C2— Sprint Test

The next day at 11 am, Su Zhe had arrived at the entrance of the provincial gymnastics team located outside the fifth ring of S city.

The morning’s termination of his contract with Lemon Entertainment was no surprise, but instead, Chen Cheng stopped him on his way out and asked him what his next plans were.

“Next, ah, I’m probably going to attend a competition.” Su Zhe thought of the task bar that was refreshed early this morning, in addition to the daily task still being a 10km run, there was also an additional target task: to participate in any official sporting event.

Although he didn’t understand why this so-called Super Idol system had to push him into the sports world, Su Zhe planned to follow the system’s guidelines and give it a try.

“Competition? Are there any famous shows in the industry like that these days? Or is there some new show?” Chen Cheng was a little confused, as a senior agent, there couldn’t be any information that Su Zhe knew that she didn’t, unless that show was just too watery and completely worthless for her to pay attention to.

“You are a little star. Although you can’t squeeze into the top three in the show, you are also an old talent show veteran. If you go to other shows again, I can’t say how the company’s top management will feel, and your personal image will be completely nailed to talent shows everywhere. I suggest that you’d better stop taking the road of those shows.”

After all, she had managed Su Zhe for two years, and although Su Zhe wasn’t popular, he was humble, had no fancy, and appeared exceptionally peaceful among a group of impetuous entertainers, much to Chen Cheng’s liking.

If it wasn’t for the strategic restructuring of Lemon Entertainment’s top management, who were ready to clear out artists who didn’t look like they had idol prospects, she would have been willing to continue to manage Su Zhe.

Now that Su Zhe seemed to be going astray, how could Chen Cheng put her heart down?

Thinking of this, Chen Cheng sighed, “This way, I was going to tell you before, I know a few companies that are looking for idols, and I can give you a lead, don’t ruin your future by participating in talent contests haphazardly.”

Su Zhe scratched his head and understood that Chen Cheng had misunderstood: “Sister Chen Cheng, I’m not talking about the talent contest.”

“…Then what kind of contest is it?” Chen Cheng quirked her eyebrows and looked at Su Zhe as if she was looking at her misguided pup.

“Uh, I’ll be reporting to the gymnastics team later, then I’ll do my physical test and start my recovery training.” Su Zhe was a bit guilty, “Depending on the training status next, I’ll probably start participating in track and field competitions.”



Chen Cheng felt that she was probably hallucinating.

“The gymnastics team? The kind of team that’s raises serious athletes? What are you doing? Track and field? You’re going for a run??” After managing Su Zhe for two full years, Chen Cheng felt for the first time that Su Zhe had a talent in telling jokes.

“Ah, yes.” Su Zhe looked at Chen Cheng who seemed to freeze and smiled apologetically.

“You’re going to retire from the industry and then become an athlete?” Chen Cheng felt that this was simply a fantasy, she had only ever heard of an athlete retiring and then coming to the entertainment industry, this was the first time she had heard of an entertainment idol retiring and then going to be an athlete….

That’ was why Su Zhe was really not popular, but if he had been a bit popular and could make a mark in the sports world, Chen Cheng could have immediately launched 10 different patterns of hype packages for him, making Su Zhe a big hit.

Thinking of this, Chen Cheng rolled her eyes, “You can still become an athlete? You were an athlete? Why didn’t you tell me about this earlier?”

“Well…but I didn’t run much in the first place. I competed in a couple of city competitions in high school, and I didn’t do too well, but I won a National Level 2 athlete, and now I’m going back to resume training for a few months, so maybe you’ll see me at the National Track and Field Championships next year, Miss Chen Cheng?”

Su Zhe didn’t take kindly to Chen Cheng’s question, in fact, it was really because he didn’t want to link his past experience as an athlete with his later idol status, so he kept it to himself.

There weren’t few artists in the entertainment industry with athlete qualifications, which was an okay label, and such a detail would have an impact on the specific direction and persona of the artist when doing commercial packaging.

This late news made Chen Cheng a little angry, but it was too late to say anything at this point.

“Alright, go attend your physical training.” Chen Cheng didn’t look good, “What national athletics championship, how many people in the country can watch this? When you’re in the Olympics sometime, this sister will pay out of her own pocket to watch you compete at the Olympics!”

Thinking of the angry Chen Cheng who rolled her eyes during the parting, Su Zhe didn’t feel very good, he scratched his head as he calculated, he would buy a small gift for Chen Cheng and send it over, to coax her, but also to compensate for the apology.

Thinking in his head, Su Zhe also didn’t pay attention to some not quite like the gymnastic staff outside the gymnastic team’s gate, and went straight to the gate.

“Eh eh, wait, who are you?” A staff member wearing a black t-shirt with a work permit strode over and stopped Su Zhe, “We rented the gymnastics team’s space, and today, except for the internal staff of the gymnastics team, idle people are prohibited from entering.”

Su Zhe, who was stopped at the door, was stunned and explained, “I’m here to find Coach Su, and I have an appointment with him to do a physical today.” Su Zhe didn’t say that he was looking for his dad, looking at the staff, Su Zhe vaguely guessed that there was probably a crew that rented the physical team’s space, and they 80% didn’t know his old dad, Su Yinsheng.

The staff frowned and looked Su Zhe up and down, “Which boy band’s idol are you, right? I have an impression of your face. Where did you hear about our crew? It’s pretty well-informed, but just the way you’re dressed, with your thin arms and legs, do you see yourself as an athlete?”

Uh…you make a good point?

It was hard for Su Zhu to refute the the staff’s words.

After two years as a boy band idol, whether it was clothing or temperament, Su Zhe was not what who he used to be.

Although he spent more than a year practicing, but he never interrupted the company’s training courses, to the surrounding staff or teammates, it may not be too obvious, but to say that he was an ordinary athlete, indeed it was easy for the staff to feel like he was insulting his intelligence.

It was a good thing that the gatekeeper of the gymnastics team heard the noise and peeked out, seeing Su Zhe who was blocked at the door.

“Yo, Xiao Zhe, you’re here!” The chubby doorman, Master Li, narrowed his eyes as soon as he saw Su Zhe.

“It’s nice to see you, your old father told me this morning that you’re coming back to resume training! That’s great! Grandpa Lee is waiting to see you in the competition ha!” As he said that, the gatekeeper, Master Li, pulled Su Zhe’s hand and walked into the gymnastics team.

“Eh, no, sir… “The staff was a bit confused: “Is this really an athlete from your gymnastics team? I clearly remember which boy band he was a member of… Look at him… How does he look like an athlete?”

Master Li was a little upset with the staff’s words, “Nonsense! How is Ah Zhu not an athlete? He’s been training with our gymnastics team since he was a kid, and he’s one of the best seeded members of our gymnastics team! He’s only been an idol for two years? Our little Zhe is now rehabilitated and is coming back to resume training, I won’t be polite to you if you keep talking nonsense ha!”

Master Li’s words completely shocked the staff, and he looked back at his fellow crew members.

What, this little idol whose name they couldn’t even remember was really an athlete? Originally from the provincial gymnastics team? Now the little idol was ready to retire and come back as an athlete?

Boy band idol turned athlete? What kind of magic operation was this?

And…why was it that when he came back from the entertainment industry to the gymnastics team, he was reformed? Was the entertainment industry some kind of criminal organization?

There were too many questions, and a few staff members looked at each other, all of them feeling a bit suffocated by not knowing how to reply.

The staff member who stopped Su Zhe the earliest recalled Su Zhe’s appearance and temperament, and remembered his identity as an athlete, and a thought flashed through his mind – this little idol that he was only familiar with might be about to run into great luck.

Following Master Li in the direction of the track and field team, he found that a third of the track and field team’s indoor pavilion was laid with tracks, and there were various equipment in the process of being set up, and near the training area, there was a camera being tuned, and there was a middle-aged man wearing a cap on the side, and he looked familiar to Su Zhe, but before he could think of anything, he was distracted by a hostile attack.

“…Coach Su, do you want your son to lose his mind?” Su Zhe covered the back of his head, a blow from his dad had just caused him great damage.

“Ah Zhe, you haven’t had much of an IQ online since you went as that broken idol, and this one from me is to celebrate your IQ coming back online.” Su Yinsheng pulled a bad face, “Look at you, what’s that you’re wearing? What kind of physical can you do in that outfit? Why don’t you go change and warm up for Laotze?”[means this daddy]


Su Zhe helplessly rubbed his forehead as he headed to the locker room of the indoor pavilion, this was the second time his outfit had been insulted today, and both times it was for the same reason – unlike an athlete.

Watching Su Zhe’s back as he headed to the locker room, Su Yinsheng finally smoothed out a little.

This son of his, whose athletic talent was pretty good in the beginning, was able to squeeze into the top four in the city’s competition by occasionally keeping up his training while focusing on the entrance exam. It should be known that their sprinting in S City was considered a strong project under his influence, and to squeeze into the top four under such conditions, it could be said that Su Zhe’s talent was outstanding.

As a result, Su Yinsheng had waited for Su Zhe to finish his college entrance exam to lull him into long-term training, and then he got the decision that his son was going to do some kind of idol, which made him so angry….

But the good news was that now the man was back .

Su Zhe was still less than 21, and for a sprinter, his true golden age hadn’t arrived yet, so as long as he started training again, with his talent, he could start producing results in a year or two, and in the words of their idol industries… That was a real future!

A smile appeared on his face at the thought, and in a flash, Su Yinsheng remembered that he had just forgotten to tell his son that there seemed to be someone else in the locker room….

But it wasn’t a big deal, and it was immediately thrown to the back of Su Yinsheng’s mind.

In the locker room, pushing the door to enter, Su Zhe was stunned, he saw a person sleeping on the locker bench, wearing black training clothes, he revealed a bit of his skin from his position, but his muscle lines were very good, he obviously had been going to the gym for a long time training, not for excessive pursuit of a muscled body.

And lying on the bench, he had long hands and long feet, Su Zhe looked at the other’s hands and feet, and his own hand and foot length in comparison, he estimated that the height of the body lying down was 185 up.

This was the newcomer of the gymnastics team in the past two years?

After making some wild guesses, Su Zhe turned around and found his locker from back then, opened it, and there was indeed a brand new set of training clothes and running shoes in it.

Seeing the neatly yarded clothes and shoes in the locker, there were even sports cups, towels and so on, Su Zhe smiled and quickly completed the change of clothes – needless to say, these were all prepared for him by his father with a grumpy face.

After the change was complete, Su Zhe saw that the youth on the bench was still sleeping, so he gently left the dressing room. What he didn’t notice was that after he turned around, the young man on the bench removed the arm that was blocking his face, revealing an unusually handsome face, which stared at his back as he left after changing clothes, revealing a thoughtful expression.

After returning to the indoor pavilion, Su Zhe was thrown to the side of the arena by his father to warm up for the physical test later.

Hiding at the side to warm up, Su Zhe noticed a few athletes from the gymnastics team in the arena, and there were also acquaintances of his in there. He smiled and waved at the far side of the team, and they noticed him as well, but a few athletes were about to come greet him when they were asked aside by someone who looked like a crew member.

Su Zhe roughly knew that was a sports-related episode was probably about to be filmed, and it looked quite refined, but actually purposely looking for a scene here in the gymnastics team, but for these he didn’t think much about it, and just continued to stretch his body and finished warming up.

Su Zhe, who felt almost self-conscious, greeted his dad and planned to take a test run on the indoor track before the physical fitness test, mainly wanting to try out how well the sprint lv1 worked.

Su Yinsheng didn’t want to bother about Su Zhe’s request, but he habitually went to the starting position, and his partner coach Zhao Changhe also walked to the finish line, holding a stopwatch and preparing to time Su Zhe.

The 3 people who were preparing at the side of the track didn’t even notice that the camera on the side of the crew had turned its lens to Su Zhe who was ready to start the race.

“Ready… “Su Yinsheng raised the starting gun.

With the sound of a bang, Su Zhe bounced off the starting machine like an arrow and rushed out.

The instant he started running, the system in his brain emitted a real-time mechanical sound.

Sprinting lv1 status added 5% to the sprinting status activation.

Su Zhe only felt that he was in unprecedented condition, his body was light, his pace was steady and full of power, and the scene of the stadium around him was rapidly moving backwards!

“F*ck, look at Su Zhe, why is he so fast?!”

Not far away, one of Su Zhe’s former training companions let out a scream.

“F*ck, why do I feel like he’s faster than me at this speed?”

Everyone watched in amazement as Su Zhe passed before their eyes like a shooting star, his galloping figure even seeming to form an afterimage left before everyone’s eyes.

Su Yinsheng stared at Su Zhe’s flying back, viciously terminating the timer as his galloping figure crossed the finish line.

“F*ck!” Su Yinsheng looked down at the numbers on the timer and cursed again.

“Old Su! Su! How much time do you have there?!” Zhao Changhe waved the timer in his hand and yelled out excitedly.

“10.43,” Su Yinsheng replied in a bad mood, then glared viciously at his son again.

“It’s really right!” Zhao Changhe looked excited: “My hand count is 10.42. This kid Zhe, who hasn’t trained for two years, ran at the level of a sportsman on his first trip back. What a waste, what a waste!”

Hearing Old Zhao’s comments, Su Yinsheng’s heart became even more fiery – Su Zhe, this kid, could run like this without training for two years, if he hadn’t wasted time these two years, he would have been able to run in the Grand Prix!

Su Zhe, who had just finished running 100 meters, was stunned when he heard his results, he didn’t expect the sprint lv1 to be so good. He had to know that two years ago, his 100m best score was only 11.34, and he also used this score to squeeze into the top four at the city competition and get the title of Level 2 Athlete. And after hearing the conversation between Zhao Changhe and his dad, Su Zhe’s scalp tightened again.

After he got this result today, he was sure that it would cause his dad to have even more resentment towards his two years of being an idol.

And in the corner that everyone didn’t notice, behind the camera, the middle-aged man wearing a cap and the cameraman and other crew members were all watching the replay on the monitor with their eyes wide open-…

The camera showed the teenager in his training uniform running like the wind as he raced, his sharp eyes looking unwaveringly at the finish line, his hair flipped back as he ran, revealing his flawlessly handsome face.

“That’s him!” The middle-aged man in the cap said firmly.


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