to him to buy noodles were all displeased.

“F*ck! What’s this about?”

“I say where did you get this city manager! This is Taoran Park, not the city center, people are allowed to set up stalls in parks, so why are you dogs meddling in their business?”

“Exactly! I’m a guy who lives on the east side of town, and I came all the way over here just to eat a bowl of noodles from Little Boss. I’m still waiting to finish it and go to work, so the delay in work is on you?”

“Exactly! Let go, let go, let go! Who told you to hold the fort! Get the hell out of here!” At this moment, the diners in this part of Tauran Park all exploded.

They had a deep grudge against the city manager. Strictly speaking, the morning market in this part of Taoran Park was not in the way of the cityscape. These breakfast stall owners were using the stone slab at the entrance of Taoran Park, so they didn’t delay the pedestrians or block the street. And most of the stall owners at this end of the morning market were careful and clean, and they would clean up their places after they left their stalls every day, so there wouldn’t be any garbage pollution.
As for those like Yun Zheng who had everything and good cooking skills, they were even the most pleasing kind of people.

Many of them, in order to wait for Yun Zheng’s bowl of noodles, had already shot up the line for more than half an hour, and this meeting with the city manager, who had to take him away, they naturally got anxious.

“This …… is an illegal business, you guys are helping a crime!” Several city officials did not expect that a seemingly ordinary and innocuous noodle stall would cause public outrage. For a time, they were blocked in the middle by the crowd, but they couldn’t do anything about Yun Zheng.

The scene froze for a moment. However, Yun Zheng, who had been silent, recognized who this person was after staring at the city official for a while.

Yun Zheng had seen him before his rebirth.

In his last life, when Yun Zheng had just dropped out of school, he had worked in the snack city on the commercial street and watched this man use a high-sounding reason to force an old couple who were selling shoe soles for a living to almost starve to death.

If he remembered correctly, the man had gone on to become an equal and eventually made it to the position of captain. But in this life, he met him, he was afraid that he would have to pay some price for his past evil deeds.

Yun Zheng narrowed his eyes, and his eyes gradually became darker. He was wondering how he was going to get through this, and incidentally, teach these city officials some lessons while he was at it.

However, at this moment, the system suddenly issued a prompt, “Wealth value meets five thousand, the second spin lottery draw begins.”

The second draw? The sudden change of events caused Yun Zheng’s nerves to become instinctively tense. At the same time, the turntable that appeared in his mind drew his mind, as much as it could.

Unlike the last scene when it had an expert aura, this time the turntable seemed to turn extraordinarily slowly. As if it was about to stop immediately with every step it moved. Yun Zheng frowned and his heart rate sped up.

Waiting always made the time seem extraordinarily long. However, when the pointer finally stopped, the prompt that appeared in the system made Yun Zheng weak and he almost cursed out.

Oh, he was afraid it was a f*cking joke!


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