C6 —– His Highness, the Regent, Who Seeks a Kiss

“I’m certain.” Shen Ning replied without hesitation.


Nonsense, could he say it if he wasn’t sure? Knowing that marrying Long Wuyang would lead to a miserable death, would he still want to do it a second time? He didn’t want abuse and death!


Are you kidding? No, was the sky not blue enough, was there not enough food, or was Chu Ye not handsome enough?


Thinking of Chu Ye, Shen Ning concluded: he’d pass!


Looking at the Long Wuyang in front of him felt obtrusive, he gave a formulaic salute, “Your Highness the Crown Prince, I still have things to do, forgive me for not being able to accompany.”


He wiped off his feet and fled, going to find his husband to play~.


Looking at Shen Ning who fled away, the worry on Long Wuyang’s face instantly disappeared, and a cold light flooded the bottom of his eyes.


“This prince would like to see what tricks you are going to play.” Long Wuyang let out a cold laugh and turned around to leave the Shen Xiangfu.


Shen Ning hummed a cheerful little song and bounced in the direction of the Regent’s Mansion.


His father originally wanted to ban him to prevent him from going out, he was borrowing the effort to speak with the crown prince to sneak out, who dared to obstruct the crown prince’s matter? So this was how he avoided his father’s people and managed to sneak out.


Putting it this way, he had a hint of gratitude for the arrival of the Crown Prince today.


Shen Ning walked and suddenly smelled a fragrance just as he was hungry, he followed the fragrance and walked over ……


“Lord, the newly cooked peach blossom pastry, fragrant and crispy, would you like to have some ah?” Seeing Shen Ning, the vendor hurriedly greeted him.


“Want, it’s too fragrant, I want two portions.” One for him, one for Chu Ye.


“Yes Lord, eat well and come back ah.” The vendor smiled cheerfully and quickly packed the pastries and handed them to Shen Ning.



Shen Ning took the pastries, firmly held in his arms, with a naive smile.



Arriving at the entrance to the Regent King’s residence, Shen Ning was worried about being intercepted by the guards at the entrance again, he was just about to open his mouth to explain, when he heard the guards respectfully and stiffly say, “Little Duke Shen, please come in.”


Probably Chu Ye had informed them, Shen Ning thought.


Shen Ning walked into the Regent’s Mansion, and after the guards led him into the backyard of the Regent’s Mansion, the guards retreated.


He continued to walk forward, and then he saw Chu Ye.



Chu Ye was wearing a black brocade robe, and around his waist was an ink-colored belt embroidered with a golden python pattern. A black robe was shrouded on the outside, and his ink hair was scattered behind his back without any restraints, displaying his arrogance and uninhibitedness.


Chu Ye was also looking at him, his eyes filled with focused tenderness, and then he saw Chu Ye unfold his arms as he said, “Ning’er, come here.”



His magnetic voice seemed to carry magic power that could seduce people’s hearts and souls, Shen Ning didn’t want to think, he followed the instinct to run over, and crashed into Chu Ye’s sturdy and warm embrace.


Chu Ye tightly hugged the small person in his arms, a familiar breath lingering at the tip of his nose, and his suspended heart gradually fell to the ground.


It was true, not a dream ……


Ning Er …… his Ning Er really returned to him.



Shen Ning raised his head, looked at Chu Ye, raised the peach blossom pastry in his hand, and said with a smile, “Look, the peach blossom pastry that I brought for you, it should be fragrant and sweet and delicious, try a bite.”


Saying that, Shen Ning opened the oil paper bag and picked up a piece of peach blossom pastry and handed it to Chu Ye’s mouth.


Chu Ye felt that his heart was going to melt, looking at Shen Ning’s brightly glowing eyes, the two pieces of rosy lips that were constantly moving, the knot in his throat involuntarily moved up and down.


He was so cute, he wanted to kiss him, what to do ~ ~ no, no, he would scare him away!



Chu Ye suppressed his craving and bit the peach blossom pastry in Shen Ning’s hand.


He didn’t really like sweets, but who let this be bought for him by his wife.



His eyes suddenly caught sight of the crumbs around Shen Ning’s mouth, and a touch of cunning crossed the bottom of his eyes.


Reaching out his hand, he twisted it up and put it in his mouth, licked his lips, and teasingly said, “It really tastes sweet.”


Shen Ning froze, his face instantly turned red, he angrily muttered: “Acting immodest in broad daylight, you’re not afraid of people seeing?”


Chu Ye laughed: “Who has the guts to peek at me? How many lives do they have that would be enough to chop? Furthermore, I’m not afraid of others seeing me hugging my own wife.”



“Nonsense what wife, it’s useless to be happy so early, my father doesn’t even agree.” Shen Ning was a bit demoralized, how should he convince his father?



What Shen Tu was concerned about, how could Chu Ye not think of it?


Chu Ye pondered for a while, “Although the Xiangfu has always been in a neutral position, but as far as I can observe, your father intends to favor the third prince, in this case, I will also support the third prince, in this way, it is considered to be a unified position.”



He wasn’t interested in the imperial throne at all, and wanting to support a prince to the throne was also very simple for him.


As for the emperor and the crown prince, in his eyes, they didn’t pose any threat at all.



Third prince Long Jingnian? Shen Ning carefully thought about it, and did not have many memories of Long Jingnian, and had only met him a handful of times.



The Long Jingnian in his memories had always been as gentle as jade, easygoing, and had excellent intellect, and was indeed capable of inheriting the throne.


In his last life, he also clearly remembered that Long Jingnian’s death was also related to his Xiangfu.



The Shen Xiangfu was indeed secretly supporting Long Jingnian, facing the invasion of the enemy, they were falsely accused of collusion with foreign enemies, after searching the house, they found some letters that they didn’t know about, the letter clearly had Qi’s deployment of military protection on it, which also mentioned the third son of the Emperor, Long Jingnian.


At that time, the emperor was furious, he removed the title of Long Jingnian, seized his right to command the military, and Long Wuyang even took advantage of the wa-r to assassinate Long Jingnian.



It was a pity that Long Jingnian, in the end, like him, also fell into a miserable end of the body and head being separated.


Looking at Shen Ning’s wrinkled brow, with a bitter expression, Chu Ye pinched Shen Ning’s face: “Don’t think about it Ning’er, I will think of a way to make father-in-law agree, no matter what, I can go to your Xiangfu every day, over time, once father-in-law is used to seeing me, he will certainly accept.”


Shen Ning became amused, “Are you planning to play cheeky? Have you forgotten what your identity is?”


“What identity? I am Ning’er’s husband, if I can hold on to a beauty by playing cheeky, it won’t matter.”


Chu Ye’s eyes were full of smiles, and his words were full of doting.



Shen Ning heard this and laughed heartily, stretching out his arm to wrap his arms around Chu Ye’s neck, and quickly dropped a kiss on Chu Ye’s face in a slapdash manner.



Chu Ye froze for a moment, and then his face was filled with a smile as he tilted his head and brought the other side of his face over, “This side also needs a kiss.”


Chu Ye’s heart: oh my god oh my god, my wife kissed me ~ my wife kissed me ~ so happy ~




“Hurry up, this side also needs a little bit ~” “Chu Ye urged.


His wife’s initiative was rare ah!


“No way.” Shen Ning refused.


“Come on wife, only one side of my face got a kiss, the other side didn’t, wife, you’re favoring one over the other.” Chu Ye said with a thick face.



Looking at Chu Ye’s wrinkled face and pouting lips, it was just like a child naughtily asking for candy.


His heart softened, and he similarly kissed Chu Ye on the other side of his face.



“Is this satisfactory?”


Then Shen Ning saw Chu Ye pouting at him again.



Shen Ning’s expression immediately darkened, was Chu Ye addicted to playing a hooligan?


Holding onto Chu Ye’s pouted lips, he angrily spoke, “Chu Ye, are you addicted?!”



Chu Ye was indeed addicted ah! Who would dislike their wife’s kisses? He couldn’t wait to come a few more times.


That said, being rejected by his wife was so sad.


At this time, Hou Ming walked into the backyard and stood in the distance shouting loudly, “Regent, General Shen seeks an audience.”



Chu Ye, who was disturbed from courting his wife, was very upset: “Won’t you say that I have something to do and have no time to see him!”


“But, General Shen said that Old Lady Shen had an accident and wanted to see Little Duke Shen urgently, that’s why this subordinate ……”


“Grandmother?” Hearing that something had happened to his grandmother, Shen Ning’s heart immediately hung in the air, and after breaking free from Chu Ye’s arms, he ran out.



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