Wang Chao spoke to a friend named Yang Li, who was a typical keyboard warrior who was not afraid to see what was going on. Now he thought he had got the “heavy material”, of course, he wanted to share it with others.

However, unexpectedly, Yang Li’s cousin directly interrupted his words.
In Yang Li’s cousin’s eyes, he could only believe at most two points of what Yang Li said. More so, Yun Zheng was now just a new rising star, even if these black materials were true, it would only make it harder for him to get up. And this kind of thing, the sooner the outbreak, the easier it was to whitewash. After popularity, it would be completely forgotten.

But once these black materials were false, things would become very troublesome. From the first few things, it was clear that Yun Zheng was smart and knew very well how to PR to make himself look invincible. And these seemingly slanderous remarks would immediately turn into a springboard that could help him go further.
Now there were just so many resources in the industry, and getting up one more meant one more person to share the cake with equally.

He was silent for a while and warned: “This matter of Yun Zheng, regardless of whether it is true or not, ends here. Also, give me that audio file of yours, it might be useful later.”

As Yang Li’s cousin spoke, he took a screenshot of the entire conversation between himself and Yang Li and saved it. He always felt that Yun Zheng would develop into something big. And the only way to turn a gossip like the one Yang Li gave him into the most advantageous weapon was to wait until Yun Zheng was really famous and his persona was fully established before it exploded. On the other hand, he was also prepared with multiple things. In case something happened in the future, with today’s screenshot, it was also considered to have left a way back for himself.

It must be said that Cousin Yang Li did have foresight. Early in the process of chatting with him, Yang Li blew things up in the group chat and talked about Yun Zheng’s black material, saying things more exaggerated than what Wang Chao said at the dinner table.

“I think my cousin is lying. He clearly believed it and asked me for audio. As a result, he just told me not to go out and talk nonsense. At least if it was a big Verified Weibo page with hundreds of thousands of fans, it would be understandable! “

“What audio? Is it actually true?” Someone in the group asked.
“Of course! His second friend said it himself. What else is it? “Yang Li immediately comfirmed it. In an instant, Wang Chao, an ordinary classmate who had never seen Yun Zheng more than several times, had been changed into a close friend.

Finally, he even directly uploaded that audio original to the group file: “Self-taken ~ no need for thanks.”

However, after sending it, he was immediately driven away to bed by his cranky mother, completely unaware that this audio he casually posted, would bring him calamity in the near future.

There was no privacy on the internet. What was more, it was this kind of somewhat gimmicky gossip.
But in just one night, the audio that Yang Li sent spread through the internet.
  ”Heh, I told you that his orphan persona was a lie. This kid looks like he has the means, otherwise how can he get to the top so quickly?”

“The means or a small thing, afraid that he has a background. Small city news about a city manager’s case, could become a major case of national shock.”

“So what? Whether it is really sleight of hand, or he really have a background, can you afford to mess with him?”

Right to the point, the topic ended there. Indeed, the explosive material in this audio was too sufficient, although most of them had notable popularity on the network. But they couldn’t use the network as a background and some ordinary people lived in the right way.

People didn’t fight with officials, if Yun Zheng had a big brother behind him, then they dared not easily touch him.

However, in this world, there were always cannon fodders who were not afraid to die and liked to brush up their presence. A newly promoted food vlogger named Ming Qiao, was a typical case

Ming Qiao was also an unlucky egg, before, he wasted a lot of effort, yet only barely had some improvement. But fame happened to go to Yun Zheng. Even the title of the first newly-promoted gourmet vlogger didn’t stand, and was taken away by Yun Zheng in less than a week.

Therefore, Ming Qiao had long looked at Yun Zheng with displeasure, plus his family did have some background, so he was more reckless.

He originally planned to make some small moves, and now that he got this recording, he felt even more like a tiger. He first found someone to download the audio and re-edit it again, so that some of the words in it became more ambiguous. At the same time, he sent someone to Xingcheng to get a few photos of Yun Zheng’s physics teacher.

Looking at the computer, the teacher’s face next to the young man’s, Ming Qiao’s excited mood simply couldn’t be held down. This time, he did not even need to find someone else to write for him, even the title was all ready-made.

#The most popular of all, the “national brother” is a real wh*re who is destroying the happy families of male teachers.

The purpose of Ming Qiao was very clear.
One was to completely drive Yun Zheng out of the net popularity industry, the other, was that he wanted to step on Yun Zheng to the top!


However, at this time, Yun Zheng had not yet discovered Ming Qiao’s secretly despicable means. Moreover, he was also in another trouble.

In the morning, Yun Zheng suddenly received an invitation from the Raccoon Live platform.

Recently, Yun Zheng’s momentum on Weibo was very strong. As an up-and-coming food blogger, in just half a month, he had been on Weibo’s hot search twice. Although the rankings were not very high, but compared to his overall situation, it was already remarkable.

Basically, now these netizens had gone to the live aspect.

After all, unlike those small rewards on Weibo, live streaming was the real big money in the industry. So, when Yun Zheng chose to be a food blogger at the beginning, he was ready to be an anchor.

But the live platform that Yun Zheng wanted to go to was actually the big fish that came with Weibo. The big fish platform was the linkage platform of Weibo, although the current popularity wasn’t good, however, in a few years, the big fish platform would gradually replace the original as the function of the cell phone diversified. But right now …… Big Fish’s traffic was indeed the difference between heaven and earth compared to Raccoon.

So, in the end, whether to accept Raccoon’s invitation or just stay on Weibo, which for Yun Zheng had some bad trade-offs. The more he thought about it, the more annoyed he felt, and he simply put his eyes on the apples on the plate to the side.
  When Yun Zheng was thinking, his hands were not idle, and a carving knife between his fingers was more nimble than a fish swimming in the water. In a short while, a plate of apples had all kinds of flowers carved out of their skins by him. But in the end, it was affected by the state of mind, these hand-carved patterns didn’t have a magnificent dragon and phoenix, but a bushy flytrap. Yun Zheng even forcibly stuffed a raccoon in the mouth of the flytrap

“This …… ghost images ……” Yun Zheng felt a bit speechless. He didn’t bother to add a filter, he casually posted the photo to the Internet.

“Hahahahaha, seeing such fresh and uncomplicated apples, this is my first time.”

“No more, is this the latest food carving art? To be able to carve the flytrap so lifelike, I want to kneel.”

“Flycatcher: what can I do, huh? After all, I can swallow a raccoon alive!”

But in just five minutes, Yun Zheng’s comment section was taken over by a sea of “hahahahaha”, and there were even people who quickly made flytrap emojis to go along with the post.

They all thought that Yun Zheng was being deliberately funny to make such a photo. However, Gu Yan, who had just arrived in Xingcheng, could see from this photo that Yun Zheng was slightly out of sorts.

“Not in a good mood?” He wrote to Yun Zheng privately.

“Not really, it’s just that there’s a decision that’s too hard to make.” Seeing Gu Yan’s private message, Yun Zheng sighed, suddenly feeling a bit tired.

“Is it convenient to say?”
This sentence, Gu Yan asked cautiously. At the same time the hand holding the phone, also subconsciously clenched hard. He and Yun Zheng had not met for ten years, and Yun Zheng lost his memory, Gu Yan was only a strange passerby.

“There is nothing inconvenient, mainly the future direction of development.” Yun Zheng wasn’t as defensive as Gu Yan thought.

“I originally planned to open a live broadcast directly on the Weibo platform, but in the morning, the Raccoon platform sent an invitation, saying that they wanted to ask me to choose them as my debut live broadcast platform. So there was some hesitation.”

“Raccoon is better.”

“Why?” The somewhat disheveled Yun Zheng regained his spirit after receiving Gu Yan’s affirmative answer.

“Because Raccoon get money fast.” Gu Yan was able to detect a change in mood on his end and typed a long reply in a rare moment.

“I feel that you are doing this to earn money. Raccoon live is now the largest of several live platforms, and the most well-managed. Perhaps compared to the big fish platform, the linkage between the raccoon platform and the Weibo fans is a little lower. But overall, it is a shortcut to quickly increase popularity. In addition, the characteristics of Weibo, is to bring their own fans, where you go, your fans will follow. So, you just need to maximize the immediate benefits, there is absolutely no need to look ahead and back.”

What’s more, you have me ……
This sentence, Gu Yan repeatedly typed twice in the dialog box, but finally held back and didn’t send it.

Yun Zheng instantly realized that it was he who had made things too complicated before

  According to his current popularity gathering speed, wait until after the raccoon fell, and big fish could stand up. Moreover, tthe most important thing was to quickly accumulate money. What identity, what platform, it was all floating clouds. The fastest way to achieve his purpose was the right one.
The most important point, he still had the talent auction house, if he could open a new talent, perhaps in the future, his achievements were not limited to weibo.

Thinking like this, Yun Zheng’s depressed mood finally relaxed.

“Many thanks.” Yun Zheng’s attitude was sincere.

“You’re welcome.” Seeing that Yun Zheng wasn’t confused, Gu Yan also felt a lot more at ease. At the same time, he forwarded Yun Zheng’s previous apple Weibo post with a reward of 9999 yuan, while commenting, “A flytrap that can eat raccoons is awesome in itself.”

“The aesthetics of a tycoon is really different.” Due to the high rewards, Gu Yan was considered to be familiar to the crowd. Soon there were people posting under his retweet.

However, Yun Zheng read a different meaning from this statement. He thought Gu Yan was truly encouraging him, and the number 9999, also has the meaning of long-lasting. This very warm-hearted initiative made Yun Zheng curious about Gu Yan.

He was calm, said few words, saw the problem to the point, kind-hearted and supportive, and had a little bit of emotional innocence …… these fragmented elements together at the same time, Yun Zheng couldn’t help but imagine Gu Yan as a warm long-legged uncle with a beard and a smile.

“Pfft.” Yun Zheng could not help but be poked with laughter by this somewhat odd brain patch, and his thinking gradually became more relaxed. However, just then, the system suddenly made a sound, interrupting his thoughts.

“Trigger conditions met, [I have never seen, such a brazen person] skill in effect.”

At the same time, Yun Zheng’s face changed abruptly.

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