On the field, the 110m hurdles preliminaries of the second group of players were ready, Su Zhe stood in the field after 10 days of absence, excitement suddenly surged in his heart, he felt the strength in his body accumulating, just waiting for a burst of opportunity!

        Before participating in today’s competition, his father, Su Yinsheng, had asked him – what is your goal in participating in this challenge?

        He answered without hesitation: to qualify in the World Championships.

        His father then nodded and said, “In that case, then don’t forget your goal.”

    Of course Su Zhe understood, this was his father’s reminder to him – in the face of four races, he had to have a precise use of his physical strength, and not to spend physical energy in meaningless places.

        In today’s Challenge, he needed to participate in four races, namely the 110m hurdles preliminaries at 10:30am, the 100m preliminaries at 6:33pm, the 110m hurdles final at 6:55pm, and the 100m final at 7:48pm.

        The most difficult part of the whole day’s schedule was the 2 consecutive finals, especially the 100m final and 110m final with an interval of almost an hour, which could almost be called a non-stop high intensity battle, and it was very likely that the two races would affect each other.

       The 110m hurdles preliminaries arranged in the morning alone, for Su Zhe, who was physically strong at this time, would probably be his best game today.

        If he wanted to challenge the 110m hurdles World Championships participation standards, an all-out effort was the best choice.

        Su Zhe jumped in the same place a few times, his eyes looked ahead of the hurdles and the finish line – after his foot injury healed, the weather was good, and he was in good shape at the moment, what kind of results would he get?

        While rubbing his muscles, craning his neck and doing simple preparatory actions, Su Zhe’s inexplicable momentum made other players around him look slightly confused.

        On the commentary stage, the commentators in charge of this World Championship challenge were still the golden pair, Zhang Jing and Wang Miaochuan. After they routinely introduced all the players present, they happened to see the sideways glances of the surrounding players towards Su Zhe.

Wang Miaochuan smiled: “In just less than 10 days, Su Zhe’s competition state seems to have improved qualitatively again, it’s just the preparation stage, yet Su Zhe is already raging, it seems that we can look forward to what Su Zhe can bring us in the preliminaries!”

      Zhang Jing: “Haha, yes, let’s look forward to the 110m hurdles preliminaries!”

        For those who participated in this challenge, the preparation stage of adjusting the starter and so on was familiar, all of them crouched down in front of the track after getting ready, and soon, everything was ready!

        In the stands, the track and field fans who came to watch the race were once again hanging on to their hearts as they waited with bated breath for the start of the preliminaries!

        “Ready! All in position ……”


        The sharp gun sounded!

        Wang Miaochuan stared at the runners on the starting line and calmly said, “The race has begun!! Now running in first place is …… Su Zhe!!!”

        On the track, Su Zhe felt that he was in better shape than ever before, his boiling battle spirit coalesced in his heart and turned into the driving force that made him run forward, his eyes were fixed on the front, and the moment the gun went off, he didn’t hesitate to stomp forward!

     The healed right foot was indeed as the system had expressed, leaving no hidden problems, and he even felt that his right foot had become more explosive when he stomped!

        With the strong explosive power and calm and accurate reaction of listening to the gun, his starting reaction speed reached an unprecedented 0.12 seconds!


        Keep running forward!

        The smooth rhythm was engraved in Su Zhe’s body, he was running step by step, the step frequency was clearly imprinted in his mind, this sense of control of his strength and speed made Su Zhe more difficult to suppress.

        He could be faster!

        This thought began to appear in Su Zhe’s mind, and he didn’t hesitate to speed up his pace again!

   Among all the runners, Su Zhe, who was at the lowest valley of height, was in superb form and was already ahead of everyone in the starting phase of the 110m hurdles, pulling away from the runners behind him by a distance visible to the naked eye!

        “Crap!!! Crap crap crap!!!”

In the stands, many track and field fans were dumbfounded by Su Zhe’s performance – what was this situation? Wasn’t Su Zhe’s 110m hurdles start always in the middle class? Today, was he going against the odds?

        “Ahhhhh, go Su Zhe!”

        Su Zhe’s heroic state made the spectators watching the race begin to boil with enthusiasm, and they held small trumpets in their mouths and began to blow wildly, shouting for Su Zhe.

       All of them were holding the small flags issued by the field and kept waving and shouting.

        For a while, the sound of horns and shouts in the stands were intertwined, and the emotions of the audience were gradually moving towards the boiling point.

        On the commentary stage, Wang Miaochuan and Zhang Jing were also a bit shocked by Su Zhe’s state today, and they were both infected by the atmosphere on the scene, their voices gradually became tinged with excitement.

    Wang Miaochuan: “Su Zhe’s start today was great! Very good! He put himself in a completely advantageous position, and the next hurdle phase will be his domain!”

        Wang Miaochuan was right, the attacking phase had always been one of Su Zhe’s best areas.

        His stable mental state, excellent bouncing explosive power, and even the rhythm of running between hurdles, were Su Zhe’s sharpest weapons in the attacking hurdle phase!

        In front of the first hurdle, Su Zhe’s feet slightly paused and his right foot stomped on the ground, strong explosive force pushed him forward to leap, his swing leg quickly went across the hurdle frame, bringing his body forward.

        He lightly leaning forward and his body flew forward with the impact of the hurdle leg!

        The first hurdle was passed easily!

        When the forefoot of his swing leg hit the ground, Su Zhe’s body was already firmly under his control, and after three perfectly paced steps between the hurdles, his right foot exploded into the ground again, sending his body soaring over the next hurdle!

       He could go faster!

        This thought once again appeared in Su Zhe’s mind, his eyes looked ahead, his body and heart were boiling, but his mind was calculating the possibility of speeding up his speed at a speed unimaginable to others!

        He could continue to speed up his pace!

        This thought was executed by Su Zhe without hesitation the moment it appeared!

        On the commentary stage, Zhang Jing Wang Miaochuan watched Su Zhe’s speed change in shock. At the beginning of the third column, Su Zhe’s stride frequency began to become even faster and sharper than before.

       Zhang Jing: “My goodness …… incredible! Su Zhe changed and accelerated his stride frequency between columns, and his rhythm is still steady, everything is still under his control!”

Wang Miaochuan’s voice was filled with excitement as he said, “Friends and viewers, we may be witnessing the birth of the best 110m hurdles performance today!!!”

        No one in the audience, or even the viewers in front of the TV sets and the internet who were watching this live race, doubted the words Wang Miaochuan said.


        It was too fast!

        Su Zhe pulled the other top 110m hurdlers in the country behind him by a distance of 1 hurdle frame, and this crushing speed and battle made everyone’s heart boil.

     Zhou Tianjue and Ye Jun, who were resting, were also watching the big screen projection of this race. The two of them looked at each other after seeing Su Zhe’s state, and for a moment they were a bit dumbfounded.

        Such a fast speed, such a good state of rhythm ……

        If it was the two of them on the field at this time, could they withstand the pressure brought by Su Zhe at this time and ensure that their pace didn’t collapse?

        The problem that they both suspected was quickly confirmed on the field.

      In the 110m hurdles event, the players’ rhythm was easily disrupted by different on-site factors.

        Under the oppressive feeling brought by Su Zhe’s exceeding speed, some players with slightly poor psychological quality were soon brought out of the rhythm of the race and started hitting the hurdles continuously.

        They looked at Su Zhe, who was almost riding in front of them, and the powerful gap between the two sides made them feel a sense of despair in their hearts.

        Regardless of what was in the minds of the other players present, Su Zhe’s state had boiled over to the extreme.

        Constantly striding between the fences, over the fence, and then striding again!

        This faster and easier pace than before made his state even more heroic!

        No one could stop him!

        At this moment, he was the king of this 110m hurdles field!

        The roar and the sound of the trumpet in the grandstand area were even more fierce, and all the track and field fans’ hearts were surging – this kind of aura that overwhelmed the whole field with absolute strength, and the speed that was crushing all mortals ……

    Everyone’s heart and soul had been captured by Su Zhe, without any exception!

The 10 hurdles in front of Su Zhe didn’t look like an obstacle, he sped without the slightest delay, just in a flash, 10 hurdles had been left behind him!

        Wang Miaochuan: “Su Zhe is leading all the way! He has crossed all the hurdles and reached the final sprint stage! And behind him, the fastest No.8 track runner Qian Mingsheng is still attacking to the ninth hurdle!!!”

        “He is the king of the 110m hurdles track today, no one can stop him from rushing to the final victory!!!”

        The final sprint leg was, without a doubt, Su Zhe’s best backstretch acceleration sprint run! In his sprint, his left and right sides had empty spaces, no one could compete with him for the crown!

     This was the most enjoyable race Su Zhe won, and when he stood at the finish line, he waved his fists hard, and the feeling of being drenched with sweat made him feel overwhelmed.

   He suddenly remembered another phrase his father Su Yinsheng had said to him the night before – don’t be blindly nervous in normal times, use your persistence and sense of urgency in the right place, and you’ll be the king of the field!

        After Su Zhe crossed the line in a flying sprint, amazing cheers and screams erupted from the grandstand area! They had witnessed a 110m hurdles preliminaries that could be described as beyond imagination – 1 runner, crushing all the opponents around him all the way from the starting stage, a scene they had only seen in the person with the former 110m hurdles king, Song Chen!

A memory from many years ago began to play in the hearts of all track and field fans. Today, Su Zhe showed this compelling competitive aura and crushing strength, which made them vaguely return to that year that they watched Song Chen gallop in a position where no one could catch up with him.

        This kind of hypnotic fervor and memories, made many fans tear up.

     “Oh my god, Boss Zhe is such a bully!!! This momentum, I remembered god Song, after many years I haven’t felt that same feeling! This old man’s heart is still thumping!”

      “Amazing, after resting, his change in momentum is too big, I feel like he came back with a murderous aura, and wanted to fix the mistakes he made on the field before!”

       After gradually calming down, the fans in the grandstand area began to discuss Su Zhe’s extraordinary performance, while waiting for the final results to be announced.

The “philosopher” girls who gathered together didn’t have so much emotional discussions, they just squealed together, expressing their excitement – their baby was simply too handsome today!

        “Oooooh, to see such a handsome baby Zhe, my heart has melted!”

       A girl filled with excitement covered her chest and said what everyone was feeling inside.

        At the end of the track, Su Zhe and other players were still gathered there.

        At this moment, there was a vacuum around Su Zhe – it wasn’t that the players were rejecting him, everyone was looking at Su Zhe like they were seeing a god, on the field, they were crushed by Su Zhe to the point of no argument.

        Qian Mingsheng, who was second in the preliminaries of this group, looked at Su Zhe with an emotional expression, he opened his mouth, but he couldn’t come up with any words of praise.

        Like the spectators in the stands, Su Zhe’s crushing momentum today reminded him of Song Chen, whom he had met several times – the terrifying figure who made people lose their confidence just by standing on the starting line.

        As athletes, they had a clearer and more accurate estimate of speed in their hearts, there was no doubt that Su Zhe’s speed must have run into 13 seconds 46, the only question was – how fast was Su Zhe today?

        Soon, the answer everyone was waiting for appeared!

        On the commentary stage, the final results compiled by the referee team had been submitted to the two commentators, Zhang Jing and Wang Miaochuan looked at the performance data displayed on the monitor screen and both showed a “really” look.

        Wang Miaochuan said with a slightly excited voice: “110m hurdles second group preliminaries, first place, Su Zhe, 13 seconds 36; second place, Qian Mingsheng, 13 seconds 51; third place …… all results records are valid.”

        After reporting the performance data of all players, Wang Miaochuan announced, “Let’s congratulate Su Zhe, with 13 seconds 36, he won the first place in this group preliminaries, and successfully ran into the World Championships 110m hurdles participation standards, locking 1 seat in advance!”

        “Crap, 13 seconds 36! This is close to the Tokyo Olympic standard, right?”

        “Boss Zhe is awesome!!!”

        “Boss Zhe! I will always support you !!!!”

     After Su Zhe’s results were announced, the field erupted with loud cheers, whistles and trumpets in the grandstand area, and all track and field fans let out their most enthusiastic shouts and cheers, congratulating the rising new king of the field!

        After leaving the field, in the rest’ area, Su Zhe met Zhou Tianjue and Ye Jun, who had watched the whole game.

        After seeing Su Zhe, Ye Jun took a big step forward and gave Su Zhe a big hug, then smiled, “Kid, that was amazing, last time I said that you two shouldn’t look down on me, you have to exceed my personal pb first, and today you ran 13 seconds 36!”

       Su Zhe smiled and thanked Ye Jun, turned his head and saw Zhou Tianjue who had a complicated expression on his face, he didn’t quite understand what was going on in this middle-aged boy’s head at the moment, so he waved his hand towards him curiously.

     “Zhou Tianjue, what are you doing?”

      Unexpectedly, Zhou Tianjue, after taking a deep breath for a moment, almost with a brave expression, he turned towards him, bleated three times, then turned and ran away, leaving a dumbfounded Su Zhe and Ye Jun.

        “…… this kid, what is he doing?” Ye Jun looked as Zhou Tianjue disappeared, with a bewildered expression.

        Su Zhe thought for a moment before finally roughly guessing Zhou Tianjue’s thoughts – this guy, before the match, was still taunting him, saying that he would beat him into a real little sheep …… so he bleated, he was admitting defeat??

     Thinking of this, Su Zhe couldn’t help but be deeply shocked by this middle-aged teenager’s clear mind.

    After the morning preliminaries, Su Zhe quickly returned to the hotel, and after a simple wash and lunch, he began to rest and recover his physical abilities. His father, Su Yinsheng, also came over at this time to help him relax and stretch to help him recover as best as possible.

       After an hour’s nap, Su Zhe’s state had recovered a lot, but it was just after 4 p.m., the hotel window became gloomy, it was also drizzling.

        Seeing such a scene, Su Zhe couldn’t help but frown.

     L city’s comprehensive sports center stadium was a huge open-air field, the rain would certainly wet the track, and even at night when the game began, he wasn’t sure if it would stop ……

        And on such a rainy night, there were still a full 3 races.

      Obviously, the real nightmare races today were just about to begin.

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