C19—— Exercise

Cheng Hao used to be in the boxing team and the training room had professional training equipment.



Initially, there would be a coach to develop a training plan for them, they just needed to do it. Later, when they had experience, what to train and how to train was up to them, of course, there would still be someone watching, to avoid them being too relaxed, or overtraining.



Cheng Hao liked the feeling of sweating and was never lazy, but he was often stopped ……



At that time he was a little upset, but later when he retired, he was grateful.



Those people helped him avoid a lot of unnecessary physical damage.



Cheng Hao said goodbye to Lin Yuxun and went to the school.



He wanted to find a place to train, the most suitable place, no doubt, was the school.



During non-school hours, the school gate was closed, Cheng Hao went over the wall into the school, and then found that there were people in the school.



Homeless vagrants secretly lived in the school.



They opened the classroom window to climb into the classroom, and put a few tables or a few chairs together as a bed to sleep, although it was uncomfortable, at least it was shelter from the wind and rain and there was no rent.



Cheng Hao felt that if Lin Yuxun hadn’t taken him in, he would probably have done the same.



But, as a vagrant, you couldn’t accumulate living supplies and property, when you sleep, you may also be attacked or robbed, being dirty would also make them unable to find work …… it was a vicious circle, they would probably always have to be a vagrant.



When the winter came, they may freeze to death ….


Cheng Hao ignored them, he went to the school playground and started running.



As a boxer, running was the most basic training, running fast and running for a long time.



The school playground wasn’t big, running around a circle was only about 300 meters, Cheng Hao exhausted all his strength, ran ten laps in one breath, and when he stopped, he was already sweating and his heart was racing.



But he didn’t rest, instead he stood under a tree and jumped in place.



He should have used a jump rope, but he didn’t even have a rope that could be used, so he could only jump in place.


Cheng Hao directly jumped two thousand times.


Jumping two thousand times, for the previous him, it was very easy, but for this body, but he had to adapt, plus before jumping, he had run three thousand meters ……


After jumping, Cheng Hao felt like his heart was about to pop out of his mouth, he desperately wanted to rest, but thinking of the next competition and the hard working Lin Yuxun, he persevered.



Not even a pause, he kept up the original rhythm.



His body was tired, and his spirit seemed to transcend outside his body, only knowing how to count.



His breathing was rapid, he even thought of some messy things, such as it was particularly easy to count wrong, if possible, he’d better get a watch to jump according to the time.



He used to generally just jump rope for twenty minutes as a warm-up, and keep it at more than one hundred and eighty per minute ……



When he finally counted to two thousand, Cheng Hao fell to the ground.



He opened his mouth wide to breathe, he seemed like a dying fish, he knew that after the intense exercise, he couldn’t stop at once, but he also couldn’t immediately continue the next training.


The good thing was, his willpower was still very strong.


Cheng Hao slowly climbed up and slowly walked forward.



As he walked, Cheng Hao felt his strength come back a little.



At the same time, he also realized something – his body, recovered very fast!



Today, during the day, he ran around without taking the elevator when Lin Yuxun was cleaning the building, carrying Danny to carry water for Lin Yuxun, and although he felt a little tired at that time, he quickly recovered …… at that time he thought it was because of Cheng Jinhao’s good physical quality, but now it seemed that, in addition to Cheng Jinhao’s good physical quality, there was actually another reason.



His physical recovery speed was fast!



He just ran and jumped, it was reasonable to rest for a while before the next training, but he now only rested for a short while, and then he had the strength to continue!



Realizing this, Cheng Hao’s heart beat fast again, this time it wasn’t because of the exercise, but because, with such talent, he realized how bright his future would be.



Normally people trained to a certain level and couldn’t continue, but he could continue training!



Cheng Hao stopped and started doing push-ups in place.



He used to do a thousand push-ups easily, but now he couldn’t, so he had to break it apart.



In addition, fast squats, punching the air and other training couldn’t be left behind.



No matter what training he did, Cheng Hao did his best to push himself to the limit.



In the end, even if his recovery was strong, he fell to the ground like a puddle of mud and wanted to spread out and not move.


He was still human after all.


And …… he was hungry.



When he was hungry, his body wasn’t as strong in recovery.



Cheng Hao felt that his recovery speed was related to food, of course now he only had a rough idea, how much exactly, he needed to slowly it figure out.



Today he just wanted to eat.



Today’s dinner, he, Lin Yuxun and Danny ate the meat loaf they bought today, The three pieces of bread, which were cheap, large and well preserved, didn’t eat. At this moment, Cheng Hao couldn’t help drooling when he thought of the three loaves of bread.



He wanted to hurry back to eat, but he was covered in sweat and mud ……



Cheng Hao dragged his heavy body, went to the school bathroom and simply rinsed, and took off his long wet clothes and washed them, wrung them out and put them on, before heading home.



The washed wet clothes were a little cold on his body, but his clothes had been soaked with sweat during training, so it didn’t matter if he washed them or not, they were already wet, so it didn’t matter.


Cheng Hao jogged all the way home, but also realized that he lacked a lot of things, such as a change of clothes, a water bottle that could hold a lot of water and so on.



Cheng Hao could hardly wait, he began to look forward to the next Tuesday.



Cheng Hao wasn’t sure what time he would be home, but he thought it should be around ten o’clock.



He opened the roll-up door carefully, trying not to make any noise, and then found that the lights in the outer room had been turned off and nothing was moving inside.



It seemed that Lin Yuxun and Danny were obedient and had gone to bed early.


Cheng Hao turned on the light and closed the door carefully, then flung himself next to the table, picked up the bread he bought in the afternoon and stuffed it into his mouth, and after choking, he started drinking water again.


And as he was eating, the bedroom door opened and Lin Yuxun poked his head out.



Once it reached nine o’clock, Lin Yuxun sent Danny to bed, but he couldn’t sleep, so he traced the words written by Cheng Hao in his bedroom.



When he heard the sound of Cheng Hao coming back, he chose to pretend to sleep at first, but after waiting for a while and not seeing Cheng Hao come in, he felt a little uneasy and got up to see what he was doing.



He saw Cheng Hao choking on dry bread, patting his chest and swallowing.


Lin Yuxun: “……”


When Cheng Hao finished eating, Lin Yuxun asked, “Why are your clothes all wet? Your hair is wet too?”


“Don’t mention it.” Cheng Hao said, “The boss at first asked me to entertain the guests, then he felt that I was strong and let me go to help carry things, it was almost exhausting and I was also hungry.”



When Lin Yuxun saw Cheng Hao like this, he didn’t know whether he should sympathize with Cheng Hao or be happy for a while.



The bar was chaotic, he knew what kind of guests went there, compared to giving people alcohol, it was a little better to move things.



“You …… your clothes are wet, go change.” Lin Yuxun said while taking a set of clothes to Cheng Hao.



His clothes were gotten from a thrift store.



It was reasonable that he should buy children’s clothes to wear, but children’s clothes in thrift stores were always more expensive than adult clothes, so he was used to buying adult clothes.


The clothes were very wide on him, but when Cheng Hao wore it, it was just right.



Cheng Hao saw Lin Yuxun bring the clothes over, said thanks, and changed in front of Lin Yuxun.



When he changed his clothes, Lin Yuxun took a special look and noticed that Cheng Hao didn’t have any wounds on his body, so it put his mind at ease.



It was good that he wasn’t injured.



But, just as he relaxed, his heart started beating faster again.



Cheng Hao was still a teenager, he was growing so he was a little thin, but his body proportions were good.



Lin Yuxun’s face was a little hot, and he didn’t know what was wrong with him.


Cheng Hao rinsed in the school, now he was too lazy to bath again.



Most people here smelled and didn’t like to shower, he was already considered clean in comparison.



Moreover, he was too tired ……


Cheng Hao went to bed and slept without any delay.



When Cheng Hao got up the next day, his body was very sore, but the symptoms were much lighter than he thought.



His body’s ability to recover was really strong.



It was just that he was now hungry again, very hungry.



It was Sunday, school was still closed, and they didn’t have any food in stock at home …… Cheng Hao, Lin Yuxun and Danny washed up and went to work together.



On the way, they bought some food.



There were egg sandwiches in the supermarket, which were two slices of bread with a fried egg in between, and they looked pretty good, and they only cost twenty cents a piece.



However, Lin Yuxun didn’t listen to him, he bought five sandwiches and three cheap bread, and then gave three of the five sandwiches to Cheng Hao: “Eat more.”


Lin Yuxun was really happy to give ……


Cheng Hao stuffed a sandwich into his mouth, “I will work hard to earn money! When we want to eat sandwiches later, we can eat sandwiches and burgers when we want!”



Lin Yuxun nodded.



Cheng Hao added: “By then we can still eat one and throw one!”



The corners of Lin Yuxun’s mouth curved up in restraint, Cheng Hao was obviously joking.



All morning, the three of them worked seriously, during this period, Cheng Hao hugged Danny from time to time, while not forgetting to chat with Lin Yuxun in Mandarin.



With this chat, he realized that Lin Yuxun’s knowledge was very poor.


Lin Yuxun was very smart and gained knowledge quickly, but he had no way to gain knowledge.



There was no library in the school here, no TV at his home, and the convenient Internet didn’t exist yet …… Lin Yuxun couldn’t see the outside world, so how could he have any insight?



Noticing this, Cheng Hao told him about the outside world and everything outside the poor community.


For example, what a good university was like, and how big the world was.



Lin Yuxun was dumbfounded as he listened, “It’s like this outside ……”


“Wait for later, we’ll go outside and see!” Cheng Hao said.



“Is it really possible?” Lin Yuxun felt a little uneasy, he had always felt that he would live here for the rest of his life, going to a community college and coming back as a teacher was already the best path he had.



“Of course you can, you’re so smart, you can definitely do well no matter what you do!” Cheng Hao said, “By the way, what do you want to do in the future?”



Lin Yuxun said, “I don’t know, I just want to make money, lots and lots of money.”



Cheng Hao would tell himself every day that he would become the best boxer, so he quickly responded, “You can definitely do it, as long as you work hard, you can definitely make lots and lots of money and become the richest person in the world!”



No matter who you were, everyone needed encouragement, and this was especially true for people with low self-esteem like Lin Yuxun, Cheng Hao decided to praise Lin Yuxun more in the future.



With a sunny smile on Cheng Hao’s face and eyes full of affirmation, a different feeling suddenly rose up in Lin Yuxun’s heart.



As if he really was different and could really earn a lot of money.




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