C35— I Already Have A Partner


Adrian reached out to hold He Yishu’s wrist, moved his hand away, and continued to look at him with a deep and focused gaze, “I’m chasing you now, so it’s not a foul to say love words.”


He Yishu simply couldn’t understand him, obviously he seemed very normal before, how did he become like this all of a sudden? It was really hard to resist, or should he say, it was too sweet ah.



After the confession, Adrian became more tender and considerate of He Yishu, of course, his actions also followed and became more reckless, even in public he always liked to hold He Yishu’s hand, or wrap his arm around his shoulders, a variety of postures that looked intimate.



At first He Yishu felt a little awkward, but because he didn’t feel repulsed, he didn’t stop him, instead he slowly got used to it.



While He Yishu was sweetly pursued by Adrian, an unexpected guest found Adrian.



When Adrian walked out of the practice classroom, he saw Elisa standing not far from the classroom entrance with her head slightly lowered.


It was only when Adrian walked out of the classroom that Elisa raised her head and looked at the other with a slightly shiny gaze, waiting for him to come over.



However, to Elisa’s surprise, Adrian walked in another direction as if he didn’t notice her presence.



She gritted her teeth and took the initiative to catch up with Adrian: “Adrian, please wait a moment.”



Adrian then turned his head to look over, and when he saw Elisa, the expression on his face didn’t change much.



Elisa quickly walked to Adrian, a sweet smile on her face, without the slightest separation, as if the conflict between the two had never happened: “Adrian, I want to have a good talk with you about the mecha competition, can I?”



Adrian was silent for a moment but he remained where he was, “You can say what you have to say.”


A flash of embarrassment passed through Elisa’s eyes, but she still tried to maintain the smile on her face: “Can we talk in detail somewhere else?”



Adrian knew what Elisa was thinking and what she was going to say. Although he was tempted to refuse outright, thinking about the relationship between their mothers forced Adrian to be more considerate.



“Please wait a moment.” After Adrian said this, he lowered his head and started fiddling with his light computer.



On the other hand, He Yishu, who had also just left class and was going back to his apartment, suddenly received a text from Adrian.



Adrian: [Honey, I just met a girl outside the classroom who I think has a crush on me, and she wants to discuss the Mecha competition with me somewhere else, I know what she wants to talk to me about, and subjectively I want to refuse her request to talk about it, but her mother and my mother are very good friends, so… honey, is it okay to talk to her?]



Looking at the content of his text, He Yishu couldn’t hold back from laughing out loud, how could Adrian be so cute to this extent?



It really made him want to tease Adrian, who always acted so cute in certain things, and so he did.


He Yishu: [Are you sure you’re simply chatting?]



Adrian quickly replied: [Of course, if she mentions anything out of place, I will reject her, and I would love for you to let me introduce you as my boyfriend].



The smile on He Yishu’s face became more obvious: [No, I’m still enjoying the process of being courted by you, I can’t agree to you so quickly, but since you’re behaving so well, I’ll graciously agree to the request you just made, but behave yourself.]



Adrian: [Yes.]



After replying, Adrian finally turned off his light computer and looked up at Elisa with a complicated expression, “Okay, let’s go.”



Elisa reluctantly smiled and nodded, but didn’t speak again on the way, she just stood there waiting, it wasn’t that she didn’t want to ask Adrian who he talked to, but she didn’t dare to ask in the end.


Although she didn’t understand Adrian’s operation, but from the expression on his face, Elisa had a feeling that if she really asked, the answer she would get would be one that made her feel suffocated, so it was better not to say anything.



The two chose a cafe close by, and after sitting down opposite each other, Adrian inquired bluntly, “What do you want?”



Elisa thought for a moment and spoke in a roundabout way, “It’s about the Mecha Competition, ten days have passed since the opening of the Mecha Competition, although there is still a period of time for registration, since we’ve decided to participate in the competition, there is no harm in registering earlier.”



After waiting for ten whole days, Elisa finally found the courage to come to Adrian on her own initiative.



Adrian didn’t understand Elisa’s intention, so he nodded, “There’s no harm in signing up early, as long as you’re sure of your partner.”



When Elisa saw that Adrian wasn’t responding her words at all, she was so aggrieved that she gritted her teeth, “Adrian, I know that the last incident was a bit unpleasant, but you don’t want to delay this competition for such a trivial matter, right?”


Adrian looked at Elisa without any expression: “I’m afraid I don’t understand so I can’t agree with you, I don’t feel that what happened last time will have any effect on this competition.”



Aggravated and exasperated, Elisa asked, “Then why have you not contacted me or discussed the competition with me even though the registration started ten days ago?”



Adrian’s expression had more than a hint of doubt and helplessness: “Registering for this mecha competition is a personal matter for me, and I don’t consider myself obligated to communicate with you in any way. Elisa, the reason I’m sitting here right now is solely because of the friendship of our elders, so please don’t continue to say such inexplicable things, okay? If you have nothing else to do, I think we can just end the conversation here.”



Adrian’s cold and heartless attitude finally made Elisa’s eyes red: “But we clearly discussed before that you would consider teaming up with me if you officially start competing in tournaments that require a Rune Card Master as a partner! Don’t you know? The reason I didn’t team up with anyone else for the Mecha Rodeo back in first year was to wait for you!”



Elisa’s words were very forceful and full of accusations, Adrian felt more annoyed.

“Elisa, if I remember correctly, when we discussed this matter at the time, it was at a gathering where the elders were present. At that party, I definitely didn’t say that I would team up with you or anything like that, I just said that I would consider it because of the content of the conversation at that time, but that’s all,” Adrian sighed and continued helplessly, “If I caused any misunderstanding because of my words, I’m willing to apologize for that, and after this, I’ll pay serious attention to my words, and I will absolutely not cause any more misunderstanding. As for what you said, you didn’t participate in the last mecha competition because of me, I can only say that I’m sorry about that, and I hope you won’t miss this mecha competition, but the person you team up with will never be me.”



Hearing Adrian’s words, Elisa felt aggrieved and angry, and tears were forced out of her eyes: “Adrian, what makes you say that?! Can you make up for my loss with a light-hearted apology? With my level, even as a first-year freshman, it was more than enough to participate in the mecha competition, not to mention other kinds of competitions. Just to wait for you, I missed all the competitions this year, and you just feel sorry and regretful?”



She sniffled and eased her emotions before continuing: “Adrian, I never knew you were such a calculating person! Even if there was a misunderstanding like that before, I never contacted you during that time, nor did I do anything to make others misunderstand, and you just refused to team up with me for the competition just because of the speculation in your mind, don’t you think you are really too much?!”



Adrian kept listening in silence, he didn’t take Elisa’s accusation to heart, but he couldn’t help but remember what He Yishu had said before.



He said that people always had to make choices and be responsible for their choices.


Adrian felt that this sentence was very reasonable, so when Elisa finished speaking, he quickly retorted: “Elisa, I don’t agree with you.”



Elisa looked at Adrian with red eyes, her eyes full of aggression and accusation, and she angrily retorted, “Adrian, you’ve even learned sophistry?”



“If it were the case that I had any definite verbal or written agreement to team up with you for the tournament before and now I have reneged, then you do have good reason to accuse me and even claim compensation from me,” Adrian said in a calm and detached manner, ignoring Elisa’s questioning. “But there is neither any definite verbal agreement nor any written text between us, and in this case, why should I take responsibility? Should I be held responsible for this just because you said that you missed many competitions because of me? This logic doesn’t make sense at all.”



Elisa wanted to speak, but was stopped by Adrian’s icy gaze as he said seriously, “And the reason why I refused to team up with you is not because of what happened before, but because I now have an exclusive partner.”




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