C18- Passion And Promise

 This time to participate in the National Championships qualifiers, most of the provincial teams just from the junior group up to the senior “rookie” athletes, although in this year’s season, perhaps because of the lack of participation in the field, most athletes didn’t get a seat in the National Championships, but there was no shortage of good runners into the 10 seconds 30.

At the original track and field forum, there were already supporters from all walks of life who were optimistic about different players as they analyzed and discussed historical achievements, almost arguing with red mouths and white teeths.

As a result, before this qualifier, the track and field circle did not expect that there would be such a sudden rise of Su Zhe, who ran into the 10:20 leak.

Although the runners in the field were disdainful of Su Zhe’s white face image and the fans he brought from the entertainment industry, they didn’t let down their guard for him.

Before the competition, their coaches had analyzed with them that as long as Su Zhe did not break down emotionally when facing the competition and was able to stabilize his performance, then one of the final spots for this qualifier had already been reserved.

However, the young players present were young and vigorous, although they knew that Su Zhe was a strong athlete, he was also just a rookie, how could they be timid before the battle?

The player who initially trolled Su Zhe with his acquaintance, after meeting Su Zhe’s eyes, simply didn’t hide, he looked straight at Su Zhe and said dryly: “Su Zhe, right? I’m Zhu Zhen from province F. I’ll see you on the field! I would like to see if you can really run into the 10 seconds 20 mark!”

His straightforward and testy tone with a strong aggression, made Su Zhe freeze, and then he laughed.

“Good, then see you on the field.”

The competition between athletes, of course, was settled on the field.

At this time, the staff was already taking the first group of participants to the preparation area, and the players in the preparation area began to gradually turn their attention to the field.

In this qualifier, the country had 32 provincial administrative regions and each separate system had sent a young generation of good players, a total of 69 participants, divided into nine groups for the competition, the final selection of the top three qualifier results would be used to fill in athletes for the national championship 100 meters.

Su Zhe’s group was coded in group 3, after the first two groups of the race were completed, the staff soon called his name, coincidentally, Zhu Zhen was also in the same group.

When Su Zhe was walking towards the track with the remaining players, there was suddenly a suppressed cheer from the stands. When Su Zhe looked up, he saw that the girls in the stands were waving excitedly at him, but it seemed that they were afraid of affecting the game and were suppressing their excitement and not shouting.

After smiling and waving to these “philosophers”, Su Zhe turned his attention to the field, his position in track 5, while Zhu Zhen was preparing on track 3, without distractions, they waited for the start of the race.

In the stands, the “philosophers” who came to watch the race not only brought items for support but even opened a small live broadcast on the site, giving the “philosophers” who could not be there, a live broadcast of Su Zhe’s race in real-time.

In the encrypted broadcast room, Su Zhe’s fans were boiling with excitement…

[Ahhhhh, I see my son! I missed you so much!]

[Oooh, the cub has been busy training recently, and the frequency of selfies has been reduced again …… Finally, we can see the cub again!]

[Just that smile, so regretful, why didn’t I go to G city to see the scene!]

After a large number of screen licking and wailing comments floated by, suddenly, the entire screen was forcibly cleared by the administrator – announcement: the game is about to start!

Instantly, everyone’s attention turned to the field.
  On the track, all eight runners were ready to move and the referee held up the starting gun.

“All in position! Ready–”


On the track, Su Zhe left the starter the moment the gun went off.

His start training over this period of time could be said to be fruitful, at 0.18 seconds, his starting reaction speed had approached the top runners’ reaction, the point was that such a reaction speed was no longer erratic, but had basically become stable.

As Su Zhe was the first to finish the acceleration of the start, he was already 1 position ahead of the surrounding players, and his figure swept across the track like a fast wind, giving people a sense of athletic beauty.

On the No. 3 track, Zhu Zhen from the F provincial team was charging forward, his height was about 190 meters, his longer lower limbs in the 100-meter strided to occupy a certain advantage, but in the explosive power and endurance en route, his running was still lacking.

In the past, Zhu Zhen would be unable to maintain the speed, but at this moment, his eyes were staring at Su Zhe’s back, the belief of defeat was engraved in his mind, he gritted his teeth to force himself to control his rhythm as he ran, relaxing his body, he stabilized his maximum speed and continued to run forward!

The scenes on both sides were receding backward, and Zhu Zhen’s eyes were fixed on the figure in front of him that looked like a white light.

In the final sprint, Su Zhe brought out his strong back-range acceleration ability, and the speeding figure began to accelerate forward! Zhu Zhen stared at Su Zhe’s accelerated back and also entered the final sprint acceleration stage!


He increased the swing arm amplitude and accelerated to maintain the step frequency.

Even though he knew that Su Zhe was unsurpassed in front of him, Zhu Zhen still gritted his teeth and put on his best form, sprinting towards the finish line with the strongest explosive power!

The moment he finally crossed the finish line, Zhu Zhen ran forward inertia, looking at Su Zhe’s back in front of him, listening as the voices cheered for Su Zhe in the stands, still in some kind of trance. He looked back at the electronic timer that recorded his time – 10:27! A full 0.04 seconds better than his previous best time.

Zhu Zhen was a bit incredulous, and then he remembered what his coach once said – when you compete with the best runners, you also have the chance to break your best time.

He originally thought it was just a metaphysical theory that the coach heard from somewhere, but today on the field, he actually broke his all-time best time?

Zhu Zhen looked in a trance at the electronic timer that recorded Su Zhe’s performance – 10:19, still breaking a good 10:20, but he could feel that Su Zhe was still controlling his speed and not putting in his best effort.

Su Zhe really didn’t put in all his efforts in the qualifiers for the National Championships, starting today, he would face the devil’s race that lasted until the end of the month, if he couldn’t allocate his energy, the final result may be wasted.

Before the race, Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe had collected the information of the participants for him. Although these young runners were full of potential, most of them were still at the stage of trying to break the 10:30 mark, which was really not a threat to him, so after consideration, he left some force in the qualifying race to ensure the energy of the subsequent race.

At this time, the 3rd group of players had all finished the race, as the race recorder registered players one by one, the 4th group of players also began to enter the preparation area.

When leaving the field, Su Zhe waved at the fan girls in the stands and was about to return to the hotel to rest and prepare for the 110m hurdles qualifier in the afternoon, when he suddenly heard a shout behind him.

“Su Zhe!”

The one who called out to Su Zhe was none other than Zhu Zhen, who still had a stern face and looked a bit grumpy: “I lost this time with conviction, but remember, I, Zhu Zhen, will keep catching up with your performance from today, and we will fight again next time!”

Zhu Zhen’s solemn words didn’t match his face.

Su Zhe turned around and looked at Zhu Zhen, who was sweating profusely because of the competition, and his serious face was engraved with the obsession of chasing Su Zhe as a target.
  This serious and fiery emotion likewise ignited the passion in Su Zhe’s heart, and he raised a beautiful smile and said to Zhu Zhen, “Good, I’ll wait for the next time to compete with you again!”

After saying that, he and Zhu Zhen both gave an unexpected tacit high five.

A number of players around did not go far and likewise, saw the conversation and high five between Su Zhe and Zhu Zhen.

Just now, Su Zhe’s flying figure on the track left a deep impression on them, and outside the field, Su Zhe’s actions also made these young athletes think of the hidden sharpness when they first saw him.

In the world of athletes, strength was the best pass.

The way they identified with a person was very simple – just show your strength, and often they could be conquered.

Not far from the stands, the “philosophers” were also watching this scene with excitement. In fact, they also knew that their idol going from the entertainment industry back to the sports world wasn’t that smooth sailing.

The internet was so sharp that they could feel their animosity.

Now, he was gradually conquering the industry with his own strength and charm, this little by little growth, every moment of recognition, for the “philosophers”, were worth the excitement and celebration of the moment.

They wanted to use the live screen to record such moments in full.

The results of the morning’s 100-meter qualifier were tallied soon after the race.

Su Zhe unquestionably won the first 100m by-election seat in the National Championships with a time of 10:19, and in second place was Luo Yongzhi, a runner from the G province, who ran an excellent time of 10:26, followed by Zhu Zhen, who ran his best ever time.

The three of them were notified soon after the race that the organizing committee had officially recorded them as official participants of the 100 meters in this year’s National Championships.

And after a short break, the afternoon field of qualifiers also began one after another.

When Su Zhe came to the preparation area of 110m hurdles, he instantly gained far more attention than the morning 100m race.

His fair skin and handsome face, even after this period of training, because of the presence of the perfect care aura of the system, he didn’t develop a muscular physique, it almost looked like it could be called soft.

Imagine, 177 meters tall, with a perfect idol appearance, soft-bodied Su Zhe came to a group of generally 190 meters tall muscled men ……

This scene was like a small sheep in a den of wolves.

So much so that when the athletes around saw Su Zhe, one couldn’t help but let out a snort of disdain.

” …… little sheep, with your height, are you sure you can cross the bar frame?”

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