C4– I’m Back


The indoor pavilion was still busy with many staff members, not suitable for a break.

So Su Zhe dragged Shao Xingchen’s hand, walked straight into the dressing room, pressed the famous big brother on the bench, turned around to receive a cup of warm water from the water dispenser and passed it to the big brother’s hand.

Shao Xingchen didn’t take the cup of water from Su Zhe’s hand, he just looked at Su Zhe with an unhappy face: “…Why did you pull me in.”

Ignoring Big Brother Shao’s uncooperative attitude, Su Zhe forcefully shoved the water cup into Shao Xingchen’s hand.

“Senior Brother Shao.” Su Zhe tactfully said, “I know some news about you that I’m concerned about, so if you’re not feeling well today, don’t force yourself to exercise.”

Shao Xingchen was stunned at the words, then sneered, “Do you know a lot of about me because you need to connect to my fame?”

Hearing these words, the locker room temporarily fell into an awkward atmosphere again.

In the circle, Shao Xingchen’s reputation had always been good, and although he habitually had a cold face, he was actually not rude in his treatment of people. Su Zhe felt that he was probably one of the rare people who could receive a venomous attack from big brother Shao at the first meeting.

Su Zhe was thinking randomly in his heart, pondering how he should explain to Big Brother Shao what happened in the beginning, and Big Brother Shao actually suddenly opened his mouth.

“…Why did you withdraw from the industry?”


Su Zhe thought he might be hallucinating.

How could Shao Xingchen care about why he withdrew from the industry? Shouldn’t he be congratulating himself on finally getting through and realizing he was happy he was out of the game?
So…maybe this was just a random topic to lighten the mood?

Su Zhe scratched his head and still responded seriously, “Without achievements, the company couldn’t see my future, I guess… And my personality, it’s true that I’m not quite suitable for the entertainment industry.”

Su Zhe had actually reflected on himself, apart from the extraordinarily outstanding extra point of effort, he was not keen on the various business, passages, variety shows announcements, etc. arranged by the company, and he didn’t even bother to manage his Weibo page, which was a powerful tool for attracting fans, with care.

This was really not the mentality a professional idol should have, what he wanted to chase was merely an increase in his level of strength….

It was more like a habit he had grown up with in the competitive sports industry.

The moment he received the call from Chen Cheng, he was indeed unhappy, but what he was unhappy about seemed to be just his own strength not being displayed in front of everyone’s eyes and not being recognized by everyone.

When it came down to it, the surging feeling and sense of accomplishment brought to him by changing back into his training clothes today and the 10 seconds of the trial run was the same as the painful feeling he had when he climbed up to the debut position after constant efforts.

Thinking of this, Su Zhe took the opportunity to voice his apology, “Senior Shao, when the company’s team sent out a number of fan stealing passes, I’m sorry… I couldn’t stop the company’s decision at that time…”

Before he finished speaking, Shao Xingchen suddenly turned his head viciously and glared at him with an unhappy face, “I know this, I’m not stupid!”


Big Brother Shao’s reply made Su Zhe a bit confused, he knew? Did he know that he had nothing to do with the company’s decision to take advantage of his fame?

And why would he know that?

He didn’t give Su Zhe an opportunity to speak, Shao Xingchen carried on, “those things, I don’t care about it, you said you retired from the industry, Lemon Entertainment saw your future, why didn’t you try another company? You didn’t make any other attempts at all, you just chose to quit… Your character wasn’t right for the entertainment industry… The reason is like I don’t like studying so I don’t need to go to college…”

Shao Xingchen, who had originally seemed to hate Su Zhe, was suddenly agitated at the moment.

“You’re not even trying to manage your idol status, you’re just playing with tickets in the entertainment industry!”

The older man’s accusation left Su Zhe stunned, wondering why he was suddenly so agitated.

“I knew about you two years ago, and that period of time was when I was the most exhausted.”

Hearing this, Su Zhe was stunned, remembering that there did seem to be some scandals about Shao Xingchen two years ago, there was a time when fans had been dragging Shao Xingchen’s corporate team that they were squeezing him as hard labor, and his agency at the time issued a denial statement, saying that all schedules were decided in consultation with the artist. Meaning that Shao Xingchen was working so hard to make money, they put all the blame on Shao Xingchen.

How things ended, Su Zhe wasn’t quite clear, he only remembered that soon afterwards, Shao Xingchen terminated his contract with his original company and set up his own studio team, although there were some ups and downs, but his road to stardom was still climbing up.

“At the time I thought I was having a very hard time every day, until I happened to see you.The look in your eyes when you were practicing as hard as you could on the show gave me great encouragement, and the way you fought hard, I’ve always remembered it in my heart.”

“I’ve always thought that your hard work would one day be discovered by everyone and then shine brightly.”

“Although your company made the wrong decision to make the announcement, did you personally make any other remedies after that? You were even more focused on just burying yourself in your singing and dancing practice, you didn’t care about all the work that other idols should seriously deal with, and even your Weibo page, which had so few followers, only saw an update once every ten days or half a month.”

“Did you really consider yourself a professional idol? Did you ever really take your job seriously?”

“I’ve been waiting for you to rise again, for the moment when you show up…”

What I ended up waiting for was news of your termination and exit from the industry….

Su Zhe stared blankly at Shao Xingchen, his heart completed his unfinished words for him.

This was… incredible?

The top star, Shao Xingchen was actually a fan of his career?

Did he just experience a live version of fan to anti-fan…?

Su Zhe, who finally understood the reason for his big brother’s displeasure, simply couldn’t believe what magical reality he was facing.


Su Zhe was about to say something else when suddenly a knock sounded on the door, and then pushing the door in was a gangly yellow-haired youth.

“I bought you medicine and porridge.”

The rascal-faced youth entered the dressing room with a big bag of things: “Eh? There are still people here? Is it an actor who came to audition today? ” After saying this, he finally saw who was standing in the locker room: “Ah … is it … Su Zhe?”

The young man with a rougish face was stunned, and then he smiled: “Hello, hello.”

“Well, hello …”

The youth was someone Su Zhe also knew, after all, top stars had people around them, even if it was an assistant, they would also have a certain reputation in the industry. This rascal-faced young man named Li Cheng had been following Shao Xingchen since he entered the industry.

Although Li Cheng seemed to be a rogue, he had a good temper, and made good connections in the industry, so he didn’t offend anyone. In the past year or two, he seemed to be gradually working under Shao Xingchen’s new agency.

Obviously, Li Cheng also remembered Su Zhe, the protagonist of the fan poaching incident, so he was stunned for a moment.

Seeing that the boss was taken care of, and after seeing the boss turn his head with an unhappy face, Su Zhe slipped out of the locker room softly and returned to the outdoor runway to continue the 10-kilometer routine that was not completed today.

At the door of the indoor training hall, Su Yinsheng saw Su Zhe running in circles, he pretended to grunt, and then turned to the office. He was ready to work out a training plan for Su Zhe with Zhao Changhe.

Even if the next period of time he would be cooperating with the crew for shooting, training could not be broken!

“Hey, Old Su.”

Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe were walking in the direction of the office, and Zhao Changhe suddenly made a sound.

“You saw Ah Zhe’s achievement, would you like to let him play and try at the Provincial Games next month?”

“Well?”Su Yinsheng frowned and pondered for a moment, “Wait a little longer, and then stabilize.”

Zhao Changhe’s proposal, Su Yinsheng was also very moved, but Su Zhe had come back so suddenly after all, and although the trial run was good, it was still just a trial run.

The two of them had been partners for many years, so of course Zhao Changhe understood Su Yinsheng’s meaning.

Zhao Changhe chuckled, “You ah, just don’t bother, you’ve been nagging for two years, isn’t this not Ah Zhe’s return? His results haven’t slacked off at all.”

“Let’s keep an extra eye on things for a few days and see how Ah Zhe’s training is going. If the results are stable, I think we can let him try.”

The province where S City was located was particularly outstanding in terms of sprinting results because of the track and field team sprinting led by Su Yinsheng.

In other provinces, 10.42 in 100 meters was even enough to win the title if it was stable enough, but in this province, there was still a fight to be had.

“Well, let’s wait two days and see… “Su Yinsheng pondered for a moment and also made a decision.

As long as his results were stable next, he would send Su Zhe to the Provincial Games to try out the water.

Su Zhe, who was running laps alone in the training ground, didn’t think about it that much, and after completing today’s 10km run, the system sound dinged again.

“Congratulations to the host for completing today’s mission, reward skill points*1.”

Upgrading from sprinting LV1 to LV2 required a total of 5 skill points, and now the only place on the system where one could use skill points was at sprinting skill 1. Su Zhe then casually added the two skill points he had harvested yesterday and today to sprinting LV1.

The speed like the wind during the test run in the afternoon brought back Su Zhe’s long-lost quickness about running, but he was still calm and didn’t become complacent with the skills given by the system.

He knew in his heart that the system’s skill that could only give him assistance, he still remembered that the system’s prompt message was [Sprint Status Plus], not [Speed Plus].

If he didn’t have a certain sprinting foundation, even if the system granted him 5% status addition today, he wouldn’t be able to run 10.42.

Only by constantly training, strengthening his foundation, and improving his explosive power could he run better!

Su Zhu felt like he had found his way back to the state of chasing after the strongest players during the selection process, and couldn’t help but smile at the sun.

Today’s task was already completed and Su Yinsheng’s training plan was still unfinished, so Su Zhe changed back into his clothes and prepared to go home to see his old mother.

On the way, Su Zhe remembered Shao Xingchen’s accusation against him, and felt that his idol career in the past two years was really too unprofessional.

So he picked up his mobile phone and posted a meager photo of him in a training suit that he had taken in the training ground of the sports team at first, with the caption: I’m back again.

Yesterday’s ” If it’s destiny to see you again” Weibo post, was making Su Zhe’s small fans stay in a sad fog.

They didn’t expect that only a day later, Su Zhe actually sent out a Weibo post again, and this time it was a selfie…!

They knew their cub, all year round, he didn’t send a few selfies, miserable Su Zhe was still not popular, he had less activities, even if there were activities there was no special follow up for the fans … and there were a bunch of emoji black history.

This small group of fans could still be loyal to him and really loved him.

They had been sad all day, and who would have thought that, less than 24 hours later, there’d be a selfie of the pup!

What was this?

They hadn’t expected him to post for three or five months!

Fans excitedly poked the big picture quickly, and then saved it to their collection decisively.

“meow, pup is great, pup is good! The pup is back! There is also selfie benefits! ”

“This selfie is actually a training suit! T-shirt shorts … Ow … The skin of the cub is great, and the Adam’s apple of the cub is the best in the world! Can you take a full-body photo? ”

“prprpr…… … you still have time to talk … I just want to lick my mobile phone screen … meow, pup, Mama’s mobile phone screen is too dirty for you, Mama will lick it clean! prprpr……”

Under Su Zhe’s Weibo post, they were rejoicing because he took a selfie in his sweaty training suit.

However, as Su Zhe, who once tried to take advantage of someone’s popularity in the large entertainment industry headed by Shao Xingchen, even if Su Zhe was gone, some anti-fans still remember him.

Several fans were getting weird on Weibo.

“Hey, didn’t you just say goodbye yesterday? Is fate here today? ”

“Hey, I thought this one really had a backbone and retired directly. It was less than 24 hours, and suddenly’ I am back’?”

Fans of Su Zhe were having fun. How could they let these anti-fans scamper around?

So after a crazy beating and reporting, the comment area became harmonious and friendly again.

However, not far away from the sports team, in a luxury hotel room, someone who had just been settled to rest, after seeing the update on a Weibo page that he paid attention to, he looked around on Weibo, then stayed at the position of the picture save button for a moment, and finally simply exited Weibo, and decided for it to be out of sight and out of mind.

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