C48— Day 48

   The snow lion took a shortcut through the bushes and leapt down.

        It was still covered with leaves.

        “Kitty?” Shen Tong saw it and asked softly: “Where have you been?”

        The snow lion rewarded him with a look, but didn’t pay attention to his intention.

        Shen Tong kindly went to him and removed the leaves from his body, “Can I help you take a bath when we get back?”

        The big cat stiffened for a moment, and then with a flick of its tail, it didn’t care whether the leaves were gone or not, it lifted its feet and walked away.

        Shen Tong followed behind him.

        When he returned, Shen Hua was holding onto his terminal as he slept.

Shen Tong took a blanket and covered him. When he looked back, he met the snow lion’s eyes. Shen Tong gave a gentle “shhh” and whispered: “Let’s go to the bathroom.”

        The snow lion looked at the eyesore on the sofa and slowly paced in.

        The room’s sound insulation was quite good, Shen Tong adjusted the water temperature, and began to run water into the bathtub.

        At the same time, he asked the Snow Lion, “Kitty, don’t you like that little orange cat?”

        The snow lion stared at him expressionlessly, the meaning was clear.

        –Of course not.

        Shen Tong looked at him and helplessly replied, “I know.”

      He would try to separate them.

        But this wasn’t really different from raising a cat.

        The two cats should be separated first, so that they could gradually become familiar with each other, and then they’d get along.

        Shen Tong sighed.

        It seemed that today’s conversation was somewhat productive.

        Perhaps in the future he could give some advice to the youth in human form.

        Caesar glanced at Shen Tong thoughtfully.

        The water was ready, so the snow lion came in and Sheng Tong helped wet its fur.

        “Kitty, you’re quite fat.”

        Shen Tong squeezed a handful of body wash, and applied it to the snow lion’s body. He was very gentle, like a massage, from top to bottom, in a moment, not only were Shen Tong’s hands full of foam, even the snow lion’s body was also covered with foam.

        Shen Tong took a few steps back and looked at foam covered snow lion, he couldn’t help but smile.

        “Wait a minute.”

        Shen Tong quickly walked out of the bathroom, and got his terminal.

        He used his pinky to adjust the photo mode, aimed at the snow lion and took a picture.

        In the picture, the snow lion covered in foam stood in the bathtub, it was expressionless, obviously not too happy, it also didn’t want to pay attention to him.

        Shen Tong raised the terminal and showed the snow lion, “Kitty, look.”

        The bad-tempered big cat glanced at it and immediately slapped the water surface with its paws, splashing Shen Tong with water.

The next second, this big cat covered with foam stared at Shen Tong fiercely, and then locked its gaze on Shen Tong’s neck…

        It slowly, slowly lowered its head.

        The snow lion buried its head in the youth’s neck and rubbed against it several times in a fierce manner.

        Foam flew everywhere, not sparing Shen Tong’s face and body.

        But he didn’t show any sign of anger.

        Shen Tong only lowered his head, he smiled and raised his hand, gently patting the big cat’s wet head a few times.

        How could it be so aggressive even when it was being pampered?

        That night, the snow lion went to bed as he wished.

        Shen Hua, on the other hand, had no time to fight with him and offered to stay in the guest room.

        He had to arrange the second half of his schedule with his manager, and Shen Hua was afraid of disturbing Shen Tong’s rest.

        Shen Hua said brightly, “Tong Tong, I will work hard!”

        Shen Tong encouraged him, “Then you have to work hard.”

        Shen Hua nodded and looked at the snow lion occupying most of the space on the bed, then he deliberately said loudly, “I will finalize the second half of the schedule, then buy a suite in the capital star, Tong Tong I will support you in the future!”

        Shen Tong hadn’t yet reacted, the lion on the bed had already given a response.

        It snorted lightly, its smoky gray eyes full of disdain.

        With an order from him, not to mention buying a suite, the orange cat would be immediately banned from entering the capital star.

        Not even a single step would be allowed.

        Caesar began to consider the feasibility of it.

        Shen Tong squeezed his eyebrows.

        After Shen Hua left, he cupped the Snow Lion’s face and asked softly, “Why are you angry?”

        Shen Tong lowered his head, gently resting against the big cat, “I’m only raising you.”

        The snow lion looked at him, completely uncoaxed, it disgustedly tilted its head back a little, but its tail waved behind it, betraying the true mood of its owner.

        It wasn’t enough to keep him as a cat.

   Only he, was allowed.

        Caesar thought.

        Shen Tong thought that by separating the two cats, he would be able to have some peace and quiet for a while, then he could think about how to solve the problem, but instead of the two cats, something else came to him.

        The catnip pendant he gave to Caesar.

Since childhood, Shen Tong really wasn’t good at handicrafts, so he tried for a long time, the catnip pendant was only at the level of “can barely recognize it is a catnip”.

     He didn’t expect that such a pendant would be wanted by many people

        The story began with Caesar receiving this charm.

        The young monarch, who disliked it and even commented to his face that it was “ugly”, carried the pendant with him no matter what he did these days, and he changed his usual attitude of ignoring people. “Catnip pendant.”

        “Catnip made it himself and gave it to me.”

        He said this without an expression on his face, as if it was something that was perfectly normal.

        But to others, it wasn’t normal.

        It was a great thing!

        Catnip made it himself!

        The maids and guards listened and watched, but their hearts were envious.

      Anything that was linked to catnip was absolutely adorable.

        The catnip pendant was even more adorable.

        Moreover, this pendant was even made by the catnip himself!

        At this moment, a thousand words condensed in their hearts, into two words –

—-Want it.

Caesar was very satisfied with the effect caused by this pendant, but he deliberately ignored everyone’s eager eyes, but his smoky gray eyes were filled with joy.

        After all, the pendant belonged to him.

        And only he owned it.

        This also led to this, Shen Tong found that no matter where he went, inexplicable gazes followed him. And this gaze, was from the maids, from the guards, even the Butler and Natasha had it, as for its content, it was like a cat that wanted to eat dried fish, but couldn’t get it.

        Full of longing.

        Finally one day, Shen Tong couldn’t hold back the curiosity in his heart, when Natasha once again cast such a gaze at him, he helplessly asked, “What happened recently? Why are you all looking at me with such a gaze?”

        “Nothing happened.” Natasha was little hesitant, she reluctantly said, “Everyone only ……”

        “Only what?”

        “Do you remember that you gave a pendant to His Majesty?” Natasha said emphatically, “A pendant made by hand.”

        A pendant?

Of course Shen Tong remembered, he thought about it and made a joke, “Was it that it was so ugly that it caused you to be amazed how someone could make such an ugly craft?”

        “No!” Natasha hastened to explain, “It’s cute. Because it’s so cute, everyone wants one.”

        “Cute?” Shen Tong asked uncertainly, “Are you talking about the catnip pendant?”

        In fact, the little orange cat saying that the pendant was “ugly and chic” was already the highest and most objective evaluation.

        But Natasha nodded her head, “Yes, that is the pendant.”

        Everytime she faced Shen Tong, her cold expression eased a lot: “It’s cute, how can it be ugly? Besides, you made this with your own hands.”

        “Thank you?” Shen Tong blinked, “in fact, I originally wanted to make a pendant to give you, but it …… didn’t look good? I was afraid you wouldn’t like it, so I stopped.”

        Natasha said in a serious tone, “It isn’t ugly, it is very cute.”

        “It’s really cute.”

        This was completely with a catnip filter, right?

        Shen Tong was helpless, but he looked at Natasha, despite Natasha’s efforts not to let her expression affect him, but Shen Tong still saw a bit of her anticipation, and Shen Tong’s original intention of making these catnip pendants was to thank them, he thought, “Since you think it’s cute, why don’t I finish them and give them to you?”

        Even as calm as Natasha was, she was surprised at this moment, “Can you?”

        Shen Tong smiled, “I originally wanted to give you, of course, as long as you don’t mind it being ugly.”

        Natasha shook her head, eyes shining, “It’s not ugly.”

        In this way, Shen Tong spent a whole day making catnip pendants.

        But even so, he only made five small pendants.

        One for Natasha, one for the Butler, and three for the guards.

        This was still far from the many people in Perth Palace.

        But those who received the pendants were very happy.

        The people who didn’t receive the pendant for the time being were full of expectation.

        Shen Tong originally thought that this matter was satisfactorily resolved, but didn’t expect that it wasn’t finished.

        Caesar not only played with this pendant in front of his servants and guards, but also played with it intentionally or unintentionally in front of his ministers.

Unlike the servants and guards, the ministers had the chance to meet Catnip in the palace, and when they were lucky, they were able to greet him and chat with him, and their desire for the Catnip pendant was even greater than these people.

        On this day, the ministers who came to the meeting found that even the butler had a pendant.

        The steward carefully put it on and wore it around his neck.

        Someone asked the butler, “What is this ……?”

        The Butler smilingly replied, “Catnip pendant.”

        Fearing that someone might not know that Shen Tong made it himself, the   butler thoughtfully added: “It was Shen …… made by catnip himself and he gave it to me.”

        The ministers looked at each other, and unanimously had an impulse –

        What minister? Why not resign and become a butler?

        There was even a handmade charm from catnip!

        But when the ministers inadvertently discovered that not only the butler, Natasha, but also several guards had catnip pendants, they were completely unnerved!

        How could these people also have them

        Then they could have it too!

        So the meeting was a bit chaotic, with the catnip pendant on their minds.

       Caesar noticed their absent-mindedness and frowned, his bony fingers flexed and tapped the table top a few times to draw the attention of these people.

        The ministers looked at each other, and finally one of them gathered his courage and said stiffly, “Your Majesty, the catnip pendant ……”

        Caesar lazily lifted his eyes, “Yes?”

        This time, the ministers spoke in unison: “We want it too!”

        Catnip pendant?

“Impossible.” Caesar refused very simply, and his eyes swept away from these people. He was strong and unassailable. “Only I can have the pendant he made.”

      The ministers, when they heard it, immediately wanted to say something but stopped.

     Hearing this, the ministers immediately felt awkward.

Huh? It seemed that … It wasn’t just their Majesty.

        But they didn’t have the guts to refute.

    At this time, one of the ministers’ terminal rang.

        This was a beep that an account had been updated.

        This was followed by a voice reading of the message.

        Apparently, the minister forgot to put it in silent mode…

RT @PerthPalace.
We’ve received all your concerns about Catnip. In fact, Catnip has already passed the growth period safely some time ago, but due to some considerations, we didn’t inform you immediately, so don’t worry about him anymore.
PS: It’s a cute boy!
Pps: The picture is a pendant made by Catnip himself!
Everyone in Perth Palace has a share. You can’t envy it.
[picture] [picture] [picture]

        The same pendant, taken from different angles and using different filters, had been placed in nine pictures, making a complete nine-pavilion grid.

        After the last word was read aloud, the study fell into a dead silence.

        The ministers didn’t dare to raise their heads, especially the one who forgot to turn on the silent mode and wanted to bury his head in the sand as an ostrich.

        Their majesty, on the other hand, narrowed his eyes slightly.

      A pale, slender hand reached out and drew his terminal from the minister’s pocket, and Caesar looked down at it.

       In a few moments, his eyes fell on the catnip pendant hanging between his fingers.

        Caesar: “?”

        Specially made for him?

        Wasn’t he only one who had one?

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