L City airport exit.

The shutter sound was ringing non-stop, other passengers passing around looked back in confusion, but only saw the unfamiliar Su Zhe and his party.

        “Wow, that little brother is so handsome, is he a new idol? He looks a little familiar ah!”

        Many of the girls who were attracted by the reporter’s offensive, at the first glance at Su Zhe and his group, had the illusion that this was a new idol boy group, but after seeing Zheng Jian and Su Yinsheng, this illusion was quickly cleared away.

        But even so, the girls passing by couldn’t help but take out their phones and take pictures and videos of Su Zhe’s beautiful face.

        “Coach Su, hello, I’m a reporter from the L province sports channel, the World Championship Challenge is the highest level of the national event, bearing the important task of screening representatives to participate in the World Championships. In such an important event, your disciples took up 3 seats out of 16 participants in the men’s 100m sprint event, which shows your coaching level in the men’s 100m event. What are your expectations for the performance of your three disciples in this competition?”

        Although he hadn’t experienced such a big fanfare, as a famous sprint coach in China, Su Yinsheng had accepted a few interviews.

        He wasn’t afraid of these cameras, but calmly affirmed the current achievements of Su Zhe and then concluded, “I hope they can run their best in this competition, show their strength, and strive to get a representative seat to win the glory of the country.”

        Su Yinsheng wasn’t as fierce as he usually was when he answered questions from reporters, after all, reporters weren’t his trainees or players, they had their own duties.

        After getting a series of answers from Su Yinsheng, the reporters again aimed their microphones at several people, especially Su Zhe.

        Seeing that his arms were suddenly stuffed with a bunch of microphones and recorders, Su Zhe was in a trance and had the illusion that he was still an entertainer.

“Hello Su Zhe, as a player who changed his career from an idol artist to enter the sports industry, from the time you returned to the sports industry, you have received the attention of the majority of sports fans, from being disliked, to now successfully taking the men’s 100m championship and third place in the National Championships 110m hurdles, and now in this World Championships challenge, now your Strength has been highly regarded, so what do you expect from yourself in this World Championships Challenge?”

        “Uh.” Su Zhe clutched the pile of microphones and recorders in his hand, smiled slightly uncomfortably, and then said, “Of course I hope to run better and win the championship.”

        Su Zhe’s answer was very simple, for the sports reporters, it was basically considered a blessing and the question had been easy.

        After all, he was also considered to have been in the entertainment industry, when those entertainment reporters could say anything, this was considered easy.

        At the end of the questioning, a reporter suddenly smiled and held up a cell phone to Su Zhe’s eyes: “Su Zhe, Zhou Tianjue is on Weibo again, asking how well you recovered from your injuries, what do you think about Zhou Tianjue’s provocation?”

        Once this question came out, the surrounding reporters couldn’t help but laugh.

       They had more or less been in contact with Zhou Tianjue, he had a childish temper, but since Zhou Tianjue was defeated by Su Zhe, he always tried to provoke Su Zhe, this was well known in the sports industry.

Just like the Weibo page of Zhou Tianjue displayed by the reporter, there were still many replies under the content of this post. Many of the people from the track and field kingdom forum and the sports enthusiasts left comments-

        [Ahem!! The new “Choice” competition will start soon, and the World Championships challenge 110m hurdles event will begin, so raise your left hand if you stand for Tianjue, and raise your right hand if you stand for Boss Zhe!]

        [Hahaha haha, Brother Tianjue is the champion of the championships, Brother Tianjue is so strong, of course I stand for Boss Zhe!]

[Alas, Boss Zhe was only the third runner-up in the National Championship, and his strength is very worrying, then of course I stand for Boss Zhe! 】

[Yeah, brother upstairs, how can you do this? Where are the supporters of Brother Jue? Oh, I’ll stand up for Boss Zhe! 】

Most people stood for Su Zhe, obviously they were teasing Zhou Tianjue.

        And Zhou Tianjue apparently also saw the enthusiastic stand of the melon eaters, arrogant Tianjue forwarded one of the melon eaters’ post, with sent a string of red angry emojis.

        But his string of emojis apparently had no effect, and everyone was still laughing at the bottom of the post after seeing it, while congratulating the forwarded comment.

        The post made Su Zhe amused, he smiled and returned the phone to the reporter, and then with difficulty took out his own phone from his pocket to log on to Weibo, and once again forwarded Zhou Tianjue’s post.

[Yo, baa ~]
[_//Zhou Tianjue: Su Zhe, little sheep, are your sheep’s hoofs all right? Wait for this uncle to completely crush you till you become a real little sheep! 】

Su Zhe’s insincere expression, which was especially perfunctory at first glance, and the word “yo”, which was as bland as ever, made the reporters around him laugh again, and the photographer filmed the process of Su Zhe’s reply to Zhou Tianjue, and turned his head to make a small video, which was another interesting little update.

        At the exit of the airport, after chatting with the reporters for a little more than half an hour, Su Zhe and his team of four people were finally spared by the reporters to leave, and the press didn’t immediately leave the airport, but each took out a tablet, and began to edit the article on the spot quickly, while waiting together for the next batch of contestants to arrive.

        There were girls around who had watched the whole thing until Su Zhe and others had left, before they started to sigh with longing at Su Zhe’s unbelievable beauty.

        “Unbelievable, so good-looking, he’s actually an athlete??”

        “Didn’t you hear, just now the reporters said that he went from the entertainment industry to the sports industry……”

        “Uh, wait, speaking of which, you guys forgot about that guy? At the beginning of the incident on the hot search, Su Zhe roll out of the sports industry, that thing.”

        After this girl mentioned it, several little girls exclaimed: “ah, he is that emoji pack Su Zhe??”

        These little girls had more or less used the anti Su Zhe’s emoji pack, but they simply couldn’t connect that person with the Su Zhe they saw with their eyes.

“Ahhhhh, I remember!” One of the girls called out again: “Didn’t he also act in a drama with Shao Xingchen? Called Broken light, I saw it two days ago when someone forwarded it, I clicked on it …… Ah, Lu Ming is simply a blooming beauty! Xie Wei is also my type! That drama looks like it’ll get many CP fans, but unfortunately it has a female lead ……”

        The girl took out her cell phone and clicked on the link to the Broken Lightfil, and showed Lu Ming and Xie Wei to her buddies.

        While the girls at the airport were still chatting, Su Zhe and his group had already taken the car prepared by the sponsor.

        After crossing half of the city, the car finally arrived at the luxury hotel located at the edge of the L City Sports Center.

        The hotel, which was built in conjunction with the sports center, was also invested in by the local Rampage Group. The number of participants in this event was small because they were all top domestic athletes, selected by the athletics center in a special document.

        Since the hotel was very close to the L City Sports Center, Su Zhe, Zhao Zhixuan and Zheng Jian discussed and then went to see the field first, and at the same time went to the field prepared by the organizing committee for the athletes to do some adaptation training.

        Su Yinsheng didn’t stop them, but only urged them not to tire themselves, so as not to affect the next day’s competition state – especially Su Zhe.

        Of course Su Zhe knew what his father was worried about, but after the first two days of condition adjustment, his participation mentality had already improved, and he was now looking forward to the next day’s competition more than anything else.

        This challenge for him, in addition to the challenge of competitive strength, was also a huge challenge to his physical strength and competitive state.

        Perhaps when the schedule was arranged, it wasn’t even considered that there would be a player participating in both the men’s 100m and 110m hurdles events in such a top event, so the pre-finals of both events were scheduled for the day of August 21th.

        In other words, if Su Zhe entered the final in both the 100m and 110m hurdles, he would be facing four races on the same day.

So was it possible that Su Zhe couldn’t even enter the finals of these two competitions?

The night before, when Su Yinsheng got the final tournament schedule, his face turned green to the naked eye, and even Su Zhe himself couldn’t help but feel a headache after seeing the schedule.

        But since the schedule had already been arranged, there was no possibility of changing it, and Su Zhe had to grit his teeth and prepare for the four races in one day.

        While Su Zhe and others were observing the game at the sports center, the reporters who were previously at the airport had also finished preparing a wave of announcements and started posting their articles online one after another.

        Numerous pictures of athletes wearing Rampage sports kits began to appear on Weibo among the pages of various sports vloggers.

        This time, the clothing specially customized by Rampage for the challenge players seemed to be intended to create a kind of sports and leisure style, but their company’s publicity team made a fatal mistake …… although they did all kinds of marketing plans, but they forgot to invite special airport photo photographers, but only invited a large number of professional sports reporters.

        In the hands of the photographers who were sports fans, they basically presented the real state of the person without embellishment, the degree of realism was enough for people to see the acne emerging on the athletes’ faces

        The straightforward sports journalists, who never knew what retouching was, and who couldn’t have picked a perfect angle for the athletes to reflect their taller legs, thought that Rampage had invited them to interview the athletes because of their professionalism as sports journalists, not because they were taking a lot of pictures of the athletes.

        This wonderful misunderstanding made the head of Rampage’s branding team dizzy.

        Although they didn’t expect the athletes to wear their clothes with star-like effect, the visual effect of the athletes with long legs and high height should not be bad at least when they wore their clothes.

        But they never expected a miscommunication, the sports reporters took pictures of the athletes, and they were so realistic that some of the athletes looked like parties to a social news event.

        Just when the Rampage brand publicity team was feeling a cloud of sadness over the athletes’ photos sent back by the reporters, a certain employee guarding the computer suddenly let out a shout with excitement.

        “Boss! Boss, look at this! This picture of Su Zhe!”

        Su Zhe?

The familiar name made the head of the quality publicity team first freeze, then quickly he walked to the staff computer, a large high-definition picture appeared in front of the team leader’s eyes, although it still had a rough sports photojournalism style, but the face value of the character itself in the picture completely offset the negative damage caused by the photojournalism.

        The handsome teenager, wearing a white crew-neck t-shirt over a loose summer sports casual jacket, looked relaxed, his straight back making him appear even more upright and lean, set off by the loose outerwear, making him appear particularly boyish and youthful.

        The employee first showed the photos returned by the reporters one by one to the head of the product promotion team, and after a long time, he suddenly pulled out another product promotion plan inside the computer, which drew up the invited advertisement shooting subjects, one of which was none other than Su Zhe.

        “Oh, boss, look, isn’t this the Su Zhe that we were going to ask before? When we first planned to invite him, it seems that he was just an idol who had just switched from the entertainment industry to the sports industry, right? That let him get out of the entertainment industry topic is quite famous, later he ran in S provincial games 100 meters and became the champion, and Shao Xingchen’s co-star in Broken light ……”

        “Damn, that time, we didn’t think his potential was so big, it has only been how long ah? I just checked, he has come to participate in the World Championships challenge …… he also has an additional National Championships track and field 100m champion and 110m hurdles third place ……”.

        “If he can get a place in the World Championships this time …… crap, boss, sign him for a commercial, there’ll be no loss!”

        The more the staff said, the brighter their eyes became, the team leader suddenly became spirited: “And the person? Have you made the appointment? Have you signed the advertising contract?”

        Soon, the employee in charge of docking with Agent Chen also came forward, saying that the contract had basically been negotiated, and that he was waiting for Su Zhe himself to be free before picking a time to shoot.

        After getting the answer, the team leader of the publicity team simply took the photos and information in the hands of the staff, held the computer and went to the director of publicity, before leaving, he turned back to the staff in charge of docking and said, “Follow this ad closely and maintain a good relationship with the contact person, there may be further cooperation in the future.”

        “Also, take Su Zhe’s set of pictures and interview video as the main body, and start executing according to our previous publicity and marketing plan.”

The publicity and marketing team of Rampage started to launch the campaign as fast and efficiently as possible, and with the popularity of words like World Championships Challenge, Rampage sponsorship, tycoon company, and sports beauty, Su Zhe became even more popular.

        And at this time, Broken light, which had just released its first film footage a few days ago, was also gradually fermenting, with keywords like Su Zhe and Lu Ming spreading due to the massive re-posting of the footage.

        The two peomotion forces coincidentally started to converge on the internet, and people who saw Su Zhe’s airport photo and Broken Light film at the same time started to associate the athletic boy at the airport as Su Zhe, who won the national sprint championship and acted in Broken Light.

      Su Zhe was completely unaware, that his name had once again spread on the internet.

        That night, Su Zhe, who chose to sleep early in order to ensure sufficient energy for the next day, didn’t notice at all that he was silently gaining the attention of millions of people on the internet again.

        The next day at 10:00 am, after a simple preparation, Su Zhe declined to be accompanied by Zhao Zhixuan and the others and came to the 110m hurdles preliminaries at the Comprehensive Sports Center alone.

        Most of the athletes who participated in the 110m hurdles preliminaries were the athletes whom he had met not long ago at the National Championships, so Su Zhe smiled and said hello to all of them.

        Ye Jun was also among the participants of the 110m hurdles. After he asked Su Zhe about the recovery status of his right foot, he started chatting with Su Zhe.

        Zhou Tianjue was the last 110m hurdler to arrive at the scene, and just after he arrived, he walked up to Su Zhe with an irritated look on his face and then said discontentedly, “You’re being perfunctory with me again!”

        Su Zhe first froze for a moment, and then realized what Zhou Tianjue was talking about, and couldn’t help but laugh: “How was I perfunctory? Didn’t I also add a word this time?”

        This rhetorical question confused Zhou Tianjue for a moment, and then he remembered what Su Zhe said, “Baa??”



        Zhou Tianjue’s “baa~” with a tone of confusion, made Su Zhe and Ye Jun laugh out loud, and when Zhou Tianjue realized why they laughed, his face immediately turned red, he hatefully replied to Su Zhe: “You black-hearted sheep, you’re very hateful! You must have deliberately tricked me into saying that! Wait, later I’ll beat you till you become a real little sheep!!!”

The exasperated Zhou Tianjue wasn’t able to realize his boast of defeating Su Zhe “in a while”.

        There were 16 players in the 110m hurdles, and the preliminaries were divided into two groups, he and Ye Jun were in group 1, while Su Zhe was in group 2.

        He failed to achieve the purpose of suppressing Su Zhe, but also shamefully learned the sheep’s cry, Zhou Tianjue hatefully followed Ye Jun first on the field, his heart kept thinking, tonight he had to clean up Su Zhe!

        In the stands, the “philosophers” who had long been aware that Su Zhe was going to participate in the World Championship Challenge naturally bought their tickets early and occupied the best seats, and were shaking their cute little banners, laughing and joking, looking at Su Zhe, who was apparently injury-free, they were in a joyous mood.

        And around the little girls, many track and field enthusiasts from neighbouring cities also came to the scene in groups, most of these enthusiasts were on the track and field kingdom forum, among them there were many supporters of Zhou Tianjue, due to the previous play on Weibo, someone quickly custom-made a huge banner, written – Brother Tianjue so strong, of course I support …… bleh! ~

        On the banner, there was a small sheep avatar, a smiling face, and Su Zhe’s perfunctory smiling expression.

        This pitiful banner was also particularly long, so several of Zhou Tianjue’s supporters happily pulled the banner, and waved it at him after Zhou Tianjue came out, after looking at it for a while, Zhou Tianjue was exasperated.

        Afterwards, Zhou Tianjue simply ignored them and stood on his own track and began to do his pre-race preparation.

        This World Championships’ selection competition was aimed at selecting athletes who could enter the World Championships’ participation standards.

        For each individual event, there could be at most 3 athletes with the best performance and meet the participation standard to finally get the qualification of the World Championships. If the top 3 finalists of a certain event weren’t able to meet the participation standard of the event in the World Championships, then even the top 3 were meaningless.

        In terms of the 110m hurdles, the standard for this year’s World Championships was 13:46 – and on the spot, the only player who had ever reached this standard in an official event was Ye Jun for the time being.

        Even for Zhou Tianjue, 13:46 wasn’t a score that could be easily run, and he was ready to give his all in the pre-final today.

        While the runners were preparing, the live signal of the Dynasty Sports Channel was also connected.

   Soon, the referee’s signal sounded, the players were ready, the signal gun was fired at the same time, the first group of 110m hurdles preliminaries, like an arrow off the string, popped out from the starter, quickly sped forward and attacked the hurdles.

         Zhou Tianjue and Ye Jun were on the third track and the fifth track of the first group, respectively. Their starting speed was equal, and their pace in front of the hurdle was also very tight.

        In this preliminaries, Ye Jun’s state seemed better than the National Championships, in the attack, the timing of the swing leg down had been adjusted, and the overall movement was more rapid and smooth.

        Zhou Tianjue’s state wasn’t bad either, his mind wasn’t divided to any player in the side, both eyes only looked ahead, he attacked the hurdles constantly and consistently.

        Even in the attacking phase, the gap between Zhou Tianjue and Ye Jun was also indistinguishable to the naked eye!

        Such a stalemate made the spectators in the stands hold their breath nervously, and the field appeared a little too silent for a while, only the sound of the runners’ thumping and hurdling could be heard.

        Ten hurdles, passed in a flash!

        When crossing the last hurdle, Zhou Tianjue’s speed was unnoticeably faster than Ye Jun’s. He took a step forward and launched a final sprint to the finish line.

        On his side, Ye Jun also entered the sprint with the same pace.

        Both men chose to press their torsos forward at the same time as they pressed the line, fighting for every second of speed!

        When the two men crossed the finish line, the spectators on the field couldn’t help but applaud, this wave of evenly matched competition made the spectators shout with delight.

        Soon, the judging team also sorted out the results of the first group.

        “First place, Zhou Tianjue, 13 seconds 47; second place, Ye Jun, 13 seconds 48.”

        This result made the spectators at the scene let out a sigh of regret, while Zhou Tianjue and Ye Jun just frowned, patted each other’s shoulders and walked off the field together.

        Next, the next group of 110m hurdles preliminaries, also began to step onto the field.

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