C10-Now You Believe Me

 Well, the charge was completely implemented.

Yun Zheng took a satisfied look at the effect before turning off the aura. At the same time, without a trace, he put the phone that had fallen when the city manager flew off into his pocket.

“Now you believe it!” Yun Zheng’s smile was gentle, but this time, no one dared to pick up his words as the crowd, all of them, were so shocked by the scene in front of them that they lost their ability to speak.

F*ck, was this small boss still human? If you get hit by a car, you’ll fly three meters!

The surrounding crowd subconsciously swallowed their saliva, and when they looked at Yun Zheng again, they couldn’t help but have a lot more awe. As for those who were originally worried that Yun Zheng would be at a disadvantage if he was taken away, they all silently gave up on continuing to dissuade Yun Zheng’s move.

With that amount of force, they were afraid that the entire police station would be in trouble, but Yun Zheng would be unharmed.

In the end, that policeman was also really helpless. He could only bite his teeth and take Yun Zheng away. But before Yun Zheng left, he handed his cell phone, along with the one that the city police had dropped out, to a familiar patron next to him, asking him to send it to the orphanage for him, so that the old dean could pass it on to Chen Jun.

“Please tell the old dean that I’m fine, and tell her to take it easy.” Yun Zheng said with a volume that only two people could hear.

“Okay, I know. Little Boss don’t worry.” The man promised, turned around and ran to the parking place, ready to use the fastest time to reach the orphanage.

Right now, this young man admired Yun Zheng immensely. He was similarly involved in the brutal beating of the city manager, and if Yun Zheng hadn’t carried it, he would have had to follow him to the bureau.

Although the law was not to blame, and the final punishment would most likely be to pay a small fine. But for an office worker like the youth, having this kind of case record, even if the city manager was bullying him, it wouldn’t be good for his future.

Thus, he became even more grateful to Yun Zheng. He was determined to complete the matter that Yun Zheng had explained to him. By the way, also think if there was any method that could help Yun Zheng.

On the other hand, Yun Zheng, after seeing him leave, also obediently followed the film police to the police car.

All that could be arranged, he had arranged, and the rest, was to wait.


As the police car drove away, the farce in front of Taoran Park finally came to an end. Several city officials followed behind the police car like dogs, fleeing in disgrace.

However, after they all left, the Xingcheng side was completely blown up.

In this area of Taoran Park, there were two high-grade communities. So, quite a few inconspicuous looking aunts and uncles were actually all retired cadres. When Yun Zheng was with the old vendor, he was very popular with them, but now with his good skills, they were even more reluctant to leave.

Therefore, they didn’t go over there during the fight, but this time when Yun Zheng was forcibly taken away, they hurriedly followed and got busy. Those who had a way in, found a way in. Those who didn’t have a way in, got together and discussed for a while, and simply collectively carried a small bench and headed to the city hall.

They were all civilized people, they wouldn’t make trouble, they could always petition reasonably! Not to mention hitting or not hitting, just about the city manager accepting bribes and bullying the small people, someone had to stand up and talk about this.

On the other hand, Chen Jun, who was still at home, had just received the news.

“What’s going on here?” He took the two mobile phones, and Chen Jun’s heart went cold. His first reaction was to go to the police station to confirm and see if it was true. However, the information that Yun Zheng sent to his mobile phone before made him calm down in time.

After reluctantly pacifying the old director, Chen Jun found an internet cafe, followed Yun Zheng’s instructions, found the audio from his phone, and uploaded it to a social media platform called “Weibo”. At the same time, he also tried to turn on the cell phone of the city manager, and sent several key short messages to “Weibo” together. At the same time, he reached out to the official accounts of several newspapers.

At this moment, Chen Jun’s hands were shaking. But he was still very careful and tried his best to perfect every detail that Yun Zheng explained.

“Don’t worry, a junior high school kid who sets up a noodle stall, as long as they take him away, everything will be easy by the end of the day.”
 ”If you cut off his back road directly, you should not be practical. If it comes back to our side to give evidence, even if you send him to prison, make sure it won’t be contradicted.”

“It doesn’t matter if he’s less than 16, but he’s an orphan, no parents, people won’t care”

In these short sentences, the sinister and domineering aura was all too apparent. Chen Jun looked on, and his eyes suddenly turned red.

Yun Zheng was only in his second year, and this city manager had gone against his conscience to put him to death. And the most chilling of all, it was the person who issued the order from the opposite side – the young master of the Gu family in Xingchen City.

In Xingchen City, the only person who could be called that was only that Lu Ran who had once made Yun Zheng empty his heart and lungs and spoil him as his brother!

F*ck the wolf!

Chen Jun’s face was filled with anger, and the hand that was squeezing the phone clenched fiercely, wishing to crush the city manager’s phone directly. If it wasn’t for the fact that there was still Yun Zheng’s orders that hadn’t been done, he would have wanted to immediately kill Lu Ran and question him first to see where his conscience had grown. Were they all eaten by dogs! Simply stabbing him and dying together would be enough, so that he wouldn’t plot against Yun Zheng later.

“Buzz~” the phone that had been vibrating non-stop on the desktop interrupted Chen Jun’s thoughts.

“Hello, it’s Chen Jun.” He barely managed to control his emotions and connected the phone, and then, he heard the anxious voice from the other side. It was a fellow classmate of Yun Zheng’s, and his tone was equally indignant.

“Chen Jun, did you hear about Yun Zheng’s case? One of my neighbors was over at Taoran Park in the morning and said they watched the whole thing. These city officials are so fucked up, a few of us who live on this side of Taoran Park met up with them and are planning to go to the police station to check it out. Do you want to come along?”

“You guys go first, I’ll go later.” Jun Chen wanted to fly to the other side of the police station immediately, but thinking about the follow-up arrangements Yun Zheng had written in his phone, he gritted his teeth and held it down. However, the anger that was strongly suppressed were like high temperature explosives, and as far as the eye could see, it was about to explode.

“Then we’ll leave first, see you at the police station later.” The opposite student, Yun Zheng, was also able to feel the same way. He discussed with Chen Jun for a while before they each hung up the phone.

Feelings during the student years were simple and deep. Although under Lu Ran’s deliberate arrangement, Yun Zheng’s popularity at school seemed to be very indifferent. But that was all surface contradictions, and when something really happened, no persuasion was needed, they would naturally come together.

For a while, Yun Zheng was in class 7 of the second year, and half of the class was in motion. When they got together to think, they simply contacted the school teacher and ran to the police station together. Their thinking was also simple, regardless of anything else, let’s see how Yun Zheng is first. Didn’t they say that the police also carried guns and would beat people up?

These things outside were still slowly fermenting. However, for Yun Zheng who was sitting in the police station, the situation was a bit delicate.

Right now, other than the city manager who had fainted, the rest were guarding the interrogation room and staring at Yun Zheng.

“Kid, aren’t you crazy now?” The little captain who had been beaten so badly that he was about to kneel down and call his father looked at Yun Zheng with a gloomy face. If it wasn’t for the fact that there were still police officers guarding the side, he would have been able to immediately press ten hundred fatal charges on Yun Zheng, making Yun Zheng pay for the humiliation he had suffered.

However, the previous cop was not impressed, his index finger clasped the corner of the table, seemingly discouraging, but actually warning.

“Calm down, this is a police station.”

“Officer Lin, I also have a special reason ……” the small captain pulled a fake smile, but his finger pointed up suggestively.

“So what?” The cop was expressionless, “One department at a time, one process at a time, this case is now in my hands.”
  ”Then his public beating can’t be good!” The city official who arrested Yun Zheng was so angry that he simply opened the window and said, “I know you want to protect this child, but it’s a pity you can’t! What can you, a small cop, do if you’re the one who has to deal with the family?”

Reaching out his hand to push the cop away, he walked to the chair that bounded Yun Zheng and threatened in a gloomy manner, “Don’t think you’ll be fine just because you’re being a hero, be honest and you can still stay alive, otherwise ……”

“So you’re warning me?” Yun Zheng wasn’t afraid and looked up to him directly.

“Joke!” The team captain sneered, “Do I need a warning? Don’t you know who you’ve offended? The coffin board has been handed to your feet, so be careful not to cry in the future.”

“Heh,” Yun Zheng, however, was amused by this, “Then I also advise you to leave a line in your life, so that you can see each other in the future. Even if you’re a dog for someone else, you have to keep a conscience, lest you can’t save your own life one day when your master can’t take care of himself.”

After saying that, he opened his expert aura once more and lightly lifted his hand.

With a “click” sound, the handcuffs that held Yun Zheng’s wrists made a metallic stretching sound, followed by the chain tethered to the chair’s iron armrests, which was on the verge of breaking.

“…… “The small captain instantly wimped out for a second and took a step backwards, but he tripped over the corner of the table and actually peed his pants in direct shock. He hadn’t forgotten the previous feat of Yun Zheng flying someone out three meters with one kick, afraid that he would follow in his footsteps.

“Pfft, hahahahahaha.” Now not only the emotionless piece of police in front of him, even the other few city officials who followed couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“Sooner or later, there will be a time when you will be crying!” He panicked and put down a harsh word. Then, unable to care about anything else, he hurriedly ran out of the interrogation room with a crawl.

“This is big trouble.” After quiet was restored, the policeman looked at Yun Zheng and shook his head helplessly.

However, Yun Zheng smiled and didn’t reply, because he knew that he was bound to be fine this time.

In his last life, he had heard a lot of interesting old stories after entering that circle in Yanjing. Among them was the history of the rise of the Xingcheng Gu family.

It was different from the “Earth Emperor” described by the outside world. The Xingcheng Gu Family was not only not as strong as the public imagined, but also in a very delicate position. And not only that, even the top level of Xingcheng itself, there was also a lot of turmoil.

Now was the time to crack down and continuously vindicate several past cases of injustice, the purpose of which was to purge the law and discipline and improve credibility. As long as the matter of Yun Zheng’s arrest was exposed, it would soon become typical without any surprises.

If Yun Zheng remembered correctly, right now the mayor of Xingcheng was already being watched from above. Lu Ran’s adoptive father had paid a considerable price to barely whitewash the peace, but he had also exposed the intimate relationship between himself and the mayor of Xingcheng City. He had to join this power game.

According to the final results of the last life, the Xingcheng city game, the final was that Lu Ran’s foster father won, otherwise there would not be a blatant frame-up then, and those so-called Yanjing “rising stars” drowned in the water.

All of this was something that Yun Zheng had only figured out after being reborn. So this time, he planned to do something to completely break the original trajectory. Not only would he make Lu Ran completely eat his own evil consequences, but even Lu Ran’s foster father would be wounded!

Counting the time, Yun Zheng’s mind kept speculating about the current situation outside.
  The most ingenious part of the so-called butterfly effect was the first incitement of the wings.

At this time in China, the power of the Internet was already beginning to take hold. Although it wasn’t yet as powerful as later, allowing public opinion to evolve into a lake beast that could devour human lives if necessary, it was enough to gain some voice among young people.

On Weibo, the video of the city manager being beaten up was quickly put up and immediately topped the trend.

“Eye-opening, what exactly is the origin of this Xingcheng Gu family? Not even the law can bind it!”

“Oh, since ancient times government and business collusion, it’s still not money that can push the ghost. I’m kind of long sighted, @ Judiciary, don’t wash the black spots of the old rotten grain before, let’s clean up the mess in front of us first!”

“Couldn’t stand it any longer, bullying a kid half his age just because of his skin. Well played! If I’m going to be in, I’m going to have to kick two feet along, and these dogs just deserve it!”

And at the same time, # harsh government is fiercer than a tiger, city management is greater than the law # such a topic also entered the public eye. In just half an hour’s time, there were tens of thousands of weibo users, who participated in the discussion.

In Britain., the handsome teenager watched the video on Weibo expressionlessly, and then he flew into a bone-chilling rage.


Male lead, you’re finally here after missing him in his last life 🤭

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