Ye Tianyi’s lips curled up in a gloomy sneer: “I’m looking for Su Tianyun and Su Ming, these two people.”

When Li Min heard these two names, he was stunned: “Su Tianyun?”

Ye Tianyi frowned, “You know him?”

Li Min hesitated, nodded, and asked, “Your surname is also Su, what is your relationship with Su Tianyun?”

Ye Tianyi snorted coldly in his heart, whose surname was Su?

But on the surface he did not move: “You don’t need to ask more about this, just tell me the news about Su Tianyun and Su Ming.”

Li Min probably thought that the name that Ye Tianyi gave out was also surnamed Su, so he didn’t think that Ye Tianyi was here to seek revenge, and without thinking too much, he told about Su Tianyun, and anyway, Ye Tianyi would know this soon even if he didn’t say it.

Because Su Tianyun was really too conspicuous.

Ye Tianyi was also stunned after listening to what Li Min said about Su Tianyun’s ‘great achievements’.

Su Tianyun had some ability user escorts by his side before he arrived at the base, and it was said that the relationship between him and these several ability users that were not low in strength was unclear, and most importantly, those ability users were all f*cking male!

It was said that Su Tianyun after entering the base, hooked up with the second-in-command of the base’s son, charmed young master Xiao for his fascination, and he even didn’t mind Su Tianyun with the other ability users who made love to him, this was simply …… too arrogant, okay?

Ahem, that was all the peachy news about Su Tianyun, and his strength was also very amazing.

Su Tianyun was a water and space ability user, it was said that it was very spacious and that loading a lot of supplies consumed very little of his abilities, and his water ability even had a purifying effect, it was said that the water essence he condensed could evolve into a polluted water source.

Anyway, there were many legends of Su Tianyun, he was considered a big celebrity in the base, and he was as dashing as he could be.

Ye Tianyi narrowed his eyes and the smile on his lips straightened in an expressionless manner.

He had really underestimated this bastard brother of his, that guy still had this kind of skill!

Purifying contaminated water sources? Lots and lots of space? Ye Tianyi subconsciously thought of his own jade guanyin that had been snatched away by Su Tianyun, and this almost intuitive conjecture made him feel eight-nine out of ten.

Su Tianyun was living such a prosperous and rampant life, he obviously couldn’t live without that magical Jade.

Ye Tianyi asked Li Min about Su Tianyun and Su Ming’s address and recent situation, so he said, “I have a bit of a problem with Su Tianyun, and I plan to settle it with him privately, and I would like to ask Chief Li to keep this matter confidential.”

What was this matter to be kept secret? Li Min also knew what he was doing, he nodded without hesitation.

Anyway, Su Tianyun’s death or life had nothing to do with him, he only needed to look on with indifference and pretend not to know anything.

Having received Li Min’s assurance, Ye Tianyi sent the man away with satisfaction.

He began to calculate how to get those two guys killed.

Su Tianyun and Su Ming had entered the base before Ye Tianyi, but they were living in Area B at an exorbitant rent.

Those two probably thought that he had turned into a zombie and couldn’t possibly come to seek revenge on them, so they generously registered into the base using their real names, and acted in a way that wasn’t low-key and outrageously ostentatious, the attitude of wanting everyone to kneel down and lick them made many people uncomfortable.

But Su Tianyun caged the only son of the base’s second-in-command, Young Master Xiao, in his hand to escort them, plus his ability to purify water was really useful to the base, so nothing happened.

If Ye Tianyi wanted to make a move on them, he could only think of a way to assassinate them, and killing them openly wasn’t too easy.

He remembered what Li Min said, Su Tianyun recently had to go out with Young Master Xiao on a mission to find supplies ……


Su Tianyun and Young Master Xiao were both the talk of the town in the base, their every move was followed by countless people, Ye Tianyi didn’t take much effort to find out the exact time they went out to do their mission, and they didn’t deliberately hide it anyway.

Ye Tianyi left the base early on the day they went out and waited silently by the inevitable road outside the base.

Young Master Xiao and the others were doing quite a few missions, so they couldn’t even hide which day they went out, so it was easy for them to know when they left the base. But what missions they were doing and the routes they were taking to go out were all confidential, outsiders couldn’t find out, and Ye Tianyi certainly didn’t know either.

But while he didn’t know their exact route, he could wait for them to throw themselves on the inevitable road outside the base.

Ye Tianyi recruited a group of ordinary zombies by the side of the road early in the morning and hid in the zombie pile to silently stare at the direction of the base until the military truck of Su Tianyun and the others drove over.

The sound of the car’s engine attracting zombies was normal, so Ye Tianyi ordered the group of zombies to follow Young Master Xiao’s convoy, no one suspected that this was abnormal, and he just let the zombies fall far behind the car, the supernatural beings inside the car wouldn’t have anything to do with the zombies that were no threat to them.

Ye Tianyi followed them all the way into the city, looking at their direction of travel, Young Master Xiao’s mission this time should be a factory producing down jackets in the Eastern District.

The temperature at night after the end of the world was getting lower and lower, and there had even been cases of people freezing to death in the base, and down jackets were very effective at keeping people warm, so it was not surprising that the base had issued such a mission.

Ye Tianyi carried little leaf that had been squatting on his shoulder into his arms and held it: [Be good, don’t move, if you accidentally get lost, you can’t be found].

Little leaf didn’t move, but still reluctantly muttered: [I can find the owner ……]

Ye Tianyi let the zombies surrounding him roam free while he ran alone to follow the convoy.

Even if the convoy was out of his line of sight, his mental energy was enough to guide him, and he felt no fatigue as a zombie, even if he kept running. As a zombie that was about to advance to the fourth rank, he was comparable to both power and speed ability users in terms of strength and speed.

He even secretly took a shortcut and ran in front of them when he knew where they were going.

The path couldn’t be driven on and it was easy to walk.

When he took a shortcut to approach that factory, he suddenly stopped and gave a gloating smile towards the direction of the fleet behind him.

This group of guys’ luck was really bad, the factory they chose was actually the territory of a third-ranked zombie.

He didn’t know what ability this third-ranked zombie was, although it was only a newly advanced third-ranked zombie, the difference between it and him, a third-ranked senior zombie, wasn’t very big, and it would take him a lot of effort to fight this zombie.

And as far as he knew, the strongest ability user in the base today was only a second-rank senior, and it wasn’t even under Young Master Xiao, but Commander Jiang’s people.


Several large trucks were parked outside the factory, and more than a dozen ability users got off the truck, a lineup that was pretty luxurious in human eyes, but in Ye Tianyi’s eyes, it wasn’t enough to deliver a plate of food to the third-ranked zombie in the factory.

Only a few of the dozen or so ability users were of the second rank, and the rest were all of the first rank. The second tier was just a plate of food to the third tier zombie, and the first tier was like a snack.

The group hadn’t noticed any danger yet, but Su Tianyun, who was following that leader, Young Master Xiao, was the first to feel that something was wrong: “Be careful, something seems very wrong here!”

Ye Tianyi hid in the dark and stared at Su Tianyun gloomily, completely ignoring the particularly conspicuous young master Xiao who had a head of red hair beside Su Tianyun.

Su Tianyun didn’t know what was going on, but he was actually more beautiful after the end of the world, especially that fair skin, just looking at it made people want to try to pinch to see if it was water.

Originally just somewhat handsome, Su Tianyun didn’t know how he became more beautiful …… That’s right, he was beautiful, just like a pseudo maiden. Not only did he look like it, but he even acted a bit like it.

But what Ye Tianyi had to admit was that Su Tianyun had indeed become very attractive to men, and those men who were charmed by him were indeed not innocent.

But Ye Tianyi was biased and thought his change was a bit evil, before Su Tianyun was not much of a manly man and had a dry white chicken look, but at least he could tell that he was a man. But now, he mistook him for a woman, okay!

Young Master Xiao listened to Su Tianyun’s warning and asked in a low voice, “What did you find?”

Su Tianyun knitted his brows slightly, he didn’t find anything, he just had a hunch that something was wrong here, and that hunch had saved him several times already.

He subconsciously cupped his right hand a little above his chest, then shook his head at Young Master Xiao, “I just feel like something’s wrong here, like it’s dangerous.”

The end of the world had come, and with something as mysterious as zombies and ability users appearing, then intuition and all that wasn’t so untrustworthy.

Young Master Xiao still trusted Su Tianyun’s words, and he told his men to stop moving forward and carefully measured the factory’s situation.

He soon discovered what was wrong: “There’s not even a single zombie around here!”

Now that the city had mostly fallen, zombies were everywhere, otherwise, they wouldn’t have set up a survivor base on the outskirts. And this factory’s geographical location wasn’t very remote, they had just driven over and killed many zombies along the way, but when they arrived around the factory they found not a single zombie!

This was definitely a problem!


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