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As a primetime event broadcast live on Fuji TV, many families in Japan watched the men’s 100m sprint final of the Asian Championship Invitational.


In a country like Japan, where the entire population had an obsessive faith in running, this kind of event was right in the heart of the people, and many of them started to watch it carefully from the time the finalists were introduced.


Ishida Kazuhira’s commentary naturally fell on the ears of the viewers in front of the TV, but when the camera turned to Su Zhe, the Japanese viewers couldn’t help but marvel some more.



“This is really the most amazing face in the …… event!”



In the next event, just for ten seconds, the viewers in front of the TV couldn’t help but hold their breath in anticipation of the performance of Shota Shiraishi, Kanmei Takeshita and that amazing Chinese player on the track.



Until the end of the final, many people were still immersed in the excitement of that short ten seconds, whether it was the dominance of Shota Shiraishi on the field or the strength of Su Zhe’s beautiful appearance, all of which made them reminisce.


On the domestic live network, because of the previous day’s drama, thus making today’s final attract unprecedented attention, everyone was looking forward to what kind of performance Su Zhe could run.


When Shota Shiraishi crossed the finish line first, many people lamented in their hearts, but Su Zhe crossed the finish line right after him, taking second place in an Asian-level event for the first time in an international race, it was already a good record.


Comments, posts, and the Athletics Kingdom’s forum, both Su Zhe’s fans and sports fans were eagerly waiting for the final results to be announced.



[Ahhhhh, I think he can do it this time! I’ve timed it with a stopwatch, Su Zhe definitely ran under 10:10!]


[? The big brother in front, wake up, people’s hand timing and electric timing can not be compared, you dare believe your hand timing?]


[ The live effect of the game is quite good, the audience at the scene look so excited, but I couldn’t understand what the commentary meant ……]



In the tense atmosphere of people either chattering or expecting, Ishida Kazuhira finally got the final summary of the players’ results from the judges.



On the screen of the live TV broadcast, with Ishida Kazuhira’s announcement, the players’ results were made to appear one by one in the result template.


“Third place: Andrew from Qatar, 10:13 (0.7).”

“Second place: Su Zhe – China, 10:07 (0.7).”



“First place: Shota Shiraishi-Japan, 10:05 (0.7).”



After announcing all the results, Ishida Kazuhira’s voice was still tinged with excitement: “Congratulations to Shiraishi, also a track beast in superior form today, for once again running 10:05. And to our Su from China, who set a new personal pb in today’s race and managed to run into the 10:10 mark. Oh! This means that we will see Su’s first appearance in a world-class competition at the World Championships in the near future, which is excellent news!”



The “philosopher” girls and the cherry blossom girls were already dancing in ecstasy, and the other Chinese spectators who had come to watch the race for a while were also celebrating loudly.



And the most crazy place, without a doubt, was the domestic network platform!


Whether it was on the comments of the live streaming platform, or on Weibo or the forums of the athletic kingdom, all the sports fans who were following the game started to celebrate.


[Fuck!!! It worked!!! Great job, boss Zhe!!!]



[Tears are coming down my face, damn it, since the news of Big Boss Chen’s injury came out, I’ve been on tenterhooks, I thought the World Championships men’s 100m was hopeless ……]


[ The world championship is a great opportunity! Yesterday, there were people all over the Internet that insulted Boss Zhe, using the means of the entertainment industry against athletes, is it interesting?]


On the internet, whether it was Su Zhe’s fan group or passersby, they were infected by the enthusiasm of the sports fans, for a while, the topic of ‘Su Zhe won the World Championships men’s 100 meters qualification’ topic became a momentary hit.



Taking advantage of the enthusiasm for sports events, many sports vloggers on the Internet wrote their own analysis and comments on the game, making it easy for all the netizens who watched the 10 seconds flicker by and couldn’t see the excitement of the event and the hard work of the athletes behind it.



Tao Sheng: [I didn’t open my mouth until the end of the game because I initially had a slight worry about this Asian Championship Invitational. Although Su Zhe’s talent and strength are already well known, the time he really started to participate in sports events is too short, even up to now, he is still a player who is not experienced enough in competition.]


[This is something that can be seen in the National Championships Qualifier, the National Championships, and the World Championships Challenge – although he has continued to achieve excellent results in the tournament, it is this state that can show that Su Zhe is actually under great pressure mentally, and if one compares a person to a bow, he is in a constant state where the bow is drawn to the brim, causing one to worry whether he will break that string of his at some point.
Not long ago, I learned from a friend that Su Zhe returned to the gymnastics team for pre-tournament orientation training soon after recovering from his foot injury, and the intensity of the training was not low. From these details, we can see that Su Zhe has a strong sense of urgency.]



[Letting an athlete who, due to lack of competition experience, has not yet been able to fully grasp and balance his mentality, directly enter the Asian level competition in the limited time to compete for a seat in the World Championships… I have considered whether this can be considered as pushing things too far.]


[Colleagues should remember that on the Track and Field Kingdom Forum, there was once a post about whether Su Zhe could enter the 10 second hurdle. At that time, I cast a vote… Not unwilling to trust Su Zhe, but afraid from the heart that whether such a talented player could shoulder his Psychological stress in a short time and grow up in this Asian level event at one time.]


[ In yesterday’s first preliminaries, Su Zhe’s form was obviously affected by psychological factors, and during the start, he made a rare start error, with a reaction time of 0.18 – what concept is that? Compared with his average listening reaction of 0.15, a difference of 0.03 seconds, In the 100m final of the World Championships Challenge where he exhausted his physical strength, his listening reaction could also reach 0.20].



[After the start of the preliminaries, his form was even less exuberant than usual. Of course, it is possible that this was due to the fact that the opponents in that event were not strong enough to make Su Zhe’s form seem exciting enough. But more obviously, after the race entered the sprint phase, Su Zhe’s speed began to improve, all the way to the finish line, and even continued to sprint forward …… in the preliminaries, he was in the sprint phase before he really entered competitive form.]






Tao Sheng’s long article, from his concerns about Su Zhe’s pre-competition state, to his worries about Su Zhe’s first participation in an Asian-level event, and then for Su Zhe’s preliminaries, semifinals, and finals of the three tournament state changes, the writing could be described as subdued, with both ups and downs. Making all those who were originally not very clear about the game, after reading, show a sudden realization.



Although the men’s 100m race only lasted for 10 seconds, the mental effort expended by every athlete who strove for the race was beyond the count of ordinary people.


Even if it was just a short ten seconds on the field, in the eyes of ordinary people, it was fleeting, and they couldn’t even see if the athletes had put in their effort. In fact, the athletes on the field had gone through several twists and turns, consuming all their energy.


This long article had been reprinted by many sports influencers, and even official media reposted it with comments.


Sports channel: [Congratulations to Su Zhe for his first 10 seconds 10, and successfully picked up a seat in the men’s 100m sprint at the World Championships with a time of 10 seconds 07! Every athlete, not only has the glory on the field, but also has countless hard moments on the training ground. It is the accumulation of these that they finally pick the flower of victory.]



Many people who were originally just casual onlookers had gradually fallen into the track and field trap after reading various analysis articles and exciting mixed editing of various competitions and competitions.


[ I was just here to watch, but now I think it’s so good, I think I can continue to watch – being an athlete is really not easy, I hope there will be more reports about athletes in the future, so that we can understand more about athletics and athletes.]



This comment under the sports channel’s Weibo account was met with countless likes, and passersby who agreed with the opinion lined up at the bottom to express their agreement.


This thriving trend had made many people in the sports circle feel very comforted – even if most these people stayed for only three days, there would always be people who stayed after this attention and became the new backbone of the enthusiasts.



If more and more people paid attention to sports and athletics, more manufacturers would sponsor the games, and the athletes would get more prize money and treatment.


Because of this incident, many people began to poke fun at Su Zhe, referring to him as the sports Koi – since he turned into the sports circle, he always appeared on the hot search, and with it, the number of people who followed sports also increased one after another, and this competition got even more attention because of his hacking incident that led to an explosion of attention, and with it, the attention on the sports industry also increased significantly.


And just before the title of Koi was even out of the circle, a mass of people learning Japanese had already taken the first step to dryly translate the subtitles of Su Zhe’s taped videos of these games in Japan, and instantly, the title [Beautiful Snow Leopard Boy from China] resounded through Weibo.


At this time, still in Japan, Su Zhe momentarily didn’t know the various events on the domestic network.

As the runner-up of the men’s 100m in this Asian Championship Invitational, he, along with Shota Shiraishi and Andrew were invited separately by the staff for a post-race interview.

In charge of this interview was host Kazuhide Miura, also from Fuji Channel, a middle-aged uncle of about 40 years old with an amiable and funny temperament, but who couldn’t be exempted from the same amazing attainment in giving compliments.

Su – so far unaware of his nickname – Zhe, after changing into a casual sports outfit, followed the staff into the interview room. The two of them arrived at the same time after returning their clothes.


As a heavy face fan of Su Zhe, Shiraishi immediately saw Su Zhe, who had changed his outfit and brushed his hair back to reveal his delicate face. His eyes lit up and he greeted Su Zhe with a silly smile that revealed his tiger teeth, it almost felt like a tail was shaking behind his back.

Miura Kazuhide clearly noticed Shirashi’s performance and asked with a smile, “Ah, it seems that Shirashi likes Su very much.”

“Ah. ” He was too stunned and confirmed without hesitation, “Yes, I thought Su’s beauty and strength were enough to conquer everyone’s hearts.”


“Eh?” Miura Kazuhide didn’t expect Shiraishi Shota to have such a high opinion of Su Zhe, but he, who also admired Su Zhe quite a lot, couldn’t help but praise him after seeing him, “Player Su is really the premier face in the sports world, with a slightly cold temperament, he looks more like a noble Prince, almost like a character out of a manga!”

Su Zhe and Andrew, who couldn’t understand Japanese in the room, sat down and didn’t know how to communicate with Miura Kazuhide and Shiraishi Shota, who were in the middle of a conversation.

After seeing them, Miura Kazuhide immediately realized his rudeness, and apologized to Su Zhe and the two, and with the help of the guide and the interpreter, began the post-match interview of the whole game.

The content of the interview was nothing more than whether the initial goal of the tournament was reached, what were the feelings after the game, how did you feel after reaching the goal, what was the next goal of the game, etc.

Su Zhe originally thought he had at least two years in the entertainment industry, and would not have any problems coping with these post-game interview questions, but what he didn’t expect was that the brain circuit of the people of Japan was extraordinarily strange ……

Miura Kazuhide: “Ah, player Su, your beauty and strength has conquered the hearts of many people, I heard that there is already about your Japanese supporters to establish, many members of the supporters on the Fuji Channel made posts, hoping to understand your next tournament schedule, may I ask player Su, if you have a specific schedule next?”


Su Zhe showed a bewildered expression after listening to the interpreter’s relay …… Wasn’t this an ordinary post-game interview? Why did the questions seem a bit strange?

He thought for a moment before responding, “Next, I should return home immediately tomorrow morning, join the national team’s training, and then head to the track and field world championships in country D.”

“Ah ……” Miura Kazuhide showed a regretful expression, “Returning home immediately? I’m not going to lie, Fuji Channel has a variety show that wanted to invite you, but it’s true that professional and powerful athletes value training and participation in competitions first!”

The same regretful look as Miura was also on Shiraishi Shota, he looked at Su Zhe with a somewhat lost expression, he obviously didn’t think that Su Zhe would immediately return to join the training tomorrow.

Although seeing the regrets of Shota Shiraishi and Miura, Su Zhe still didn’t quite understand their state, he just seriously nodded, “Yes, in the next month, I need to fully devote my energy to training, in order to get better results at the World Championships.”

The post-match interview wasn’t an exclusive interview, and it wasn’t a long one, adding up to only 15 minutes in total.

After the interview, Miura Kazuhide and Shiraishi Shota still conveyed to Su Zhe the expectation that he would accept the invitation to come to Japan for a variety show during the winter break, hoping to give fans something to look forward to and surprise them.

Although Su Zhe knew that there were some cherry blossom girls cheering for him in the stands these two days, in addition to the “philosopher” girls, he didn’t expect that it would be to the extent of having established a support group.

But even if the winter was mostly for holidays, there would still be winter training waiting for him, so for a while he couldn’t say yes to the request from Miura.

Shota Shiraishi, however, took advantage of the presence of an interpreter and seriously asked the interpreter to help him relay his social network account. But the country didn’t use line and Twitter, so eventually Su Zhe could only leave a contact way such as WeChat, email and Weibo.

The next day, under the arrangement of the team staff, Su Zhe and some of the athletes who had already finished the competition boarded the plane back to China.

When he left, Shota Shiraishi came to see him off again as a staff member, which was quite a surprise to Su Zhe.

After waving goodbye to his new friend from a foreign country, Su Zhe boarded the flight back to China with the team.

In less than 3 days, the players’ trip to Japan could be said to be in a hurry.

But this Asian Championship Invitational, for the Chinese team players, it could be said that the results were quite fruitful – including Su Zhe, a total of five players in this tournament took the World Championship qualification, among which Su Zhe achieved great success in breaking through the project seat 0.

Everyone was eager for the upcoming training session back home.

In this next period of time, they needed to improve themselves as much as possible, in order to compete for better results in the World Championships in athletics!

Just when Su Zhe was resting with his eyes closed on the plane, the familiar system sound suddenly rang again, emitting an alarm-like sound.

“Tick, the host reputation has reached 30 million, the system data storage space is insufficient, please host, exchange the attributes to avoid data overflow.”


This prompt with an alarm sound made Su Zhe confused for a moment.

He didn’t expect his reputation value to grow so fast during this period of time, but what he didn’t expect even more was …… just 3000w reputation value, and this system was already on the edge of data overflow?!

What kind of amusing system was this …… It was able to achieve so many black technology functions, yet its data storage did so poorly?

Countless questions surged on Su Zhe’s heart, for a moment he didn’t know where to start.

It wasn’t until Su Zhe opened the reputation and attribute point redemption function of the system that he found a small line in the corner: “Basic system, with a maximum reputation storage limit of 35 million.”

Okay… Originally, there was still talk of upgrading, but no matter how Su Zhe searched the system again, he couldn’t find the way and instructions to upgrade the system.

In the end, Su Zhe gave up his search and had to return to the attribute point redemption interface to consider how to redeem new attribute points.

He originally felt that after the previous fusion of attribute points, there was still a portion of the potential brought by the attribute points that had not been absorbed in its entirety through training, but since he now had to make the exchange, he took advantage of the arrival of the national team training and the acquisition of new space training hours to start a new crazy training mode again.

National Team Training Center, World Championships Training, Conference Room.

After Su Yinsheng was assigned to participate in the Asian Championship Invitational, he was also called up by the national team and joined the sprint coaching team for the World Championships training, and took up the position of head coach.

He was responsible for the training of more than just Su Zhe, who had not yet officially qualified for the World Championships in the 100 meters when he was drafted into the team.

The men’s 100m wasn’t the only one who had qualified for the World Championships, the women’s 100m and 200m were both qualified.

In addition, the men’s 100m relay received a top ten ranking at the World Athletics Relays and also qualified to participate in the 4*100m relay at the Athletics World Championships.

However, Chen Zhi, the key figure who led the men’s relay to the championship at the World Athletics Relays, had just completed surgery in Germany at this time and was completely unlikely to lead the men’s relay event again during the World Championships.

At this time, Su Yinsheng was discussing with the coaching staff about which player should be selected to join the 4*100m team to take Chen Zhi’s place.

The four members of the 4*100m team were originally Chen Zhi, Meng Hao, Zhao Zhixuan and Wang Qin, with Qiu Xinchu as a reserve.

According to common sense, if Chen Zhi was injured and there was a shortage of starters, Qiu Xinchu should have taken Chen Zhi’s place directly. However, because of the presence of Su Zhe, the members of the coaching team raised the question of why not replace Chen Zhi with Su Zhe, while Qiu Xinchu remained as a reserve.

Su Yinsheng naturally understood the idea of the coach who made this suggestion, Su Zhe’s 100m performance was now basically stable, and when in good shape he even ran within 10:10 mark in this final.

In contrast to Qiu Xinchu, whose performance fluctuated greatly and whose form wasn’t stable enough, it seemed natural for Su Zhe to take the top spot to be safer.

Rubbing his head, Su Yinsheng said with a headache, “Guys, don’t forget that Su Zhe is actually just a rookie athlete, from his return to track and field training until now, all his training events are only 100 meters and later 110 meter hurdles.”

“Also because his competition program is limited to the 100m and 110m hurdles, short participation time, participation in more events, so far, he has not even had a systematic training of bending techniques, not to mention the special training of handover techniques, in addition to the cooperation with his teammates …… Can so many things be solved in less than a month’s time? Moreover, he also has training in the men’s 100m event and competition pressure in the 110m hurdles, have you calculated how much training he should be allocated for this month?

Su Yinsheng’s words made the coach who made the suggestion calm down, and the topic was temporarily shelved.



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