The clear and ethereal female voice along with the sweet and refreshing melody diffused in the summer night, because it was a summer album, and it was hard to get rid of the suppression of the black emperor, Cao Qiyue made a rare simple warm little love song, in the star-dotted night, the narrow balcony, the song tirelessly flowed in the ambiguous gap between the two bodies.

The young man in the white shirt on the phone with a smile warmer and sunnier than the TV shows, the sunset playground, the lush green lawn, the quiet classical library …… every corner, every breath, all spread with love.

Although obviously Shen Yan’s image, the teenager in this video did not do “face value reduction” makeup treatment, so he simply shined, what scene, what heroine, what song it all disappeared, so that people’s eyes, heart, were filled with him alone.

Xie Yifeng’s eyes were filled with a warm fascination, the corners of his mouth sweetly curved, but when the next scene came, he froze.

He poked the screen and asked in a cold voice, “What did you say to her, why is she smiling like this?”

He was referring to the Music Video, Zhou Yuhe whispered in the lead actress’s ear, the lead actress as if hit by Cupid’s arrow, revealed a very girlish sweet smile, enough to melt people’s hearts.

Zhou Yuhe was a bit flustered and stammered, “No, I didn’t say anything.”

Xie Yifeng looked at him and took on the air of “I’m honest when I’m drunk” and said in a roguish tone, “I don’t care, I want to hear it too.”

Xie Yifeng’s face was also very red, and when he said this, there was actually a rare point of childishness and innocence in it, like a kindergarten child asking for candy, unreasonable as hell.

But such an expression, appearing in Xie Yifeng’s deep facial features, had a killing force, he was afraid life was going to be pulled out of him.

Zhou Yuhe as “Xie Yifeng’s number one iron fan”, of course, couldn’t refuse his request, but, but ……

Zhou Yuhe held his face, it was hard to say, he thought for a while, before difficultly refusing: “No, this is my secret.”

Those kinds of words, how could he say to him ……

That day, the director asked him to say what would make a girl’s heart move, that was certainly the same as a confession of love, he didn’t like girls, so the love words weren’t hard to say, but the person changed to Xie Yifeng ……

Even if he was drunk, he wasn’t able to open his mouth.

The more he liked him, the more he was afraid, that was the truth.

Xie Yifeng saw that he was so shy that he was about to bury his head in his knees, so he took a step back and followed his words, “Then I’ll take my secret and exchange it with you, okay?”

Zhou Yuhe heard and rolled his eyes, what secret didn’t he know. When he was 20 years old, he attended Fashion Week in Milan and an American sweetheart fell in love with him at first sight. She pursued him to China, which made him too scared to go out all week.

But he didn’t ignore him, “OK, I see if the secret is worth it.”

Xie Yifeng was a little shy and he was a little afraid to look at Zhou Yuhe, so he turned his eyes, looking at the railing in front of him, he gently coughed and said: “Do you remember the last time we were on the show when I said …… I had a crush on a person in high school? ”

That ah.

Zhou Yuhe nodded, “I remember.”

To be honest, although he liked Xie Yifeng, he really can’t care about his first love. Time was too far away. It was 25 or 6 years ago for Zhou Yuhe. Besides, who didn’t like people blindly when they were young, and when his sexual orientation was unknown, his first love was Cao Qiyue. [TN: 25 years means before his rebirth, 6 years is after his rebirth]

However, what Xie Yifeng said next was something he definitely did not expect.

“I started late and had been acting, my family never had much hope for my performance, I didn’t expect to be lucky in the exams, DEGO was about to develop art classes, so I was specially recruited into ……”

Memories like the wind-blown books, page after page turned.

Because he was usually filming, even with a small break, he immediately read the books and did homework, it was difficult to keep up with the high school curriculum, his results didn’t decline, but there was little progress, but for students, no progress was equal to regression.

The first six months before the college entrance exam, Xie Yifeng pushed out all the film contracts and focused on his studies.

“…… I remember that the half-year was the most serious half year of my life, even after the evening study, I also ran to the library to read until closing before returning to the dormitory, I met him at that time ……”

The teenager sitting in the corner of the library, very young, he looked like only a second or third-year student of junior high school.

It was the most playful age, but he was different from all his peers, he didn’t love to play, nor did he love electronic products, he was very quiet, he held books and homework and sat on a long desk seriously reading as if bathed in a layer of literary holy light, plus with his delicate face, not attracting attention was impossible.

The teenager was a regular visitor to the library like him, Xie Yifeng was very puzzled at that time, he was so young yet so hard to read.

Only later did he hear that he was from a single-parent family and that his mother was a university professor, so she had a lot of expectations of him and was also very strict.

He had some sympathy for the teenager.

Perhaps this sympathy opened up a new world so that he was “forced” to hear a lot of information about the teenager.

He was the first in his year; his name was very old-fashioned, and he knew that his mother, who was a professor of Chinese language, had given it to him; he heard that he had finished his high school studies and could already solve advanced mathematics problems; many girls had sent him love letters in the library, but he had refused them all; he was worried about his mother being alone at home, so he insisted on leaving school early even though his home was far away ……

There were too many details, enough to fill up a well.

The teenager wasn’t like sunshine, not like candy, and not like a warm wind.

He was the rain, he was the gurgling night spring, sometimes cool, but not cold, but refreshing and comforting, although not hot, not shining, but he just looked at him …… no matter how restless inside, at the sight of him, all his negative emotions would be gently smoothened, like a stone stirring up the circle of ripples of the lake, slowly returning to its calm, this power wasn’t strong, but still powerful –

When realizing this, Xie Yifeng clearly knew that he liked him.

He grew up acting and was exposed to many circles that normal people couldn’t touch.

So right from the start he knew his own aptitude.

So this like was so exact and clear at the beginning.

But unfortunately, he also knew that his liking would not come to fruition –

His life path and the teenager were two parallel lines that didn’t intersect at all.

They were not from the same world.

So he never bothered him, but just watched him silently from out of his sight.

They only met once in the whole high school –

That day, the teenager inadvertently sat opposite Xie Yifeng, Xie Yifeng was nervous, he originally could do the physics problem but it suddenly became the world’s top ten unsolved mysteries-

“You don’t understand this question ah?” The young man stood by his side at some point.

Xie Yifeng looked up at him, his figure blocking the sun outside the window, wisps of sunlight came through his body, hitting the pupils of Xie Yifeng’s eyes, so bright that he couldn’t help but slightly squint his eyes, his heart beat faster than a stopwatch under the facial profile of the teenager against the light.

He had no time to respond, the kind-hearted teenager said “I’ll teach you”, then leaned down and used his own pen to quickly write down the correct answer on Xie Yifeng’s draft paper.

In the summer, the teenager just came in from the hot outdoors, his back was slightly drenched with sweat, the tip of his nose had a little bead of water, the rustling of the pen, the draft paper with clean handwriting …… hormones accurately and fatally captured his heart.

So much so that he forgot to say thank you, and when he returned to his senses, the teenager had turned around to go over to the bookshelf to get the book.

He looked down and saw that the teenager’s answers were as well organized and clean and clear as he was as a person.

Xie Yifeng didn’t have the embarrassment of a physics problem being solved by three or four years younger student.

There, he started as the teenager’s departing figure drifted into the distance –

Later, as he went to university, he took more and more movies, putting more and more attention on acting, and his admiration and longing for the teenager gradually faded away ……

It could also be said that he deliberately tried to make it fade away.

Like, not necessarily to possess, but not necessarily to know.

Not to bother, to know that everything was fine with the other –

Was it not a gentle choice?

But sometimes fate made funny jokes.

He thought he might not get into college with his grades.

He didn’t expect to end up with second place overall in the Imperial Film University.

And the teenager who he thought would get into the top university in the country and then have a smooth life and become an elite in society.

Instead, he gave up his studies and joined the acting industry –

This was why when he first saw Zhou Yuhe at the audition, he didn’t think about it first.

Because in his subconscious, Zhou Yuhe couldn’t have appeared at the audition –

It was impossible to fall into his world.

The distant memory played an oversized spin in his mind, Xie Yifeng felt some disappointment, some relief, but also didn’t dare look back.

But the words were out, Xie Yifeng still turned back, chest heaving a little, “Yuhe ……”

However, just at this time, the teenager’s even breathing and tranquil sleeping face interrupted him.

Xie Yifeng: “……”

It was tempting to force the first love who fell asleep on the way to confession to wake up.

There was nowhere to vent, and the only emotional outlet was to open two shirt buttons at this time, and his whole body was suffused with an incredible crimson color. His head was tilted at random, and his exposed white neck was like a beautiful and elegant swan, and his shirt also slipped quietly in this position, revealing a round and attractive shoulder …

Xie Yifeng’s throat slid up and down, and his eyes were glued to Zhou Yuhe like a demon. After suppressing for a long time, he still failed to suppress the flame in his heart and legs. When he gritted his teeth, his eyes were red and he held his cheek. At the moment when his lips were about to touch his-

The hot temperature under his palm reminded him of the heat coming from his hand when Zhou Yuhe pushed him away.

No way.

He slightly pulled away from the distance between them, allowing the gradually cool night breeze to fill the gap between their bodies.

He raised his eyes and delicately traced the other man’s profile with both eyes. The teenager’s cheeks carried an abnormal flush, his eyes were closed, his eyelashes fluttered slightly, a few tears dampened the gap between his eyelashes, making him look so vulnerable and in need of protection.

Xie Yifeng’s heart suddenly quieted down.

The night breeze was inseparable.

The moonlight softly spread on the balcony, the two people, two hearts projected on the wall of the shadow stretched long.

He tenderly moved the young man’s hair in front of his forehead behind his ears, in the position of holding his cheek, a kiss, gently, slowly, like a child opening the first gift of life, like a traveler on a long journey to drink the sweetest dew, like a feather, fell on Zhou Yuhe’s lips.

With endless pity and adoration.

And the music video playing on the phone had also long ended and automatically played the next song, a soft and moving melody riding the wind fluttering under the night sky:..

“I’m afraid of your heartbreak, no one to help you wipe your tears, never mind that right and wrong, as long as we feel right; I’m afraid of your heartbreak no one to help you wipe your tears, don’t leave my side, having you in my world is perfect ……”



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