C3—– Boxer

Cheng Hao opened the door and found that outside was a room slightly larger than the room he was just staying in, this room also had no windows, but there was a door.

The door was a rusty roll-up door, which was now wide open. According to the construction of this house, this place was originally a garage.

Of course, now this less than thirty square feet garage was divided, the inside of the garage was the bedroom, the outside was the kitchen, dining room and living room.

The garage wasn’t big, so the partition was even smaller, even if the outside only had a few simple furnitures, it still looked very crowded, and the table and chairs were squeezed into the corner. Three black people who were about fourteen or fifteen years old and were thin, but only around one metre six tall, were pushing an Asian boy who was about the same height as them.

The Asian boy’s hair was a bit long, Cheng Hao couldn’t see him, but he knew he was the person who saved him before – this boy was still wearing the shirt stained with his blood, but the shirt was torn.

Hearing the door open, the four men turned their heads together.

“Yellow-skinned monkey, you’re hiding a lover?” One of the black boys whistled as he looked at Cheng Hao teasingly.

Cheng Hao didn’t say anything, he used the stick in his hand and stabbed it towards the boy’s stomach, hitting him hard.

The boy’s face turned pale, then he covered his stomach and vomited.

Cheng Hao knew that this person would feel unable to breathe and vomit after being hit by him, and now the boy had lost his fighting ability.

As a boxer, he knew exactly which part to hit so people couldn’t resist.

He knew that after knocking out one person, the best thing he could do was to take advantage of the situation and knock out the remaining two boys as well.

But he didn’t have the strength.

Not only that, he could feel the wound on his stomach split open and blood coming out ……

Cheng Hao looked at the three boys with a cold expression: “I don’t hit children, get out!”

Cheng Hao’s aura was intimidating, and he was very tall, a full twenty centimetres taller than the people in front of him, and blood was still coming from his stomach, he didn’t look easy to mess with.

The two teenagers who weren’t beaten, shivered and ran outside, the other boy who vomited incessantly saw the situation, then he covered his stomach and ran outside.

Cheng Hao waited for them to leave before looking at the Asian boy who was shivering: “What are you doing? Go close the door!”


The teenager immediately ran to the door. He took out an iron bar with hooks from the corner, hooked the rolled-up shutter door and pulled it down. When it reached his head, he pulled it down completely .. .

He hadn’t yet closed the door completely, when Cheng Hao fell to the ground.

The disgusting stench of vomit was too close, Cheng Hao used his last strength to curse: “Sh!t!”


After cursing, Cheng Hao almost lost consciousness.

The teenager who was closing the door paused, he wanted to help Cheng Hao, but in the end he didn’t do it …… He took out a key and locked the roll-up door before turning on the light, then he ran to Cheng Hao and asked in Chinese: “Are you …… okay? ?”

The Chinese he spoke, to be more precise, was a dialect.

The good thing was that Cheng Hao understood him, and even more – this person was Chinese, and not Japanese, Korean or something, that was really good!

But at this moment, he didn’t even have the strength to speak, he opened his mouth but he couldn’t say anything.

Cheng Hao saw the teenager run over to help him.

His state today was a little better than the time he asked for help before, since he knew he wouldn’t die, he wasn’t as determined as before, he didn’t have strength to assist the teenager ……

The good thing was that although the teenager was thin, he was quite strong, and finally with difficulty, he helped him up and put him on his back.


His weight was on the teenager’s body, but his feet were dragging on the ground …… Cheng Hao felt a little embarrassed, but the teenager used one hand to fix his position while using the other hand to open the door to the room leading to the inner room.

The room was still the same as it was before Cheng Hao left, the mixed-race child was completely unaware of what was happening outside, he looked up and smiled at them.

The child’s smile was like an angel’s, but Cheng Hao didn’t have time to appreciate it.

He felt a lot more blood being squeezed out of his wound …… It was a miracle he wasn’t dead.

He was brought into the room, the man held him, grabbed the shirt he was wearing and ripped it off, which put his upper body on the bed, followed closely by him taking off his outer pants and moving his lower body to the bed as well.

Cheng Hao: “……”

As the teenager did all this, he was panting, seeing Cheng Hao look at him, he gulped: “You …… clothes dirty ……”

Cheng Hao knew he took off his clothes because they were dirty, and he didn’t blame him, but he still didn’t have the strength to talk ……


At least it was safe, Cheng Hao closed his eyes to rest.

“You’re not dying …… you ……,” the teenager’s voice was a little shaky.

Cheng Hao opened his eyes and looked at him, signalling that he was fine, before he closed his eyes once again.

He was very lucky, with the current situation, he wouldn’t die, and he didn’t want to die, so he had to live with the identity of Cheng Jinhao.

This wasn’t what he wanted, but compared to death, it was certainly better to live.

But all his achievements in his previous life were gone, it was a bit painful.

Cheng Hao was a boxer in his last life.

He was born in 1992, his father died early, his mother also died of illness when he was a teenager, with no one to rely on, at the age of twelve years, he got into the provincial sports school boxing team to learn boxing.


After that, he first made a name for himself in the junior boxing competition, and at the age of eighteen, he became a national boxing player and won the national 54 kg championship.

At the age of twenty, he represented his country in the Olympic Games and won another bronze medal in the 60 kg class of the Olympic boxing competition.

After that, he participated in many amateur boxing competitions and won the Olympic boxing gold medal in the 60 kg class at the age of twenty-four, and by the end of this Olympics, he became a professional boxer and also won the WBO light heavyweight world championship and got the championship gold belt.


Because boxing was divided into many classes according to weight, and of all the classes, the most popular had been the heavyweight class, his popularity and income wasn’t particularly high, but it wasn’t low either.

But boxing was a very vulnerable sport, although he won time and again, his body accumulated a lot of injuries, so at the age of twenty-eight, he retired, planning to get married and have a child, become a coach, and live a peaceful and stable life.

Unfortunately, his retired life had just started before it ended.

Cheng Hao thought about all the things he had experienced in his previous life and sighed a little, closing his eyes in the meantime to recuperate.

He was very weak at this moment, and what made it even more unbearable for him was that he was hungry, very hungry.

It would be nice if there was food ……

After Cheng Hao laid down, the teenager who saved him covered his wound with another piece of gauze and fixed it with adhesive tape.

After dealing with Cheng Hao’s wound, the teenager went outside and came in only after a while, and when he came back, he had an iron lunch box in his hand and said to the mixed-race kid in English: “Danny, brother brought back fried chicken from school ……”

Cheng Hao snapped open his eyes and moved his hand, tapping out sounds on the bed board, while his eyes were fixed on the iron lunch box.

He wanted to eat!

Cheng Hao’s reaction made the teenager a bit dazed, he took the lunch box and looked at Cheng Hao, as for the mixed-race kid, he also looked at Cheng Hao in confusion.

Cheng Hao, who just now didn’t have the strength to speak, opened his mouth and said, “Eat!”

He wanted to eat, he wanted it so badly!

The teenager subconsciously handed the lunch box to Cheng Hao.

Cheng Hao’s eyes were fixed on the lunch box, reaching out to take the fried chicken inside, but as his hand was raised, he realised he had little strength, so he just shook.

He was so desperate to eat. The young man saw it in his eyes. He licked his lips and picked up a piece of chicken cutlet and brought it close to Cheng Hao’s mouth.

Cheng Hao’s hand fell on the bed, with his mouth wide open, he almost resembled a wolf as he ate the piece of chicken.

Seeing Cheng Hao like this, the teenager took another piece of chicken to Cheng Hao, who ate it again in three bites.

The chicken in the teenager’s lunchbox was only two pieces in total, so he gave it all to Cheng Hao, and that was fine, but Cheng Hao looked like he wasn’t full.

Cheng Hao really hadn’t eat enough: “Is there more?”

The teenager looked at Cheng Hao, took out a long and large piece of bread from the corner and placed it close to Cheng Hao’s mouth.


Cheng Hao took a big bite impatiently, and then …… choked.

The bread wasn’t fluffy, but very dry and hard, it wasn’t good to swallow.

As Cheng Hao choked, the teenager quickly took a glass of water and placed it in his mouth and also held up his head, so he could drink properly.

Cheng Hao slowly drank water, and he finally looked at the teenager’s appearance.

The mixed-race child was very good-looking, and the teenager wasn’t ugly either.

He looked about 14 or 15 years old, a little thin, but his eyes were big, his eyes were dark, and after meeting his gaze, the teenager subconsciously moved his eyes away, and soon moved them back, concentrating on feeding him water.

Cheng Hao secretly sighed, feeling a little sympathy for this child.

He was very good-looking, but one side of his face was a little swollen, he was probably beaten, his neck and shoulder had bruises, his hair and clothes were dirty, and his hands were covered with tiny wounds.

Just by looking at his appearance, it was clear that he had a hard life.

And this wasn’t something that surprised him.

Racial discrimination was a thing that had always existed, and in this period, because the motherland of the Chinese wasn’t strong, and the number of Chinese in the United States was small, the discrimination against Chinese people was even greater.

He knew this after looking through Cheng Jinhao’s memories.


When Cheng Jinhao first came to this country, both white and black people discriminated against him.

If he didn’t know how to fight, he would have been severely bullied.

Cheng Jinhao had a good body and could fight, but the teenager in front of him obviously didn’t have this ability, so he could only be bullied.

However, the child saved him, he would help him more in the future.

Cheng Hao made a decision. At the same time, he took a mouthful of bread.

After eating, he still eyed the teenager – he wanted to eat some more.

“You’ve eaten a lot ……” The teenager was hesitant and shocked again.

“I’m still hungry.” Cheng Hao said. He ate a lot, he couldn’t eat such a big and sturdy bread even when he trained hard in his last life, but he was still hungry now.

He had never been so hungry before.

But his strength was slowly coming back, and his body was in much better shape.


Cheng Hao suddenly thought of something.

He had noticed before that his injuries seemed to heal particularly quickly, but he didn’t know why, and now, he had a guess.

After he transmigrated, did he get a golden finger? For example, his wounds healed especially fast?

As for being hungry all the time and wanting to eat …… Was it because he needed energy to heal?


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