C18-Because I Like You

Rather than being angry, he felt like crying and laughing.

Right now, what appeared in front of Yun Zheng’s eyes were two extremely split images.

One of them was very strange, he couldn’t see the whole body, it only revealed a hand holding a brush.

Slim and strong, if there was a hand fanatic, they would instantly feel that they met their first love. However, Yun Zheng could only feel a fascinating and morbid possessiveness.
That was a kind of greed that couldn’t be bound by reason, and, the more you couldn’t get, the heavier the greed. It was endless and never-ending. And the owner of this hand, the source of his greed, was the teenager he was sketching under his pen.

Yun Zheng subconsciously moved closer to see, but at that moment, the picture switched abruptly, a face that was extremely scary, flashed in front of Yun Zheng’s eyes.

“Cr*p!” Still immersed in the last image, Yun Zheng was caught unaware and jumped.

The system’s fascinating skills were too unreliable, showing the most brazen people, the result was actually a hand and a scary image.

“This is clearly two people, right?!” Yun Zheng couldn’t help but ask. However, as usual, there was no response, only the last photo constantly wavered in front of Yun Zheng’s eyes in the most obvious place.

“……” Yun Zheng, who felt like he was going to be blinded by ugliness in a minute, wanted to beat the system up. But after he calmed down, he suddenly recalled that the face of this profile picture seemed a bit familiar. It seemed to be a netizen as well. The auction house system had never done anything useless, so maybe it was trying to remind him of something.

Thinking about this, Yun Zheng hurriedly opened his computer and tried to determine, first of all, who the person was. However, this time, Ming Qiao’s action was much faster than Yun Zheng’s.


The matter had to start from ten minutes ago. After discussing with Gu Yan, Yun Zheng directly agreed to the invitation from the Raccoon platform. In order to show the importance of the Raccoon platform to Yun Zheng, the Raccoon platform released a post to celebrate Yun Zheng joining the Raccoon live platform family, and in the meantime, also publicized Yun Zheng’s upcoming live webcast.

In the past two years, the Raccoon platform had been booming, and the types of anchors under it had been blossoming with talent and appearance. In addition, Yun Zheng had always had good popularity. This was an official page, so it directly increased Yun Zheng’s popularity.

This time, many people couldn’t sit still. In particular, Ming Qiao almost died from jealousy.

When Ming Qiao moved to the raccoon platform, it was him who went to them. If it wasn’t for his rich fans who spent money. He wouldn’t have been able to get an official welcome. But Yun Zheng, a first-timer was approached. This makes Ming Qiao more and more indignant.

“On what grounds?” Ming Qiao’s expression was gloomy and bitter as he decided that he would immediately put out Yun Zheng’s black material and choke the person to death, he wouldn’t give Yun Zheng the chance to continue to grow.

With this in mind, he telephoned the water army he had negotiated with and told them to rush out now!


3:00 PM.

The black material related to Yun Zheng exploded on the internet instantly, just like springing up after rain.

First, a not-so-small gossip blogger posted a photo of a so-called junior high school student with a man, berating the kid nowadays for not being responsible. However, within two minutes, the following comment section decoded it.

“This child is a bit familiar, isn’t this the previous boy on the news, who later became a food blogger, Yun Zheng?”

“Ah! It’s really similar. No, no, this is Yun Zheng, right!”

“I know this man, he is a teacher in the Junior High school, he has a wife!”

This had stirred up a hornet’s nest. Those netizens who were concerned about the main gossip had their eyes on Yun Zheng, at the same time, the water army arranged by Ming Qiao, also began to power up.

A large number of Xingcheng well-wishers who recognized Yun Zheng came forward to expose the real matter. Bloggers followed the trend and summarized Yun Zheng’s shameless and despicable nature.

A variety of true and false exposés mixed together, at first glance, as if Yun Zheng really committed the most vicious crime, it was brightly placed in front of the public.

Ming Qiao was originally planning this incident for his own ascendancy. Therefore, whether it was to prove Yun Zheng’s craft was fake, or that Yun Zheng’s fan growth rate was problematic, his data was posted with Ming Qiao’s data. Put with the data of the second newest netizen, the data was more convincing.

“I  feel heartache for brother Ming Qiao, it’s been so hard, yet he was set up by a villain.” Ming Qiao pretending to be his fan, commented about the injustice.

This time, Ming Qiao’s fans directly wanted to fight. They had run to Yun Zheng’s Weibo page to curse. Ming Qiao was also a vlogger, although his momentum wasn’t big as Yun Zheng, he had a lot of interactive fans.

However, in just half an hour, Yun Zheng’s Weibo fell. Then, the black material of Yun Zheng, which was summarized by the gossip master before, quickly spread on the Internet and even became popular in one fell swoop. It directly fell into the public eye.

“B*stard! This is f*cking slander!” Chen Jun happened to be at the orphanage, and after seeing it, he was furious.

However, Yun Zheng didn’t say a word and flipped through the comments on his weibo by himself. After reading it carefully twice, he finally figured out the reason. At the same time also understand the system, a flash of that face in the end was Ming Qiao, it looked scattered but the main point targetted his popularity.

A step and a pull, but it was a good calculation. It was just too despicable and nasty.

“A good people’s teacher, teaching people to bed, what a joke!”

“I didn’t listen to the internal audio well ~ but even the principal and director of the teaching department are involved .”

“What is this? Half of China was used by that child. With the case of the city manager, the storm it caused was so big. We’ve all been fooled!”

Looking at the increasingly off-topic topic and the pots and pots of dirty water being poured down, Yun Zheng was similarly exasperated, and the anger he was holding back was causing pain in his chest. However, he had to endure, and still maintain the most basic calm.

Ming Qiao obviously came prepared, even the so-called evidence, were so well prepared. It was clear that he would not stop until he was dead. If he messed up again, there was a high probability that he would never recover.

However, just at this time, Gu Yan’s private message arrived.

“Do what you want to do.”

Oh, that was easy to say. Do what he wanted to do. He would like to go straight to the door and kick that Ming Qiao to death, but could he? He could not, involving his benefactor, Yun Zheng had to be apprehensive. And for the current network of keyboard warriors, now refutation wouldn’t be believed, silence, was tantamount to acceptance.

The original hidden anger of Yun Zheng, Gu Yan’s extremely irresponsible words, provoked it, and he subconsciously replied to him: “I am afraid that I will die faster after I finish it.”

“No, you still have me.” Gu Yan’s reply was faster than usual, and at the same time, he sent two folders to Yun Zheng.

“What’s this?” Yun Zheng accepted and clicked on them, and then froze. It was because what Gu Yan gave him was all the information related to Ming Qiao. Including his real identity, and all the actions he had made online. Even the specific process of hiring a water army and finding someone to photoshopped photos was investigated to a great extent.

“If you’re angry, just scold him, no need to have worries. This Ming Qiao can’t bounce around for long, and if he’s scolded well, he may also become a stepping stone to take your popularity further. You give off too much of a gentle feeling now, lacking the unique sharpness of a teenager.”

Gu Yan’s words made Yun Zheng silent.
Whether in his last life or this life, he had met many good people, but Gu Yan, was the only one that treated him in an indulgent or even what could be called an extremely spoiled manner.

Yun Zheng had always believed that between people, there was never good without a reason. Therefore, Gu Yan’s concern made him unable to understand and even somewhat instinctively resistant.

“Why?” He asked Gu Yan, yet he got an unexpected answer.

Gu Yan said, “Because I like you.”

“…… “Yun Zheng’s breathing subconsciously stalled for a moment, even his heart, felt like it subtly tugged.

Gu Yan’s words were too blunt and sincere. So much so, that Yun Zheng could not find any reason to refute. After all, this kind of unprovoked favoritism, if it wasn’t used, it could only be explained by the word like.

Perhaps, Gu Yan was such a good person, right?

Inexplicably thinking of his thoughts of him being a long-legged uncle before, Yun Zheng pondered for half a day, and finally could only give him a good man card. His originally restless heart gradually calmed down. His response was to sort out the situation along the way.

Gu Yan had made it very clear that Ming Qiao was a real despicable villain. And from the material given by Gu Yan, there were other vloggers who had suffered from it before. In that case, things had become too simple. With this artificial hang-up of Gu Yan, Ming Qiao wasn’t to be feared at all. Yun Zheng just needed to release the evidence in his hand, and he would be directly finished.

Therefore, his primary consideration now was how to use this slander to take his popularity to the next level. By the way, make his wealth value also rise up a bit.

With a long breath, Yun Zheng carefully saved the folder sent to him by Gu Yan, while once again sincerely thanking him, “Thank you.” Then, he went off Weibo for the time being, intending to ponder over the specific actions to follow.
Ming Qiao wanted to use the water army and keyboard warriors to throw him out of the network, then he’d let them have a good experience, what was called face slap!

———- —–

Yun Zheng was actively preparing, but because of his previous reply, Gu Yan fell into doubt. Gu Yan didn’t understand why Yun Zheng was suddenly using honorific language to him?

“Eldest Young Master, is there more trouble on Young Master Yun’s end?” The butler saw that he looked different and hurriedly asked him.

“No.” Putting down the phone, Gu Yan pondered for a moment and suddenly spoke, “Do I look old?”

“No ……” The housekeeper was puzzled.

“Got it.” Gu Yan’s brow furrowed even tighter. Could it really be that he was thinking too much? But why did he feel that Yun Zheng was just about to call himself uncle just now?


9:00 PM.

As time passed, the online scolding became louder and louder. Even under the leadership of the water army, many keyboard warriors who blindly read the news, they collectively insulted Yun Zheng.

Unlike the kind of ordinary netizens, this group of keyboard warriors were the true lower, typical short-sighted villains. The network was relatively open, but also they were able to unleash their dirty thoughts, it gave them the reason to be reckless.

After all, through the network, who could know who they were? Even if they deliberately cursing and were morally wrong, what could be done? When they left the internet, they disguised as proper humans, still able to hide the stench of scum in their bones.

“I feel bad about Ming Qiao, he’s upright, but he was taken over by a male scum.”

“What national brother, afraid he’s a national scum!”

“He’s young ah, yet he lets people touch him.”

Extremely unpleasant extreme insults appeared under Yun Zheng’s Weibo comments section. Hundreds of people, thousands, and finally even tens of thousands …… more and more curses drowned Yun Zheng, of which some spoke for Yun Zheng, but were branded as brain-damaged fans, and were even slandered.

However, in the face of these, Yun Zheng was quiet as a chicken, there was no reply.

“Yun Zheng, are you there? I believe you are a good boy, these things are not true, right?”

“Someone framed you, this is a trick, do you have any evidence? If so, don’t panic, let’s discuss what to do together. If not, first turn off the Weibo comments, do not be affected, hurry up.”

“It’s in the headlines, no matter what, you have to reply, otherwise, the dirty water will never be washed.”

“Explain ah! Yun Zheng, you quickly explain ah!”

Seeing that things were getting bigger and bigger, many of Yun Zheng’s fans were pressured to no avail in the comment section, and they all kept sending him private messages. Even Yun Zheng’s classmates from the school, many of them also reached out and said they wanted to help.

Yun Zheng’s phone and computer kept beeping with these message alerts. Chen Jun, who had been following the online news, was also getting more and more nervous as a result.
It was the first time Chen Jun was seeing such a big battle, from birth to now, with only a dozen years of experience, it wasn’t enough for him to come up with any solution to the problem, now even his heart felt like it was about to jump out.

“Yun Zheng, it really doesn’t matter?” Chen Jun looked at Yun Zheng, who was still calmly fiddling with something, and felt that he was already dying of anxiety.

“Well, it’s fine. I got it done, I’ll take care of it now.” Yun Zheng soothed, then picked up his phone, took a picture of what was in his hand, he didn’t even add a filter, and just uploaded it to Weibo with a big smile.

At the same time, he @ed several people who scolded him the most, as well as the earliest gossip blogger, and directly posted two big words – f*cking morons.


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