Cheng Hao’s eyesight became blurred.

  He had been able to see the appearance of the person he asked for help, but now he could no longer see clearly.

  He needed help.

Clutching those two skinny legs, Cheng Hao’s voice became weak: “Help me ……help ……”

But it was strange, at this moment, his mind was clear, he even began to think of many things.

About Cheng Jinhao, about himself, and about the person he was holding.

He was an asian man, but not necessarily Chinese, he didn’t know if this person would save him ……

Just as he thought about this, Cheng Hao felt a pair of cold hands holding his arms and helping him up from the ground.

He obviously intended to help him …… Cheng Hao followed the other’s movement and tried to stand up.

Then he felt the man who was holding him stumble and nearly fall.

Cheng Hao: “……”

He still couldn’t see clearly, but Cheng Hao did remember some things – Cheng Jinhao grew tall and big.

  The Cheng family ancestors were officials, so the Cheng male family members were tall and handsome, Cheng Jinhao’s grandfather’s family was also significantly tall, with a northern gentry.

They moved to Hong Kong because of the war, but the family didn’t lose their foundation, Cheng Jinhao’s father had lived a rich life since childhood, he wasn’t only good-looking, he was also tall.

When it came to Cheng Jinhao, he grew up fast.

Not only that, he also liked martial arts.

  In Hong Kong there were many martial arts schools, since Cheng Jinhao liked it, his parents enrolled him in one of them.

With good congenital conditions, nutrition and exercise, at twelve or thirteen years old, Cheng Jinhao was already very tall, when he was sent abroad at the age of fifteen that year, his height was already more than one meter seven.

Although he was treated badly after he arrived, he didn’t get very good food, but he was still fed, after he was able to get money, he ate and drank properly …… because of his long stature, he was quite thin, but now he was 1.8 meters tall and was one hundred and thirty pounds.

  The person helping him was a skinny teenager.

Cheng Hao was afraid that the teenager would be crushed, he tried to stand firm, but in the end he still couldn’t stand, and finally the weight of his body leaned towards the teenager.

As the teenager tried to support his weight and move forward, gradually, Cheng Hao’s eyes went dark, he completely lost consciousness.

And before losing consciousness, the last thing he felt, was the thin shoulder of the teenager who was struggling to hold him.

When Cheng Hao woke up again, he found himself lying in a dimly lit room.

The room was very small, it had no windows, there was no other furniture except a bed, but it had a lot of miscellaneous items, there was almost no place to stand.

The light source in the room was an electric lamp overhead, the lamp wasn’t too bright, but it allowed him to see the moldy walls.

The owner of the house’s living conditions, must be very bad.

Cheng Hao realized this, and also found that the wounds on his body had been treated.

The air was filled with a smell of alcohol and the wound was bandaged …… that person saved him?

According to Cheng Jinhao’s memory, he was stabbed several times, yet he was bandaged just a few times, wasn’t it too crude?

However, no matter what, he had to thank the person who saved him.

Cheng Hao was lost in his thoughts when a plate suddenly appeared in front of him.

The plate contained a sandwich, a box of milk, as for how the plate came …… Cheng Hao turned his head, only to find a boy, about ten years old, sitting on the bed, as he quietly looked at him.

 The child was mixed race and was very beautiful, Cheng Hao quietly asked: “Where’s your family?”

The child didn’t speak, he only looked at Cheng Hao.

Cheng Hao thought he didn’t understand Chinese, so he asked again in English.

However, the child still didn’t speak.

Cheng Hao saw the situation and asked a few more questions in English, and saw that the child didn’t respond at all, then no longer tried. In the United States, there were people from different countries, many of whom didn’t speak English, but he only spoke English in addition to Chinese.

As he struggled with how to communicate, Cheng Hao saw the child put the plate on the edge of his pillow, and then he sat still again.

Although he wasn’t able to communicate with the child, Cheng Hao knew that the sandwich and milk was for him.

He was injured and needed food …… Cheng Hao reached out his hand, took the sandwich wrapped in paper, opened it, and took a bite.

The taste of the sandwich wasn’t good. Cheng Jinhao took a glance at it and found that it was the brand often issued by the relief center.

From Cheng Jinhao’s memory, the gap between the rich and the poor in the United States at this time had become a bit wide, the rich and the poor lived in different communities, and the poor lived in places that were always very messy.

However, chaos was chaos, welfare protection was still there.

  Relief centers gave out free food to the poor, and social workers helped the poor by giving them free breakfast vouchers and lunch vouchers.

However, some people without papers couldn’t get food, and some would sell food to buy alcohol and even d*gs, violence was everywhere, so life wasn’t good here.

Probably because of the blood loss, Cheng Hao was very thirsty, so after eating the sandwich, he couldn’t wait to drink the carton of milk.

But he didn’t have the strength to open the milk.

The child, who had been staring at Cheng Hao, noticed, he took the carton of milk and ripped it open, handing it back to Cheng Hao.

Cheng Hao took the milk and drank it in small sips, and when it was finished, he finally felt better and even regained a little strength.

The child didn’t say anything, and there was no one else in the room, Cheng Hao thought of his situation as he laid on the bed.

First was Cheng Jinhao.

Cheng Jinhao’s life, Cheng Hao had seen it all.

Cheng Jinhao was only sixteen years old, and his life was rough. Many things that happened in his life seemed suspicious.

The fact that Cheng Jinhao fell to the point where he was now. He must have been set up.

After his mother died and his father went abroad for a break, he did rebel, but originally it wasn’t serious, he didn’t study in school and spoke carelessly.

There were some people with ulterior motives who approached Cheng Jinhao and took him to fight, gamble and drink.

Those people held Cheng Jinhao, urged Cheng Jinhao to mess with his eldest uncle, urged Cheng Jinhao to ask for money to squander ……

  For the Cheng family’s eldest uncle, Cheng Jinhao wasn’t his biological son, he didn’t feel like he had the right to scold him, Cheng Jinhao stirred up more and more things, and later hurt a few family members.

If it weren’t for this, Uncle Cheng wouldn’t have thought of sending him abroad.

The things that happened to Cheng Jinhao after he left the country were deliberately arranged by someone.

Even the man from the family where Cheng Jinhao lived, tried to make Cheng Jinhao take dr*gs …… Cheng Jinhao was stubborn, and hated that couple, the more they wanted him to, the more he rebelled, so he didn’t get into the kind of thing that could ruin his life.

However, if Cheng Jinhao didn’t die, it would have been a matter of time.

And Cheng Jinhao’s death wasn’t an accident, someone wanted his life.

At that time, Cheng Jinhao didn’t know, but the other was obviously aiming at him Jinhao, not only that, he also hit very hard, he clearly wanted Cheng Jinhao’s life.

Cheng Jinhao did die.

Now he used Cheng Jinhao’s body to survive, it was simply a miracle …… Could it be that this was compensation for him saving them?

Cheng Hao thought about his previous life and felt a little emotional for a while.

When he was hit by that car, he knew he wouldn’t survive.

The out-of-control car was very fast, and it came straight towards him, and the worst part was that there was a path behind him filled with trees.

The car hit him and went over his body to the tree …… he was dead through and through.

Fortunately, he was an orphan and not married ……

  When he thought of marriage, Cheng Hao thought of his blind date that hadn’t even started yet.

He finally retired from the military and was planning to get married and have a child, and surprisingly, he transmigrated.

Cheng Hao thought a lot about it and finally decided to settle for what came.

He touched the wound on his stomach.

He was an athlete in his last life, he was a boxer who was often injured. Although he had never been stabbed by a knife, he knew about injuries. He felt that … something was wrong with his injuries.

After being stabbed, who could be as energetic as he was?

He obviously ate a sandwich and milk, but he was still hungry ……

Cheng Hao looked at the child and said in English, “Hello, is there any food left?”

The child looked at him with round eyes, but still didn’t respond at all.

Cheng Hao vaguely felt that something was wrong, normal children, even if they couldn’t understand what he said, they would still react a little, but this child didn’t react at all.

This child, did he have a defect?

  Cheng Hao was thinking this, when he heard some abusive words with a heavy accent from outside.

  When he was in a boxing team in his last life, he learned English from a teacher, plus with the memory of Cheng Jinhao learning English in Hong Kong from elementary school, even though he couldn’t understand other languages, he could still understand English.

  But these person’s accent was too heavy, he couldn’t hear too clearly, he could only distinguish some words such as “kneel down and lick my foot”, “f*ck”, “sh*t” and so on.

Along with the sound of cursing, there was also the sound of someone being hit.

From Cheng Jinhao’s memories, Cheng Hao saw such scenes, Cheng Jinhao being bullied, Cheng Jinhao bullying others, but it was his first time encountering such a situation.

This violence was happening a door away from him.

The child on the bed was still sitting quietly, but Cheng Hao couldn’t lie down – he suddenly heard the voice begging: “Please don’t go in, it will scare my brother ……”

“If you take off your clothes and go crawl around outside, I’ll let you and your brother go, haha!” An arrogant voice rang out.

Cheng Hao didn’t even think about it, he climbed up from the bed and picked up a stick in the corner, then he opened the door, rushed out, and closed the door behind him.

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