C18—– Quilt Cover


The landlord’s loud voice was like thunder that rumbled through the night sky, followed by more “thunder” – his furious curses were incessant.


Cheng Hao didn’t dare to speak, pretending not to hear.


He also wanted to repair the door, but this kind of tin door, the iron was deformed, completely repairing it was simply impossible, unless he replaced it ….. but he didn’t have money.


Even if he now had thirty-five dollars, it was estimated that it wasn’t enough to buy a roller shutter door.


Plus the door wasn’t unusable, they could still use it.


Cheng Hao lowered his voice and said to Lin Yuxun, “I bought burgers, you guys should eat.”



The corners of Lin Yuxun’s mouth curved.


After Cheng Hao had gone to work, he had been very uneasy.



He had nothing here, so he was afraid that Cheng Hao would leave and never come back.



He couldn’t even help but think in a bad direction, like whether Cheng Hao saw him working part-time today and couldn’t stand the look of him, so he left.


Since he was a child, he had always been disliked and abandoned.


His mother ended up leaving them because his father had no money.


He was very upset, so after having dinner with Danny, he waited for Cheng Hao to come back.


When Cheng Hao was here, he would take the time after dinner to teach him Chinese, teach Danny English, and take Danny to play. This little house was always full of laughter, but when Cheng Hao wasn’t here, it became extra cold.


He knew how to teach Danny English, but had no idea how to play with Danny, after all, no one had ever played with him before.


Before Cheng Hao appeared, he didn’t know what to do with Danny except to give him food and clothes, and even now, he didn’t know how to get close to Danny.



He kept his eyes on the roll-up door, and fortunately, after nine o’clock, Cheng Hao came back.


This time, hearing Cheng Hao’s voice go so low because of the landlord’s words and seeing his sneaky expression, Lin Yuxun didn’t know why, he suddenly wanted to laugh, his mood also became bright.



Danny’s attention had been on the plastic bag with the burgers.



Although he lost his hearing, his sense of smell was very good, these burger were really fragrant!



Cheng Hao took out two burgers and gave one to each of them.



He held the burger in his arms, so it was still hot.


Danny took a burger, took a bite, and happily narrowed his eyes.


Lin Yuxun, however, didn’t rush to eat, he was even a little overwhelmed.


This kind of burger cost about thirty cents a piece, his father bought it for him only on his birthday …..


His mother would buy them on normal days, but she always ate them first, and gave the rest to Danny, so he never ate it.



Now Cheng Hao gave him a burger, he was a bit flattered.



Cheng Hao urged, “Eat it.”



“You eat, I’m not hungry ……” Lin Yuxun replied.



“Eat, there’s more, and I already ate six on the way back.” Cheng Hao said.



Lin Yuxun looked at Cheng Hao in shock, even if Cheng Hao had found a job, buying ten burgers at once seemed a bit unbelievable to him …… Cheng Hao was lying to him, right?



Cheng Hao: “It was given to me by a customer, he lost his wallet and I returned it to him after I found it, so he bought ten burgers and gave them to me as a token of appreciation.”



Cheng Hao didn’t intend to let Lin Yuxun know about his boxing, after all, it was underground boxing, which was quite dangerous.



Just like he didn’t want Lin Yuxun to do the cleaning job, Lin Yuxun most likely wouldn’t want to see him boxing either.



But for the time being, this was the only way he could make money, and he liked this way of making money …… so he could only lie to Lin Yuxun.



“By the way, I also got a week’s pay in advance today.” Cheng Hao took out the thirty-five dollars and gave it to Lin Yuxun.



This side of the United States paid salaries weekly.



Cheng Hao felt that it was necessary, people here were used to spend all the money that came to them at once, if they were paid by the month, many people would be starving in the second half of the month!



“It’s a lot!” Lin Yuxun was a little surprised: “How come they paid in advance?” This is unlikely …… Generally speaking, those who had just joined wouldn’t even get paid easily.



“Probably because I look good? Today someone thought my service was good and complimented me, the boss likes me.” Cheng Hao made up nonsense.



He had actually been scolded today …… but Lin Yuxun didn’t need to know.



Hearing Cheng Hao say this, Lin Yuxun nodded.



He also felt that Cheng Hao looked good and had a better temperament, such a person, standing with those people, would definitely stand out, others giving him tips was normal.



If he had money, he would also be happy to give Cheng Hao tips.


But soon, he tensed up again.


He grew up in a poor community and understood all too well what good looks represented here, and gender didn’t matter.



Even a good-looking man was likely to mix better than a good-looking woman.



Cheng Hao was really good-looking, he was also a rare asian ……



Lin Yuxun immediately worried that Cheng Hao would suffer a loss.



Cheng Hao didn’t know his concern, “Okay, go eat, eat and sleep quickly.”



He had a fight today, and the feeling he only had in his previous life came back, he also found that his injuries were much lighter than he thought.



Also, the original owner was stab-bed in the stomach, the blo-od flowed a little more, but at least his bones and tendons weren’t hurt, it was easier to heal.



Cheng Hao felt that he would have to train from tomorrow, and he had to train, otherwise, it would be difficult for him to win the next boxing match.



Now, after they ate, he would go to bed early.



Lin Yuxun and Danny each ate a burger.


The hamburger Cheng Hao brought back from the roadside shop was a lap larger than the fried chicken hamburger he had eaten in China in his previous life. Even an adult man would be full with one. As a result, Danny, a child, actually ate it up, and Lin Yuxun also finished his.


Good food could really enhance people’s appetite.


It was just that these two people were pitiful enough to treat what others were tired of as delicious food.



Lin Yuxun ate up the burger, but refused to take the thirty-five yuan given by Cheng Hao, and he tried to return the money to Cheng Hao.



Cheng Hao could only say, “This money is for my living expenses and rent, if you refuse to take it, do you not want me to live here?”



Lin Yuxun immediately took the money.


After washing up, the three of them went to bed.


A one-and-a-half meter bed was a bit crowded when three people were lying on it, but the good thing was that all three of them had good sleeping postures, so they didn’t affect each other.



In the past, Cheng Hao always fell asleep easily, but not today.


That game was over, but he was still very exhilarated, so he began to think about the future.



He had already made money, but he couldn’t ask Lin Yuxun not to work anymore, after all, he only had thirty-five dollars, so he didn’t have the strength to do so, and it wasn’t necessarily a good thing to let Lin Yuxun not work to go to that awful school.



But he also couldn’t do nothing ……



This night, Cheng Hao thought a lot, then he felt Lin Yuxun, who was sleeping in the middle, leaning towards him.


It was a bit cold, so they used the quilt, he had one and Lin Yuxun and Danny shared the other.



When he saw Lin Yuxun leaning over and seeing that he had shrunk into a ball, Cheng Hao thought he was cold, so he reached out and lifted his own quilt and added it to the quilt covering Lin Yuxun and Danny.


When Cheng Hao was done, he went to sleep, but Lin Yuxun was startled.


He didn’t expect Cheng Hao to be awake.



After the quilt was covered, Cheng Hao didn’t move, and Lin Yuxun laid motionless for a while, eventually unable to resist the drowsiness and slowly fell asleep.



The next day was Saturday, school wasn’t in session, so there was no free breakfast and lunch to eat.



Cheng Hao felt very sorry, they still didn’t have much money, so he was very happy to eat free food, but unfortunately now there was no ……



Cheng Hao finally divided the two leftover burgers from last night into three portions, and took out the extra bread Lin Yuxun bought yesterday and took it out, and ate it with Lin Yuxun and Danny. Danny and Lin Yuxun ate burgers before going to bed last night, so they still weren’t hungry, in the morning the remaining burgers were enough, the extra bread bought yesterday fell into Cheng Hao’s stomach ……



After eating and drinking enough, Cheng Hao looked at Lin Yuxun: “Go, let’s go to work together!”



He wasn’t good enough to not letting Lin Yuxun go to work, but he could go to work with Lin Yuxun.



If the two of them got the work done quickly, Lin Yuxun could also take it easy.


As for Danny ……


Cheng Hao also thought about whether he should take Danny at all, but after careful consideration, he thought it was OK to take him.



The way Lin Yuxun educated Danny, in his opinion, wasn’t very suitable.


Danny had a disability and was destined to have a harder time than others, so it wasn’t a bad thing to let him understand the hardships of life.



Let him help with some work, it was certainly better than locking him up in the house.



As for what he might see that he shouldn’t …… having a mother like that, he had probably seen those things long ago.



Lin Yuxun didn’t want them to go to work together: “You don’t have to go, I can do it alone.”



But Cheng Hao made a decision, could Lin Yuxun oppose?



Cheng Hao picked up Danny with one hand, put one hand on Lin Yuxun’s shoulder, and “moved” Lin Yuxun towards the building: “Let’s go!”



Cheng Hao and Lin Yuxun went to the building together. First, they cleaned the building together with Danny, and then brought water to Lin Yuxun to help with Lin Yuxun’s final cleaning.


When running around, he would often put Danny on his back or carry him in his arms.



Danny liked to be carried by him, and most importantly, he could use it to exercise a little.


Of course, he also didn’t forget to speak to Lin Yuxun in pure Mandarin.



Lin Yuxun recognized words quickly, but the accent wasn’t something that could be changed overnight, but it could always be improved by taking it slowly.



The three of them worked together and all the work was done before 2:00 pm.



So, Cheng Hao took Lin Yuxun and Danny to the supermarket early to buy their dinner.


He took the money home yesterday, so he was ready to give advice… Cheng Hao asked for three apples, a few tomatoes, cucumbers, and even bread. He also asked for minced pork bread.


Of course, he also asked for three of the most common bread. He needed to exercise and consume a lot, so he needed to eat more.



In fact, compared with buying finished food, Cheng Hao wanted to buy rice and vegetables, and then cook stir fried rice. But there was no rice in the supermarket here, not to mention that he couldn’t cook.


At a young age, he entered the boxing team and had been training constantly, he had never been in the kitchen.



Even if he could cook, Lin Yuxun rented a small house, there was no way to – the landlord didn’t set up a cooking space.


Cheng Hao could only buy some raw vegetables that were more delicious.


After returning home, it wasn’t dinner time yet, Cheng Hao first taught Danny to recognize words, and then wrote a little running account for Lin Yuxun to learn to recognize words.


Danny couldn’t hear, so he could only learn words by looking at the real objects. This was very inconvenient, and there weren’t many words that could be taught with objects. Cheng Hao really wanted a word recognition book or textbook with pictures and texts as teaching materials, but it was a pity that they didn’t have this condition now.



When he earned a little more money, he had to find a way to move away from here and take these two to a better community.



Cheng Hao ate dinner while thinking about this matter, and then said to Lin Yuxun, “I’m going out to work, you don’t have to wait for me.”


He didn’t need to “work” today, but he was going out to exercise.



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