Ye Tianyi joined the convoy, and it didn’t take long to figure out the situation of the convoy.

There were a total of fifteen and a half people in the convoy, among them there were only ten men who had the ability to fight, six supernaturals were not bad, the remaining five people were all women, and one of them was a mother that was breastfeeding.

The lead captain of the convoy was called Zhang Hu, a common enough name, but he held the convoy together.

The woman holding the child was Zhang Hu’s sister-in-law, and the child was Zhang Hu’s brother’s son.

Zhang Hu’s brother died in the claws of a zombie to save him, so he ran for his life with his helpless sister-in-law and his one-year-old nephew. The fleet was in the process of fleeing for their lives. Many of them were well-known acquaintances, and only two or three of them were saved halfway.

The end of the world had just begun, humanity was not completely devoid, so Zhang Hu’s sister-in-law with a child, was considered vulnerable, in the convoy she always received the best treatment. People not only wanted to please Zhang Hu, the strongest person in the convoy, but also sympathized with the mother and child.

But this sympathy was limited to the fact that the end of the world had just begun with food still abundant now, and when the food was almost depleted… hehe.

Ye Tianyi looked at the women who were riding in the same car as him – he was treated as a young master with no hands, so he was treated the same as the women – he frowned slightly, was it really okay for him to choose this convoy?

With this weak haul, could Zhang Hu really lead the convoy to reach the survivor base?

Forget about it, even if he couldn’t, he could still secretly help, he had to let Zhang Hu reach the A City Survivor Base with Jiang Yan alive, he really didn’t have time to go to another convoy around here, and it wasn’t possible to find it.

With Ye Tianyi’s directions, it wasn’t long before the convoy drove all the way to the small villa that Ye Tianyi had just left before, and Jiang Yan was inside this villa.

Ye Tianyi could still perceive Jiang Yan’s scent.
  The villa had the scent of a third-leve; zombie he had left behind, causing no zombies around to approach, so after looking around, Zhang Hu had the car parked directly in front of the villa, “Get out of the car and find him, when you find him, get in the car and let’s leave immediately!”

Ye Tianyi self-consciously got down from the car to lead the way.

He brought Zhang Hu to the master bedroom on the second floor and found Jiang Yan, who was shrinking in the coat closet and still not awake: “That’s him, he’s Commander Jiang’s only son, Jiang Yan.”

Zhang Hu personally picked up Jiang Yan and then took care of his own men to take away all the food that Ye Tianyi had left in the bedroom to prevent Jiang Yan from starving to death.

No one had paid attention to Ye Tianyi since he had found Jiang Yan.

Like an invisible person, Ye Tianyi silently followed behind everyone and got into the car, he always tried to keep silent to reduce his presence, and sat on the car seat and mumbled the mysterious mantra.

Although silently reciting the mantra to increase his abilities was not as effective as the mysterious voice, but it was better than nothing.

He blended into the caravan successfully, but until it was time to eat, the problem came.

Ye Tianyi licked his lips as he looked at the bottle of mineral water and a packet of biscuits and a ham sausage that was given to him, and at the people who were eating silently beside him.

He also felt hungry, but his food was not the same as humans now, he would have a hard time eating human food – he had tried this after he regained his senses.

But it didn’t seem good not to eat in front of all these people, as he noticed that someone was already eyeing his food next to him.

Although there was still plenty of food now, but because it was the end of the world, food was hard to find, Zhang Hu was very economical, and each person was given a daily ration of food, which could only keep them from being hungry, but they couldn’t say that he were full. So Ye Tianyi had not been eating, so he was stared at by a tall, sturdy man who hadn’t eaten enough: “If you’re not hungry and don’t want to eat, you can give it to me.”

Ye Tianyi shook his head, then unwrapped the biscuit sachet, took out a biscuit and stuffed it into his mouth.
  The man twisted his head so as not to make himself even more greedy, and Ye Tianyi, when no one noticed him eating, pretended to eat the biscuits, but he actually put them in his space.

He smuggled the biscuits into his space just a little bit, and took a few sips of water as if he couldn’t bear to drink it, and then he put the mineral water bottle away.

Ye Tianyi did a good job of presenting the image of a cowardly young master in distress, except for the fact that Little Leaf was very strange.

After all, the end of the world, people couldn’t even protect their own lives, who cared about a cat ah, or a little white cat that would easily die.

But the people in the convoy only looked at Little Leaf a few times, asked a few questions, and didn’t interfere much. They probably thought that Ye Tianyi was either too reluctant to part with the cat or wanted to take it with him as a reserve food.

But most people’s guesses leaned towards the latter, as Ye Tianyi never fed that cat a bit of food or a sip of water.

Ye Tianyi has no idea what these people were thinking, he sat in the car every day with his eyes closed holding Little Leaf in his arms, in his heart, like Little Leaf, he silently recited the mysterious mantra to cultivate, peaceful and low-key.

And with him as a third-ranked zombie, there were few zombies around who dared to deal with the convoy.

If it wasn’t for Ye Tianyi not wanting to make it too bizarre, the convoy wouldn’t have met even a single zombie, after all, now that the End Times had just erupted, a third-ranked zombie was already a worthy king among zombies, and no zombie dared to provoke it.

As the zombies became fewer, Zhang Hu and the others didn’t get suspicious, but felt that they were lucky.

On the way to the A City Survivor Base, Jiang Yan, who had been unconscious for many days, finally woke up.

As soon as Jiang Yan woke up, Zhang Hu couldn’t wait to ask him about his identity and so on.

Jiang Yan was lucky enough not to be oppressed into an idiot by Ye Tianyi’s powerful mental energy, so he answered Zhang Hu’s question in a clear and organized manner, and the information he revealed also surprised Zhang Hu and the others.
  This really was Commander Jiang’s son.

Zhang Hu also didn’t think that Jiang Yan was instigated to lie by Ye Tianyi because Jiang Yan said that he didn’t know Ye Tianyi. If Ye Tianyi had instigated Jiang Yan to lie, he should also have made Jiang Yan say that he was his brother or a relative or something.

What was even more surprising to Zhang Hu and the others was that Jiang Yan had even awakened an ability.

An ordinary person without an ability would be considered a burden even if he had a prominent status; while a child with supernatural powers and a prominent status would not be considered a burden by them even if he did nothing and couldn’t help them.

And what Jiang Yan had awakened was still the very practical Water Ability.

The water ability wasn’t powerful in combat, but it possessed certain healing abilities, such as cleaning wounds to prevent infection and so on. And people couldn’t live without water, who knew if the unsealed water was contaminated now that it was the end of the world, what if they would become zombies if they drank it? But it wasn’t enough to drink mineral water all the time.

A water ability user, however, was able to condense clean water, not only enough to drink, but also enough to wash.

So with an extra water ability user, Zhang Hu and the others were completely treating Jiang Yan as a baby.

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