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On the empty and quiet track, Su Zhe was constantly trying to adjust his own state, and constantly reach a new record, but his physical strength after a long period of training, had been declared exhausted, he had some regrets, during his last sprint, he failed to achieve his ideal state.

Seven days ago, he added the 1 point of attributes he had exchanged for reputation value and it was added to explosive power and stamina respectively, and then he found out that he needed to complete a lot of training specified by the system in order to completely integrate the added attributes with his physical qualities.

The role of attribute points, was more like a 100% guarantee that the training effect wouldn’t be useless.

But this was enough for Su Zhe, solid training would bring a steady improvement, rather than adding points shallowly.

After crossing the finish line, Su Zhe stood still for a while, then finally laid on the floor of the training ground, limbs wide open, he closed his eyes and began to calm his breathing.

This was his seventh day training in the space, two months of accumulated skill points and reputation value, in these days of training, it was almost exhausted, leaving only the last 10 points for reserve use. But for Su Zhe, these 7 days of additional training could be said to be very rewarding.

Compared to other athletes, he originally had a two-year gap training period, his training wasn’t solid, before this time, he relied on his talent and the system’s support, and had fairly stunning results, but after his performance reached 10.18 seconds, further breakthroughs became very difficult.

His father, Su Yinsheng, was right: how many athletes, exhausted a lifetime, yet couldn’t reach the height of 10. 05?

Not to mention from 10: 18 to 10: 05, even 0.01 seconds of progress, they needed to put a lot of time and sweat, in order to get that results.

He had only started retraining for less than 2 months, and his best time had already improved from 10:18 at the provincial games to 10:16 in training, which was already a remarkable achievement for many people, but for Su Zhe, such an achievement was far from enough.

The next Olympic Games 100 meters access threshold – 10: 05, this number, hung over his head like the sword of Damocles, so he didn’t dare relax.

He couldn’t share this arrogant idea with Su Yinsheng or Zhao Changhe, even though they had agreed that he was a genius, but they didn’t think that he could get a time of 10:05 before the qualification period.

But Su Zhe knew that it was possible for him.

With the help of the system, he was equipped to challenge the possibility -he wasn’t willing to not put up a fight.

When Su Zhe woke up the next day, it was still only 7 a.m. He quickly cleaned himself up and opened the door just in time to meet Jian Zheng and Zhao Zhixuan who had come to meet him.

This was the day the National Championships started.

At 8:30 a.m., the National Track and Field Championships were announced to be officially held at the Comprehensive Sports Centre in G city!

As the nation’s top track and field event, all provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, and even independent system units had sent the highest level of qualified participants, except for some who were abroad to participate in higher level events, at this time G city could be said to have all the best track and field athletes in the country present.

As a city with a strong sports atmosphere, G city had hosted many large sporting events and the general public was also happy to watch various types of sports competitions. For the National Championships, in addition to hardcore sports fans, there were many citizens who purchased tickets to watch the games in person.

The sports channel of the court station also opened up a full live webcast of the events of the National Championships, and at the same time, the sports channel would also access the live TV broadcast during the final stage of various popular events.

This was originally just a big event in the sports industry, but because of Su Zhe’s hot search not long ago, many people also had some expectations for the National Championships. The topic of the opening of the National Championships also unknowingly climbed to the top 50 on the hot search list.

The “philosopher” fans were praying for Su Zhe’s game to go well, the preliminary and finals of the men’s 100-meter sprint, the preliminary and finals of the 110-meter hurdles during the National Championships were circled by the girls, released on the forum as Su Zhe’s event schedule.

If someone clicked into the Weibo personal page of any “philosopher”, they would probably see that she was forwarding all kinds of lucky posts, and the prayer content was probably “Cheering for Ah Zhe”.

In the midst of this tense atmosphere, the competition schedule for the National Championships was officially released!

On the first day of the competition, Su Zhe only had to participate in the preliminaries of the men’s 100m sprint.

At 10:00 am, Su Zhe, Zheng Jian and Zhao Zhixuan arrived at the athletes’ preparation area, where many players were already waiting for the field.

After the trio arrived, many athletes smiled and said hello to Zheng Jian and Zhao Zhixuan – the domestic sprinting circle wasn’t big, most of them were old rivals and old friends who had met in various events.

“Yo, this is Su Zhe, right?”

An athlete turned his head to look at Su Zhe after greeting the two others.

He was a big name in the track and field circle nowadays, and who in the room didn’t know that there was such a player who could do both 100m sprint and 110m hurdles, and also break into the main competition of the National Championships in both?

“Hello, I’m Su Zhe.”

Most athletes were straightforward and quick-witted, and after recognising a person’s strength, it was often extraordinarily simple to talk. It didn’t take long for Su Zhe to get to know most of the players in the preparation area.

The atmosphere in the preparation area was very harmonious and friendly for a while.

It didn’t take long for Zhu Zhen and Luo Yongzhi, who had met him before in the qualifying rounds, to arrive at the preparation area. Luo Yongzhi greeted Su Zhe in a friendly manner, while Zhu Zhen still had a grumpy, quick-tempered look, but instead of the initial resistance when he saw Su Zhe, he grunted and turned his head, as if he still didn’t want to see Su Zhe.

In addition to Su Zhe and 3 others who were admitted to the main event through the qualifiers, the rest were the top domestic players who had participated in 4 official matches in this year’s season and were ranked in the top 21 players in the country by comprehensive calculation.

In the National Championships, the men’s 100-meter project total participants were the 24 players present, of which only the division from Su Yinsheng were Su Zhe and the others, the strength of S city’s provincial sports team in the 100-meter sprint project strength was also visible here.

The preliminaries of this event were divided into 3 groups, each group took the top 2 runners to enter the final, and the remaining runners of the 3 groups, then took the top 2, a total of 8 final places.

At 10:20, the first group of the 100m sprint preliminaries had been prepared, and Su Zhe was precisely programmed to run on track 3 in this group.

The live broadcast of the 100m sprint on Dynasty Sports Channel also turned the camera to the 100m race at this time, and prepared two young up-and-coming commentators, Zhang Jing and Wang Miaochuan, for the event.

Many “philosophers” who weren’t able to attend the race had long clicked on the live webcast on Dynasty, and some passersby and track and field fans made up the main viewing audience of the live broadcast.

After the contestants took the stage, the live camera started to take a look at each of the contestants present.

“As you can see, the runners are already preparing, currently on track 1 is Luo Yongzhi from province G, and on track 2 is sprint veteran Wang Ming from province J. Wang Ming’s personal best time is 10:24, having taken 4th place in the 2014 Asian Athletics Championships.”

As the camera switched to Su Zhe, both commentators noticed the number of comments soaring in the background. In fact, they both couldn’t help but admire Su Zhe when they saw him.

Although they had long known that this time’s All Championships had a player like Su Zhe who had switched from entertainment to sports, the huge gap when the live camera snapped to Su Zhe still made everyone flinch.

[Ah again …… my cub, what is this god-like face …… even with the dynasty station’s death shot, he can still be so beautiful!]

[……???? A beauty filter wasn’t suddenly added, right?]

[I’m sorry to interrupt, but am I watching the 100m preliminaries of the National Championships live? I thought I was watching some idol drama with this shot?]

The two commentators were also amused by the comments on the screen, and Zhang Jing spoke up: “It seems that all the viewers have also seen that the runner of track 3 with his own filter is the runner from the S province team, Su Zhe.”

Wang Miaochuan also smiled and added: “I think we all know, Su Zhe player’s personal experience is rather special, from the entertainment industry back to the sports industry, but this player’s personal strength is strong, he’s currently involved in two events, his final scores are 10:18 and 10:19, from his personal history of best results, today’s contestants also steadily occupy the top 5 positions. Meanwhile, Chen Zhi, the current leader of China’s 100 meters sprint, and Su Zhe are also close brothers of the same discipline. I wonder if Su Zhe can become the new generation leader of China’s 100m like his senior brother.”

Asia’s 100-meter sprint had always been at a disadvantage, and the domestic 100-meter runners, the current was only Chen Zhi with the strength to run into the 10-second mark, which was the reason why Chen Zhi always carried great pressure and expectations.

A city, the shooting site of Broken Light crew.

The shooting of Broken Light had entered the final stage, Shao Xingchen was waiting for his last few scenes to be shot, and was watching the 100m preliminaries of the National Championships with his cell phone in his hand.

But before the race started, he was about to enter the next scene of the shooting, Shao Xingchen only wrinkled his brow and put the phone aside, got up and walked towards the set.

“Okay, the referee is already signaling that the match is about to start!”

On the commentary stand, Zhang Jing stopped his conversation with Wang Miaochuan and brought the audience’s attention to the match.

On the field, the players of the 8 tracks had already prepared their movements, all the noises had temporarily stopped, and the tension of the competition instantly surged.

“All in position, ready–”

In the stands, many people nervously stared at the track, afraid to miss the next scene of this exciting moment.

Soon, the starting gun went off!


All the runners sprinted forward, and the battle began!

On the commentary stand, Zhang Jing began to comment on the race scene for everyone: “Okay, the race begins! All the runners have started, the fastest starting reaction speed is the veteran Wang Ming, only 0.149 seconds, not bad for an experienced veteran.”

“The first 30 meters, Su Zhe’s starting acceleration run is very strong! The veteran beside him, Wang Ming, tried to bite Su Zhe’s speed! Wang Ming failed! Su Zhe is already 1 length ahead of him, and the gap is gradually widening!”

On the field.

Wang Ming’s starting advantage had been lost, Su Zhe’s acceleration was very fast and smooth, he quickly grabbed the front row position.

He had established a sufficient advantage.

Wang Ming attempted to catch up with Su Zhe’s rhythm with his experience, but Su Zhe’s speed and rhythm after accelerating to the highest speed was beyond his ability to keep up, and he kept speeding up his arm swing and stride frequency, but still couldn’t catch up with the cheetah-like athletic Su Zhe.

On the commentary stand, Zhang Jing and Wang Miaochuan had a clearer view of the whole scene.

Wang Miaochuan said: “Halfway through the race, Su Zhe is now in the absolute lead, the remaining players are still in a stalemate, in second place is the runner from Z Province, Meng Hao!

Meng Hao was the domestic active players, with a speed of 10:20, he thought he was in good shape today, but he didn’t expect that Su Zhe would begin to accelerate from the start ahead of him by 1 position, he could only barely maintain the gap with all his might, such a gap made him a little alarmed.

Wasn’t Su Zhe’s best time 10:18?

How could he be so fast?

“The last 30 meters!” On the commentary stand, Wang Miaochuan shouted, “Su Zhe is still leading all the way, followed by Meng Hao, and they’re starting to sprint! Su Zhe’s speed has picked up again!”

“The final press line! Su Zhe still wins, 1 length ahead of Meng Hao, and 3rd is veteran Wang Ming. The referee team is counting the results, so let’s look forward to Su Zhe’s result!”

At this moment, Su Zhe’s fans in the stands were cheering, their cub had won the first place again! Although it was only the preliminaries, but their happy mood couldn’t be restrained.

In the sports channel’s webcast, fans and passersby were also commenting crazily.

[It’s my first time seeing the 100-meter dash live in real time, Su Zhe looks 666 ah!] [TN: 666- cool]

[He actually overpowered Meng Hao and Wang Ming, these two are domestic celebrities, especially Meng Hao, Brother Mang’s nickname is not for nothing!]

[Brother Mang has been in good shape recently, and has run 10:19 since this year’s season, but Su Zhe was able to win by 1 position?]

Soon, the coaching team had finished counting the results and synchronized them to the two commentators in real time.

Zhang Jing first froze, then quickly announced: “The results are out, the first preliminaries today, the battle is very intense! Meng Hao in 2nd place ran his best time of the season, 10:17, and Wang Ming in 3rd place ran his best time ever, 10:22. At his age, it’s not easy to break through his best time ever!”

Surprisingly, Zhang Jing didn’t report Su Zhe’s results first, but first reported the results of Meng Hao and Wang Ming, people who were watching the live broadcast immediately understood from Meng Hao’s results, that Su Zhe also broke his personal best ever in the preliminaries!

The live broadcast had already started announcing the athletes’ results.

“First place, Su Zhe, 10:15.”

In an instant, the people in the stands started shouting and clamouring.

The “philosopher” fans only knew that their cub had won again, and their performance seemed to have improved again, while the track and field fans around them were a little boiling with emotion.

“Running 10:15?”

“This time, in addition to Chen Dashen, he’s this year’s season’s best, right??”

“Awesome! This Su Zhe is becoming more and more godlike!”

As a track and field fan, these people were most worried about the lack of talent on the domestic sprinting program in recent years, counting down from Chen Zhi, the talent gap in the middle was serious, in addition to Chen Zhi, the domestic active players weren’t able to run into the 10:05 Olympic entry threshold of the figure.

Even the sprint coach Su Yinsheng’s two disciples Zheng Jian and Zhao Zhixuan, were still in the growth period, they still had a long way to go from Chen Zhi.

Who would have thought that Su Zhe, the main character who changed his career from the entertainment industry to the sports industry and ended up with the topic #Su Zhe, get out of sports, would now become a rising star of hope in the hearts of track and field fans?

Tao Sheng was also there today to watch Su Zhe’s preliminaries, and at the moment he was standing up excitedly, waving his fists hard to vent the excitement in his heart.

After a short while of noise, the audience finally calmed down again as the first group of contestants left the field.

On the commentary stand, Zhang Jing and Wang Miaochuan were still explaining the meaning of the 10:15 time to the viewers in the live broadcast.

Wang Miaochuan said, “Su Zhe’s 10:15 is the second best performance by a domestic runner this season and one of the few in recent years.”

Zhang Jing: “I hope Su Zhe will continue to work hard and create another miracle in the next race!”

Su Zhe’s result was quickly moved to Weibo by netizens, setting off a small wave of hot debate.

The discussion was much higher on the Athletics Kingdom’s forum.

Many of the track and field fans in the forum had just returned from watching the live broadcast, and in the midst of the heated discussion, one post’s challenge was recognised by all, quickly emptying Weibo and becoming a classic joke.

【This Su Zhe, after two years in the entertainment industry, he came back and was able to quickly run into 10:15 …… Then the question comes, what kind of terrible species of fans in the entertainment industry could force people into this? (Dog’s head to save his life.jpg)]

The first day of the men’s 100 meter sprint event preliminaries, after Su Zhe, no other explosive points appeared, Su Zhe entered the finals with a record of 10: 15.

Zheng Jian failed to squeeze into the final due to a start error.

“Hey ah, start error, when you go back, you’ll be scolded again by Tiger Su.” Zheng Jian scratched his head with a sad expression on his face, it was evident that he was very afraid of Su Yinsheng’s lesson.

Zhao Zhixuan rolled his eyes at him, “Such a low-level mistake as a missed start, even if the coach doesn’t scold you, I can spray you to death, okay?”

“Okay.” Zheng Jian held his head with a melancholy face: “Next I’ll be a logistics for you two, especially Ah Zhe, tomorrow you’ll run two races in a row, we have to go back to rest quickly!”

Although Zheng Jian was obviously avoiding reprimand, he was also right, after the process of the preliminaries were all over, as the most stable of the three, Zhao Zhixuan immediately took the two back to the hotel, after eating at the restaurant designated by the event, he arranged for Su Zhe to immediately go back to recuperate, and instructed him to make sure that the amount of practice today was set at a minimum.

“The coaches should have explained to you that you should not engage in unnecessary physical exertion during the tournament to maintain your best competitive condition.” Zhao Zhixuan said a bit naggingly: “Today you ran a new personal record, the energy consumption should be quite a lot, tomorrow is the 110m hurdles preliminaries, the afternoon is for the 100m final, you can only rest for no more than 4 hours, then it will be a great challenge to your physical strength.”

Su Zhe nodded cautiously, and then returned to the room to adjust the state of his body.

In fact, in the provincial games, he also had three races a day, when the frequency of events was higher than now, but with the preliminaries he didn’t exert all his strength, the intervals were enough for him to rest. The point was, he was competing in the 100-meter sprint, and didn’t need to adjust his body to the different events of the athletic state.

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