This time the 110m hurdles and 100m back-to-back events would indeed be one of the great tests for him.

On Weibo, Tao Sheng also expressed his concern about Su Zhe’s second day.

[Su Zhe’s performance in today’s National Championships has once again amazed me! From the stable and excellent start reaction speed to the explosive and unprecedented articulated acceleration run, he completely took the lead from the first 30 meters of the race, and the excellent back-end acceleration sprint was an indispensable part of the day. But what is worth worrying about is that tomorrow, Su Zhe will face the 110m hurdles preliminaries and 100m sprint finals, then whether he can reasonably allocate physical strength, energy, whether he will timely adjust his competitive state, or whether it will affect his overall performance! We’re looking carefully!

This half month, Mr. Tao Sheng had firmly stood in the camp of Su Zhe, just like Su Zhe’s fans.

His Weibo page gathered a lot of Su Zhe’s “philosopher” fans and some of the sports fans of Su Zhe.

Seeing this new Weibo post by Tao Sheng, many people were quite agreeable.

[Although Su Zhe’s 110m hurdles performance is also quite good, but in the 110m hurdles, his height disadvantage is too big, a height of 188 can be called a mini-stature, against the height of others, it is slightly unwise.]

[The big brother in front, Su Zhe has such a big disadvantage, but could still run 14 :05, his talent in the 110m hurdles is not worse than the 100m sprint!]

[I hope he can adjust his athletic state and make some trade-offs when necessary ……]

Sports fans were agonising over Su Zhe’s events, and the “philosopher” fans were also a bit panicked after seeing Tao Sheng’s post. These young girls, who were just starting to understand a little bit about sports, were trying hard to understand all kinds of competition information and knowledge related to athletes, gathering information collected from various places.

They hoped that the next time their cub faced such a problem, they would be able to detect the problem in advance and make a better judgment, and at the same time, they wouldn’t bring jokes or pressure to their loved one because they didn’t understand the situation when supporting him.

They also hoped that little by little, they could understand more about the current world of their star and how proud they were of the honors he had received, instead of being headless and only getting limited information from the popular pages of various sports vloggers.

The National Championships soon entered its second day of competition.

For Su Zhe and those who followed him, the most important events today were the 110m hurdles preliminaries at 10am today and the men’s 100m sprint final at 2pm.

The night before, he received calls from Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe one after another, and even the big man Shao Xingchen also sent him a message congratulating him for being first in the preliminaries and telling him to be cautious in the next day’s race. He also carefully read Tao Sheng’s post on Weibo, and he understood that if he didn’t do a good job of allocating his energy, then it was possible that he would fall short on both events.

Having considered the importance between the two events, Su Zhe decided to relax a little in the 110m hurdles in the morning.

In the 110m hurdles athletes’ preparation area, Su Zhe was still the one who looked the least like a hurdler among all of them. After seeing him arrive, Zhou Tianjue even made a deliberate gesture towards him to indicate his height, and after being deliberately ignored by him, he even had displeased expression.

Like the men’s 100m preliminaries, the 110m hurdles preliminaries were also divided into 3 groups. Su Zhe was placed in the 3rd group today, and Zhou Tianjue was in the first group for the preliminaries.

Zhou Tianjue has completely let go of the gloom of the previous loss with Su Zhe today, and won in the first group of preliminaries with a time of 13:68.

When he got off the field, Zhou Tianjue threw a smug look at Su Zhe, like a male peacock showing off its open feathers.

Su Zhe didn’t pay attention to Zhou Tianjue’s self-congratulation, and waited quietly alone for the next race.

The pace between each group of preliminaries was fast, and after a short wait, Su Zhe walked onto the hurdles competition field with the other athletes.

During the preparation time, all of them were relaxing their bodies, trying to run on the starters, and coordinating and adapting to each other for their own state of mind and the field.

Su Zhe patted his thighs and calves, kneaded his shoulders and neck, and gradually relaxed his body.

In the stands, the “philosophers” were holding small banners cheering for Baby Zhe, Su Zhe, who caught a glimpse of the banners, couldn’t help but smile and wave his hand towards the stands.

At once, excited screams came out from the stands.

For today’s 110m hurdles preliminaries, the sports channel’s commentators were still Zhang Jing and Wang Miaochuan, the two of them also noticed the excited shouts from the stands, they smiled and started teasing, “Athlete Su Zhe is really the most liked in the sports industry.”

Then the two began to introduce the 3rd group for the live audience, during the introduction, the two introduced the height of each player in particular, until the introduction of Su Zhe, the huge height gap on the field was revealed.

Wang Miaochuan said: “The average height difference between Su Zhe and the other players on the field is about 13 cm. For Su Zhe, fighting with these players who have obvious advantages in stature is a huge difficulty for him in the 110m hurdles event.”

Zhang Jing: “In other words, to break into the main event of the National Championships with a height of 188 is enough to prove Su Zhe’s talent in this event, if he was 10 centimeters taller, then perhaps in the 110-meter hurdles, he would have had dominant strength.”

This topic was also discussed by many sports fans these days – if Su Zhe’s height could be higher, then perhaps he would be the king of the new generation of short hurdles.

It was a pity that there were no ifs in this world.

After the judge signaled all the competitors to get ready, it became quiet once again.

Wang Miaochuan: “Okay, friends and spectators, the third group of 110m hurdles preliminaries will begin soon!”

“All in position, ready–”

The referee raised the starting gun, “Bang!”

The race was on!

All the runners on the track quickly exploded with power, as they ran forward.

These players, including Su Zhe, were using the technical pace of eight steps on the fence, the speed gap between them was often reflected in the step frequency, and with the size of the disadvantaged Su Zhe, to apply the same eight steps on the fence technical action, each step had to be larger than the taller players, which also led to his step frequency slowing down.

After accelerating, Su Zhe quickly pulled his body weight upward and quickly ran towards the first hurdle. His start speed and acceleration articulation still had some advantages against the hurdlers, but due to the weakness of his step frequency, he was even at a certain disadvantage in the 110m hurdles in the pre-bar running phase.

His real advantage in the 110m hurdles laid in the excellent rhythm between hurdles and the final sprint run phase.

When Su Zhe arrived at the first hurdle frame and started to attack the hurdles, he was in the third position. When he was about to reach the front of the hurdles, he took a slight pause in his stride, his hurdle leg quickly exploded with power and stomped forward, and quickly adjusted his body weight and he started to attack the hurdles forward.

On the commentary stand, Wang Miaochuan and Zhang Jing were following all the information on the field in real time, while commenting on the event to the live audience.

Wang Miaochuan: “Amazing! Su Zhe’s rhythm between the bars is definitely the top level in China at the moment, he has surged from the 3rd position to the 2nd …… No! Su Zhe has now occupied the 1st position by a narrow margin, keep it up!”

With many days of non-stop training in the system space, his explosive power and endurance and the overall technical movement of the coordination of proficiency had reached a new height, even today Su Zhe didn’t go all out, but also by virtue of his superior rhythm between the bars, he gradually got the advantage.

But the change in the field was unpredictable for everyone.

The player on Su Zhe’s left hit the fence head-on when crossing the 5th fence, kicking over the 5th fence, and the overturned fence knocked down the 6th fence, and even the 6th fence that Su Zhe was about to cross also trembled slightly.

The fallen one also happened to fall near Su Zhe’s landing spot ……! These series of changes, even Su Zhe’s calmness was shaken.

In avoiding the player to continue forward, Su Zhe’s hurdle leg also inadvertently hit the bar when crossing the bar frame.

Runway 2, Athlete Ye Jun, who was already behind Su Zhe, reopened the gap with Su Zhe. Runway 8 player, who was in third place, also took advantage of the situation and gained a slight advantage in front of Su Zhe.

This was the first time since Su Zhe returned to sports that he was really at a disadvantage in the race. He quickly forced himself to calm down, regained his rhythm between the fences and attacked forward again!

In the stands, track and field fans and Su Zhe’s fans saw such a sudden outburst, and revealed a nervous look, many girls covered their mouths, not daring to let themselves scream out in alarm, afraid that they would affect the event on the field.

The viewers in the live broadcast room also shouted out in shock.

[Crap, this is too thrilling ……!

[Su Zhe is awesome, in this condition, he still continued running, if it was me, I’m afraid I’d be stunned in place.]

[Unfortunately, runway 8 and runway 2 are in front, so it will be difficult to catch up next ……]

The two commentators were also nervous because of the unexpected situation on the race course.

Wang Miaochuan: “Su Zhe’s psychological quality is too strong! There are already a number of runners on the field who have been affected to varying degrees by the mistakes of the runner on runway 4, but Su Zhe, who should have been affected the most, has already regained his form and is constantly catching up with the two runners ahead!”

The runner on runway 8 was quickly re-equalised by Su Zhe, who had overtaken him at the 9th fence.

But the No.2 runner, Ye Jun, was originally a famous 110m hurdler in China, and he was in excellent condition in this event, and took advantage of Su Zhe’s influence to quickly expand his advantage.

When he crossed the 10th hurdle, Su Zhe finished his attack, but there was already a gap of about 1 meter between him and Su Zhe.

In the final sprint stage, Su Zhe’s back-end acceleration had a strong advantage, but in the attack hurdles, he encountered and accident and re-stabilization had cost him some strength, in order to prepare himself for the afternoon’s 100 meters sprint final, Su Zhe gritted his teeth and gave up the full sprint.

When the line was finally pressed, the gap between Su Zhe and the 1st place Ye Jun was only less than half a meter, but the winner of this preliminaries still belonged to Ye Jun.

On the commentary stand, Wang Miaochuan and Zhang Jing were still amazed at the rapid adjustment of Su Zhe’s condition and the strength he showed when following up.

Zhang Jing: “Su Zhe is really a remarkable young player, in such a height disadvantage, not only could he gradually take the advantage in the attack fence, even in the case of an accident, he also quickly adjusted his mind to recover the advantage.”

Wang Miaochuan: “He had a more obvious closing in the final sprint stage, and didn’texert the most powerful sprint speed as he did in the 100-meter sprint, which is perhaps the case of having secured the 110-meter hurdles final spot, prioritizing the retention of his physical strength to ensure his competitive state in the afternoon’s 100-meter sprint final.”

At this time, the race had ended, the referee team sent the results of the players to the commentators.

Wang Miaochuan: “110m hurdles preliminaries first place, Ye Jun, 13: 88. second place, Su Zhe, 13: 98 ……!” Wang Miaochuan’s voice revealed a sense of disbelief.

Although he already knew that Su Zhe successfully held the second place position, but only after seeing the final results did he realise that Su Zhe, who suffered an accident in the race, his final score surpassed the 14-second mark, even surpassing his performance in the National Championships preliminaries not long ago?

And he didn’t go all out in the race ……

So if he ran the whole race without accident at full strength, what would be the result?

A lot of track and field fans in the live room who thought of this key point felt a little heated, where exactly did this Su Zhe come from? The “philosophers” who were worried that Su Zhe would be mocked for not getting first place this time, watched in awe as the comments in the live stream turned into compliments that they didn’t dare say themselves.

In the live stands, with his heart pounding, Tao Sheng edited the content of his post –

[In this morning’s 110 hurdles preliminaries, Su Zhe got second in the 3rd group’s preliminaries, but he showed excellent psychological quality, superb rhythm control between the hurdles and he couldn’t hide the strength of his foundation, allowing me to see the rise of China’s track and field sprint, and hope for the short hurdles! Su Zhe you are the best!!!]

This wave of compliments first made the netizens confused, Su Zhe got 2nd place yet he could become China’s hope for the rise of track and field?

The crowd was just ready to mock a Teacher Tao and ask how much money he was receiving for promotion, when the sports fans in Tao Sheng’s page pointed the way to the network event replay.

Until the passersby came back after watching the event replay, each one had a trance-like look.

[After a few days, how did Su Zhe become more powerful again? Even in this situation, he could still get second place?]

[It’s not that I don’t understand, after all, the world of geniuses doesn’t need mere mortals like me to understand …… (sighs and lights cigarette)]

The familiar mechanical sound was ringing in the mind of Su Zhe, who came down from the field…

“Ding, the national track and field championship 110m hurdles preliminaries score 13: 98, the target task has been completed.
Mission reward: unlock sprint lv3 upgrade function.”

“Ding, System has detected that the host’s skill point amount meets the upgrade conditions, the system has been automatically upgraded for you.
Congratulations to the host, for successfully obtaining sprint lv3 skills.”

This series of notifications was quickly completed before Su Zhe could react, and feeling that the system had already consumed the last 10 skill points he had stored for backup, Su Zhe could only rub his forehead speechlessly.

Of course, now his problem wasn’t that the system used up all his current skill point reserves, but the foot that hit the bar on the field seemed to have some slight pain.

Slightly limping as he walked out of the field, Su Zhe raised his eyes and saw Zheng Jian and Zhao Zhixuan who were staring at him with worried expressions.

“Are you …… injured?” Zheng Jian stared at him, his eyebrows knitted tightly.

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