C82— Kill The Half-blood 11

    The sound of footsteps was getting closer and closer, finally stopping behind the door.

        The sound of footsteps were so close, Yu Qing naturally also heard it, but he only slightly raised his eyes to look at Shen Jue, seeing that Shen Jue didn’t say anything, he lowered his eyes to continue.

        Shen Jue listened but it remained quiet, he slightly frowned, then reached out and pinched Yu Qing’s face hard, Yu Qing couldn’t help but hiss, before he could react further, Shen Jue quietly said: “Baby, your mouth is too small.”

      Yu Qing’s face flushed for a moment at his words and his long eyelashes trembled. But not long after, Shen Jue tapped him on the shoulder again, and Yu Qing didn’t know what to do, but he saw Shen Jue stepping back, and he hurriedly let go, but because his mouth had been open for so long, saliva couldn’t stop dripping from the corners of his mouth. He panicked and tried to lick it, but his lips were already red and bright, because of this action, he looked even more charming.

        But Shen Jue didn’t look at Yu Qing, he glanced at the door, then reached out and pulled Yu Qing up, deliberately making his voice dark and ambiguous to ensure that the person outside the door could hear, “If you lick your lips again, I won’t be able to control myself.”

        As he finished speaking, he put a heavy pressure on the door, reached out and gently tilted Yu Qing’s head, then he slightly lowered his head and bit down. With fangs piercing his skin, Yu Qing instantly lost concentration, he couldn’t resist crying out.

        There was someone outside the door, he knew, but he had no right to resist what Shen Jue was about to do to him, just as Shen Jue had said, he was just a slave who had signed a contract of sale, just, who was the person outside the door? Why did Shen Jue suddenly have to do this?

       Was it really fun to play… Was it really fun to play with him like that?

        Yu Qing didn’t know.

        And at that moment, a knock suddenly sounded at the door.

     “Knock, knock, knock.”

        Three very regular knocks.

        But Shen Jue ignored it, he moved closer to Yu Qing, their weight pressed against the door with a dull thud.

        The man outside the door was silent, and after a moment, Yu Qing heard a voice.

        “Shen Jue, are you in there?”

        When Shen Jue heard the voice, he lifted his head from between Yu Qing’s neck, and he licked his fangs, but instead of rushing to open the door, he took another candy out of his pocket. He ate a candy, grabbed Yu Qing, and bit his lower lip hard.

       Yu Qing didn’t make a sound, he just blankly stared at Shen Jue.

Shen Jue also looked at Yu Qing with deep eyes, like the most mysterious sea, no one knew how many creatures were hidden under the sea, just like Yu Qing didn’t know what Shen Jue was really thinking.

        “Shen Jue? I have something for you.” The person outside spoke again.

       Shen Jue gradually let go of Yu Qing, and after looking down and straightening his clothes, he said to Yu Qing, “Go into the bathroom and clean up.” His voice wasn’t  purposely lowered to ensure that the person outside could hear.

        Yu Qing lowered his head and obediently went into the bathroom, and as soon as he went in, he heard the sound of the door being opened outside.


        Qiao Jiangyuan smiled at first when he saw Shen Jue, but there was a noticeable lurch in his expression when he saw Shen Jue’s obviously messy clothes and red, swollen lips, and even smelled something in the air that he shouldn’t have smelled.

        “What brings you here?” Once Shen Jue opened the door, walked over to the couch and sat down.

        The candy in his mouth was still fresh, and the sweetness more or less offset his nausea towards the blood.

        Qiao Jiangyuan pursed his lips and walked into the room as well, “Since I haven’t been able to see you, I had to brazenly force myself to come and find you.” As he spoke, his eyes gently glanced towards the bathroom.

        “Looking for me for what?” Shen Jue gently raised his eyes to look at Qiao Jiangyuan.

        Qiao Jiangyuan asked rhetorically, “Can’t I find you if there’s nothing wrong?”

        He was answered with a soft laugh.

        “Of course not.” Shen Jue tilted his head, and when he saw Qiao Jiangyuan’s face stiffen slightly, he let out another snort of laughter, “Because I’m busy with my precious person.”

        The joke-like remark seemed to lighten the mood, and Qiao Jiangyuan smiled along with him. He walked over to the sofa and was just about to sit down when he suddenly noticed the two towels that had been thrown on the floor. Just as he looked over, Shen Jue gently kicked the towels on the floor with his foot, “Sorry, you knocked on the door too quickly and things weren’t cleaned up.”

        Qiao Jiangyuan’s expression remained unchanged, “That’s okay, let’s go talk?”

        Shen Jue took one look at the bathroom and stood up, his hands in his pockets as he took the lead and walked forward. Qiao Jiangyuan followed him, and as he descended the stairs, he finally couldn’t help but speak, “Shen Jue, I heard you found a lover? Is that person the owner of the room just now?”

        “Hmm?” Shen Jue looked back at Qiao Jiangyuan, “A lover? Who said that?”

        Qiao Jiangyuan laughed a little, “Don’t you know yet? You brought someone to the charity party last time and now the rumors are going crazy out there.”


He quickly stepped forward and grabbed Shen Jue’s arm, “Shen Jue, what’s wrong with you?”

        Shen Jue first looked at Qiao Jiangyuan’s hand, which was holding his hand, before slowly raising his eyes to look at the other man, “What’s wrong with me? I’m fine, aren’t I?”

        “You’ve changed a lot since you got hurt, what’s wrong with you?” Qiao Jiangyuan sighed, “Are you still blaming me for not visiting you every day? Shen Jue, you know, I’m really a bit busy, once I’m not busy I’ll come to you immediately, if you’re angry, just get mad at me, don’t do something that hurts yourself.”

        “What’s hurting me?” Shen Jue seemed to find Qiao Jiangyuan’s words too absurd and couldn’t help but laugh, “A lot of people have lovers don’t they? What’s wrong with me having one?”

        “But isn’t that person a slave? You’re a duke, why do you want to be with a slave?” Qiao Jiangyuan said.

       Shen Jue said, “What’s wrong with a slave?”

        Qiao Jiangyuan’s face sank even deeper at that, and he stared firmly into Shen Jue’s eyes, as if trying to see if he was lying, and only after half a second did he say, “Stop joking, Shen Jue, I don’t like that joke.”

        Shen Jue revealed a distressed look, “Why do you think I’m joking? Qiao Jiangyuan, I have my life and you have yours, I wish you didn’t care so much about my life ……”

        “No!” Qiao Jiangyuan interrupted Shen Jue directly, “I promised uncle I would take care of you.”

        Hearing those words, Shen Jue’s eyes changed slightly.

        Even immortals had emotions, and in previous lives Qiao Jiangyuan could disregard the bond they had grown up with and force him to go to the point where he could only commit suicide, and now he was actually telling him that he had promised his father that he would take good care of him.

       It was really absurd and ridiculous.

        But the Qiao Jiangyuan in front of him hadn’t forced him to go on a desperate path, so he couldn’t ask him why he did that.

        “Are you going to take care of the bed, too?” Shen Jue said with a wry smile.

        Qiao Jiangyuan was silent for a moment, then said in a deep voice, “If you want, It’s not impossible.”

        When Shen Jue heard this, he really wanted to laugh. It seemed that Qiao Jiangyuan really liked Yu Qing, so much so that he was even willing to sacrifice himself, which could explain in one way why Qiao Jiangyuan could treat him so cruelly. Perhaps Qiao Jiangyuan loved Yu Qing so much that he couldn’t tolerate him as Yu Qing’s master.

“Forget it, I won’t want to even if you do.” Shen Jue pulled his arm out of Qiao Jiangyuan’s hand, “Let’s go down.”

        He finished and walked forward, not bothering to care how bad Qiao Jiangyuan’s expression was.

        Qiao Jiangyuan didn’t stay long that day before leaving, and Shen Jue didn’t send him off. When Qiao Jiangyuan left, he couldn’t help but look back at Shen Jue with deep meaning in his eyes, while Shen Jue smiled a little.

        “Shen Jue, take care of yourself.” Qiao Jiangyuan put on his hat and walked out in stride.

        Once Qiao Jiangyuan had left, Shen Jue looked behind him at Xiang Wen, “Who told him I was in Yu Qing’s room?”

        Xiang Wen’s body shook at his words, his eyes a little panicked, “I don’t ……”

        “Don’t lie.” Shen Jue said with an expressionless face.

        Xiang Wen lowered his head, “I’m sorry, Duke, I did it.”

        He knew he shouldn’t have done it, but …… but he really couldn’t look away, he didn’t understand why the Duke was treating that lowly half-blood differently, when it was clear that the man was incapable of anything.

        But to Xiang Wen’s surprise, Shen Jue just laughed and didn’t punish him.


        A few days later, Shen Jue took Yu Qing to a banquet that had been held by a man who wanted to see if Shen Jue and Qiao Jiangyuan had really fallen out, and the other guests at the banquet all had the same idea.

        At the banquet, Qiao Jiangyuan arrived first, and someone saw him and greeted him, then asked, “Didn’t you come with Shen Jue?”

        Qiao Jiangyuan seemed to have guessed he would be asked this kind of question so his expression didn’t change, “We don’t live together, of course we won’t come together.”

        “Ah, so he doesn’t have to go to your house and wait for you first whenever he attends a party anymore?” The man let out a laugh, “We also said that Shen Jue is your heel, sticking to you wherever you go, but I didn’t expect the heel to grow up now.”

        Qiao Jiangyuan laughed and didn’t say anything, the man saw Qiao Jiangyuan’s reaction, smiled sagely and walked away.

        Although Qiao Jiangyuan looked calm on the surface, he wasn’t comfortable at all, he picked up the glass of wine next to him, took a large sip, and couldn’t help but loosen his tie. These days there were always people inquiring about his relationship with Shen Jue, and to be honest, when Shen Jue had been clinging to him, he had only found it annoying, he felt that Shen Jue was insensitive and didn’t know how to read people, but now that Shen Jue wasn’t clinging to him, it was reasonably good, except for the matter of Yu Qing, but there were so many people asking him what happened with Shen Jue.

After asking, they had to show a look of regret, as if he had missed something.

        What did he miss? He should be happy to have gotten rid of a heel, but he couldn’t be happy.

        In his friendship with Shen Jue, although on the surface Shen Jue was the dominant one and he was accommodating, in reality, it had been Shen Jue who had been the one who had maintained the friendship, and he knew that Shen Jue liked him, but he didn’t like Shen Jue, and felt that Shen Jue’s emotions towards him made him sick.

        But now that he didn’t have this disgusting fondness, he was actually a little uncomfortable.

        Qiao Jiangyuan felt baffled.

        As he thought about this, he couldn’t help but take another large sip of wine, and just as he finished, he heard a racket coming from the entrance of the banquet. Before he could turn around, he heard someone shouting Shen Jue’s name.

        “Shen Jue, you’re finally here, we’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

        Qiao Jiangyuan didn’t need to turn around to know that a group of people were now surrounding Shen Jue, who had always been the center of their circle, but Shen Jue didn’t pay much attention to those people, and was only intent on following Qiao Jiangyuan.

        He looked quietly into his glass of wine, but still couldn’t help but turn to look at the sound.

        Shen Jue was indeed embraced by the crowd, still with that lazy smile on his face, except that the person beside him was no longer him.


        Although this wasn’t the first time he had attended a party with Shen Jue, he was still very nervous this time and even wanted to hide behind him, but he knew he couldn’t. He silently cheered himself up mentally and tried to straighten his body and stand beside Shen Jue, ignoring the gazes that seemed to be surrounding him.

       Those people had been talking around Shen Jue for a while, and naturally the conversation had led back to Yu Qing.

        “I met this little beauty last time, so you should introduce him this time, Shen Jue.”

        Shen Jue smiled slightly, “Introduce what? Why are you guys so nosy?”

        The men let out a sigh, “You’re being too protective.”

        They talked for a while longer, and Shen Jue seemed to notice that Yu Qing was uncomfortable, so he gently patted Yu Qing’s shoulder, “Go over there and get something to eat.”

        Yu Qing hesitated before nodding and leaving from the crowd.

        After Yu Qing left, some people’s words became more direct, “Don’t you like Qiao Jiangyuan? What? You don’t any more? Then I’ll go after Qiao Jiangyuan, do you object?”

The man who spoke was a well-known sl*t in the circle, and he had originally laid eyes on Qiao Jiangyuan, but was immediately discovered by Shen Jue, he stopped after getting a severe warning. When he heard that Shen Jue and Qiao Jiangyuan had fallen out, he rushed over to find out.

        Shen Jue smiled, “Who says I like him? If you want to chase him, just do it.”

        When he said this, coincidentally, Qiao Jiangyuan happened to be passing by, and the expressions of the people around him instantly became very exciting, and some of them even had the guts to shout directly at Qiao Jiangyuan, “Qiao Jiangyuan, did you hear what Shen Jue just said?”

        Qiao Jiangyuan stopped in his tracks when he was shouted at, and he looked at the speaker good-naturedly, “Yes, what’s wrong?”

        “No thoughts?” The man asked again.

        Before Qiao Jiangyuan could answer, Shen Jue replied, “What’s there to think about, Qiao Jiangyuan and I are just friends, right, Qiao Jiangyuan?” He stared straight at him.

        Qiao Jiangyuan was silent for a moment and smiled a little, “Mm.”

        Shen Jue also smiled at this.

        Seeing how the two parties were on cloud nine, the people around them gradually lost their curiosity about the matter and soon moved on to other topics, except that they were still holding onto Shen Jue.

        Although everyone at the banquet knew Shen Jue and knew that he had a new beauty by his side recently, there were still some people who didn’t.

        Duan Xiuyong was one of them, he knew Shen Jue, but he was really not well-informed about the outside world, especially since he had a car problem when he came today, causing him to come late and not see the picture of Shen Jue standing with Yu Qing.

        The nobles chatted, and some of their words were not convenient in the hall, so they would go to the smoking room, and Shen Jue was invited to the smoking room at this time, while Yu Qing was still left alone at the hall. He basically didn’t even know the people at the banquet and didn’t know what he was supposed to do, so he could only stand at the table and eat.

        The food was all much better than what he usually ate, and there was even a lot of human blood on the table. He had never seen so many cups of human blood, so he couldn’t help but take a cup and drink it, and halfway through there was suddenly one more person around him.

        “How come I haven’t seen you before? First time to attend the banquet?” The voice suddenly rang out around him, making Yu Qing startled. He turned to look, only to see a not bad looking man in a suit.


Shen Jue sat on the sofa, bored, listening to the people next to him talk, they were basically talking about some non-nutritious topics, and after a while, someone opened the door to the smoking room. The man came in and swept around, finally landing his eyes on Shen Jue, “Shen Jue, do you want to go down and take a look?”

        Shen Jue looked at the man and said nonchalantly, “What’s wrong?”

        The man’s eyes rolled around before he said, “Qiao Jiangyuan got into a fight with someone.”

        When he said that, someone laughed first, “It’s no use looking for Shen Jue, they don’t play together anymore.”

        “I know, but Qiao Jiangyuan got into a fight for that pretty boy, so I guessed I should tell Shen Jue about it.” The man who entered smiled innocently and looked at Shen Jue, “The fight was fierce, I’ve never seen Qiao Jiangyuan get so mad, why don’t you go down and see?”

       Shen Jue was silent for a moment, but he stood up.

        When he reached the outdoor courtyard, Qiao Jiangyuan and Duan Xiuyong had already been pulled apart. Compared to Qiao Jiangyuan, whose mouth was bruised, Duan Xiuyong looked much more miserable, with a swollen eye and a bloody nose. He looked very angry as he cursed at Qiao Jiangyuan, “Qiao Jiangyuan, are you sick? What did I do for you to hit me like this?”

        Qiao Jiangyuan didn’t respond.

        And there was another person next to them, it was Yu Qing.

        Yu Qing was draped in Qiao Jiangyuan’s suit jacket, while his face was a bit pale, seemingly in shock, and when he saw Shen Jue appear, he took a step towards Shen Jue first, but then stopped.

       Shen Jue walked between Qiao Jiangyuan and Duan Xiuyong, and he looked at Qiao Jiangyuan before looking at Duan Xiuyong, asking expressionlessly, “What did you do?”

        Duan Xiuyong panicked for a moment when he saw Shen Jue, but he quickly responded, “It was Qiao Jiangyuan who started it, he went crazy, so I punched him back, you can see my nose bleeding.”

        “I didn’t ask you about hitting Qiao Jiangyuan, I asked what you did to him?” Shen Jue pulled Yu Qing over next to him, and as soon as he did, Shen Jue noticed that something was wrong with Yu Qing.

        There were two extra tooth holes in Yu Qing’s neck.

      Shen Jue’s gaze immediately focused on Duan Xuyong, “You bit him?”

Duan Xiuyong didn’t think that Yu Qing was Shen Jue’s companion, he just saw Yu Qing alone at the table, his behavior and demeanor wasn’t like a nobleman, he only thought the other was brought as entertainment, after all, this kind of people were common, so he didn’t think so much, he pulled the other to talk, and later coaxed him to the courtyard.

        Yu Qing was a servant, when a nobleman told him to do something, he instinctively obeyed, and he thought that with so many people, nothing would happen, but he didn’t expect him to take him further into the courtyard, he was a little reluctant to go, so the man forcefully bit him, Qiao Jiangyuan soon appeared and punched the man.


        When Duan Xuyong saw Shen Jue’s reaction, he felt bad and immediately apologized, “I’m sorry, I really didn’t know he was your man, I …… I was just joking with him, really, I wasn’t going to do anything.”

        Shen Jue was silent for a moment then he smiled, “It’s okay, it’s just a misunderstanding.”

        Duan Xiuyong was visibly relieved to hear that, while Qiao Jiangyuan and Yu Qing’s faces both changed, especially Qiao Jiangyuan’s.

     He couldn’t help but look at Shen Jue and say angrily, “Shen Jue, is this how you like people?”

        Shen Jue ignored Qiao Jiangyuan’s words, but took the jacket off of Yu Qing and tossed it to Qiao Jiangyuan before pulling Yu Qing outside. Duan Xiuyong was even more relieved to see that Shen Jue was leaving. There was a reason he didn’t want to offend Shen Jue, his family owned a bank, and Shen Jue was a big customer of their bank, if his father knew he had offended Shen Jue, he didn’t know what he would say about him.


        Although Yu Qing followed Shen Jue out, he wasn’t at all comfortable in his heart. When he was sitting in the car, he finally couldn’t help but say, “Duke, I don’t want to attend this kind of party next time.” Somehow, he felt like a pawn of Shen Jue’s.

        He simply couldn’t understand what Shen Jue was thinking right now, Shen Jue was a mystery to him.

        Last time in the room, he’d deliberately asked him to do those things, knowing there was someone outside, and he hadn’t stopped.

        Shen Jue sniffed and looked at Yu Qing, “Why don’t you want to participate?” He paused, “Because of that man just now?”

        Yu Qing was silent for a moment, “No, I just don’t think I deserve to participate.”

“No one is born being fond of these kinds of parties.” Shen Jue said, “And you don’t have the right to refuse, don’t you know?”

        Yu Qing closed his eyes and stopped talking.

        But soon something happened that surprised Yu Qing greatly.

        The person who had bullied him that night actually came to his door and apologized, or specifically apologized to him. Yu Qing had never gotten an apology from a nobleman before, and was a bit overwhelmed, when Duan Xiuyong saw that Yu Qing didn’t say anything for half a day, he laughed bitterly.

        He really didn’t expect Shen Jue to be so cruel, the day after the banquet, he immediately withdrew all his money in their family bank, their family’s funds had recently been a little low, with this move, they were almost bankrupt, so that his father immediately told him to roll over and apologize.

        “I’m really sorry, I drank a little too much that night and did something I shouldn’t have done, be generous and let me off the hook, okay?” Duan Xiuyong squeezed out a pleasing smile to Yu Qing.

        Yu Qing couldn’t help but look at Shen Jue next to him, but Shen Jue wasn’t looking this way, instead he was reading the newspaper. He instantly understood what Shen Jue meant, he wanted him to handle it himself, but what should he do?

        But no matter how he did it, Yu Qing suddenly felt a little happy, he had been angry, but now that Duan Xuyong had made a point of coming to his door to apologize, he understood that Shen Jue must have done something afterwards, after all, Duan Xuyong hadn’t apologized to him that night.

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