C4— Deaf Child

Cheng Hao lived to twenty-eight years in his last life, the vast majority of his time, he spent it with the boxing team, his daily routine was training, training and more training, his life wasn’t interesting, but it wasn’t boring.


He would also go online, watch TV, read novels and so on, although he didn’t have much interest in transmigration novels, he had some understanding of the “golden finger” thing.


But he wasn’t sure if he really had a golden finger, he only had one feeling at the moment – he was hungry, and he only wanted to do one thing – eat.


The teenager glanced at the empty plate with empty glass of milk: “You didn’t eat what I asked Danny to give you?”


“I ate.” Cheng Hao was a little embarrassed: “I have a big appetite.”


This was no longer a problem of big appetite …… the teenager’s face clearly showed his shock, he looked at Cheng Hao, and took out a milk powder can from the corner of the bed, and also brought out cereal.

He poured the cereal in an iron lunch box, added some water and stirred it up, and fed it to Cheng Hao.


The water he added wasn’t hot, but it was cold, the cereal wasn’t soft, and it was the cheapest kind ……


Cheng Hao felt like he was chewing wood crumbs.


But he was too hungry.


He ate the lunchbox full of wood crumbs, no, cereal.



He felt himself regain more strength, and the weakness and pain in his body disappeared a lot, and then he was …… even hungrier.


The can of milk powder which the cereal was placed still had a lot of cereal ……

Cheng Hao’s eyes fell on that can: “Can you give me some more?”


The teenager hesitated for a moment, poured out all the remaining cereal in the can, added some water and fed it to Cheng Hao, while feeding him, he looked at Cheng Hao’s stomach with amazement.


Cheng Hao was actually surprised too.


Forget the sandwiches, milk and fried chicken at the beginning. That big piece of bread wasn’t the light bread he used to eat in China. On the contrary, it was heavy enough for a family to eat.

Not to mention the cereal later.


For people who were dieting in China, two or three spoonfuls of cereal could be used as a meal, and just now the teenager poured him a lunch box full of cereal.


The lunchbox was quite large, in his last life, after eating this lunchbox of cereal, he’d be full.


But now, all of this was eaten by him, and he still felt hungry.


Cheng Hao ate another big spoonful of cereal and held out his hand, “Give me the lunch box, I’ll eat it myself.”


The teenager gave the lunch box and spoon to Cheng Hao.


Cheng Hao took the lunch box and spoon and ate fast, he was eating when an ear-piercing voice suddenly rang out: “Ahhhhh!”


Cheng Hao turned his head and saw that it was the mixed-race child who made the sound.


The child’s eyes were open, and his mouth was wide open as he made some harsh and hoarse sounds, while his eyes were fixed on the lunch box Cheng Hao was holding.


Cheng Hao didn’t get a response when he talked to the child before, so he knew that the child had a problem. Later, when he heard the people outside call him “little mute”, he confirmed this point.

And now seeing his appearance ……


Cheng Hao knew that the child in front of him, either became or was born deaf. He couldn’t hear sounds, so he couldn’t speak and was treated as a mute, but his vocal cords weren’t actually a problem, so he could make sounds when he was angry or emotionally agitated.



As for why he was emotionally agitated ……


Cheng Hao stopped eating the cereal.


He suddenly remembered, before the sandwich and milk, the fried chicken was originally the food that the teenager brought for this child, but he ate it all.



Not only that, he also ate the bread, their cereal was also almost finished by him ……


At this time, compared with other countries, the food in the United States was relatively abundant, and there were many channels for the poor to get free food. However, due to various considerations, the food given by the government couldn’t be preserved for a long time.

The food that had short shelf life, the poor would eat it after receiving it, and the food that could be preserved for a long time, would most likely be kept to sell.


If these two brothers were living with their parents and their parents were working, they would have another source of food, but in this garage, there was no sign of anyone other than them.


The two of them, even if they had parents, certainly didn’t live with them, and therefore mostly lived on welfare.


He…… may have eaten all the food in their house.



Cheng Hao looked at the box, only one-third of the lunchbox of cereal remained, he felt that he had no face to face these two children.


“I’ve had enough.” Cheng Hao put down the spoon, he didn’t know if these two would eat the rest of the cereal, but he certainly couldn’t eat now.


“It’s okay, eat, there is still food.” The teenager said, rummaging through the stuff around him and pulling out a can, “I have a can of tuna.”


“I’ve really have enough.” Cheng Hao said. He could see that the teenager had hidden some food at home, but there probably wasn’t much, maybe this was the last food they had, he couldn’t eat everything.


Seeing that Cheng Hao didn’t eat, the teenager opened that can and carefully dug half of the can of tuna out with a spoon and put it in the lunch box.


No, it couldn’t be considered tuna …… what he dug out from this so-called tuna can, the vast majority was soybeans.


It was a can filled mostly with soybeans, and a few tuna.


The smell emitted from the can was a bit fishy, but Cheng Hao smelled it and still wanted to eat it …… He could only divert his attention and strike up a conversation with the teenager: “You’re Chinese too, right? My name is Cheng Hao, what’s your name?”


The teenager mixed the canned soy tuna and cereal together and handed it to the kid, before glancing at Cheng Hao, he lowered his head again and replied with a dialect, “My name is Lin Yuxun.”

“Yu? Which one?” Cheng Hao asked.


Lin Yuxun said, “I’ll write it for you.” As he spoke, he took an old newspaper and wrote the words “Lin Yuxun” in the margin with a pencil.


The strokes of his writing were wrong, and his writing wasn’t good, he shouldn’t have learned Chinese specifically.


Cheng Hao said, “Your name is very nice and it has a good meaning.”


“Does it?” Lin Yuxun looked at Cheng Hao in surprise.


“Of course!” Cheng Hao nodded.


While the two were talking, the mixed-race kid kept eating the mixed cereal.


Cheng Hao knew it wasn’t tasty, but the kid was eating it with gusto.


Cheng Hao asked, “Is he your brother, what’s his name?” This mixed-race child resembled Lin Yuxun, but he clearly had white blood, so he was probably Lin Yuxun’s half-brother.


In poor communities, more than half of the children were from single-parent families; most of them lived with their mothers and siblings, they often didn’t have the same father.


“His name is Danny, and he doesn’t have a Chinese name.” Lin Yuxun replied, and just as he finished speaking, a lunch box was handed to him.


The cereal mixed with canned food, Danny ate half of it, leaving the remaining half untouched.


Lin Yuxun looked at it, then he took the lid of the iron lunch box and closed it.


“You’re not eating?” Cheng Hao asked. He was now very regretful. If Lin Yuxun hadn’t brought him back, he might have been killed even if he really had a golden finger, and he ended up finishing Lin Yuxun’s food ……


“I ate at school.” Lin Yuxun replied.


Cheng Hao recalled what he had seen from Cheng Jinhao’s memory.


In the United States, children from families with very low income could study for free, and the school also provided free lunch and even breakfast, but the food was very bad, Lin Yuxun would bring back the fried chicken from school, it was enough to show that they rarely ate fried chicken.


And school ended early, usually at two or three in the afternoon, so there was no dinner, Lin Yuxun was now mostly hungry.


If he hadn’t eat so much, there would have been enough food.


Cheng Hao wanted to persuade him to eat, but thought that maybe the other only had this food left, it wasn’t good to persuade him.


As he felt torn, Cheng Hao heard the sound of someone knocking on the roll-up door outside.


The roll-up door was iron and it was very thin, a gentle tap was extremely clear, not to mention that the people outside were banging it violently.


The sound was simply earth-shattering.


And along with the sound, there was also the sound of cursing. Cheng Hao didn’t understand most of those words as usual, but the words he occasionally understood were really unpleasant to the ears.


These people’s curses were too powerful!


At the same time, their voices were also familiar – it was the people who bullied Lin Yuxun that came back, they were smashing the door.


After they were scared away by him, they probably couldn’t hold back their anger, so they came back.


Cheng Hao’s expression became ugly and he almost immediately wanted to get up to drive them away, but was grabbed by a pale Lin Yuxun: “Don’t bother with them, it’ll be fine after a while.”


As soon as Lin Yuxun’s words left his mouth, a loud noise that far exceeded the previous sound rang out.


The roll-up door could be easily broken, hearing the noise, Cheng Hao was a bit concerned, fortunately, the sound of splashing water and a woman cursing rang out: “Bunch of assh*les, if you make noise again, I will k!ll you!”


“Are you crazy, how dare you throw water at us!” One of the teenager’s voice rang out.


“Stupid pigs, get out!” A woman’s voice rang out, followed by a man’s voice: “You brats, did you break my door? I’ll beat you to death!”


The teenagers didn’t talk back this time, and not only that, the tapping on the door also stopped.


Cheng Hao asked, “Who was that talking just now?”


“It’s Aunt Beverly and the landlord.” Lin Yuxun opened the bedroom door and walked out.


Cheng Hao wanted to follow, but if he really did, he wouldn’t only make his wounds heal slowly, but also waste the food he ate …… He didn’t get out of bed in the end, so he just raised his voice, “Be careful, don’t go out.”


According to Cheng Jinhao’s memory, the slums at night could be very dangerous.


“I won’t go out.” Lin Yuxun really didn’t go out and came back soon.


And his expression was even more ugly than before he went out.


“What’s wrong?” Cheng Hao asked.


“Nothing.” Lin Yuxun said, and after thinking about it, he added, “The door was smashed by them, and I’m afraid it won’t open tomorrow.”


The metal door may not open and close well if it was deformed by their knocking.


For rich people, this was just a small thing, but Lin Yuxun obviously had no money …… could he get a new door to replace it?


And …… the door was broken, how were they going to get out tomorrow?

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