C16-Want To Eat A Single Dog?

 I have never seen such a brazen person.

[I’ve never seen such a brazen person]: Trigger-type skill props can actively trigger when necessary conditions are met, and help host find the most shameless person in the crowd. It doesn’t need to consume any wealth value. It is necessary at home and especially useful.]

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Yun Zheng: [indifference.jpg]

This system really was a f*cking travesty!


Yun Zheng was thunderstruck by the system’s strange skill, but the old dean and the teachers on the other side were shocked after listening to Chen Jun’s account.

It actually worked!
Looking at the rising number of rewards in Yun Zheng’s Weibo thingy, several teachers couldn’t help but reveal astonished expressions.

“What kind of thing is this, it’s so profitable?”

“But …… But isn’t that too fast? It’s not against the law, is it? ……”

“Don’t worry, it’s all legitimate income. Yun Zheng said that netcom will be a profession in the future. It’s probably similar to a small star on TV.” Chen Jun, who had just asked the same question at Yun Zheng’s side, now became a familiar old driver. He explained Yun Zheng’s previous explanation to the teachers bit by bit and calmed their nervous hearts.

“Hey, I knew it, this kid Yun Zheng is a capable one.” Finally clarifying the situation, several teachers also smiled. They had watched Yun Zheng grow up, and even though they were not his parents, they still treated him as their own child. They were all happier than anyone else that Yun Zheng had a future.

However, the old dean, who remained silent, showed an uncharacteristically worried look. In fact, there was one thing that she had kept hidden in her heart and had never told anyone.

The old dean always felt that Yun Zheng’s background might not be simple. There was even a possibility that he had been victimized by someone before he ended up in Xingcheng.

In China, the surname Yun was very rare. The hospital that treated Yun Zheng at the beginning might not necessarily be unable to find him if they went through the process of immediately registering for him to find his relatives. However, the hospital left Yun Zheng in Xingcheng and put him in their orphanage with the perfunctory excuse that the patient’s memory was missing and could not be used as a reference.

Therefore, when the Gu family from Xingcheng came to adopt Yun Zheng, she immediately agreed to replace him with Lu Ran, trying to protect Yun Zheng as much as possible.

At this moment, the old director was filled with mixed feelings. She would rather have Yun Zheng be ordinary than to see him get involved in any more trouble. But even so, she could only bury these words in her heart. Because all of this was just her speculation.


The following week, Yun Zheng’s days became more routine. He didn’t have to get up early to set up a stall, so he had more time to stay at the orphanage and help the teachers take care of the younger children. At the same time, he was also able to instill in Chen Jun some more useful ideas and thoughts for the future.

Right now, there was still one month left before the start of the third year of junior high school, and the value of Yun Zheng’s wealth had almost reached 150,000. Right now, the system, which had been silent for several days, suddenly sent out an alert saying, “The wealth value is about to reach the critical point before the second talent opens. Please prepare.”

“Second talent?” Yun Zheng was stunned by this hint, but then, he suddenly realized that an even bigger golden finger might be coming. So, what exactly could he do to get the corresponding wealth value in the shortest possible time?

Yun Zheng frowned, thinking hard. But soon, the calendar on the side gave him new inspiration. The annual Tanabata Festival was coming up.


If love was long-lasting, how could it be in the morning and evening?
Qin Guan’s song “Magpie Bridge Fairy”, seemingly chanting about the cowherd and weaving maiden, but it was the world’s deepest love. Even the Chinese Valentine Day Festival, which was given as a “beggarly” custom by the ancients, had become unexpectedly lingering.

However, in today’s China, the festival was not the same as Valentine’s Day in Europe, as it was later. It was more commonly thought of as a custom that was passed down from ancient times. Therefore, even in such a lively place as Weibo, there was not much discussion on Chinese Valentine Festival.

But in the evening, a video that was unexpectedly topped the charts caught everyone’s attention. It turned out to be a food video, and the content of what it did was an extremely rare and unremarkable sugar painting!

Nowadays, with the rapid development of science and technology, ancient handicrafts were gradually replaced by machines. The most traditional handicrafts were also disappearing from a wide variety of goods. Perhaps the old Yanjing people after the ’70s still had vague memories of hutongs around stalls and sugar paintings. But the vast majority of the 1980s had grown up with the exquisitely packaged milk candies in the commercial streets.
But now, this long-forgotten technique was once again on display in front of the public from the hands of a teenage boy.

In the old but clean courtyard, a black iron pot was placed on a small earthen stove. There were many excited-looking children around. Every pair of black and white eyes were burning brightly. In the iron pot, the syrup mixed with white sugar, brown sugar, and syrup was slowly filling with a sweet, burnt aroma over time.

This wonderful memory from the folklore was far more simple than what people had in their heads. Just a spoonful, a shovel, as enough to make a painting. On the snow-white slate, the amber syrup slowly flowed. Yet every inch that wandered away was a sign of something more beautiful to come.

The Milky Way was dotted with stars, attracting magpies. And the fairies put on their most beautiful dresses just to meet their beloved husbands.

Sugar was one of the most wonderful of all spices. It could be a complementary ingredient in between dishes, or it could stand on its own, satisfying the culinary cravings of people.

A small spatula neatly lifted the cooled sugar painting from the slate, glued it to a bamboo skewer of appropriate length, and the job was done. These children, who did not know the taste of sorrow, couldn’t yet feel the bitterness of the love of the cowherd and the weaver, but they could deeply remember the sweetness of the candy painting in their taste buds when it melted in their mouths.

Or maybe the taste was too simple and not as exquisite as those fine candies. But even so, this moment of emotion could still be the most beautiful picture in their memories.

Yun Zheng: Along the way, many dusty past events are gone, but those who have received or given love can always be engraved on their hearts. I wish you all a happy Chinese Valentine’s Day.

“Oh my God! What exactly did I see?” As soon as the video was released, Yun Zheng’s post exploded!

“I thought Yun Zheng was good at home cooking, but now it seems that he can even comprehend a rare craft like sugar painting.”

“This is definitely the right way. Nowadays, kids are already so cool? I’m afraid I’m not a loser by comparison_(:з”∠”_”)”

“Waste + 1”
  ”Waste + 2″

Most of the lively comment sections were marveling at Yun Zheng’s ungodly good craftsmanship. But gradually, the painting style began to change.

“Why do I suddenly feel a bit sadistic? The cowherd and the weavers have met, but my wife and I are still separated. It’s a lot harder than that.”

“You’re not alone. Don’t say anything else, hug your brother!”

“Well, it’s time to buy my wife a bouquet of flowers.”

“I’m going to ask my husband for one too.”

More and more people got involved in the conversation. The long-lost phrase “Chinese Valentine’s Day” slowly took shape in the discussion.

A chef from a five-star hotel forwarded Yun Zheng’s video and commented, “After watching the video, I also tried to do sugar painting once. I have to say, in terms of technique, I’m not as good as Master Yun, but from another perspective, I crushed him. Who let me have a girlfriend?”

After saying that, he also shamelessly put on a photo of the love show. This time, the already lively Yun Zheng’s comment area, once again exploded.

“F*ck, the single dog is not satisfied!”

“Dissent +1, a February 14 is enough of a pit, is it going to be this pit on the seventh day of the seventh month from now on?”

“Disobedience +2.”

Yun Zheng looked at dozens of comments and replies in a blink of an eye, and his heart was a little more cramped. He simply painted a lifelike Shiba Inu with extra syrup.

Yun Zheng: I am also dissatisfied as a single dog.

“Hahahahaha, to kneel _(:з”∠)_, can’t help but give out a reward for the same heartbroken single dog master.”

“Awesome my little Yun Zheng. But you can’t fall in love early, sister is waiting for you to grow up. Give a reward +2.”

On the other hand, Gu Yan, who had already gotten on the plane, looked a bit more complex after seeing it. Especially after seeing some sister fans said to Yun Zheng, wait for you to grow up and so on, the more he felt the anger in his heart, the more he could not control. As usual, a reward of 20,000 yuan was offered, and Gu Yan forwarded Yun Zheng’s Weibo post, commenting at the same time: “I want to eat.”

Yun Zheng on the other hand seemed to happen to be right next to the computer, and quickly replied, “What do you want to eat?”

Gu Yan: “Single dog.”

But as soon as these words were uttered, his face suddenly turned red. Because Gu Yan suddenly reacted to Yun Zheng’s comment, ridiculing that he was a single dog. Then, wouldn’t his phrase “want to eat ……” be a bit too abrupt?

Unfortunately, time waited for no one, and the plane was ready to take off, so Gu Yan had to turn off his cell phone and wait until he got off the plane.

But in all seriousness, Gu Yan still thought too much. After all, as a cloud, a true straight man, Gu Yan’s sentence, didn’t make Yun Zheng feel anything, but instead made his mind go in a completely opposite direction.

It was shocking that such a local tyrant didn’t even have a girlfriend these days. Recalling the gossip that the rich second generation were happy to be loyal to popular stars, Yun Zheng suddenly felt that Gu Yan was not only serious and kind but also a little pure.
It was also slightly cute.
  In the end, this year was labeled as “Chinese Valentine’s Day” in the conversation. And Yun Zheng also made a profit. The rewards were three or four times higher than in the past, which brought him one step closer to his goal of 300,000. He even calculated that if he was more diligent lately, he might be able to start his second talent before school started.

Yun Zheng wondered in his heart whether he should adjust his recent plans a little.

However, he was constantly transforming, and the school was also affected quite a bit. The orphans, originally led by Yun Zheng, were very noticeable in the school. Although the city management case and the food video that followed were not known to the whole school, most of the well-informed students had heard about them to a greater or lesser extent. Even the tone in which they talked about Yun Zheng was a little different.

In Taoran Night Market, a dozen junior high school students were taking advantage of the summer vacation to get together for a party.

“Wang Chao, I heard that your school’s school bully has now become a dot-com star?”

“Do you mean Yun Zheng?”

“Right! I’ve watched all of his videos. Even if he’s good at studying, he’s good-looking, and he’s a great cook! Simply a model of a god.” Several girls couldn’t help but get excited.

“Oh, superficial.” Someone opened his mouth to retort, “You guys don’t know anything but faces.” Someone opened his mouth to retort, “Have you seen him on Weibo? Just the seventh night of that sugar painting video, he made 60,000. I have a cousin in the province who is a manager, and he said that Yun Zheng is going to make a lot of money in the future.”

“Sixty thousand?! No way!” Everyone at the table was stunned and looked straight at the one who spoke, not reacting for a long time.

They were all still junior high school students, and such an amount of money was already a huge sum of money for them. In their eyes, Yun Zheng, who could easily get this huge sum of money with just one video, was not just a bully or a god, but had become unattainable in an instant.

The first one to be asked was Wang Chao, who looked at the crowd’s reaction and felt bad about it. Wang Chao’s family was rich, he looked good, dresses well, and made girls happy. In the past, most people’s eyes were on him, but now, their concerns had all turned into Yun Zheng.

He was not convinced. He felt that Yun Zheng was no good and that he could do nothing more than pretend to be something else. The point was, Wang Chao didn’t believe that Yun Zheng could be so good. If he was really that good, how could he have been blocked by Cao Ming and his men every now and then in the first year of junior high school?

So, with an unbalanced mind, Wang Chao exploded.

“Just him, huh.” Wang Chao sneered, interrupting the crowd’s exclamation. And his meaningful tone aroused everyone’s curiosity.

“That Yun Zheng, I’m afraid it’s all an act!” Once the conversation box was opened, Wang Chao couldn’t help but spit it out, exaggerating the school’s irrelevant rumors by three points and telling them all at the dinner table.

He said that Yun Zheng was always close to the teachers and that he went to the office more often when it came to examinations. That Yun Zheng was cunning and had even set up a student from another class to quit school. What about the fact that Yun Zheng was always surrounded by thugs, and that the last time he was arrested was also very strange.
  ”I’ll tell you a secret ……” Wang Chao lowered his tone, “One of my uncles is from the city administration, and the day Yun Zheng was arrested, the whole Xingcheng City was shaken. And do you know how he was finally released?”

“How did he get out?” Wang Chao’s deliberately low tone of voice, the appetite of the table of people became very high. Except for a teenager in the corner who had his head down eating food, he was not curious.

At this time, however, Wang Chao, enjoying the attention of the crowd, did not care about such a person’s distraction. He said: “Yun Zheng was released. It was said that on the same day, the director of ministries and agencies personally scolded the top leaders at the head of Xingcheng. I say so, do you understand? ”

“Understand what?”

“Stupid! The point is that there is someone above Yun Zheng!”

“Anyone up there on ……?” People gulped subconsciously, “But isn’t he an orphan? How could there be someone up there.”

“Then who knows.” Wang Chao shrugged his shoulders indifferently, “He’s so good-looking that even the second class teacher, a brown man, is particularly fond of him. Hey! Min Eun, aren’t you in the second class? Am I right!”

It seems that in order to verify the authenticity of his words, Wang Chao forcibly pulled people to confirm. The one who shouted was the teenager who was not very cold to him.

“Ooh! There’s also this. Min Qing, is what Wang Chao said true?”

“Our homeroom teacher does like Yun Zheng.” Min Qing wasn’t used to this kind of questioning, but he had always said one thing and said another, so he explained a bit more for Yun Zheng, “He’s the representative of the physics class.”

“Got it, we get it!”

Min Eun frowned as the topic was successfully distorted, reflecting on what she had just said and whether it was wrong. However, Wang Chao, on the other hand, was quite the opposite.

After watching the crowd no longer describe Yun Zheng as omnipotent, the pent-up frustration in his heart finally dissipated quite a bit.

Although they were already in junior high school, the kids still left early. But at nine o’clock, they paid their bills and went home. And this bit of gossip at the dinner table was then put out of their minds.

Unfortunately, however, not everyone was of this mindset.

It was a coincidence that although the net was still a new industry, it wasn’t so rare that it was impossible to find, Wang Chao’s cousin was doing this. And Wang Chao was also a gossip enthusiast.

After the reunion broke up, Wang Chao immediately contacted his cousin to talk about Yun Zheng and sent him the original conversation he recorded at the dinner table.

“Unexpected! Now the most powerful new netizen is so up there!”

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