C3—– Campus Gladiatorial Arena (I)

[Fire hydrant: priced at 300/per piece. Note: Ever since the fire hydrant disappeared from East Lane Anwai High School, the school went into a complete frenzy and made a pact to find the bad boy who stole the fire hydrant, to the death, no matter what!]

“300 yuan a piece, I now have a total of 600 yuan. There are so many people who’re worse off than I am, and those who went back after the five minutes mark, they don’t have a penny. If I didn’t think of a way to destroy those creatures one-by-one, I would be penniless. Now a hydrant is sold for 300, which translates to 30 loaves of bread! My God, this is simply robbery ah!”

Having said that, Xia Yihui’s heart jumped. He brought the fire hydrant back to the recuperation space, which was equivalent to saving 300 yuan.

In Xia Yihui’s world, to save money was to earn, how couldn’t he be happy.

He excitedly clicked on the skill bar to see what other treasures he had. Only to find that the skill bar was empty.

“Huh? No skills for sale?”

After looking at the notes, Xia Yihui instantly understood.

The skill bar would randomly add a skill at the end of each copy, each skill would be sold for 500 to the players.


Once they chose to extract the skill, whether the final result was a godly skill or trash, or even a duplicate skill, it couldn’t be returned.


If he bought the skill, Xia Yihui would have a hundred left. With the fire hydrant, the expenses on weapons could be saved, but supplies had to be bought.


He could only buy 10 loaves of bread and milk or two medicines for one hundred yuan. If it was converted, it would be 100 Stamina points.

Although he didn’t know what the next copy would be, this 100 stamina was definitely not enough.

So in the end, did he want to choose a skill that he didn’t know how to use, or did he want to choose stamina?

He couldn’t make up his mind. So Xia Yihui chose to go to the forum to observe and see the choices of other people who had money.


As soon as he logged on to the Starnet forum, Xia Yihui was instantly blindsided. The forum posts were in various languages, English, French, German Japanese, everything. The posts were refreshed so quickly that Xia Yihui couldn’t see any of them.


He hurriedly clicked into the Asian section, selected China, and adjusted the keyword filter, then the posts were a little better, although there were still many, at least Xia Yihui could see clearly.

He clicked into a post titled ‘Asking the big guys, how did you all escape from the newbie copy?’


Luojiang L0: I really want to ask for advice. I feel that you are all gods. I was killed by those monsters in less than two minutes. They were so strong. 55555 …

[TN: 55555 —– boohoo]


Meow L0: I also died instantly…… I thought everyone was the same as me, who knew that the elimination rate was actually only 2%, are we the poor 2%?


Roy L1: In fact, I’m also more confused. I was on the toilet, and all of a sudden, I was thrown into an escape game, my first reaction was to close the door, and then I sat inside the living room for five minutes.

Cold skin plus spicy L1: I’m the same as the brother upstairs, I sat in confusion for five minutes, I didn’t know what was hitting the door, damn, it really scared me.

A party of heaven and earth L0: I was speechless. I woke up when the monster had already entered the house, there was no time to close the door. After the elimination, I watched your live room. Why did I wake up so much later than you?

Big Pig L1: Upstairs, don’t complain, my situation is worse than yours. You don’t have to go through this again since you’re eliminated, we’re not the same! The thought of having to go through other more horrible scenarios afterwards makes me feel like life is dark.


After scanning some posts, many people closed the door as the first reaction, sat for five minutes and then were sent out. No wonder the elimination rate was so low.

Of course, there were people who passed safe and sound, and chose to continue to stay in the copy to see if they could hold on for another ten minutes.

At the fourth minute, the bedroom door was broken open. At the seventh minute, the living room door was broken open, and these people died immediately after the two-sided attack.

But strangely enough, they were not eliminated, but passed through without any problems, only getting less currency than Xia Yihui.

According to others, the first five minutes of the newbie copy had been really easy, and those who didn’t pass were usually slow to react, ridiculously timid, or people like Xia Yihui who couldn’t move because of physical illnesses.


But after the extra ten minutes, the difficulty went directly up, it was almost impossible to endure the full ten minutes.

Xia Yihui didn’t have time to close the living room door at that time, when he walked to the door, it had already been shattered, and then he used the freezer against it, and managed to last ten minutes.

Now it seemed that, according to the game settings, the door could last seven minutes, so the freezer was more than ten minutes.

This showed that everything was possible inside the copy, the resources were there, it was up to the players. There were those who could even use ballpoint pens to easily kill the crawling species, and those who couldn’t kill one even if they had a machine gun.

“Each account should be followed by the level, I am L3, that is, level 3, the forum is mostly filled with L0 to L2, so they didn’t open the store.”

Xia Yihui was silent. Other people’s escape methods were simple, but the rewards were far less than his.


This time, since they didn’t have supplies and weapons, their advantage in the next copy would certainly be much smaller.

By then, even if they passed, the things they got may be less, it was a vicious circle, a poor step was a poor step, no one could be sloppy.

The newbie copy, although the elimination rate was only 2%, in fact, the level of players had been completely divided.

Too many people on the forum were excited about passing the novice copy, but Xia Yihui was worried.

Now he felt that he had a big advantage over these people, so was it possible that there were some people who had a bigger advantage than him in places he couldn’t see?

Now thinking about it, in the novice copy, everywhere was an opportunity.

In the bedroom, in the hallway, next door’s house, upstairs and downstairs, even on the street, was it only crawly species? No, those were all gold shiny currency ah!

After browsing the forum again, Xia Yihui finally figured out what the live broadcast was for.

He opened the page and typed in L2 in the search bar, and a clatter of live broadcast rooms appeared, each of which could be clicked on to watch the replay of the hosts’ escape.

The same was true of L3, and he even saw his own channel in it.

Xia Yihui’s expression immediately became solemn as he tried to type L4.


[Your permission is not enough to see the replay of the escape of players higher than your level, after upgrading or elimination, you can watch it.]

Xia Yihui had no choice but to retreat to watch what other S3 players were doing.

According to the experience of other L4 and L5 posters in the forum, Xia Yihui was committed to finding his shortcomings and improving them so he wouldn’t make the same mistakes again.

At the last minute, Xia Yihui finally made up his mind and figured out what to do with the 600 currency.

[You successfully purchased medicine x 1, bread x 2, milk x 3. 500 currency remaining.]

[You have successfully extracted the skill: Scouting lv1. 0 currency left.]


【In the game, you can call out the name of skills, props, and weapons you already hold, and Infinite Escape will be ready to provide them for you.]

[The recuperation time has ended. 8.82 billion players will continue the game. Eliminated players can watch live on the Infinite Escape official website.]

A flower appeared in front of him, and suddenly, he was no longer in the apartment.

[Player Xia Yihui had successfully entered the Infinite Escape copy.]

Now Xia Yihui was in a high school classroom-like place.

The classroom was dark, and the darkness outside was so thick that he couldn’t see anything.

There were about fifty students sitting inside the classroom, and the students’ uniforms were different. There were two colors, black and white. The black uniforms said science, and the white uniforms was for art students.

The NPC teacher held up a stick and said in a serious voice: “After the exam last week, I found that everyone’s heart is gradually getting restless. The first exam is nothing, after the first exam, there is still the entrance examination ah! At this time, you can’t relax, help each other, the results of the science and chemistry students were poor, go to the good students and ask for advice. If you can’t do English, then go ask people who are good at English, the college entrance examination hasn’t started, there’s still time!”


[This copy: Campus Gladiatorial Arena.]


[Your high school is named East Lane Anwai High School, and you are an ordinary senior student of East Lane Anwai.]

[Five days before the college entrance exam, every day East Lane Anwai will conduct a mock exam, and the exam will start at 0: 00 in the evening. Two hours before and after 0: 00, the live room function will be closed and the list will be temporarily closed.】

[In addition, in order to prevent students from cheating, the live room will be open 24/7 except those hours, giving the players absolute fairness.]

The teacher continued his impassioned speech: “In order to motivate everyone, the results of the first exam is on the display screen, showing only the top ten students’ results. Work hard and try harder to get on that display, then the whole school will know you, isn’t that wonderful?”

The NPC was extremely realistic, and every smile was just like a normal living person, the teacher spoke with great pride, as if it was a great honor to be in the top ten.

In addition to the teachers, there were probably NPCs among the students present.

This kind of thing was unpredictable, unless the player’s age clearly didn’t match that of a high school student, it was impossible to tell the difference between a player and a real student.

After hearing the teacher’s words, everyone turned their heads to look out the window. A huge display appeared in the air out of nowhere.

Xia Yihui followed and saw a familiar name at a glance.

Player: Zhang Qingyu
Level: 7 (700)
Subject: Science
Coordinates: No. 10 teaching building 203 classroom
Time left: 23 hours 57 minutes

“Oh my god, monsters? I’m only level 1, how did that guy upgrade to level 7, he’s horrible …… Huh? What’s the time left?”

Xia Yihui heard someone muttering in a low voice, he turned his head to look over, it was a youth with freckles on his face, the youth noticed Xia Yihui looking at him, he immediately became alert, his mouth pursed tightly.

Xia Yihui turned back and continued to look at the huge leaderboard in the air. He obviously didn’t know a Zhang Qingyu, but the name was familiar.

He couldn’t think about this now, Xia Yihui quickly put this matter to the back of his mind. He continued to look down the information of others.

Watching, his pupils tightened, he subconsciously gripped the fire hydrant in his hand.


Player: Xia Yihui

Level: 3 (300)

Subject: Arts

Coordinate: No.3 teaching building 403 classroom

Time left: 24 hour

At the same time, the electronic voice spoke again.

[All players are taking the second exam. The color of the school uniform divides the arts and science students, and the watch you carry on your hand shows the remaining time.]

[During the second exam, science students are set to be the hunters and arts students are the prey.]

[If the hunter kills the prey, he can take over the remaining time of the other party.]


[The preys’ time has been frozen, they’re not bothered by time, they just need to run away from the hunter.]


【Either the hunter or the prey, once the watch time is at zero, they’ll be immediately eliminated.]

Xia Yihui grabbed the white school uniform that represented prey, he tried to take it off, but he couldn’t.

He quietly looked at his classmates, there were more than fifty people in the room, the black and white school uniforms were about 50-50.

It was amazing that all of them were players, half hunters and half prey, no NPCs.

Xia Yihui was stunned, this infinite escape game was really big.


This copy, as far as it seemed, had at least ten thousand players.


And the elimination rate wouldn’t be as low as the newbie copy.

There were still five days before the entrance exams, which meant that they had to go through five list row changes. For hunters to live, they had to grab the time of the prey.

If every hunter player went to grab, then half of the prey would be eliminated, if not, then the hunters themselves would be eliminated.

In any case, once the second exam was over, the elimination rate would be as high as 50%!

The electronic voice was violently high, startling up all the players who were still confused.

[There will be a final settlement before the exam, the higher the ranking, the more experience you get. In addition to that, for every additional day you stay in the copy, you will receive 100 currency. For each player eliminated, experience value will be issued according to the eliminated player’s rank, L1 experience value 50, L2 experience value 100, and so on.]

[The game will officially start when the countdown is over. Players, please pay attention, there isn’t much time left!]


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