C12—- Differentiation

Cang Hai picked a bigger Cui Diao from his spatial ring and handed it over to Xiao Yu, with a grandiose gesture of throwing away thousands of dollars for the sake of getting a beautiful woman’s smile.



Xiao Yu’s hand trembled when he received the gemstone, “I think the gemstone should still stay where it belongs instead of following me around.”



Cang Hai couldn’t help but smile, he knew what the little mermaid was concerned about, “You don’t have to pay for it if it’s broken, it was originally meant for you to use, and if it’s broken, it only means that you’ve met my requirements.”


This made Xiao Yu begin to wonder what exactly Cang Hai had in mind.


What kind of family was this, to use such an expensive gemstone to break it for fun?



“Do you still remember how you shattered Cui Diao?” Cang Hai asked him at the right time.



This had him stumped.



Xiao Yu thought back to what happened after he got it, and he was still wondering how Cang Hai could make such a strange request for him to cut the Cui Diao without the help of any tools. Then they encountered a sand crab swarm attack, it couldn’t have been broken during Cang Hai’s battle with the sand crabs, right?



He told Cang Hai his guess.



Cang Hai looked helpless, “You can’t tell how you cut it in half?”



Xiao Yu shook his head while his mind wondered, had he guessed wrong?



He initially thought that it was crushed by the energy gu-n, but on second thought, with the hardness of the Cui Diao, it shouldn’t be that easy to break.



There was only possibility that it was a sand crab.


“Forget it, the gem will be yours, when it breaks, find me again to receive a new one.”



Cang Hai probably understood that the little mermaid couldn’t control his spiritual energy well yet, perhaps it was during the fight with the sand crabs that his emotions were tightened to the extreme, which induced the release of his spiritual energy.


It was impossible to say that the three escaping sand crabs were also related to Xiao Yu’s spiritual energy.


After all, he didn’t force Xiao Yu to immediately master the use of spiritual power, the characteristics of spiritual energy varied from person to person, for example, he could only stimulate his spiritual energy in battle, and it could help him to see through the enemy’s attack trajectory, and at the same time, he could handle his mecha more comfortably.



Only by understanding one’s own spiritual energy could one better utilize it.



There were no shortcuts in this regard, so he could only rely on the little mermaid to figure it out on his own.


Xiao Yu received the gem with a heavy heart, he could vaguely guess the reason why Cang Hai gave him the Cui Diao, because in the original story, the gem was as hard as diamonds, but not as expensive as diamonds, and it was the best material for exercising spiritual energy.



A thumb-sized gem was enough for most people with spiritual energy to exercise for a year.


If the gem was really sliced in half by him, wouldn’t that mean that he was exceptionally talented? Wouldn’t he be able to become a powerful warrior like Cang Hai in the future then?



He stroked the gem in his hand and placed it in his pocket with preciousness.


However, it turned out that he had thought things too simply.



For several days in a row, he hadn’t been able to cause even half a bit of damage to it, which made him begin to wonder if the first piece was really cut by him.


Xiao Yu wasn’t a person who could hide things, especially in front of Cang Hai.



Knowing that the little mermaid had made no progress in his control of spiritual energy, Cang Hai had specially cleaned out the crab yolk of the female sand crab and filled a pot full of it.



He didn’t have a comforting personality, but he knew that as long as the little mermaid ate something tasty, his mood would follow the clouds and turn sunny.



The uncooked crabmeat was mushy and looked slightly unimpressive, a bit like cooled pumpkin porridge.



But as long as you had eaten crab roe, you’d know how sweet and delicious this stuff was.


Xiao Yu stood by the pot with glowing eyes, he had been waiting to eat this meal ever since he had caught the sand crabs.



However, compared to the crab yolk, which was rich in fat, the crab meat was more prone to decay, so he and Cang Hai stripped out the crab meat in advance that they couldn’t finish eating so they’d put it into the air dryer to dry.



Crab yolk naturally couldn’t be air-dried, and he couldn’t afford to waste such a good thing by taking it to air-dry.



The crab roe in the pot gradually solidified, and the surface of the cooked crab roe was golden yellow, the smell made him salivate even through the lid of the pot.


Cang Hai nodded slightly at Xiao Yu’s expectant gaze, signaling that he could open the pot.



As soon as the lid of the pot was opened, an overbearing aroma instantly escaped in all directions, Xiao Yu hurriedly took a spoon and dug a large spoonful into the bowl, the first mouthful was of course first given to the elder brother to savor.



Then it was his turn.


The full and smooth crab yolk instantly conquered Xiao Yu’s taste buds, the fresh sweetness of the crab yolk had reached an incomparable level, without adding any condiments, it was enough to make diners go crazy for it.



The texture of the crab yolk was a bit like salted egg yolk, but under the lubrication of the oil, it made the crab yolk a bit more dense.


Whether it was savored in small bites or chewed in large mouths, it had a distinctive flavor, and the strong fresh aroma reverberated in the mouth for a long time, practically passing through the nasal cavity and climbing all the way up to the top of the head. The fat but not greasy sweetness and wonderful taste simply went straight to his soul.



Xiao Yu ate to his heart’s content, only one of the five heads of sand crabs was a female crab, so the larger one was the one who sorted out such a pot of crab roe.

It could be said that the crab yolk was the essence of the female crab, to be able to eat crab yolk on the barren star, he should be thankful for the gift of nature.



Cang Hai was also satisfied with the crab yolk, but he also discovered something even more interesting, “Where’s your Cui Diao?”



“It’s in my pocket.” Xiao Yu replied without thinking.


Cang Hai extended his hand to him, “Take it out and take a look.”



Upon hearing this, although he didn’t know what Cang Hai wanted to look at it for, Xiao Yu still obeyed Cang Hai’s command and took out the gem that was placed with the energy gu-n.



Only after this look did he realize that something was wrong: “How did it ……”


Cang Hai took away the gem and carefully touched it, “There are cracks on the surface, not bad, keep up the good work.”



Xiao Yu stared blankly at this gem that he carried with him, he was fighting with it every day during the time he and Cang Hai went out on their rounds.



No matter how much he stared at the gem, he hadn’t been able to break it, but rather he was becoming cross-eyed.


He could guarantee that it was still fine until just before dinner.


That was strange, it didn’t make sense that he’d eaten a meal of crabmeat and cracked the gem, did it?


He felt that Cang Hai must know something, otherwise he wouldn’t have let him take out the gem at this time.


Fortunately, Cang Hai hadn’t intended to hide anything in the first place, ”I believe you’ve also noticed that the Cui Diao was previously still in its intact form, but now it’s cracked. We have not been affected by any external forces, and all we have done is just eat a meal of crab meat.”


Xiao Yu really couldn’t figure it out, “Could it really be that I ate and cracked it?”


The corners of Cang Hai’s mouth slightly raised, the little mermaid really dared to think.


And then he told him the answer, “Of course not, spiritual energy has a level, the higher the level of spiritual energy, the easier it is to be constrained. This is a self-choice made by the human brain for the survival of the being, after all, using a large amount of spiritual power all the time will cause irreversible damage to the body.”



Xiao Yu nodded thoughtfully, Cang Hai’s meaning in saying these words was nothing more than telling him that his spiritual energy was constrained.


It was also mentioned in the original story that everyone’s spiritual energy traits were different, and that spiritual energy determined what occupation the person was suitable for.


For example, if someone was able to use their spiritual energy when cooking, then that person would be more suitable to be a chef or a nutritionist, and he could even control the flavor of the food and how much nutrition it contained, which was a very impressive skill.


What about him?


Did it mean that he triggered his spiritual energy when he ate? So he was more suited to be a gourmet?


Xiao Yu was kinda looking forward to this, eating all the cosmic delicacies would be a way to live up to this transmigration.


“Think about it, what were you doing when the gem shattered twice?” Cang Hai continued to give instructions.



The first time, it was Cang Hai fighting the sand crabs; the second time, it was him enjoying the food.


Was there any connection between the two? Xiao Yu was puzzled.


Cang Hai knocked Xiao Yu’s head, “Stupid.”


Xiao Yu was aggravated, “I only remember when I was fighting with you and the sand crab, I wanted to help you but couldn’t. Then today, when I ate the crab roe, the crab roe tasted great and brought back memories, how can the two be related?”


Cang Hai was amused by the incoherent little mermaid, “The first time you were anxious, the second time you enjoyed it, the change in your mood might be the key to unlocking your spiritual energy.”



Xiao Yu: ……


What first time and second time, it sounded weird.


The speaker had no heart, but the listener had the intention, Cang Hai did not know where Xiao Yu’s thoughts flew to, “I’ve told you everything that should be told, as for whether you can comprehend it or not, it’s up to you. As soon as you master the use of spiritual energy, we will have one more guarantee when we leave the Desolate Star.”


Hearing Cang Hai say this, Xiao Yu hurriedly promised solemnly, “I will try my best.”



With an additional burden on his shoulders, his heart was instead pleased, he was finally of some use, although it was currently just Cang Hai’s side of the story.




Into the night.


Cang Hai abruptly woke up from his sleep, sheathed his long sword in his hand, and vigilantly listened to the sounds around him.


There was no movement.



He clearly smelled a faint pheromone, unlike him and Xiao Yu …… and so on, Xiao Yu was still underage, and he should not be able to smell the slightest pheromone on him.



If this wasn’t a foreign pheromone, there was only possibility ……



He followed the cool sweet fragrance in the air and sniffed all the way to the neck of the sleeping mermaid beside him.


He was stunned, he couldn’t have imagined in any way that the little mermaid’s tendency to differentiate was to an Omega!




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