37th comment: [Is the poster serious? Zhou Tianjue was still 0.02 slower than Su Zhe? Crap?! Crouch crouch crouch! Now only the groove can reflect my shock ……]

38th comment: [Zhou Tianjue scored 14 seconds 07, right? But 14 seconds 05 ah …… this is actually that Su Zhe’s results.]

41st comment: [What science is this? A 100m runner can do this?]

43th comment: [Upstairs, theoretically, it’s possible, but its difficulty is that the focus of the two sports are completely different, athletes need to be able to run in time to switch their athletic state to the appropriate rhythm, to do this, is a godly skill. So many athletes, in order to participate in a competition, it’s unknown how much time it takes to adjust their competitive state to the best.]

50th comment: [You’re right, ordinary people can casually run, of course, no problem, now the problem is, Su Zhe can actually run these two fields at the domestic first-class level …… and he really went against a group of 190 meters tall athletes and won, I’ve decided, next time I must go to the scene to worship this little god!]

The post on the Athletics Kingdom forum was quickly carried to Weibo, and some sports commentators who weren’t on the forum in real-time also saw the news one after another.

After seeing the carried forum content, Mr. Tao was the first to retweet it and then posted three huge exclamation marks as a way to express his inner shock.

Many sports fans from S-city also quickly rallied under Tao Sheng’s Weibo post, and all of them expressed their awe.

First in both the 100m sprint and 110m hurdles in the National Championship qualifiers?

Yes, the official Weibo of the National Championships had officially released the results of the 110m hurdles preliminaries, Su Zhe’s 14.05 seconds securely occupied the first place, in second place was Zhou Tianjue’s 14.07 seconds, and the third-place was a young player from province J who ran 14.27 seconds.

Compared with the third-place’s finish score, the 1st and 2nd place figures could be called a breakaway victory.

Many sports fans were discussing Su Zhe’s amazing consistency and superb strength shown in the last few races, while others were feeling sorry for Zhou Tianjue’s result.

Track and field fans located on the scene begged the “philosophers” for their video of the 110m race and uploaded the footage to the internet, where many people saw the conditions of the Group 5 race.

From the beginning, until someone fell in the first hurdle, you could see that Zhou Tianjue lagged a bit, but there was still a slight advantage against Su Zhe, the two’s position swapped after the fall, because of the unexpected commotion, Zhou Tianjue became distracted, he was still obviously aware of Su Zhe approaching, and because of Su Zhe’s speed and his surprise, the pace of the game was disrupted.

Su Zhe was not moved by the surrounding harassment throughout the race, and his rhythm between the bars was steady, all the way forward, to the sprint stage, then he accelerated straight to the finish.

  Even though Zhou Tianjue had regrouped in the second half to bring out all his strength forward, he was still a step slow at that time.

@Su Zhe’s mental stability has reached the level of the top players, while his attacking technique is superior, his attack rate is outstanding, and he played well in the field, in excellent condition! @ZhouTianJue’s technique is solid and delicate, his body strength is outstanding, and his explosive power when hurdling is extremely superior, his technique, talent and power are all at the top level, which is very rare among domestic players. Throughout the whole group, @Su Zhe and @Zhou Tianjue stood in the top position of the young generation in China, very much looking forward to seeing the two of them in the next National Championships!

Tao Sheng @ed the two athletes at the same time and published his heartfelt speech.

He really didn’t expect that Su Zhe could bring him such a surprise in addition to the 100m sprint.

Originally, this matter was just talked about in the sports circle.

But just in the blink of an eye, the topic of Su Zhe’s double first in the National Championships preselection was suddenly brushed up to the top of the hot search list, and a large number of people began to flock to the sports fans’ topics.

[What’s going on? Su Zhe got first again?]

[It seems to be only a qualifier, right? It doesn’t look very impressive ……]

The people who didn’t know much about the situation read the sports fans’ posts, exclaiming in amazement while reading them, and what caused this wave of hot searches was a Weibo post posted by Shao Xingchen.

[@suzhe congratulations, to a broader field and new steps, may you enjoy the next journey to the next level!]

At the bottom of this initial post, the satellites quickly cooperated with their boss, praising Su Zhe’s greatness and wishing him better results, and some “philosophers” ran to thank Shao Xingchen for his blessing.

But soon, the “Broken Light” crew also found out about Shao Xingchen’s post, and their official Weibo post immediately followed suit, blowing a wave of praises for Su Zhe, and then quickly bringing up the hashtags #dramabrokenlight# and #Su Zhe’s first place in the preselection for the Championships.

Immediately afterward, all the cast and crew of the Broken Light drama took turns on this post one by one and sent out their respective blessings @ Su Zhe.
  In the lounge, Shao Xingchen stared at his phone’s Weibo interface, looking at the increasing number of people @ing Su Zhe, his post was gradually drowned in the tide of the crew, he couldn’t help but frown.

When the yellow-haired Li Cheng pushed in from outside, he saw Shao Xingchen’s twisted face: “What’s wrong? This face of displeasure ……”

Shao Xingchen continued to look at the phone, shook his head, and replied: “Nothing.”

Li Cheng shrugged, saw Shao Xingchen phone interface cut to WeChat, so he hurriedly said: “Wait, the brand officer of Rampage contacted me, he hopes you and Su Zhe can work with them, although he talked about advertising cooperation, the people of Rampage also said, if the effect is good, perhaps there will be further cooperation. ”

Rampage was one of the first-class sports brands in China, their family sports series combined with trendy and fashionable design was the love of the younger generation in China today.

Perhaps because he felt that the follow-up prospect of this cooperation was good, Li Cheng was about to talk more with Shao Xingchen when he saw that Shao Xingchen had looked up at him, “Good, agree to this cooperation for me.”

G city Hotel.

Soon after Su Zhe returned to the hotel, he received a familiar phone call, the caller was his former manager Chen Cheng.

“Hey, Sister Chen Cheng, what’s up?”

Chen Cheng on the other end of the phone also had a headache: “It’s like this, you know the brand Rampage, right? They intend to ask you and Shao Xingchen to take a set of promotional photos of their new series and said that if the results are good, they hope to establish further cooperation. Since they couldn’t contact you personally, their brand officer contacted me.”


This sudden news made Su Zhe confused: “Ah, no, Sister Chen Cheng, I left the entertainment industry ……”

“What is quitting the entertainment industry?” On the other end of the phone, Chen Cheng sighed: “Su Zhe, you’ve been buried in training recently,  did you become silly? Are there athletes taking endorsement ads?”

“Uh …… this …… seems to be quite a few.” Su Zhe scratched his head in confusion: “But Sister Chen Cheng, until the end of August I have a competition, there is no way to shoot ads ah.”

“Okay, I’ll take care of this. You can just tell me if you are interested. Now it’s just an intention to ask for the time being, when the contract is officially signed, your competition should also come to an end, right?”

During the phone call, Chen Cheng dryly made a decision for Su Zhe.

It was just a photoshoot for an advertisement, Su Zhe had no problem with it. The only thing was that compared to his state before he quit the industry, Su Zhe couldn’t help but fall into a trance.

Chen Cheng on the other end of the phone also felt emotional: “If you had such popularity before retiring from the industry ……”

For retiring from the industry, Su Zhe did not have any regrets, he smiled and said to Chen Cheng, “Sister Chen Cheng, I really like my current identity and my current life.”

To improve himself in the training field and to fight on the field, Su Zhe understood that this was the fire that always burned in his heart.

After hanging up the phone, Su Zhe found that he received a message on his phone from Big Brother Shao.

【Congratulations on officially stepping into the full championship, looking forward to the next cooperation】.

Combined with the call from Chen Cheng just now, Su Zhe also understood this meaning of the message, after returning a message expressing gratitude, without waiting for a reply, Su Zhe threw his phone aside and then laid his whole body down on the bed.

Just then, he received a new system prompt.
  [Ding, prestige accumulation task has been completed. Mission reward: Open reputation value and attribute point exchange function.]

[The first time you exchange attribute points, you will be given 1 extra point of free attribute points.]

At the same time, Su Zhe also found a mission completion message in the corner of the system that didn’t have an official voice notification: For completing the 10 km mission for 50 days, the super idol system advancement function – perfect idol training space has been activated.

Description: The host can use skill points to exchange for perfect idol training space training hours, the training effect in the space is equivalent to the real world, the host can be in the training space, for daily training. In the training space, the senses are 100% simulated and cannot be adjusted downward. The daily training limit is 6 hours.

Seeing the newly released features of this system, training maniac Su Zhe felt tired – He was training with the system, which was called the super idol system. The mad training would never stop.

And at this time, on Weibo, Zhou Tianjue was among the people who @ed Su Zhe.

[@Suzhe I’ll let you see my real strength!]

Two hours later, Su Zhe finally found this @ because of his teammate’s WeChat prompt, and he simply retweeted it with a smile emoji.

[@ZhouTianJue ^_^ Okay.]

For a while, the sports circle fans all had their hearts pounding.

These two young athletes, one went from the entertainment industry to the sports circle, in the 100 meters and 110 meters hurdles in two consecutive events, he gave everyone a surprise, the divine rookie, the other was 110 meters hurdles famous coach Lu Fei’s carefully cultivated student!

Their appearance brought new life and spark to the domestic 110m hurdles event which had been in the doldrums for several years.

Everyone was looking forward to the next competition – the National Championships on August 10, coming up!!!

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