C3— Unexpected Opportunity

“What? You have your eye on this kid?” Su Yinsheng stared at him and refused without thinking, “No! It’s not going to work!”

The middle-aged man wearing a cap didn’t expect Su Yinsheng to refuse so quickly and was very puzzled, “Coach Su, why is that? Didn’t we say before that if the right athlete is available, they will cooperate?”

Su Zhe, who was still reviewing his own achievements, heard the voices of the two men, and that was when he saw the middle-aged man, he finally recognized who this low-key middle-aged man was.

“You are… Director Liu Zhengyan?”

“Oh? Young man, you know me?” The middle-aged director was a little surprised and smiled at Su Zhe in a friendly manner. He was quite low-key in the entertainment industry, and the outside world knew him more through his work, but he didn’t expect a young athlete from the gymnastics team to know about him as well.

“Ah, yes, of course I know you.” Su Zhe nodded.

The middle-aged director was the well-known domestic drama director Liu Zhengyan, and not to say that every one of his dramas was a big hit, it was also an existence of fine quality in every single one of them. There were plenty of people in the circle who wanted to get into director Liu’s drama, and of course Chen Cheng secretly let him recognize the other at first, so he couldn’t meet the big brother and end up not knowing him, right?

Seeing Su Zhe and Liu Zhengyan climbing into conversation, Su Yinsheng immediately became alert.

“What for? You want to run again? I’m telling you, there’s no way that’s going to happen!” For Su Zhe, Su Yinsheng was now on full alert, isolating him from all connections with the entertainment industry, lest this kid run back to be that idol again.

Su Yinsheng’s overreaction made Liu Zhengyan a little confused, but Su Zhe was really satisfying to him, so he still fought with Su Yinsheng: “Coach Su, we’re cooperating with the S City Sports Bureau on this project, and you’ve learned about the content of the episode, it’s about track and field athletes chasing their dreams, and it’s also to promote our track and field program.”

“We could have agreed before, this supporting role, as long as the track and field team has the right athletes, priority will be given to using our athletes…”

In fact, this request was S city sports bureau putting it forward, it wasn’t all about an idol’s star effect? They wanted to show a little bit of real athletes inside the episode and also expand the reach of the track and field program and athletes.
  Liu Zhengyan originally had a bit of a headache with this request, wanting to say that it was really not possible to leave some small supporting roles for the athletes to pass through. He didn’t expect that when he was just testing the machine, the camera was sharp enough to capture the footage of Su Zhe running, and the wind-chasing image matched up with an important supporting character that had been dangling in his mind.

Faced with Liu Zhengyan who reasoned with him, Su Yinsheng was too embarrassed to unreasonably dislike him back, so he hatefully glared at his own son and turned his head to grumpily explain.

“That what… this kid is my son Su Zhe, he just… entered your entertainment industry two years ago and didn’t get any results out of it, and today he just terminated his contract with that company of his and came back to train. The results he just tried to run, I can tell you, are the results of our team’s sprinters, who may not have been able to run this well after a few years of persistent training.”

“His sprinting talent is outstanding, if he hadn’t wasted these two years wasting time in the entertainment industry, he might have already made the grade.” At this point, Su Yinsheng glared at Su Zhe with hatred again, “So he’s back this time, I’m definitely not going to let him back into the entertainment industry again.”


Liu Zhengyan really didn’t expect it to be like this.

No wonder the young man could recognize him.

Re-examining Su Zhe with the standards of entertainers, Liu Zhengyan still felt that the young man was good-looking, clean and handsome, and had a good temperament. Especially, in his mind, he reviewed the charm of Su Zhe when running, and thought that Su Zhe was actually in the entertainment industry before. It must be easier for him than pure athletes in acting …

In summary, Su Yinsheng’s words not only didn’t make Liu Zhengyan give up, but his heart got a little hotter.

“Coach Su, don’t worry, you also said that Su Zhe has terminated his contract with his agency, so there’s no reason for him to return to the entertainment industry. We, on the other hand, won’t give him much of a part in this filming. It won’t take much time, and it will add to the glory of our athletics program…”

At this point, Liu Zhengyan paused, “And Director Zhang from the Athletics Center has also given us a request that we must film the track and field athletes. If he were to meet Su Zhe, he would also agree to ask Su Zhe to cooperate with the performance.”

Liu Zhengyan was full of geniality, but these words made Su Yinsheng not know how to refuse.

Seeing his old man and Director Liu’s back-and-forth, Su Zhe cautiously took two steps back to avoid bringing trouble to himself. As a result, before taking two steps back, he suddenly bumped into someone behind him.
  ”Ah, sorry… “Su Zhe immediately steadied himself and turned back to apologize, but he didn’t expect to see a completely unexpected character.

Shao Xingchen?!

Who was the man in front of him in a black training uniform if not Shao Xingchen, who stood at the pinnacle of the entertainment industry’?

At that moment, Shao Xingchen was frowning slightly and looking at him with a gaze that Su Zhe couldn’t read.

And seeing Shao Xingchen, Su Zhe was also uncomfortable.

This was a man who defined the peak of the talent show’s fervor five years ago when the talent show crossed the stage.

Since his debut, his popularity had never fallen, and as a former – boy band member, Su Zhe had once and uncomfortably taken him as a target to chase after.

The company’s publicity manager was even more desperate, not only treating Shao Xingchen as a target that the third group could chase after, but also sending out a series of articles that could be described as a porcelain moon landing. At that time, because his face looked good, he was a little bit hot, so the company made him the main porcelain clinker.

In a well-known gossip forum, a series of no less than ten articles, from [to discuss the new generation from the value of the face] to [to discuss, who has the real peak value of face], and such as [Su Zhe’s activity map, how do I think he can play better than a top artist ah?

And so on, that period of time was overwhelming, Su Zhe’s Weibo page was also at the peak

If it was just that, forget it. The official staff of Lemon Entertainment, who was responsible for the Su Zhe Support Club, was too lazy to respond to Shao Xingchen’s side, and organized fans who encouraged Su Zhe to reply under Weibo posts with Shao Xingchen’s news. Most of the sentences and pictures were mostly [Shao Xingchen, this set of photos are toxic right? Where does it look good? Not as good as our baby’s exuberant beauty.] Then with a link of Su Zhe’s pictures.

Shao Xingchen fans finally became angry, their family’s top artist was less? But it’s not as if you guys are touching porcelain 24/7, right? You can’t just grip one sheep when you’re trying to gather wool?

Soon, the angry Shao Xingchen’s fans went on the offensive, instantly collecting a large wave of black images of Su Zhe, and also sending people to shoot various angles of tricky and blurry roadside videos.

Could the top stream fans be compared to the small paste ball fans like Su Zhe’s?

All of a sudden, there were all kinds of black pictures of Su Zhe on the network, and these black pictures were also made into emojis to spread widely, so much so that many people who didn’t know Su Zhe knew that there was such an ugly guy who was also troublesome.

There were so many people who took advantage of Shao Xingchen’s fame, how could Lemon Entertainment know that he would used as an example to warn others?

After that, Su Zhe was gradually smeared through the center of the earth. Even if the photos sent by the government were called prosperous beauty, there would be Shao Xingchen’s fans mocking it due to the offence of the previous hype.

It was also in the face of such a gap, that Su Zhe’s already small number of fans gradually left.

In the meantime, Su Zhe and Chen Cheng had strongly opposed the company’s practice, but the new publicity officer in charge of the company was the daughter of the CEO of Lemon Entertainment who had returned from abroad, and boasted that she was familiar with the ways of the entertainment industry.

The final result was Su Zhe’s black photos that was everywhere, but what was the point? The old boss just educated his daughter, saying that the artist’s promotion work was not that simple, and then let the old man in the promotion department bring her along properly, so that she could feel how the real promotion work should be done.

As for Su Zhe, who was destroyed in the hands of the boss’s daughter, he wasn’t very popular, and his strength is average, he just had a good face. There were many people in the entertainment industry, so what did it matter if he was destroyed?

Thinking of the past, Su Zhe, although his conscience was clear, but the past of almost trying to take advantage of Shao Xingchen’s fame, his heart was also a bit guilty.

At this time, he suddenly saw the real person, in addition to a guilty conscience, Su Zhe was momentarily suffocated with his god-like appearance, the only thought that flashed in his brain was, worthy of being famous.

But…why was he here?
  Su Zhe’s mind flashed like a strike of lightning – Shao Xingchen’s next schedule was blank, and he was suspected to be in contact with a famous director, who was ready to concentrate on the team, and to seriously try to figure out his acting skills and seek transformation.

There was no doubt that this Liu Zhengyan’s drama was the legendary transformation of Shao Xingchen.

Many people had speculated that Shao Xingchen’s transformation would be another masterpiece, and some were worried that Shao Xingchen’s acting skills were not good enough to appear on the big screen, but what they didn’t expect was that Shao Xingchen would choose a drama for the small screen.

This kind of choice made Su Zhe admire Shao Xingchen’s team even more.

Before today, he was also a so-called entertainment industry person, and when he was in the middle of it, he had a deep understanding of the impetuousness and urgency of the people in the industry.

As a top artist, it wasn’t an easy decision to be a top artist who clearly could have a step onto the big screen, but still chose to gradually hone himself on the small screen.

While Su Zhe was dazed, on the other side, Su Yinsheng had reluctantly reached an understanding with Liu Zhengyan.

With the Athletics Center’s leader pressing the issue, Liu Zhengyan still managed to win Su Zhe as an important supporting role in the episode as expected. He didn’t fool Su Yinsheng. The character, though important, didn’t appear much, but more as a white moonlight character who inspired the protagonist to pursue his athletics career.

If Su Zhe’s scenes were arranged centrally, less than two weeks would be enough to finish filming.

This was one of the reasons why Su Yinsheng was finally willing to release him.

Su Zhe didn’t expect that he would come back to the gymnastics team without doing anything but a test run and get a role in Director Liu’s play.

This was about the time the system rewarded him with that random supporting role, right?

That being said, Su Zhe’s heart felt it was a bit cryptic.

On the first day of his official exit from the entertainment industry, he had gotten resources that were unattainable for his former self.

“Then it’s settled, later on, I’ll have someone here to arrange a contract signing with you here, Xiao Zhe.” Liu Zhengyan was satisfied that he had identified the candidate he wanted, and turned his head to continue arranging onsite work with the crew.
  ”Oh, right, you’re also here, Xing Chen.” Liu Zhengyan who had already turned his head suddenly remembered the unexplained matter, “Coach Su, this is our protagonist, Shao Xingchen.”

“During this period of time before the official start of filming, you should trouble Coach Su to also take him along and instruct our track and field athletes on the standard posture, you just feel free to train him as an ordinary member of the team, be sure not to make any mistakes during the official filming.”

“Su Zhe you must know Xingchen, right? When you are training next, you can also communicate more with Xingchen, which will help your performances in your drama afterwards.”

Only after these words were delivered did Director Liu truly turn around and leave.

Su Zhe was dragged back to the training area by Su Yinsheng to start the physical test again, and Zhao Changhe also led away the silent Shao Xingchen who was on the side, guiding him to start warming up and also preparing to give him a basic test in order to arrange the next training plan.

When he saw Shao Xingchen being taken away by Zhao Changhe, Su Zhe was finally relieved, after all, he personally saw how much the lady in charge of the promotion had gone too far during that time. Thinking that he had somehow gotten into the same crew as him, and had become a supporting actor in a number of rivalry scenes with him… Su Zhe felt that he should take some time out and apologize to Big Brother Shao.

“Next item, Fold Back Run. Give me a good run! What’s going on in your head?!” Su Yinsheng keenly noticed that Su Zhe was distracted during the physical test and viciously poked Su Zhe’s head.

Su Zhe then concentrated, temporarily leaving Shao Xingchen behind, and devoted himself to the physical test.

At the end of the physical test, Su Yinsheng’s face was not so ugly at last, Su Zhe’s overall data was good, not like a two-year training break state, in which the explosive power related to sprinting and other data was very bright, there was great potential to be tapped.

After getting the signal from Su Yinsheng that the test was over, Su Zhe didn’t intend to rest, but after greeting with his father, he went to the outdoor training ground and started the 10km run required in today’s system mission.

On the outdoor track, a few track and field team members from the gymnastics team were also running laps, and after seeing Su Zhe, a few big boys ran and gave Su Zhe a long-awaited hug, then ran together on the track.

“Ah Zhe, you’re awesome kid, you haven’t trained for two years and you came back to rub us on the ground.”

“Yeah, you’re so strong, you went to the entertainment industry before, no wonder Tiger Su was so angry that he wanted to burst.”
  The companions who had rarely seen each other for two years did not become strangers because of the two years of distance, they marveled at Su Zhe’s strength and felt quite sorry for the two years he had wasted in the entertainment industry.

At that moment, a silent figure ran past them, and a few of the older boys marveled again.

“Hey yah, this is a real big star, much more reliable than Ah Zhu, a few of my sisters at home are his fans, chatting every day about what star is the best.”

For ordinary athletes who only had boring training on a daily basis, this kind of big star that suddenly appeared around was bound to be a hot topic.

Su Zhe, however, didn’t care about them, just stared at Shao Xingchen who was silently running laps in front of him and felt that the exposed skin of Shao Xingchen in the front running laps was abnormally red, and suddenly remembered a small gossip about Shao Xingchen.

Shao Xingchen’s skin would redden when he was not feeling well, similar to an allergy.

When he thought of this, Su Zhe’s eyebrows wrinkled, quickly ran to Shao Xingchen side, saw the big brother covered in red, without saying a word, he pulled Shao Xingchen who still intended to run laps to go to the indoor pavilion.


What the author has to say:
Shao Xingchen: …this is the chance you gave me to appear?
Cai Cai: ah…what’s wrong?
Shao Xingchen: two chapters out, not a word, am I the backdrop?
Cai Cai: uh…ah…probably…yeah?
Shao Xingchen: %? …….#? ……..% (stormy exit)

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