It wasn’t easy to skip a grade at An Luo University. And this matter couldn’t even be described as “extremely complicated”. From the extremely high failure rate of the mecha course, as the first interstellar institution of higher learning, its requirements in terms of grades had always been extraordinary strict.

Although there had been a policy of skipping grades since the school was founded, in Duan Hengye’s impression, it seemed that no one would ever take the risk to make this attempt.

After the message was sent by Lan Jingchi, Duan Hengye used his authority to check An Luo University. And then he found out – in the past ten years, all the majors in the whole school together, only nine people had applied for skipping a grade, and five of them were successful. And of the five who were successful, only two were able to graduate during their senior year.

This probability was really a little scary – almost like buying a lottery ticket.

Externally, every major at An Luo University was ranked among the top in the world. However, within the school, there was still the so-called “ace major”. In addition to Duan Hengye’s current mecha design major, pharmacy was also considered an ace major of An Luo University.

From the records he just found, he could see that in the past ten years, no one from the mecha or pharmacy majors had ever applied to skip a grade, so he could see how difficult this activity was.

Seeing this, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but feel a little headache. Because while looking for information, he also saw that it was clearly written on An Luo Network – all students who applied to skip a grade had to maintain their ranking in the top one percent of their major, and their grades had to be above ninety. Not only that, but the usual amount of experiments and courses was also several times more than ordinary students.

Duan Hengye felt that for Lan Jingchi, the first one of the grade requirements may not be difficult to achieve. But the last one, “the grade must be above ninety” wasn’t simple at all. Although for the time being, he didn’t know the specific situation of the pharmacy major, if Duan Hengye wasn’t mistaken, from his own mecha major, the first place in the last semester only got eighty-three points.

“Duan Hengye:
The matter of skipping grades should not be decided in a hurry first, the mecha department resumes before the pharmaceutical major, come to me in advance at that time.”

In the past, Lan Jingchi’s replies were always very timely and could even be described as enthusiastic. But this time, it took a long time before Lan Jingchi slowly replied with an unusually simple “yes.”

With nearly a year as a professor, perhaps today was the first time Duan Hengye experienced the fatigue of this profession ……

Duan Hengye’s original intention was to ask Lan Jingchi to come a while earlier, but when Duan Hengye had just arrived in An Luo, even before the starship landed, he received a message from Lan Jingchi on his light computer.

Now the new semester hadn’t yet started, Duan Hengye’s class schedule couldn’t be found in the official website, and he didn’t know how Lan Jingchi waited here on time.

“Lan Jingchi:
Professor Duan, I’ve arrived at the starship docking pad.”

After seeing Lan Jingchi’s message, Duan Hengye hesitated for a little while. Then he said to his assistant Ye Pu, “Help me tell An Luo’s side to postpone the time for going to the complex today.”

Also because of the incident last time, Duan Hengye was going to meet with An Luo’s school leaders today. But after receiving the news from Lan Jingchi, he still chose to postpone this event.

“Okay, Professor Duan.” Although there was some confusion, when the starship landed, Ye Pu sent out the notice of Duan Hengye’s schedule change, then he looked up again and asked, “May I ask Professor Duan if you have any new arrangements?”

“Yes,” Duan Hengye nodded and said, “To see Lan Jingchi.”

“…… Lan Jingchi?” This name was very familiar to Ye Pu. But the reason he was familiar with it wasn’t because of that award that Lan Jingchi had achieved a while ago, but because this name was a character that Meng Jinhuai had once specially instructed him to pay attention to.

So after hearing Duan Hengye’s words, Ye Pu’s nerves immediately tightened up, he glanced at Duan Hengye, then asked slightly nervously, “Excuse me, Professor Duan, is the meeting place on the starship? Or do we need to make other arrangements? Although An Luo University has already gone through a holiday security clearance, we still don’t recommend you to choose a temporary meeting place.”

Ye Pu was usually a very calm person, Duan Hengye rarely saw him so anxious, but after the last incident, Duan Hengye could understand why he was so worried. So after hearing the assistant’s words, Duan Hengye thought for a moment and said, “No, just stay in the starship,” after saying that, he picked up the light computer and sent a message to Lan Jingchi again.

Long before Duan Hengye came, Lan Jingchi was already waiting on the mecha docking pad. Within a few minutes after receiving the message, Duan Hengye heard the alert. Lan Jingchi had already boarded the starship.

This starship belonging to the military department was extremely large, and after receiving the prompt, Duan Hengye headed towards the entrance. And when he got there, he saw that Lan Jingchi was already standing opposite the robot on the starship, which was conducting a security scan.

Unlike his reply, which had become a bit colder compared to before. After seeing Duan Hengye come over, Lan Jingchi immediately smiled at him. In Duan Hengye’s opinion, this smile didn’t seem to be different from the previous one, but there was an unspeakable strange feeling ……

After seeing Lan Jingchi, Duan Hengye’s footsteps couldn’t help but pause for a moment, then he slowly walked over. At this time, the security check was also over. After confirming that Lan Jingchi wasn’t carrying any dangerous items, Ye Pu joined several surrounding military staff and gave Duan Hengye a gentle bow, then left the place.

It couldn’t be denied that earlier Duan Hengye did go to help Lan Jingchi out for the sake of the antidote. But now, after such a long time of contact, Duan Hengye had already gradually started treating Lan Jingchi as his brother. So now he had received the news from the other, and after seeing his obvious appearance of not paying much attention to the advanced placement, Duan Hengye finally had the feeling of “hating iron for not being steel”.

When he saw Lan Jingchi, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but sigh gently and then said to him, “Come with me.” After saying that, Duan Hengye turned around and went towards the corridor first. Probably because he could see that Duan Hengye wasn’t in a very good mood at this time, Lan Jingchi didn’t speak, until Duan Hengye led him into his lounge, Lan Jingchi finally opened his mouth and said: “Professor Duan, that decision I ……”

Before Lan Jingchi finished talking, Duan Hengye interrupted him and said, “Sit down first.” Then a robot came up with drinks.

After hearing Duan Hengye’s words, Lan Jingchi nodded and then quietly sat down on the sofa next to Duan Hengye. He brought up the cup of drink, and then looked down at the light orange liquid in the cup without saying a word.

Somehow, seeing Lan Jingchi this way, Duan Hengye finally let out a sigh of relief.

“Although I’m not your teacher, but An Luo’s skipping policy is the same for every major. So with my identity as a professor of An Luo University, I don’t recommend you to make such a choice.” Duan Henghe spoke openly as soon as he arrived. As he spoke, Duan Hengye looked straight into Lan Jingchi’s eyes, and his eyebrows couldn’t help but gently wrinkle up, a full look of seriousness.

Hearing Duan Hengye’s words, Lan Jingchi finally moved his eyes away from the cup, he looked at Duan Hengye and said, “Professor Duan, don’t worry, I have successfully passed the exam.”

At these words Duan Hengye couldn’t help but shake his head, and then he continued to say to Lan Jingchi, “Passing the exam is just the first step.” Duan Hengye paused for a moment and continued, “I just checked, in the last ten years only nine people in the whole school had applied for skipping grades, five of them applied successfully. The people who graduated were only two, and none of these people are from the pharmaceutical major.”

After a long time, he finally smiled at Duan Hengye and said, “Thank you Professor Duan for caring about me, in fact I didn’t even think about checking these data myself.” Listening to the tone of Lam Jingchi’s voice, he was actually very happy.

However,…… the focus of what he said seemed to be completely skipped by Lan Jingchi?

“Although your identity is just an ordinary An Luo student, because of the last award, there are a whole lot of people in the interstellar who are concerned about your future performance.”

Duan Hengye couldn’t help but reach out his hand to press against his eyebrow, then he continued to say to Lan Jingchi: “In the eyes of most people, you already have the label of ‘genius’. So in this condition, no matter what kind of achievement you achieve, in the eyes of the people, you are supposed to. But if anything happens, the same people who once held you in high esteem will be the ones who leave no room for disparagement.”

Duan Hengye was the youngest in the family, although he didn’t cause any troible, because of his slightly introverted personality, as well as his emotional quotient that couldn’t catch up with his IQ, he hadn’t been called for a family meeting by the family elders since he was a child. But now, after Duan Hengye said these words, he realized that his identity had changed from the educated to an educator.

After listening to Duan Hengye’s words, Lan Jingchi gently shook his head and said, “Just because no one has successfully jumped a level before, doesn’t mean I can’t.” Then he finally put down the drink he had been holding in his hand, then looked straight into Duan Hengye’s eyes and said with unparalleled seriousness, “Just as you, Professor Duan, have done things that many ordinary people wouldn’t dare to think about, please believe me that one day I can too.”

Although Lan Jingchi didn’t finish the next words, but Duan Hengye knew that what Lan Jingchi wanted to say was that one day he could also stand in the same position as him.

If these words were placed outside, not many people would believe them, but Duan Hengye knew that what Lan Jingchi said was definitely not an empty thought.

Compared with his absent-minded performance just now, Lan Jingchi at this time was like a different person. If Lan Jingchi had always puzzled Duan Hengye with his harmless young appearance, it was only after he spoke that Duan Hengye finally remembered again-in the story of “Dumping Interstellar”, Lan Jingchi was such a talented boy who had never been afraid of anything.

What he just said, although it seemed to be for the sake of Lan Jing Chi, it sounded like he didn’t trust the other?

Thinking of this, Duan Hengye suddenly shook his head gently, then softened his tone and said to Lan Jingchi: “…… sorry, I don’t distrust you. If you really think about it, then it might be good to stick with it – both for you and for the entire field of pharmacy.”

After saying that, Duan Hengye paused for a moment, then he slowed down his speech again and said to Lan Jingchi: “But you should know that this road is not good at all. I’m not referring to the ‘grade jumping’ thing alone, but you should understand that after making this decision, the so-called ‘genius’ shackles will firmly bind you.” Duan Hengye was perhaps the most suitable person to say this in this interstellar.

After hearing Duan Hengye’s words, Lan Jingchi, who just now had a serious face, suddenly opened his eyes a little incredulously. In fact, before Duan Hengye, the professor of his own major had already talked to Lan Jingchi many times.

The words that Duan Hengye just said had been repeatedly mentioned by many people in his ears, and after the conversation was over and a firm denial was obtained, those people would coincidentally say to Lan Jingchi: Who is Duan Hongyi? And who are you? The things he can do, how many people in the entire interstellar can achieve?

Although It wasn’t explicitly said, but the words “not self-respecting” had almost been written on the faces of those familiar teachers.

The first person who was convinced that he had the ability to do this was Duan Hengye. But this wasn’t the point, like most people in the world, in Lan Jingchi’s heart, Duan Hengye’s image was incomparably tall. Especially in the field he was good at, Duan Hengye was almost omnipotent, but just now from Duan Hengye’s words, Lan Jingchi heard for the first time his true point of view.

At these words, Lan Jingchi once again smiled at Duan Hengye, and then he said, “Don’t worry, Professor Duan, I’ve already thought about it.”

After hearing Lan Jingchi’s words, Duan Hengye also knew that the other’s decision would probably not be reversed anymore. He took a glance at the time on the light computer and then said to Lan Jingchi, “Well, it’s getting late, I’m going to meet with several leaders of An Luo.” Saying that, Duan Hengye stood up from the top of the sofa.

After hearing Duan Hengye’s words, Lan Jingchi also stood up at the same time. Only at this time did Duan Hengye finally realize that at some point, Lan Jingchi, who was originally a little shorter than himself, had grown so tall – at least after standing up, he could no longer look at the other levelly.

Duan Hengye lifted his hand and gently patted Lan Jingchi’s shoulder, then said to him, “Good, then I’ll wait for the day when you become the director of the Pharmacy Academy.” Duan Hengye didn’t say it explicitly, but the meaning of his words was already – I’m waiting for the day when you and I stand on the same position.

Standing there, Lan Jingchi froze for a moment, then suddenly went forward and gave Duan Hengye a short hug, he said, “I will.” This hug came quickly, and the end was also fast. Before Duan Hengye could react, Lan Jingchi had already retreated back to his original position.

“Good.” Duan Hengye said.

At this time, Duan Hengye still didn’t know that he had unintentionally changed the plot of the novel again. At least before Duan Hengye said this, Lan Jingchi never wanted to go to the Ye Tian Empire Pharmacy Institute. He was even close to dropping out of school early like in the original story and stepping into the interstellar gray area from then on.

But after today, Lan Jingchi’s goal had changed.

In fact, not only the school leaders of An Luo University were very apprehensive before, but even the students felt that Duan Hengye would probably not come back to continue teaching them.

Although Duan Hengye’s reply letter was put on the official website, it didn’t contain an accurate response about whether he would return to school. As for the teaching plan for the next semester that was sent along – of course An Luo wouldn’t put up such an important document. So until now, the students still didn’t know about Duan Hengye’s return.

Waiting for the day when the new semester of the mecha major started, the atmosphere in the classroom was extraordinarily depressing. In the past, before the class, although they weren’t so noisy, but small talk was still there. But this time, after Duan Hengye left the lounge, he couldn’t hear noise from the classroom.

He was puzzled for a moment, and then he understood the reason.

“Professor Duan, our security personnel are already in place.” As Duan Hongyi was preparing to go to the Hengye as usual, Ye Pu suddenly came over and whispered to him. At this Duan Hengye nodded and said, “Okay, thanks for the hard work.”

Although it was during the holiday period, now the security measures inside the classroom had been done very complete. Not only was the detection system when entering the door upgraded to the same level as the Marshal’s residence, but there was even a laser weapon on the podium that could automatically counterattack. But despite this, the military department still arranged several special “students” inside this thousand-person classroom.

Duan Hengye glanced at the classroom seating chart on the leaf spectrum light screen, “Okay, I understand.” In fact, he didn’t want to spend so much manpower around him, but the reality was – his identity was really both sensitive and special, such tight security wasn’t only responsible for him, but also for the students and the entire interstellar.

Because of the security confirmation, Duan Hengye slightly delayed for a minute. He didn’t know, how tortured the students inthe classroom became ……

“What time is it now? Hasn’t the class already started?” After seeing the time on top of his light computer, a student finally couldn’t help but open his mouth to break the eerie silence around him. If he remembered correctly, Duan Hengye was always on time, if there was any urgent matter, he would notify them in advance.

As the surrounding area was really too quiet, although he deliberately suppressed his voice, but the students still looked over. The person who was asked also glanced at his own light screen and continued, “It’s already past the point …… you guys, will Professor Duan really not come?”

“In fact, I also think he will not come again, the impact of the events of last semester is too bad.” The people around echoed.

“That’s right, I sat in the fourth row in that class last semester. It’s not an exaggeration at all to say that the images from that day’s class were really scarier than even intergalactic blockbusters, and if it weren’t for Professor Duan’s good hands, there would have been an accident.” After saying that, he couldn’t help but sigh heavily.

As he spoke, the atmosphere around him became more and more gloomy. Although they hadn’t received the official notification yet, everyone had almost acquiesced to the fact that they wouldn’t see Duan Hengye in class anymore.

Right at the same time, after making a confirmation with Ye Pu, Duan Hengye finally walked towards the classroom. In just a moment, he reappeared on top of the familiar podium.

Unlike Duan Hengye who was as calm as ever, after seeing this familiar figure, the students in the classroom managed to remain quiet, but their expressions and eyes already betrayed them – everyone was in shock over Duan Hengye’s appearance.

Duan Hengye certainly knew what the students were thinking, he first habitually opened the mecha model in the centre of the classroom. And a moment later, under everyone’s expectant and apprehensive gaze, Duan Hengye finally turned to the students and said: “Well, cheer up. Don’t worry, I will send you to graduation.”

Duan Hengye could feel the classroom eerie atmosphere, he said this partly to reassure the students, on the other hand, he also wanted to ease everyone’s tension – after all, the people in the classroom also had a first-hand experience of the attack.

But Duan Hengye didn’t expect that his words would have an even better effect than he thought. At the same time as the words fell, the students finally couldn’t hold back their applause.


The atmosphere on Duguang Star was buzzing, and Duan Hengye, who was lecturing, put his light computer to the side and temporarily turned off the normal message alerts. So at this time, Professor Duan didn’t know that at the same time he was giving his students a lesson, the Lord Marshal had suddenly appeared in the Imperial Mecha Research Institute.

-Although he had been there many times before, Duan Hengye was always there, so Meng Jinhuai would go to him directly.

Today was different, because Duan Hengye wasn’t at the institute, Meng Jinhuai used his marshal’s authority to wander around after he arrived. For a while, alarms were raised within the brains of the entire Institute staff.

“Su Mingge.:
Professor Duan are you on Duguang Star??”

“Su Mingge:
So scary, why did the Lord Marshal suddenly come over??”

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