C39 —- The battle for 100m qualification [p2]

This kind of organized, planned, and unified caliber skilled operation style, people in the entertainment industry could smell the familiar hand behind this at a glance, but this kind of operation style was usually very effective, so there were always people that loved to use this kind of tawdry operation.



Especially for individuals like Su Zhe, who seemed to have retired from the industry and had no company behind him, they could operate this kind of thing without any psychological burden.



Li Cheng looked at the still ongoing operation on Weibo and sighed speechlessly: “I don’t know which guy did this, before doing such things, can’t they think? Ah Zhe is now a complete outsider, and is a national champion athlete who is representing the country in Asian level events… …”



“At this time, throwing this kind of dirty water on an athlete …… which studio took the job? The person who placed the order really dared to place it, and the person who received it really dared to receive it.”



Shao Xingchen didn’t feel strange about this, he just calmly analyzed the situation: “Su Zhe retired from the industry less than 3 months ago, so far, although he has risen to fame in the sports circle, but the National Championships championship level, in the eyes of sports outsiders, they don’t know the significance of it. And during this time, the Broken Light publicity was underway, he participated in it, in the eyes of the industry, he isn’t clearly gone from the Industry.”



Li Cheng sniffed and nodded: “That’s true, for athletes in the sports circle who haven’t won any Olympic championship, in the eyes of people who don’t care about the sports circle, it is the same as no achievement.”



“Right.” Shao Xingchen affirmed Li Cheng’s statement and finally concluded, “So it’s not surprising that someone would do such a stupid thing.”



“Okay.” Li Cheng spread his hands breathlessly: “You’re going to take a shot at suppressing the heat, right? I’m going to go find someone, by the way I want to see which person is this stupid …… we have to go around that person in the future.”


At the same time, the official Weibo page of the S provincial sports team, the official Weibo page of the athletic center and even the official Weibo page of the General Administration of Sports all quickly noticed the news that could be said to be blackening people to death.



After receiving the news, Li Mingdeng, the director of the S provincial sports team, without saying a word, directly called Chen Guangzhi, who was in charge of media information at the Athletic Center, and after answering the phone, there was a burst of angry curses.



After seeing the news, Li Mingdeng was so angry that he didn’t even dare to show the news to Su Yinsheng.



Speaking into the phone, Li Mingdeng said angrily: “These people are really capable. With Su Zhe’s ability and decent scores, is it so bad that we can only use doping? Don’t mention any testing team, we rely on high-tech… I didn’t know our provincial sports team was so capable! Can we still produce a high-tech product that WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) can’t even detect?]



“They also said old Su used his power for personal gain …… They can go to hell! With Old Su’s nature, I don’t dare to tell him these news, otherwise he will blow up! Not to mention that this competition is directly assigned by your athletic center, even if the old Su has the authority to give orders to send people to the competition, then he will only look at the results! Zhao Zhixuan is good, but at present anyone with eyes can see that the one who really has hope to get the World Championships quota back, is Su Zhe!



“Those keyboard warriors and those who put up those posts …… are all brainless spewers! Director Chen, I’m going to stop here, your athletic center management doesn’t care?”



As the director of the S provincial sports team, with a hot-tempered coach like Su Yinsheng under him, in order to work better together, Li Mindeng was the one with the best temper both internally and externally.


When he received a phone call and heard Li Mingden loudly complaining, Chen Guangzhi first felt strange, but after listening and understanding what was going on, anger also began to run up his heart.


The athletes were fighting for their country, but there were still people at home who maliciously threw dirty water on them?


Chen Guangzhi took a deep breath, this thing must be managed, they couldn’t be ignored! If he didn’t care, how could he face the athletes who trained so hard every day and were out there under pressure to fight for their country?


“All right, old Li, I know! The athletes are playing for their country in a dignified manner, we can’t let the athletes get cold-hearted!”


After Chen Guangzhi finished speaking, he hung up with Li Mingdeng and turned to the staff to immediately understand the relevant situation. He urgently reported the situation and requested special approval, presenting the truth of the matter to the public.


For the sports industry, it was really difficult to encounter such a big event all year round, apart from various event reports.



Before the field management center organized media force to assist, major players in the sports circle and some Personal media had noticed the news.


As people in the sports circle, most of these people knew Su Zhe’s achievements and strength and the significance of his achievements, at the same time, these people knew what kind of person Su Yinsheng was.


In addition, the news that the Athletic Center sent athletes abroad was still hanging on their official Weibo page, it was written “after the Athletic Center meeting” …… before sending Su Zhe abroad, could this pot be dumped on Su Yinsheng’s head?



It was also based on the fact that most people simply didn’t go to see the athletic center’s announcement.


The people of the sports circle were also very speechless after these brainless posts, they reposted the athletic center management’s announcement, to stand up for Su Zhe.



But these people didn’t care what people in the sports circle said, what they wanted to do was to spread the black material, so that more passers-by who just casually checked the news would notice Su Zhe’s black material, and the impression of this rumor would be carved into their heart.


The operations of the anti-fans and paid posters were too flashy for the sports industry. Although these big players in the sports industry had a significant influence on their own topics, compared to the explosive information packages in the entertainment industry, they were not enough to watch.


And Su Zhe’s fans, “philosophers,” were still cheering on their own cubs in the afternoon. Just after the game was over, suddenly a wave of black material fell down on their faces, caught them off guard and forced them to passively counterattack. But in this situation of large-scale and organized splashing of dirty water by the other party, the combat effectiveness of philosophers was really difficult to sustain.


This farce lasted from shortly after Su Zhe’s game ended in the afternoon until the evening, when the report and application from the Athletic Center came into effect, and various official media outlets suddenly withdrew. The people who were constantly splashing dirty water on Su Zhe on the internet suddenly stopped acting.



The official media were equally unified in their statement and were strongly condemning this smearing of athletes.


Athletes were fighting abroad to bring glory to the country – turning a dignified athlete’s achievements into a product of despicable means, this behavior of smearing athletes was tantamount to smearing the sports world of their country



This strong and powerful voice, in a short time in the hands of the major official media formed their own different press releases, about Su Zhe’s achievements and the significance of his achievements, as listed, including his results in the afternoon’s rematch, there were also professionals who made a detailed interpretation.


From the moment the official media stepped down, the people, who had been dancing happily everywhere, suddenly seemed to be choked by their necks and lost their voices.


Obviously, they didn’t expect that an ordinary person that had retired from the entertainment industry – would cause official media pages to react.


This development completely exceeded their expectations, so they had to immediately stop all the relevant operations.


The real voices of sports enthusiasts and ordinary passersby, who were originally suppressed by the posters and unable to move, only then gradually made a splash.


Tao Sheng angrily sent out a string of posts condemning the people the moment he saw them in the afternoon, but he couldn’t spray those water armies and was powerless to move under the suppression of the water armies.



Shao Xingchen, after explaining Li Cheng to suppress the posts, also first sent a post that showed their support of Su Zhe, and asked the public to be sensible and distinguish the truth, at the same time the Broken Light crew also forwarded the contents of this post.



The two posts were only a great source of information, but also a great source of information on the market.



By the time the matter had relatively subsided, it was already zero o’clock in the evening, and Li Cheng sent the news of the source of the behind-the-scenes investigation to Shao Xingchen as well, sending out a speechless string of ellipses in WeChat.



[…… This brainless guy is currently the most popular one in Su Zhe’s previous group. In his early years, he was unhappy about Su Zhe’s good looks for a long time. But after Su Zhe retired from the industry, he even started filming with you again, so his dissatisfaction probably accumulated a lot]


[Recently, hasn’t Berserk been in contact with you and Su Zhe? Especially after the previous World Championships challenge, the company and Chen Cheng have been in more frequent contact. Just then, that guy found out and thought that since they were Chen Cheng’s resources, so why should it be given to Su Zhe, the guy who had already terminated his contract and withdrawn from the industry?]


If Su Zhe was hit with a wave of scandals, maybe the resources would be in his hands?



This guy had been following news about Ah Zhe for a while, but without thinking, he discussed such a dark trick with the water army. Chen Cheng already knew the news, so this guy probably wouldn’t been in the industry for long.


This thing, in the end, was because of interests and short-sightedness.



From the beginning to the end, in order to prevent Su Zhe from getting mood swings, affecting the results of the event, no one told Su Zhe about this matter. And through the news that represented the official pages’ attitude one by one, the watchers also gained a clearer understanding of the difficult training and competition of athletes, and sent heartfelt blessings to the athletes who fought for their country.



In addition to Su Zhe being blacked out and whitewashed, the matter ultimately benefited a series of athletes led by Su Zhe, the incident accidentally raised the national attention to sports projects.


Most directly, the public’s attention to this Asian Championship Invitational Tournament had increased in a straight line.



The number of searches related to the Asian Championship Invitational Tournament rose rapidly, and there was a significant increase in the number of readings and comments and reposts of related news.



The video website that originally had no intention to broadcast the relevant matches, after seeing the current heat of the sports topic, directly communicated with the other party by virtue of the Fuji Channel resources it had, agreed on the live broadcast of a series of matches for the subsequent three-day tournament, and took the opportunity to do publicity.



When Su Zhe woke up the next day, he didn’t know that he had somehow made another hit, but the system quickly threw a brand new goal task to him after he woke up from his sleep.



New goal task: to qualify for the men’s 100m event at the World Championships

Task time limit: 24 hours



Task reward: Perfect idol training space use hours*60


This task reward …… was a straightforward poke at Su Zhe’s needs.



Since the opening of the training space, his daily 10 km run in the early stages of the accumulated skill points had long been consumed, and then because of foot injuries, recovery, training, competition and other reasons, the daily 10 km task intermittently, it was difficult to accumulate more skill points for training.


Su Zhe knew himself, compared to other players, his training time was much more scattered, if he wanted to make more progress and cross the 10:05 mark faster, the only way to do it was to increase his training hours.

At such times, Su Zhe couldn’t help but marvel at the particularly thoughtful system.

Whether it was to qualify for the men’s 100 meters at the World Championships or for this 60 hours of extra training time, he had to run into 10:10 today to do it!


Today’s men’s 100m final was scheduled for 7pm prime time, and would also be broadcast live on Fuji Channel.

This news was passed to him last night through the team leader.

For Su Zhe, this didn’t matter, after recovering his athletic state yesterday, he was still in a state of eagerness for today’s final.

In order to avoid premature psychological excitement affecting the evening game, Su Zhe took out his headphones and began to soothe his early excitement through music.

Until the afternoon session, after resting and confirming that he was in good shape, Su Zhe stopped suppressing his pre-competition mentality and started to put his mind into the upcoming competition.

The night time period was fast approaching, when Su Zhe stepped into the stadium again, there seemed to be more people cheering in the stands. In addition to the philosophers and the new cherry blossom girls who had fallen for him, there seemed to be some people studying and traveling in Japan who had also come to watch the game. Some of them also had bright red flags in their hands and waved them and started cheering for every Chinese player at the moment of their participation.

When Su Zhe arrived at the preparation area, Shota Shiraishi, Kanaki Takeshita and Mossan all noticed his arrival.

Mossan, who was the third place finisher in Group 2 of the semi-finals, also qualified for the finals because he was ranked in the top 2 of the remaining players’ overall results.

In addition to the four of them, there was Norman, a black naturalized player from Bahrain, Andrew, a black naturalized player from Qatar, as well as Faisal, a player from Saudi Arabia, and Michael, a black naturalized player from Oman.

When dark-skinned naturalized players occupied nearly half of the finalists, Su Zhe felt more intuitively the impact and influence of naturalized players on local Asian players.

Several of the local Asian players in the room had a rejection of the naturalized players, and it was difficult for them to fully accept the naturalized players who were crowding the living space of the Asian players.

After greeting a few people, Su Zhe was a bit surprised to find that Bai Shi, who had always looked like a giggler in the preliminaries and semifinals, had put away his usual harmless appearance and had an aura of a strong player in the field emanating from his body.

This kind of aura made Su Zhe’s heart tremble, he couldn’t help but also began to concentrate on emitting his aura to confront it.

The rest of the participants around also found the aura confrontation between Su Zhe and Bai Shi, under the influence of the two, all of them were on guard and concentrated, and constantly began to accumulate their own competitive state.

When the finalists of the men’s 100 meters took the field one after another, Ishida Kazuhira’s commentary sounded again in the field and in the live broadcast.

Ishida Kazuhira: “Next, the most brilliant jewel in running – the final of 100m sprint! As we can see, the finalists are taking the field one by one, and oh! I can already see the impact of the air explosion, all the faces are very serious, even our usually smiling Athlete Shiraishi, is now showing a cold expression!”


Speaking of which, Ishida Kazuhira paused and said, “Speaking of player Shiraishi, you must also know the legend about him – he is known as the 100-meter track beast, the terrible predator! Legend has it that the runners who have raced with him can’t believe that the usually so amiable Shiraishi runner can look so fierce on the track.”

As the camera turned to Su Zhe, Kazuhira Ishida’s voice got excited again: “After a day, the snow leopard boy from the Chinese Empire seems to be even more absolutely beautiful again! It’s really hard to suppress one’s inner appreciation of his stunning beauty, and Su’s aura is also very strong at this moment, what kind of miracle can this beautiful youth run on the track today?”


The preparation period for the finals passed with Ishida Kazuhira’s introduction with Japanese pomposity.

On the track, the eight finalists were already crouched on their starters, ready to start the race at any time.

Each one of them had gathered their strongest spirit and momentum, ready to meet the next 10 seconds that might just pass in a blink of an eye!

“Take your places …… ready!”

The referee’s voice cut through the air of the field, followed by a gu-nshot – “BANG”!

Asian Championship Invitational Men’s 100m Sprint Final, kick off!

The eight players on the field were already the top experts in the Asian field, in listening to the gun reaction, no one made any excessive mistakes, the worst one player, listening to the gun reaction time was also in 0.165, just slightly late.

But, this slightly late time, already put him in the starting moment behind everyone!

Su Zhe started to let go of his desire to race the moment he stepped away from the starter, exerting all his strength to the fullest extent, just from the outbreak of the start to the articulated acceleration, in this short moment, the ten-meter track had been ran over.

In Asia’s top players gathered at this moment, the pressure should be transformed by Su Zhe to stimulate forward momentum, this race pressure competitive feeling made his blood surge.

He took the top two seats in the strong state with his exceptionally good reaction time to the gu-n and explosive power of the start.

One step ahead of him was none other than Shota Shiraishi!

The young man who usually showed his tiger teeth and smiled at Su Zhe, was like a tiger on the track, his starting explosive power was extremely strong, after the outbreak of a leap forward, his body quickly raised, and articulated conversion into the acceleration phase.


However, Mossan, who should have been able to compete with or even surpass Bai Shi in the acceleration stage of the start, may have been overly nervous and only achieved a reaction speed of 0.165 seconds during the start stage of the g-un response in this field.

Even though his explosive power and acceleration were excellent, he barely managed to catch up from the last place to the fourth place, and started to get into a stalemate with the naturalized player Bahraini in the third place.


The strength of several naturalized players, although not at the top, had always been able to achieve good results in the Asian arena. However, what they didn’t expect was that in today’s game, even the best performing Norman could only be in third place.

This cognition made them feel completely incredulous.

In order to prove that their strength was worth the money spent for them by their naturalized countries, the three black naturalized players also began to explode their strongest power in the acceleration phase, constantly chasing forward, in order to let their strength be reflected and recognized.

The sense of urgency on the track was so strong that it was overflowing and the atmosphere of the track chase sent the whole stadium into a frenzy, with spectators or visitors from whatever country they came from, all shouting out in their own instinctive language at the moment to cheer, cheer!

Most people didn’t know who they were cheering for, but after seeing the intense atmosphere, they too were emotionally infected and shouted out and cheered for the people fighting on the field!

Norman from Bahrain accelerated his pace, intending to catch up to overtake the weak Su Zhe in front of him, but no matter how he chased, he could only barely close the distance, and then was again distanced by Su Zhe, who had also increased his pace.

No, this wasn’t possible!

Unbelievable thoughts rushed through Norman’s mind in a confusing way, disrupting his thoughts for a moment, and in that moment of confusion, Faisal from Saudi Arabia stepped over the side of him and managed to take the third position.

With the advantage he had at the beginning of the stage and his strong physical and athletic condition today, Su Zhe kept a close grip on Shota Shiraishi from the beginning of the race.

The opponent’s tiger-like aura tried to suppress the pursuit of the latecomer, but Su Zhe was not afraid of this pressure, he fell two steps behind Shota Shiraishi, his mind quickly calculated and mobilized his body, increasing his stride length and improve the pace of the pursuit of Shota Shiraishi ahead.

At this point in the race and the formation of a stalemate led by Shota Shiraishi, Su Zhe in his wake, three black naturalized players constantly trying to catch up, Norman, Andrew, Michael, and even Faisal from Saudi Arabia also once battled with Norman to run into the top three positions.


After a short burst, Mossan was still unable to catch up with the front group due to the mistake at the start, and Kanaki Takeshita wasn’t in very good shape either. Although he was still trying to control, he was never able to insert himself into the front group and could only be swamped among the naturalized runners.

The first half of the 50-meter stage flew by, and the aggressive Shota Shiraishi still held the first position, refusing to let out, Su Zhe’s pace had almost reached its limit, and his pace frequency could not be steadily improved for a while.


The feeling of reluctance surged slightly, and the will to fight was still surging and burning.


Under full control, Su Zhe sped up his own rhythm by another shade – this was almost the limit of his current ability to maintain a stable rhythm!


He couldn’t fail!


Could he go any faster?


Su Zhe kept asking himself in his heart, and when the course entered the final sprint stage, Su Zhe finally released the power he had built up in the previous stages.

His body tilted forward, and with the most suitable posture for sprinting, he stomped out the strongest explosive power step by step, and crossed the finish line of the final with his nearly extreme speed!



Unfortunately, there was still a figure in front of him that he couldn’t cross at this moment – Shota Shiraishi.


When Su Zhe stumbled and cushioned and then straightened up his body, Shota Shiraishi, who also gradually stopped in front of him, finally collected that tiger-like aura and turned back into a harmless boy with a bright smile.


After he turned around and saw Su Zhe, his eyes obviously showed a look of surprise and walked quickly towards Su Zhe.



Su Zhe after seeing this giggling teenager, seriously carved this opponent in his mind.


Shiraishi Shota …… This was an opponent he would definitely defeat!



On the commentary stand, Ishida Kazuhira’s admiration was unceasing: “The final winner is still our player Shiraishi! He is worthy of the title of the beast on the track, his unrelenting aura when running on the track is like that of a tiger on the next mountain, making people respect him from the bottom of their hearts! And Su from China …… our beautiful snow leopard boy, his athletic body and seemingly weak posture, must be the nightmare of the rear runners, he ripped the confidence of those naturalized runners, stepped on their bodies, clinging like a fierce beast… …!”



“This beautiful and athletic figure has had incredible experiences! Was once a member of an idol group, but finally chose the path of running, in just a short period of 3 months, he has grown to such a terrifyingly strong point, when he grows after enough time …… this beautiful snow leopard boy, will he rip the confidence of more powerful people?”


Along with the sound of Ishida Kazuhira’s commentary, Su Zhe also slowly breathed a sigh of relief.



Although he temporarily didn’t know the final score, but the system’s task completion prompt had appeared …… which means he had successfully run into 10 seconds 10, the Chinese team had taken a seat in the World Championships men’s 100 meters sprint!



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