C39 —– One for Ten

Old George brought Cheng Hao and the others to a large entertainment center.


This entertainment place was divided into several floors, and there were all sorts of things to enjoy, from movie theaters to casinos, from bars to billiard rooms, everything was there.


In the basement of the building, there was also a huge field where boxing matches could be held.


Today, many matches would be held here, of course, the most popular one was the newcomer Bart’s challenge to Mad Bull.



Cheng Hao was looking forward to this match, and at the same time, he also sympathized with Mad Bull.



It was bad enough that a famous boxer lost after being challenged by a newcomer, but he had to lose so much face on the stage.



Cheng Hao wanted to remind Mad Bull to stop stuffing his pants.


But this was impossible, for one thing, he most likely didn’t have the opportunity to talk to the Mad Bull, and secondly …… If he really went to talk to Mad Bull like this, Mad Bull may not hit Bart yet, he’d beat him up first!


Cheng Hao didn’t want to be beaten by the mad bull.



Old George didn’t know Cheng Hao’s thoughts, he was very familiar with this place, and soon brought Cheng Hao and other people to the basement and led them to a small box.


The box was located next to the arena. They were elevated and you had to take the stairs to get up there, while down below was the place where they sold alcohol and food. Staying in such a box, you could see the matches in the ring in the center of the arena, and the view was very good.



But it wasn’t a popular place, people still wanted to be close to the fighters.



The place was so loud that old George spoke in a growl, “Damn, those people took down the motorized toys! Kids can’t play outside, they have to stay here!”


This place was actually not bad, Cheng Hao didn’t want Danny to see too much darkness, but when he thought that Danny had grown up living in a poor neighborhood, starving and living in abandoned buildings, he didn’t feel the need to be too strict.


As long as he protected Danny and didn’t let Danny get hurt.



“Those guys are going back more and more, all they know is expanding the casino!” Old George was still complaining, and while complaining, he called for the waiter again and asked for some food.



The waiter quickly brought up the food, a large plate of fries, along with a grilled tenderloin, cornbread, fried chicken wings, cookies, and ice cream, and he also asked for milk and wine.



With the cost of the box, the food, and a percentage of the tax and tip, all the spending added up to over a hundred dollars.


Cheng Hao used to not care about these small amounts of money, but he was so poor lately that after seeing Old George pay, he secretly sighed at the fact that Old George was really a rich man.



Lin Yuxun, on the other hand, clenched the bag in his hand.


This time when they went out, Lin Yuxun took all their money with him.



Since they were not at home, their money at home might be stolen, so it was more convenient to bring it with them, and they could also buy some things they wanted.



They had almost a thousand dollars, which he had always thought was a lot, but now, with a single stroke of Old George’s hand, a hundred dollars had gone out.


Lin Yuxun was a little ashamed.


But the two people, Danny and Claude, didn’t realize this at all; they were currently splitting the food on the table, and one of them was eating it with particular gusto.



The taste of these foods were all very average, and the milk wasn’t even fresh milk, but rather washed down with powdered milk, but they hadn’t had the chance to eat such small snacks before.



Danny’s eyes squinted happily as he took a sip of milk and a bite of cookie, and as for Claude, he specialized in picking meat to eat.



Old George cursed when he saw him eating, then asked for two more roasted turkey legs and gave one to him and Cheng Hao: “You two eat the turkey legs and give the snacks to the kid!”



“Thank you, Old George.” Cheng Hao said.


“Thank you, Old George.” Claude said after Cheng Hao.



When they settled down, Old George left, saying that he was going to look for some old friends.



When Old George left, Lin Yuxun asked Cheng Hao, “Cheng Hao, I see that there are people betting here …… Do you really think Bart will win?”


“I think Bart will win …… betting is a really good idea, how much are you going to bet?” Cheng Hao asked Lin Yuxun.


“Five dollars.” Lin Yuxun said, he was going to take out five dollars from his previous winnings and bet on Bart.


It would be best if he could win, and if he lost, he wouldn’t be unable to afford it.



Cheng Hao said, “Five dollars is too little! You take out five hundred dollars and I’ll help you to place the bet.”



“Five hundred dollars?” Lin Yuxun drew a breath of cold air, their entire belongings were only one thousand dollars!



“It’s fine, will we spend it all?” Cheng Hao said, “And with five hundred dollars, I’ll be able to earn it back in a month.”


Cheng Hao was now beyond certain that this match was the one Bart had written about in his autobiography.



In that case, Bart would definitely win.



Of course, there was also the possibility of an accident, so he wouldn’t take all of his money to bet, taking out five hundred dollars would be about right.


“Okay.” Lin Yuxun gave Cheng Hao five hundred dollars.


He trusted Cheng Hao’s vision.


Cheng Hao told Lin Yuxun to stay in the box and went out to find the betting point himself.



The method of placing bets here was different from Old George’s side.


As soon as Cheng Hao went over, he saw that there were several betting points set for this match.



For Mad Bull to win in three minutes, it was one to one point two. That was to say, bet ten dollars, if the mad bull really won in three minutes, the casino would give the bettor a total of twelve dollars with interest.


In addition, there were several options such as one to one and a half dollars for Mad Bull to win in three to six minutes, and one to two dollars for Mad Bull to win in six to nine minutes.


This boxing match wasn’t formal, it wasn’t a round system, it wasn’t over until someone fell, and now …… Most people bet on Mad Bull to win in three minutes.



And the highest odds, one to ten “Bart won”, basically no one bet.


Cheng Hao didn’t hesitate to bet five hundred dollars, bet on Bart to win.


“You want to bet on Bart’s victory? Are you crazy?”



“That Bart is just a cocky little guy!”



“Five hundred dollars isn’t much, but little guy, won’t you get beaten up by your dad for throwing your money away like that?”




Where the bets were placed, some people jeered at Cheng Hao.


Cheng Hao didn’t say anything, he just felt that the people here were really rich.


Surprisingly, five hundred dollars wasn’t much here ……


However, it was true that the people here, basically bet a few hundred, even betting a thousand or two thousand wasn’t unheard of, compared with the people here, the guests in the bar of the old George, were all the poor people.


Cheng Hao didn’t say much to them, he placed his bets and left, walked for a while, then looked back at the place where he placed his bets.


The casino was really good, and would never lose, they made so many betting options, in the end, no matter what, the dealer wouldn’t lose.


When Cheng Hao came back from placing his bets, he saw Old George.



Old George saw him and his voice was loud: “Where have you been! Hurry up and get ready, your match is about to start!”


“Right away!” Cheng Hao gave Lin Yuxun the betting voucher, then grabbed the turkey leg and gnawed the rest clean.


Old George looked at him with dissatisfaction, “You need to be weighed later you know? You’ll be competing against people of similar weight to you! God, you’re crazy to eat at a time like this!”


Cheng Hao silently swallowed the last bite of meat.


He instructed Claude not to go out, and asked Lin Yuxun to keep an eye on Danny before following Old George out.


Old George sent Cheng Hao to where the fighters were staying, “You stay here! I’m sure you can take care of things, so I’ll leave now, bye!”


After saying that, Old George directly left.


Cheng Hao knew that he was worried about Claude and the others, and raised his hand, “Goodbye Old George!”



But those fighters who stayed with Cheng Hao were incredulous at Old George’s behavior, “Hey, bro, is that your manager?”



Cheng Hao said, “Yes, that’s my manager.”


“I can’t believe he left you here and left ……” The man looked at Cheng Hao sympathetically.



“I can handle it myself.” Cheng Hao laughed, however, he didn’t actually need to handle anything, soon, a black man with a book and a pen came over, as soon as he arrived, he said to Cheng Hao: “It’s you, the only yellow man, you’re the one brought by Old George, aren’t you? He told me to watch you a little! Come over here!”


“Thanks!” Cheng Hao thanked him and obediently went over.


Then he was taken to be weighed.



“One hundred and forty pounds!” The person who weighed him said, and then Cheng Hao was assigned an opponent, and not only that, he would soon be competing on stage.



They, the little guys, would finish their match before Bart and Mad Bull’s match.



Cheng Hao began to warm up, observing the people around him, as well as his opponents in the meantime.



There weren’t many fighters this time, just a dozen or so in total, and his opponent, was a black man who stood around one meter seven.



This black man looked very robust, but Cheng Hao had no fear at all.


Claude wasn’t tall, only about one meter seven, but he was strong.



Having seen the two hundred pound Claude, and then looking at this man who was the same height but only around one hundred and forty pounds, Cheng Hao felt that he was a bit inadequate.



One must know that all of his previous opponents in Old George’s bar were basically over one hundred and fifty pounds, and there were quite a few one hundred and seventy to eighty pounds.



It was true that he had been beaten by Carpenter, but Carpenter was over two hundred pounds!



Cheng Hao adjusted himself.



His opponent, on the other hand, didn’t talk to him and was similarly adjusting his condition.



While Cheng Hao was making preparations on this side, on the other side, Old George also already knew who his opponent was, and it was his friend who had a waiter run over and tell him.



After getting the news, Old George nodded and didn’t say anything else.



Lin Yuxun asked, “Cheng Hao is going to compete, can I place a bet? I want to bet on him to win.”



Old George gave Lin Yuxun a look, “Don’t even think about it, the casinos won’t even open for a match with such a small shrimp.”



Lin Yuxun could only give up, yet he was a bit fidgety.



Old George said, “Cheng Hao will be fine, drink some milk.”


Lin Yuxuan took a sip of milk.


Old George added, “Eat something else!”


“Thanks.” Lin Yuxun thanked him and took a French fry and dipped it in ketchup.


He wasn’t really hungry and didn’t eat much of what was on the table.



Cheng Hao would definitely want to eat after the fight, so it would be good to save this food for Cheng Hao.



Old George also stopped talking, he looked in the direction of the ring with an expectant face.


However what came out first was not Cheng Hao, but another pair of boxers.



Seeing this, Old George explained to Claude, who responded with a “hmmmm”, but he didn’t know if he understood.



Finally, Cheng Hao came out.




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