C38— Goodbye Mad Bull


Cheng Hao didn’t know that old George had taken himself as a true and faithful character.

Teaching Claude was also an annoying thing for him.

But as long as he remembered that without himself, Claude should be able to receive Old George’s wholehearted and careful teaching, he felt a bit embarrassed and willing to spend more time on Claude.


Because he had to go out of town to compete in the next few days, Old George asked Cheng Hao not to participate in the bar competition for the time being.


Although this was one less income, Cheng Hao also knew the importance and had no problem with it.


For the next week, he woke up every morning at 6:00 a.m., trained at home for two hours, then took a shower and went to Old George’s place, and then trained and taught Claude until 5:00 p.m.


At 5 p.m., he would go home and spend two hours with Lin Yuxun and Danny, and from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., he would train for two more hours.


When he trained, he also pushed himself, until he was exhausted.


After transmigrating, there were always a lot of things to do, it could be said that this week, was the most he had trained during the week.


If someone else trained so much, something would have probably gone wrong with their body, but he now had a strong recovery ability.


Cheng Hao persevered, not only persevered, he also felt his strength was much stronger, even his weight, also rose a little.


It was reasonable to progress so quickly, Cheng Hao should be happy, but after looking at the first-class physical quality of Claude, he felt he couldn’t be happy too early, he should train more rigorously and seriously.


Otherwise if he couldn’t even beat Claude, what kind of boxing champion did he want to become?

Cheng Hao didn’t dare to slack off in the slightest.


So, when he was at Old George’s place, he hardly had any free time – he was always working out and would not stop until he was exhausted from practicing, then he would teach Claude.


But even then, Claude’s training didn’t fall behind, because every time Cheng Hao did physical training, Claude would follow beside him.


Even though he still didn’t know how to power up when he punched and couldn’t figure out which areas he should hit others, he at least learned to use, the jump rope, push-ups, deep squats and other movements.


Time passed in the blink of an eye, and soon it was the day that George Sr. would take Cheng Hao to the competition.


Old George would drive him there and they’d leave at eleven in the morning.


At ten o’clock, Cheng Hao brought Lin Yuxun and Danny, who had changed into new, clean clothes, to the place where Old George lived.


Cheng Hao was already very comfortable in Old George’s house and would not be at all restrained, but both Lin Yuxun and Danny were a little uneasy when they saw the beautiful house Old George lived in.


“You guys don’t need to be afraid, Old George is a very friendly person.” Cheng Hao said.

Lin Yuxun smiled and relaxed a lot, but Danny was still hiding behind Lin Yuxun, after all, he couldn’t hear Cheng Hao’s words.


Cheng Hao stroked Danny’s hair, picked up Danny and walked inside.


As soon as they entered, they saw Claude.


This time when they went to the competition, Old George originally didn’t intend to bring Claude with him, after all, Claude was a bit unruly.


But this week, Cheng Hao had been patiently teaching Claude, and although Claude still didn’t understand rules, he already trusted Cheng Hao and listened to him very much …… Old George decided to take him along.


His car could sit five people, so Claude could also have a seat.


As for Arabella …… since old George wasn’t in, she would stay and take care of the bar.



Even though Arabella usually stayed at home and did the cooking and cleaning, she was actually a very powerful woman, that even knew how to box, to take care of a bar wasn’t a big deal for her!



But these days, old George always repeatedly instructed her, she could drink, but she couldn’t drink too much, so as not to miss things ……


“Cheng!” Claude wanted to come over as soon as he saw Cheng Hao, but as a result, he found that Cheng Hao was holding a child, so he just looked at Cheng Hao with a pitiful expression.


Cheng Hao: “……” A man with big muscles, a beard on his face, and a bear-like face looking at him with such an expression, he was really a bit overwhelmed.


Danny and Lin Yuxun were more adorable.


Cheng Hao introduced Lin Yuxun and Danny to Claude.


Claude said, “Well …… what …… hello guys.”


“Tony and Danny.” Cheng Hao said.


Claude nodded stupidly.


While they were talking, Arabella came out.



As soon as Arabella came out, her eyes were drawn to Danny, who was held by Cheng Hao: “Oh, God, where is this little baby from? He’s too cute!”


“Arabella, he is my brother, and Tony, this is also my brother.” Cheng Hao introduced Danny and Lin Yuxun again.


Arabella also liked Lin Yuxun: “This is also a very cute kid, just too skinny! Boy, you should eat more!”


So saying, Arabella went to get the meatballs for Lin Yuxun and Danny to eat.


Lin Yuxun and Danny were a bit overwhelmed by such enthusiasm, but Cheng Hao thanked Arabella for them and then took the food and let them eat slowly.


When old George came down from upstairs, they were about to leave.


Cheng Hao ate all the meatballs that Danny and Lin Yuxun didn’t finish, and after putting the plates in the kitchen, he carried their things and put them in the trunk of the car.


Old George’s car was a Cadillac, which looked a bit old. He sat in the driver’s seat, let Claude sit in the passenger seat, and let Cheng Hao take Lin Yuxun and Danny in the back row.


Once in the car, George stepped on the gas pedal and the car sped off.


Cheng Hao sat behind the driver’s seat, and just as the car drove out, he noticed that Danny, who was sitting in the middle of the back row, was a bit nervous, so he simply held Danny on his lap, and looked at Lin Yuxun: “You guys have never been in a minivan?”


“Yes.” Lin Yuxun said.


“A minivan and a bus is actually no different, don’t be afraid.” Cheng Hao said, however, just as his words fell, he heard Claude say: “I’m scared!”


Lin Yuxun and Danny had at least have taken the bus before, although it was hard to adapt to this minivan, it wasn’t so difficult to accept, Claude wasn’t the same …… It seemed he had never been in a car.


What’s more, when he felt something, he always said it directly.


“Cheng, I’m scared!” Claude looked at Cheng Hao and repeated.


Claude was big, but his IQ was estimated to be the level of a five or six-year-old child, Cheng Hao was used to treating him as a child: “Don’t be afraid, don’t worry, it’s okay.”


“I’m still a little scared ……”


“Then let’s have a chat.” Cheng Hao said helplessly.


When Old George heard Claude say he was afraid, he got angry and wanted to scold him, but then he saw Cheng Hao coax Claude well, his anger quickly left.


But Lin Yuxun’s mood got worse and worse.

These days, Lin Yuxun often heard Cheng Hao talk about Claude.


At that time, he didn’t like Claude very much, and now such a feeling was even worse.


This person …… was stealing Cheng Hao from them.


Thinking this way, Lin Yuxun’s hands clenched together.


Although Cheng Hao was talking to Claude, but still kept an eye on Lin Yuxun and Danny.


He and Claude and Old George, at least, had gotten along and were familiar with each other, unlike Lin Yuxun and Danny, who were total strangers to Claude and Old George.


Before Cheng Hao came, he had already considered that he couldn’t leave them out in the cold.


Now noticing that Lin Yuxun seemed a bit uneasy, Cheng Hao patted his hand: “You don’t have to worry, the trip will be pleasant.”


“I’ve never been that far away.” Lin Yuxun immediately answered, wanting to talk to Cheng Hao more.


“If you have never been there, all the more reason to go there and gain some insight. The more things you see, the higher your future height will be.”


Cheng Hao usually didn’t have much contact with their neighbors, but he found that those neighbors of his were very superstitious.


So in a small community, there were several religions operating.


Even some people who got sick didn’t go to the hospital, but sought out voodoo for unknown water to drink, or sought out the Sathya religion to release a chicken.


Of course, they may also do so because it was cheaper and they could afford it.


Lin Yuxun took Cheng Hao’s words to heart.



Old George also said, “That’s very true, one must grow up, only by seeing more of the world can one grow up, and then one will know how stupid one used to be.”


Old George had been speaking not very politely, but that was indeed the truth.


Cheng Hao couldn’t help but laugh.


Lin Yuxun asked at this time, “The big city, what is it like?”


Cheng Hao got stuck.


He knew what big cities were like, but he didn’t know what big cities were like in this period in the United States.


If old George hadn’t been there, he might have just said something and described the big cities he had seen before he transmigrated to Lin Yuxun.

Anyway, even if Lin Yuxun found out that he was wrong, he wouldn’t have said anything.


But now that Old George was here, he couldn’t just fool around.


Luckily, Old George spoke up: “You’ll know when you go! I’m going to see an old friend, so I’ll stay for two more days, and then you guys can go out for a stroll!”



“That’s really great! Old George!” Cheng Hao was overjoyed, he was thinking before that he would leave tomorrow, and if he had to attend the game in the evening, Lin Yuxun and the others would not have time to go out for a stroll …… Now this way, he would be able to show Lin Yuxun and Danny the American city at this time of the year.


He could also see a little.


“Don’t be too happy, you have to keep an eye on Claude.” Old George said.


“No problem!” Cheng Hao agreed without even thinking, Claude was silly but still obedient.


Old George looked at Cheng Hao with satisfaction and stepped on the gas again.


He was not young and temperamental, but he wasn’t willing to drive a little slower ……


Old George drove the car for three hours in one breath, and then they stopped in front of a diner by the road.


Here they could go to the bathroom, eat, get gas, and take a break.


They ate here, and then Old George asked Cheng Hao to take the other three people to play nearby: “I’m going to lie in the car for a while, you guys come back in half an hour!”



Cheng Hao agreed and led them to to leave, before leaving, he saw old George took out the marijuana.


Many people in this place used marijuana as a cigarette, it was really bad, and what was worse, some adults would put marijuana in the mouth of children.


Fortunately, Old George was not such a person, and he forbade Cheng Hao and Claude to use marijuana.


The place where they parked had no other buildings except for that one small house.


But there were tall trees, and wild flowers and weeds.


All of them were unknown to Cheng Hao.


Since childhood, he was busy training, so he rarely see nature, even though he often ate vegetables, he couldn’t recognize all, let alone the flowers and trees in the wild.


Lin Yuxun even asked, “What kind of tree is this?”


“I don’t know what kind of tree it is either.” Involved in the matter, Cheng Hao wouldn’t talk nonsense: “If you are interested, we can buy a plant encyclopedia.”

“I’m just casually asking.” Lin Yuxun said.


As he was talking, Danny picked two small unknown yellow flowers from the side, ran to Cheng Hao and Lin Yuxun, and gave one to Cheng Hao and Lin Yuxun.


“Danny, thank you!” Cheng Hao said thanks and kissed Danny’s forehead.


Then …… Danny gave him a heart with his hand!


Cheng Hao picked him up, threw him to the sky and then caught him, with a feeling that he did not love this child for nothing.


His Danny was really too cute, too warm!


Danny let out a “giggle” and gave Lin Yuxun another love gesture.


Lin Yuxun was able to pick up Danny, but couldn’t throw him like Cheng Hao, he squatted down and gave Danny a hug.


He really didn’t dare to think before, didn’t dare to think that he would be so happy, didn’t dare to think that Danny would be so happy.


The three of them were warming up when Claude ran over and gave Cheng Hao a big handful of flowers, “Cheng! Here you go!”


Cheng Hao: “……” What was Claude doing sending flowers like Danny? Did he want to be kissed and hugged and lifted up high too?


Cheng Hao patted Claude’s shoulder: “Thank you! Come on, let’s sort out the flowers and give them to Old George later.”


Cheng Hao and Claude sorted out the bouquet of flowers, while Lin Yuxun, at this time, had a sense of urgency.


This Claude actually gave Cheng Hao flowers …… He was too good at pleasing people!


Shouldn’t he also learn a little and find a way to give Cheng Hao something?


Now that Cheng Hao had an income and didn’t need his support, what if he couldn’t do anything for Cheng Hao, what if Cheng Hao left?


While Lin Yuxun was thinking about this, Cheng Hao had taken advantage of the free time to do push-ups.


Cheng Hao was very happy to be closer to Danny or Lin Yuxun, because he found that these two were a little lacking of love, but he was now very busy, and they didn’t spend much time together ……



So now, Cheng Hao wouldn’t forget them, he always tried to keep contact with them.


He let Danny sit on his back and did push-ups on his back.


What Cheng Hao did, Claude would learn to do, and seeing this scene he also did push-ups, and asked Lin Yuxun, “Nick, sit on my back!”


Lin Yuxun refused and added: “My name is not Nick, my name is Tony.”


“Okay.” Claude nodded and did push-ups alone.


Old George took a break, got out of the car, and noticed his two fighters, training on the side of the road.


“Time to go, you guys!” George Sr. shouted up.


Claude jumped up and was about to leave when Cheng Hao said, “Claude! Remember!”


Hearing Cheng Hao’s words, Claude turned back, picked up the flowers on the roadside, and rushed over to give them to Old George.


Old George couldn’t restrain the smile on his face.


“Old George, Claude still thinks of you, you can be more tolerant to him in the future.” Cheng Hao said, old George scolded Claude every day …… his throat felt sore for old George.



Old George glared at Cheng Hao, forgiving Claude to do what? This flower was certainly not Claude’s thought!


After getting into the car, the crowd drove for another two hours before arriving at the destination.


This was indeed a very prosperous big city.


The roads were full of cars going back and forth, and the roadsides were lined with high-rise buildings. This city of the 1980s was no different from the big cities of China in the 21st century.


Even the subway wasn’t lacking.


But there were fewer people who walked while playing with their cell phones.


They arrived a little late, old George parked the car in the underground garage of a hotel, deposited their luggage at the front desk, didn’t even go up to see their room, and took them away.


“This place is a little better than my bar, children can also go, of course, just don’t let him watch the game, he can play with electric toys outside.” George Sr. pointed to Danny.


“Okay!” Cheng Hao answered.


Old George added: “By the way, there is a mad bull game tonight, there is a little guy who wants to challenge him, you can see it later.”


“Okay!” Cheng Hao answered again.


Cheng Hao had heard of the mad bull before.


At that time, when he first went to Old George’s bar to fight, he heard that Mad Bull was coming over and would also fight Carpenter.


But at that time he was in a hurry to go home and left after defeating Gerald, so he didn’t see the real appearance of the mad bull.


He didn’t expect that he would run into Mad Bull.


It was already dark, Cheng Hao followed old George inside, then suddenly thought of something: “Old George, what is the name of the mad bull?”


Old George said, “His name is Esmond.”


Esmond? This name was a bit familiar ……


Cheng Hao was thinking this way when he suddenly saw a poster.


On the poster were two black men, both big men full of muscles, and next to them were some words to the effect that there was a boxer named Bart who challenged the mad bull and spouted wild words to knock the mad bull out, and everyone was welcome to come and see.



When Cheng Hao saw this poster, he suddenly remembered why he found Mad Bull’s name familiar.


He knew Mad Bull!



But it wasn’t because of how famous Mad Bull was …… but because his opponent was famous.


His opponent, was Bart.


Bart was a very famous fighter in the eighties, it was the year he emerged strongly in the ring, in the middle he committed a crime and was imprisoned for a few years, then in the late eighties he came out again and eventually became the heavyweight world champion and got the gold belt.


In his last life, Cheng Hao bought his autobiography to read.


In it, it mentioned that he beat a fighter named “Esmond”.


Cheng Hao had read a lot of autobiographies of fighters, each fighter had written about their many matches, they reasonably wrote a few hundred words of the fight, Cheng Hao couldn’t necessarily remember, but this Esmond was too special, he wanted to forget, but also couldn’t forget.



Bart said in his autobiography that when Esmond fought, he liked to stuff something into his pants to make his male symbol look great, as a way to deter his opponents.



But when they sparred, something fell out of Esmond’s pants …… fell out ……


And, Esmond lost.


Cheng Hao stood in front of the poster with extraordinarily complicated feelings.



He was about to see …… a game that he had been “nostalgic” about since he read an autobiography!


Lin Yuxun noticed Cheng Hao’s complicated expression and asked, “What are you looking at?”


“Nothing, I just think that Mad Bull might lose.” Cheng Hao said casually.


Lin Yuxun was stunned, he believed Cheng Hao’s words 100%, so …… should he place a bet?



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