At five o’clock in the afternoon, the airplane flying from Nibong to B City landed smoothly, and Su Zhe got off the plane together with the rest of the national team members.


Perhaps because they were wearing uniform national team sportswear, there were quite a few travelers around who cast their eyes towards Su Zhe’s crowd.


“Eh…… why do I feel that the people’s reaction is particularly enthusiastic today?”


Zhang Minghao, the high jumper of the track and field team, looked around at the surrounding crowd with a puzzled expression.


Su Zhe didn’t have this kind of experience of a return trip with the national team, but when he had set off for Nibong not too long ago, it really didn’t feel like he had received as much attention as he did today.



This confused feeling of being in the spotlight was finally answered only after they arrived at the exit lane.


At the entrance of the receiving channel, more than ten reporters were standing there, all of them carried their equipment after seeing the members of the track and field team appear, in addition, there were also some little girls who were holding hand banners and carrying cameras, as if they were waiting for a star, and as a result, after seeing the members of the track and field team, they all had glowing eyes, and immediately began to press the shutter furiously in the direction of the track and field team.


As cold project athletes, in addition to the Olympic homecoming kind of special moment, members of the track and field team had never enjoyed being blocked at the airport.


All along, the domestic athletes, even those high-profile national players in the fat ball circle, when they went out to participate in the competition and came back, they were still doing what they should do. Not to mention that they weren’t well-known characters.


At this moment, each player was a little bit confused, Zhang Minghao, after a moment of stunned silence, turned his head to take a look at Su Zhe, and seriously said, “Ah Zhe, these should be here to block you, right?”

The little girls at the airport pickup gate, whose pleasantly surprised voices were undeniable after seeing Su Zhe’s figure, were indeed fans of Su Zhe’s family, but those journalists couldn’t be his fans, could they?


In fact, Su Zhe was quite confused, this kind of blocking the airport to pick up treatment, was only common during the early stage of his career, since he turned into an emoticon, this kind of treatment was basically unavailable, let alone journalists blocking him at the airport, just like those legitimate celebrities. It wasn’t a big deal that would attract journalists to block the airport, right?



This Asian Championship Invitational, in terms of the importance of the event, was actually slightly inferior to the previous World Championships Challenge. This return trip wasn’t a collective return of the national team, so how could there be such reporters blocking people at the airport ?


Although they didn’t understand the cause of the incident, they still needed to take the right path. As everyone walked together to the airport pickup gate, journalists from all walks of life were already on standby, and the shutter sound of photographers kept clicking , allowing everyone to enjoy the treatment of a superstar.


A female reporter with a sports channel press card on her chest approached the crowd, and took the lead in handing the microphone to Su Zhe, Subsequently, team members such as Zhang Minghao were also handed various recording pens and other interview tools in their hands.


“First of all, I would like to welcome all the players of the national team back home! Congratulations to all of you for your excellent results in the Asian Championship Invitational!”


The female reporter from the sports channel was all smiles as she sent her blessings to the track and field team members on behalf of the crowd of reporters on the scene – the crowd’s achievements were indeed worth celebrating, not only did Su Zhe pick up a spot in the men’s 100 meters at this year’s World Championships, but also Zhang Minghao, Wu Zikai, Liu Mingfei, and Wang Ya, among other runners, who also achieved their best times of the year at the championships, earning a place in the World Championships. They also got their best results in the championships and qualified for the World Championships.


For all the runners who returned home this time, it could indeed be called fruitful.


Most of these reporters specialized in running sports, although 80% of the reason for coming was because two days ago Su Zhe’s incident was booming on the network, so they came to interview, but they wouldn’t favor one over the other, and ignore the other athletes.


Sports journalists interview questions were usually more harmonious, especially after the athletes worked for the country’s glory.



After the reporters asked each athlete such questions as “What do you think about qualifying for the World Championships” and “Do you have any expectations for your performance in the World Championships”, the reporters finally pointed their final target at Su Zhe.



“Su Zhe, this is your first time to participate in the Asian level tournament, did you feel any pressure during the tournament?”



When this question came out, all the cameras focused on Su Zhe, but it should be said that Su Zhe deserved to have two years of experience as a star, he acted very calmly in the face of these cameras.



After reviewing his change of mindset during the two-day race, Su Zhe objectively said, “In fact, since it was the first time, the pressure wasn’t small, but with the help of seniors and also coaches, I was considered to be effective in overcoming the psychological problems during the race, and a good psychological foundation has been laid for future races as well.”


“Then …… Su Zhe how is your impression of Nibong?”


This question was somewhat abrupt, but it wasn’t outrageous.


Although Su Zhe was slightly puzzled, he seriously said, “It wasn’t bad, the organizers were very careful in the arrangement and various preparations for the event, what surprised me was that there were a lot of people who came to the site to watch the track and field competition. At this point, Nibong’s track and field atmosphere is better than that of the country, I felt a little envious ……”


Just as Su Zhe was stating his feelings about Nibo, the female reporter from the sports channel suddenly said, “As far as we know, many of the people of Nibong, including the commentators of the event, are very fond of you. We have specially excerpted some of the compliments that the people of Nibong have given you, would you mind reading the text content yourself?”




Wait …… most people were intrigued!


The moment the female reporter opened her mouth, Su Zhe became alert, but the surrounding reporters, including the members of the track and field team, all revealed a look of watching a good show after hearing the question.


Soon, a screen that had long been prepared was placed in front of Su Zhe.


Everyone in the surroundings, including the “philosopher” girls of Su Zhe’s family, couldn’t help but show a look of amusement.


Su Zhe, who never knew his nickname in Nibong – nor the content of Ishida’s commentary – finally witnessed a series of shocking words when he got off the plane and was surrounded by sports reporters at the airport.


With Su Zhe’s calm personality, he couldn’t help but silently turn his head to avoid the camera lens.


How could these things be said?



Su Zhe endured and endured, and finally faltered after watching an entire segment of Ishida’s commentary.



The surrounding sports reporters and the track and field teammates who glanced at the content on the screen immediately let out a burst of laughter, among which Zhang Minghao laughed the most exaggeratedly and kept patting Su Zhe’s shoulder.


Su Zhe, who was holding a bunch of recording pens in his hands and couldn’t slap away Zhang Minghao, he had no choice but to turn his head sideways to avoid Zhang Minghao’s clawing attack.


In the camera of the sports photographer, the photo of Zhang Minghao tapping Su Zhe’s shoulder and bursting into laughter, while Su Zhe had a bald look on his face, eventually became the most classic photo of this interview.


After answering the reporters’ questions, the “philosopher” girls who had been waiting for a long time at the side finally came forward and gathered the courage to say hello to Su Zhe.


For these small fans coming all the way to support him, Su Zhe was still very grateful, the little girls didn’t have any excessive request, they just hoped to be able to get a photo and signature.



The little girls also brought him a specially made training suit and sportswear from all the fans on Weibo as a gift.


This gift wasn’t considered valuable, but it was actually the intention of these little fans towards Su Zhe. After hesitating for a moment, Su Zhe still received the gift and took the contact address of one of the fans, preparing to hand over the promotional banner prepared by the previous All Championships organizers to these little girls, so that they could also give back this small gift to their friends who had always supported him.



When Su Zhe left the airport by bus with the national team members, it was already about 1 hour later. After getting on the bus, Su Zhe thanked all his teammates on the bus one by one and thanked his companions for their patience while waiting at the airport.


After Su Zhe and the others left, the little fan girls in the airport couldn’t help but get excited and posted their feelings about the pickup.



[Wuwu, I gave the gift to the cub. It was great to see the cub with my own eyes]


[I met a large number of sports journalists at the airport today, and rounding them up was another luxurious interview lineup… I used to think that it was an illusion that the cub was getting more and more popular after retiring, but now it seems that the cub is really popular 233333]

[TN: 233333 — hahahahaha]


Many of the little fans who didn’t go to the airport to pick up the plane were waiting for the latest news from the pick up party, and after seeing the post from the pick up party, all of them couldn’t help but smile.


Everything they had gone through in these past few months, looking back now, was like a dream.



The original transparent little star, after retiring from the industry, didn’t fall silent, but instead, after becoming a professional athlete, he went all the way up, he was constantly on hot searches ……


Although there were also anti-fans making trouble, before they could think of a solution, the black spots were trampled underfoot by the official media.



This kind of thing, put in a few months ago, wasn’t something they even dared to think. Not to mention all kinds of official media gurus specializing in interviews at airports. ……


This group of “philosophers” girls, recalling on Weibo what they had seen and heard in the past few months, simply couldn’t contain their happy mood.


After learning that Su Zhe also prepared handmade gifts for his fans, they were even more joyful, running around to celebrate.



On the forums of the Athletics Kingdom, Su Zhe’s fans there had a completely different style than the “philosophers”.



Although no one on the forum went to the airport to pick him up, many people knew that under the wave of championship fever, sports reporters would certainly go to the airport for a wave of interviews.


These journalists nowadays focused on just one quick word when interviewing and promoting news.



Before Su Zhe and the track and field players arrived at the national team training base, the reporters had already edited the interviews from the airport and transmitted the content back to the editorial department for a quick release.



After these releases were pushed out, the links were immediately forwarded to the Athletics Kingdom Forum.



[Looking at Su Zhe’s answer, it looks like he really wasn’t in good shape during the preliminary round ……]


[Yes, but boss Zhe adjusted his mentality very quickly, I don’t know who gave him the enlightenment …… Did Tiger Su follow him abroad?]


[In the list of players going abroad this time, the one who is most familiar with Boss Zhe should be Ye Jun, right? Ye Jun was also an experienced player with rich competition experience, so it was no problem guiding the newcomer to be safe.]


[I’m guessing it’s Mr. Jun +1.]



The track and field fans, based on the clues in the interview, sort of restored Su Zhe’s mentality change in the two days at the championships, and the overall course was surprisingly consistent with Tao Sheng’s long article.


[Tsk tsk, Mr. Tao is worthy of being the first big fan of boss Zhe, boss Zhe’s state of mind and his state of mind speculation was also too in place …… (with Tao Sheng in the Provincial Games holding a banner to the Su Zhe cheering photo)]]


As soon as this photo of Tao Sheng was taken, there was a sudden scene of hahaha below. This one second turn to fan image of Tao Sheng could be called a treasure in the track and field circle.


Of course, after the photo of Su Zhe facing the compliment board with a loveless expression was posted by sports news media, the fun legends in the track and field industry quickly added another strong figure.



In just a blink of an eye, this picture was p-popped with words such as “hopeless,” “don’t want to talk,” “refuse to answer,” and so on, and became the king of the new generation of emoticons in the forums of the track and field kingdom.


[Laughing to death, this is really his first time knowing his title in Nibong, right? This reporter is too ruthless ……]



[I can’t help but say, the reporter did a good job XDDD]



[Reading the fancy titles given to him by the people of Nibong in public is like a public execution …… I can almost see his tears, it’s so tragic (hahahahahahahahaha)]]



This press release [Su Zhe personally reading Nibong People’s fancy compliments], spread by the enthusiasm of the Athletics Kingdom Haha Party, surprisingly, also took advantage of the heat of sports-related information in the past few days, and was somehow vaulted onto the hot search.



The passing crowds of eaters were left bursting into laughter after reading the original posts and the expression of Su Zhe’s despairing face left by the sports reporter.


When Su Zhe and his party arrived at the national team training base, it was already evening.


At this point, most of the players in the base should have finished the day’s training, and returned to the athletes’ dormitory to rest and recover their physical fitness.


However, after Su Zhe and his party returned to the team to report, they learned from the staff that there was an all-athletes meeting, so Su Zhe and other returning players had to immediately go to the meeting and not miss it.


Although they didn’t know what meeting was so important, Su Zhe and the others still immediately followed the staff’s guidance and rushed over in the direction of the conference room.


When passing through the training ground, the crowd found that there were quite a few staff members who were arranging something, and after carefully looking at it, they realized that what these staff members were setting up in their hands seemed to be all kinds of camera equipment, and that this equipment was facing the athletes’ training ground, with a very wide coverage.


What was this all about?


Zhang Minghao scratched his head, confused, “What is this for? To monitor our training progress every day?”


Athletes certainly had their own tasks to accomplish during the training, but the number of coaches was limited, and even with the presence of auxiliary training staff, it was difficult to keep an eye on the athletes one by one to complete all of their training volume, but it was true that occasionally there were cases where athletes were lazy and did not train enough.


But for the athletes who wanted to get ahead, the training was hard and tiring, but the final result was their own. So there were still a few athletes who really wanted to be lazy in training.



Not to mention the pre-competition training for the World Championships, which of the people who could enter the training didn’t want to make a good performance at the World Championships?



Under these circumstances, it would be unreasonable to say that the base was being equipped with surveillance cameras that were used to monitor their training.



Su Zhe watched the movements of the staff, he was similarly a little confused, but in the end, he still shook his head.


“Forget it, the meeting in a while might be related to this, we’ll probably know what’s going on when we arrive.”



The crowd agreed with Su Zhe’s statement, temporarily putting aside their curiosity about the staff and cameras, they accelerated their steps towards the location of the meeting room.



The evening meeting was held in the training center’s auditorium because of the large number of people.



When Su Zhe arrived at the auditorium with the crowd, it was already full of people ready to start the meeting.



In the auditorium, including Su Yinsheng and his coaching team, Lu Fei and his coaching team, the coaches and coaching team members of each program, as well as all the participating players in the country, had all arrived.


Under the guidance of the staff, Su Zhe and others quickly sat down in the empty seats, ready to listen to what this meeting was actually talking about.


The first one to come on stage, was the competent leader of the training center, Wang Zhao, after he came on stage, he first gave some encouragement to all the people on the scene, and then explained that, because recently the general public had been enthusiastic about sports events, especially track and field events, the sports channel communicated with the track and field center, and a brand-new attempt would be made in this training set.


The training center would be open to the public and the athletes would train live.


To be honest, this kind of training live wasn’t the first time, but the track and field program had never done it like this. The live broadcast usually involved only part of the basic training, which was an opportunity for viewers who were interested in track and field to have a deeper understanding of the sport.


At the same time, the sports channel would have a special film crew stationed at the training center, taking the opportunity to record a full documentary on the World Championships.


This news was the first time that the athletes on site heard of it, but the coaching team had already had a separate communication with Chen Guangzhi from the Tian Guan Center before this.


From the popularity of the Asian Championships Invitational in the past few days, the public’s enthusiasm for the track and field program had increased a lot – not to mention the real reason for this popularity, they had to try to maintain this heat, which was for the track and field program’s broader development and future.


At the same time, through the live broadcast, not only could they maintain the public’s enthusiasm for the track and field program, but they could also directly connect to the World Championships in October, and try to cultivate the public’s attention to track and field in the meantime, wasn’t it a good thing?


Although there were some controversies among the coaching team that such activities shouldn’t be carried out during the pre match training of the World Championships, the production team of the sports channel and the live channel had all stated that only the basic training area needed to be livestreamed, and it wouldn’t involve confidential training plans of the athletes.


Furthermore, although it was said to be a closed training session, in the past, when sports media came to interview, they still opened up the training area to provide news materials for the interviewees.


On balance, the coaches didn’t find it so difficult to showcase the basic training live.



On the bright side, there were live cameras staring at the basic training, so some athletes’ laziness problem could be solved a lot, it was also a good thing.


Only, since it was a live broadcast, it was inevitable to engage in some gimmicks.


After a survey, the sports channel set a list of highly popular athletes in various sports, hoping that the athletes on this list, in addition to the daily training time, could take a few extra minutes to interact with viewers in the broadcast room, and at the same time popularize some of the knowledge of track and field – If they could combine hot topics, such as how exercise could effectively reduce fat and increase muscle, that would be even better!


Even the interactive program name in the live broadcast room was ready – let’s lose weight and exercise together with the national champion!



This little section that only took more than a few minutes a day, of course, had also been allowed.



As for Su Zhe, if they only talked about popularity and recent mass popularity, he was naturally the unquestionable number one among all athletes – so of course he was sold to the sports channel’s film crew without question.



Also sold were Zhang Minghao in the high jump, Zhou Tianjue in the 110 meter hurdles, Ye Jun, and so on and so forth.



Until he finished the meeting and returned to his room, Su Zhe was a bit confused – he understood all the reasoning, but why was he still in charge of this when he had changed his job to become an athlete?



That evening, the news of the Athletics National Team opening up a live broadcast of the World Championships training was posted, and as expected, the topic quickly attracted the attention of the curious crowd.



After all, the ultimate goal of the recently publicized Asian Championships Invitational was to secure more World Championships spots for athletes.


At this time, news related to the World Championships was of course more likely to receive attention.


Many people happily arranged to go to the live broadcast room the next day to watch the daily training of national team members – in a sense, this live broadcast that used hot words such as “national team”, “closed training”, “track and field events”, and “Su Zhe’s daily training” was quite attractive.


Moreover, the director of this live broadcast on the sports channel had a very lively mind. In addition to setting up separate training live broadcast rooms for each project, he cleverly arranged direct camera positions and live broadcast rooms for several highly popular athletes.



This kind of operation could be said to be very planned out.



In the dormitory, Su Zhe had originally accepted the setting that he would be interspersing some of the live streaming tasks in his daily training.



However, when he had finished washing up and was about to enter the training space for targeted training, the system popped up again.


[New time-sensitive daily task: live broadcast.
Task Objective: during the intensive training period, complete the daily random live broadcast task.]


[Mission Reward: Perfect Idol Training Space Training Hours*1″]



This task …… Su Zhe rubbed his forehead, not knowing whether or not to praise this system for finally remembering its identity position as a “super idol system”.



But no matter what, the rewards of this daily quest were what he desperately needed.


So, before going to bed that night, Su Zhe adjusted his training goals for the next period of time – training needed to be done, live streaming… it seemed that it also needed to be done.



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