C40 —– Five Thousand Dollars


Seeing Cheng Hao come out, Lin Yuxun had no one else in his eyes, he stood up and looked nervously at the ring in the distance.



Old George also stopped explaining, frowning as he watched intently, and even Claude and Danny, both of them, stopped eating.


All of their gazes fell on Cheng Hao and his opponent.


Cheng Hao and his opponent began to jump step, and quickly launched an attack ……


The crowd below was shouting at the top of their lungs, but Lin Yuxun clenched his fists and didn’t say a word.


His heart ached when he saw a punch land on Cheng Hao’s body, and he felt happy when he saw Cheng Hao hit his opponent.


He had followed Cheng Hao to Old George’s place, and had seen many boxing matches, but he still wasn’t very good at it, and couldn’t tell who was strong and who was weak.



But he just felt that Cheng Hao should be the best.


“Knock him down!”


“Knock his teeth out!”


“Go on!”



The audience shouted loudly, and in the midst of such shouts, some voices cheering for that black man suddenly appeared.


The man should be familiar to many of the spectators, thus those spectators shouted out his name.



When Lin Yuxun heard this, he gritted his teeth and suddenly shouted, “Cheng Hao! Go Cheng Hao! You’re the best!”


Before he could finish shouting, Cheng Hao punched his opponent in the jaw, knocking him out.


After doing so, Cheng Hao turned back and threw a flying kiss in Lin Yuxun’s direction, looking handsome.


Lin Yuxun’s heart was beating so fast that he became excited: “Cheng Hao! Cheng Hao! Cheng Hao!”



Old George glanced at Lin Yuxun and grunted twice; “It’s just a small match he won, why are you so excited?”


Though the words were said this way, a smile appeared on Old George’s face.


After Cheng Hao’s match ended, it was quickly replaced by another.



Lin Yuxun no longer went to look at the ring, only looking at the direction of the stairs from the entrance of the box.


He stared there for a while before he saw Cheng Hao walking up from the bottom of the stairs.


“Cheng Hao!” Lin Yuxun called out.


Cheng Hao on the stairs raised his head and smiled towards Lin Yuxun.


He smiled exceptionally well, Lin Yuxun felt that Cheng Hao was the person with the best smile he had ever seen.



It was as if his heart was about to jump out of his chest.


Cheng Hao returned to the box and started eating.



When Old George saw him like this, he revealed an expression that was hard to explain, “How come you can eat so much!”


Cheng Hao said, “Claude can eat too!”


Old George: “……” Before, Old George had always felt that Cheng Hao’s appetite was too good to be normal, but then he met Claude.



What Cheng Hao and Claude ate was actually about the same, and Cheng Hao was still at the age of growing his body……. Looking at it this way, Cheng Hao’s appetite was normal.



Old George said, “Your performance is very good, tomorrow night, follow me to meet my friends, you can compete with other fighters there.”


“Okay.” Cheng Hao said, “Then tomorrow during the day, are we free to go shopping?”



“Of course you can, but are you sure you’ll still have money to buy things by then?” Old George looked at Cheng Hao, “I heard that you spent a large sum of money to buy Bart to win?”


“How come I won’t have money to buy anything by then? Maybe I can have a large sum of money to buy things!” Cheng Hao said.


Old George hit Cheng Hao lightly: “Mad Bull’s strength is far above Carpenter’s, he’s won the All-American Championship in the amateur tournament …… Do you think Bart can win?”


Cheng Hao really didn’t know about this before, and after he knew, he sympathized with Mad Bull even more.


After Cheng Hao took a break and ate something, it was Mad Bull and Bart’s turn to have their match.


Both of them were originally sitting in the rest area, draped in towels, and after hearing the sound, they pulled the towels off together and walked towards the ring.



Bart had been in a lot of matches lately, and had made a name for himself, but not nearly as much as Mad Bull. When he came out to the ring, no one was cheering, and there was even a “boo” from some of the crowd.



Mad Bull was different, people kept shouting for him, most people in front gave him a high-five, and even a woman rushed up to him and kissed him.



He looked like a king.



Cheng Hao’s eyesight was quite good, and when Mad Bull got into the ring, his gaze went towards him.



The people who conducted boxing matches were all wearing only shorts, and Mad Bull’s pants were high up …… at a glance, he knew that he stuffed a lot of things.



The spectators were shouting for Mad Bull, and a few women in the box next to theirs even said, “He looks awesome!”


“Go Mad Bull, go for it! You’re the best!”



“I love you! Mad Bull!”




Mad Bull ran round the ring, sending flying kisses towards those around him.



Finally, he stopped and gave a middle finger towards Bart.



Cheng Hao stared unblinkingly at Mad Bull.



Lin Yuxun didn’t pay much attention to other people’s matches, even if it was about five hundred dollars …… Noticing that Cheng Hao was looking particularly hard, he asked, “What are you looking at?”


Cheng Hao said, “Mad Bull’s pants.”



Lin Yuxun: “……” Lin Yuxun looked at the ring, then saw a certain part of Mad Bull’s body that looked particularly magnificent.


Cheng Hao was actually looking at that part of someone else?



Lin Yuxuan couldn’t say anything for a moment, but it was Old George who spoke, “It looks incredible, doesn’t it? He stuffed it.”



Cheng Hao was a bit surprised, “You know?”



“Of course I know!” Old George said, “It’s not like he hasn’t had a woman before!”



Well …… Cheng Hao didn’t say anything and continued to watch.



Instead, Old George added: “He’s not the only one who does this either …… It boosts confidence, doesn’t it?”



Cheng Hao: “…… So it can still be like this.”



He hadn’t had much contact with foreign boxers before, so he was really out of touch.


The match started.



The vast majority of people, felt that it wouldn’t take more than three minutes for Mad Bull to knock out Bart, however, this was not the case.


Bart’s punches were surprisingly fast and heavy, and Mad Bull was quickly knocked to the ropes.


That was enough, followed closely by Mad Bull’s fall, which also skewed what he had tucked into his pants, even exposing a bit of it ……



It wasn’t quite the same as what Cheng Hao thought, that thing didn’t fall out, just showing a little bit, but it made Mad Bull lose face.


Most importantly, Mad Bull lost.



Those spectators were cursing, how much they liked Mad Bull before was how much they hated him now, seeing this scene, Cheng Hao was kinda saddened.



“He’s quite pitiful.” Cheng Hao said.



Old George looked at Cheng Hao, “How dare you remember to pity Mad Bull now? At this time, shouldn’t you go and collect your prize money?”



Cheng Hao and Lin Yuxun looked at each other and both got excited.



Five hundred dollars, one to ten meant they could get five thousand dollars!


Five thousand dollars!



Money was relatively valuable at this time, and Cheng Hao converted it to the equivalent of one hundred and fifty thousand RMB!


He was a poor man who suddenly got one hundred and fifty thousand yuan!



Cheng Hao was all excited, he suddenly looked at Old George, “Old George, do you know how much the tuition fee for a year in a private middle school is?” Wouldn’t he be able to send Lin Yuxun to school?



Lin Yuxun was also happy about the large sum of money he was about to receive, but as a result, he had just finished being happy when he heard Cheng Hao’s words and looked at Cheng Hao in surprise.


He didn’t expect that Cheng Hao would want to send him to a private middle school!



Old George asked, “You want your brother to go to a private middle school?”



Cheng Hao said, “Yes! Tony he is very smart! He should go to school!”


Old George said, “Don’t even think about it, private high school tuition alone is at least five thousand dollars a year, not counting the cost of furnishings, food, lodging, etc.”



Cheng Hao: “……”


Cheng Hao was struck by Old George.


The second time he was struck was after he asked about the prices in the city, and found that according to the city’s consumption, the value of a dollar at this time could not be equivalent to thirty yuan in 2020, and could only be equivalent to twenty yuan.



In this way, five thousand dollars would be equivalent to one hundred thousand. …… The value was greatly reduced.



“But don’t be discouraged, you can earn money sooner or later. When you’re a powerful boxer, your appearance fee will be a few thousand dollars at least.” Old George said.



Cheng Hao was instantly energized.


Compared to other jobs, boxing was still very promising!



Full of hope, Cheng Hao went to collect his winnings.



Before, when he went to place his bets, everyone thought he was stupid, but at this moment, everyone said he had a good eye and thought he was smart.



Cheng Hao didn’t talk to them, took the money and went to Old George.



To the dealer, five thousand dollars was nothing, but this was a large sum of money to Cheng Hao, and he was even a little nervous after putting it into his arms, “Old George, let’s go back quickly!”



“OK …… it’s really a bit late.” Old George yawned and led Cheng Hao and the others away, heading towards the hotel they were staying at.



The hotel they were staying at wasn’t far away, and Cheng Hao had been in a state of excitement on the way, and even said to Lin Yuxun, “Xiao Xun ah! We have a lot of money now, you go buy books tomorrow, you can buy two books at a time, read one and tear one, haha!”



“Can’t tear a book.” Lin Yuxun laughed.



Cheng Hao laughed along with him.



Danny was a bit sleepy, so Cheng Hao held him in his arms, but as a result, they were walking, when someone suddenly chased after them with a knife, “Stop, you guys, leave the money!”



Cheng Hao: “……” Just got the money, but even encountered a robber …… These people were several, each with a knife.



If these people came with bare hands, Cheng Hao wasn’t afraid of them in any way, this kind of people, he could take out one with one punch.



But these people had knives, and there were old and weak on their side.



“Claude, take old George and run!” Cheng Hao said.



“Take?” Claude was flabbergasted for a moment, then picked up Old George and ran, still in a princess hug.



Cheng Hao: “……”



Those robbers: “……”



Claude was really good …… Cheng Hao held Danny in one hand, pulled Lin Yuxun with one hand, and ran forward after him.



He was determined not to pay!



Since he was afraid of getting hurt, then run!


See who could run faster!





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