The carriage slowly stopped at the entrance of the city master’s residence.


There was no formal invitation submitted to visit, so they needed to ask in advance to enter this time.


A group of three people waited at the entrance for a long time and didn’t dare to show bored expressions.



They didn’t dare!



“Please come in, City Lord and Mr. Qiao are waiting for you inside.” It took a while before the butler came out and welcomed the people inside.



The Byron family knew that the city lord’s house had been remodeled, and when they came outside the city lord’s house they were also shocked at the blinding white, however, when they came inside, they understood what it meant to be so white that they had a nervous breakdown.



“Mr. Byron, Mrs. Byron, and Miss Byron, are you here so late today for something?”



Norman had changed into a new outfit, with almost only white and gold all over his body, and the sofa was spotless, even the carpet he stepped on under his feet was a white carpet made of snow fox’s fur.



The shoes they wore were new, but they still left gray footprints on the white carpet, which stood out on the carpet.



They were a little embarrassed, and Norman also frowned, looking at those footprints, he resisted the urge to burn that carpet, instead he pointed to the carpet and the butler hurriedly took the servants over and replaced that carpet with a gray color that was less likely to show dust.


“Actually, we’re here to make amends this time.” Mrs. Byron was the first to speak, “My daughter Elisa accidentally bumped into you and your friend today, that’s why we came over ……” Mrs. Byron had a decent smile on her face, not caring about what Norman did.



“No need to apologize to me, you should apologize to Qiao.” After listening to Mrs. Byron, Norman said indifferently, “Andrew, go and tell Qiao to come to the living room after dressing.”


Eugene and Qiao Nan added each other, on Eugene’s panel, Qiao Nan was his only friend, however Eugene had no way to check the other person’s level or profession.


Qiao Nan had set it to private, so unless he agreed, Eugene couldn’t see his specific information.



After adding him, Qiao Nan directly opened the hidden mission description that was shared over because of the group.



Hidden Quest: [Bangal City Secret]



[ Mission Description: You stumbled upon something unusual about Bangal City, and in order to explore it all, you decided to investigate deeper, only to find, while investigating deeper, that things are not as simple as you see.]


[The blood in the underground castle of the Horace family, the ordinary citizens who mysteriously disappeared, where did they go and why?]



[ Mission Goal: Investigate the secrets of Bangal City and discover the truth.]


[ Mission Reward: Gold Coins*500, Random Items*2 [Random Drop Distribution]


The mission reward was very general, and it wasn’t easy to read the mission description.



It should be a serial mission, after which there couldn’t be deeper and more hidden dark lines.


This Bangal City wasn’t as calm as it seemed, and the newly appointed city lord, Norman, did he know about it?



Qiao Nan pondered on the meaning of this task while changing into new clothes, he buttoned up in front of the mirror, then tied up the tail of his half-length blonde hair that was cascading behind his head and dressed neatly.


Just then, there were footsteps at the door, followed by a soft knock on the door.


Eugene hurriedly tidied up the room, stood to the side with the things he brought in and opened the door, and Andrew, the butler, stood at the door, bowing slightly and inviting Qiao Nan out.


Qiao Nan had finished packing, Eugene’s task was also complete, he then nodded to the butler and followed the butler to leave.


The butler kept his head down and didn’t see that Qiao Nan wasn’t wearing a mask, and it was mealtime, most of the servants were eating inside the servants’ canteen, there were not many servants in the corridor, and when they saw the butler from afar they would bow and then quietly look at Qiao Nan out of the corner of their eyes.


“Who is that man?” Only when the two had gone far away did the servants discuss excitedly.


“He’s so good-looking! Even better looking than the City Lord!”



“This is the guest that the City Lord invited back.” A well-informed person knew about this, “But …… he was wearing a mask.”


The distance between the guest room and the parlor was a bit far, it took almost ten minutes to reach the parlor.



The butler stopped at the door, knocked to indicate that they had arrived, then stepped back and pushed the door open for Qiao Nan to enter.



“It’s been a long wait.” Qiao Nan’s face put up a polite smile, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch when he saw the carpet on the floor.


“Ah!” Elisa covered her mouth and let out a small shriek: “You, are you Mr. Masked Man?”



Not to mention Elisa, even the knowledgeable Morton and Mrs. Byron were frozen, staring rather rudely at the man who came through the door.



Norman subconsciously straightened up, his eyes fell on his face almost greedily, his gaze were so deep, like he couldn’t get enough of him.



Yes, it was his teacher.


Even if he was a little younger and had softer eyebrows, that was still the face of the teacher, he was just younger …… also still as full of seductive power as before.


When he appeared in front of the crowd, he would attract the eyes of all ……



It made him want to hide him.


After the initial daze, Eliza used her feather fan to block the lower half of her face, only daring to quietly look at him, then she moved her fan towards him, it was easy to understand her gaze and intention.


Norman frowned slightly, interrupted the ambiguous atmosphere between the two, if any, he pointed to the seat next to him: “Qiao, come sit on my side.”



He spoke in a normal tone, and as soon as the words left his mouth, a servant came over to clean out the seat beside him, spread out the soft cushions and straighten out all the folds, making sure the sofa was absolutely clean and comfortable.



Although Qiao Nan came from a wealthy family, he grew up living the life of a cabbage, even after he entered the game and climbed a high position, he wasn’t very fond of others serving him, rather than surrounded by people, he preferred to stay by himself, read a book or train, he could spend the whole day by himself.


Qiao Nan politely thanked the servant and sat down on the sofa, maintaining an unobtrusive and elegant sitting posture on the soft sofa, and then rejected Elisa’s fan.



The corners of Norman’s mouth smoothed out and even curled up in a moment.



Between noblemen, if the man returned the fan to the woman, it represented rejection.



Norman’s eyes looked incredibly gentle, he was vaguely smiling, his honey-like golden eyes were filled with tenderness that seemed to flow out the next second, inclined to the man who didn’t look at him.



Elisa’s thoughts drifted off and her eyes flickered back and forth between the two, she couldn’t help but squeeze the fan bones, making them creak and rattle.




Knights in uniform light armor were returning to move things from the house of the Horace family in an orderly fashion.



Boxes of jewels and precious materials were moved out of Horace’s castle, and Edelman was limp on the ground, watching, he was dumbfounded as his family’s possessions were removed.



How could this happen?



He was just stripped of his knighthood, why should he be robbed of his possessions along with it?


Edelman would have tried to grab it, but he was pushed away before he could even touch the bodies of these knights.


“If you ask me, Norman is doing this for that masked man.” Edelman was helped up by his wife, his clothes were disheveled, his neatly organized hair was now scattered, eyes were red, he had long lost today’s daytime bravado.



“He is kil-ling the chicken to make an example of the monkey.” Edelman panted like an ox, watching his home being raided, how could he not be angry?



The thought that this was all because of that mysterious masked man made him so angry that he couldn’t wait for the other to die by a thousand cuts. And Norman was also the culprit, both of them were no good!



“My lord, let’s ……”



Seeing those Knights take away all the things and make sure that none of them left, Edelman calmed down a little, “Fortunately, these Knights didn’t check carefully, otherwise they found those things in the basement…”



“Or …… we’d better not.” The middle-aged woman’s face showed hesitation, she trembled as she held Edelman’s hand, the fear in her eyes increased.



Their son and daughter were holding each other at this time, whispering and sobbing.


“Give up?” Norman sneered, he raised his hand and slapped her, then the weak middle-aged woman stumbled and fell to the ground, “you can’t help at all, yet you want to meddle in my affairs?!”



Edelman didn’t care about his wife and children still lying on the ground, he patted the dust on his body and headed to the castle’s basement.



At first he didn’t hide from his wife about his contact with the demons.


The reason was simple.



He could only live up to a hundred years, his natural talent wasn’t good, there was no way to cultivate, he was almost fifty years old, how many people could have fifty years more?


With no surprises, he would live at most another 20 to 30 years before he died.



So much glory and wealth, power and authority, how could it be so easily put down?



An ordinary person who wantes to live forever, except for cultivation, or meeting few miracles, there simply couldn’t be any other decent way.


In addition to making an exchange with the devil.



You pay a small price, and you get eternal life!


Why not go for such a cost-effective deal?


He looked crazy as he pushed through the layers of secret passages to the deepest part of the basement.


There was a pool of blo-od.


The blo-od pool was the size of a basketball court, and the blo-od inside was gushing, bubbling with fishy odors and a pungent stench.


Inside the basement was only this blo-od pool, and around this pool of blo-od was an open space with complicated and mysterious formations. The pool of blo-od seemed to have its own consciousness, and constantly spit out the filth from the bottom of the pool, and now and then it brought up some corpses that hadn’t yet decayed.



And among these corpses, there appeared the body of the long-dead previous lord of the city, this corpse had decayed, he was almost unrecognizable.



“Great Demon King Amos.
I, Edelman Horace, pray for your descent
In the name of the Most High, allow me to make a prayer to you.
Please fulfill my wish, and I will offer you a sumptuous sacrifice.
I pray to You with my soul!” :…




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