C17—- Victory

Cheng Hao came down from the stage first after Old George introduced him, taking off his jacket leaving only his shorts before putting on his boxing gloves and going on stage once again.



The wound on his abdomen was still not fully healed, it was wrapped in a bandage that Lin Yuxun had bought from somewhere, and this wasn’t an eye-catcher, it was common for boxers to wear waist guards.



After Cheng Hao got on stage, he first adjusted his boxing gloves.


When he first started boxing, after watching others boxing matches, he thought that the game was like playing house, because someone always somehow fell down, but when he really began to practice boxing, he realized that boxing wasn’t so simple.



Even the boxing gloves, its role wasn’t as Cheng Hao once thought, just to avoid injuring opponents, the main role of this glove, was to protect the boxer’s hand.


Top boxers punched out with a very strong force, with the reaction force, even the bones in his hands would break if he wasn’t wearing gloves.



Cheng Hao was at the peak in his last life. It was very easy for an ordinary man to fly with a punch. If he didn’t pay attention to the bowls he used to eat, they would be crushed.


In such a situation, if he didn’t wear gloves, he didn’t dare to hit people hard.



Unfortunately, his current body hadn’t experienced day after day of continuous years of training and didn’t have that much strength.



But he would win.


He was the best boxer.



Cheng Hao always repeated this before every fight.


After telling himself this, Cheng Hao’s whole person, as if transcending the field, he calmly looked at the opposite boxer, without a trace of excess emotion.



He saw Jellal beat his chest and roar towards the surrounding audience, watched him show his muscles, watched him give the middle finger to him, his heart didn’t fluctuate.



He also heard the audience talking very close to him, telling Jellal they would bet on Jellal to beat the cra-p out of him …… He still felt nothing.


The one who lost wouldn’t be him.



Cheng Hao told himself this over and over again, but in fact, all those watching the game felt that the loser would be him.



Although Jellal was now the weakest of the fighters on Old George’s side, he used to be very strong.



Jellal had made a name for himself in such a boxing ring.



He used to be particularly ruthless, always making the boxing scene very bloody, and even did a fight with people when the two sides agreed to use the special gloves fitted with small iron cones to fight.


The small iron cones on the idiosyncratic boxer weren’t as big as pushpins, so such a fight wouldn’t put the boxer’s life in danger, but it would make the boxer bleed.


Such bl00dy scenes always made the audience’s bl00d boil emotionally, to put it bluntly, it was very ornamental, so Jellal became famous in one battle.



At that time, when he participated in the competition, he didn’t want just a share, he wanted several thousand dollars appearance fee, if spiked gloves were used, it would be more expensive.



But he then smoked mariju-ana, drank alcohol, became addicted to women, gradually he was no longer in good health, and later in a boxing match, he suffered an injury that was difficult to recover from, he was no longer able to beat his opponents.



By now, his body was actually long unfit to participate in the game.



But if he didn’t participate in the game, there wouldn’t be money to spend …… he had to fight.



In such a state, he couldn’t win by fighting other fighters who were in great shape, but Cheng Hao didn’t look like a boxer at all.



When Cheng Hao came on stage, he looked like a little lamb that had gone to the wrong place.


Cheng Jinhao was tall and not light in weight, but when Cheng Hao transmigrated, he had just been seriously injured, and then Cheng Hao was in a state of “underfed”, and now his weight was only a hundred and twenty pounds.



One hundred and twenty pounds, such a body was normal for teenagers, but put into the boxing ring, he looked very thin and Cheng Hao looked young.



Asian people mostly looked younger that their real age. Cheng Jinhao was raised well before and he was only sixteen years old …… people could easily see that he was a minor.



Not to mention that in the boxing ring, the asian race had been unimpressive.


All the spectators felt that Jellal, who always lost before, would definitely win after taking on such a kid.


They couldn’t wait to see Cheng Hao get knocked out by Jellal.



“Go on Jellal, stomp him on the ground!”


“Beat the little cutie to tears!”


“Jellal, you can do it!”




In the huge sound wave, the match officially started.


Every muscle on Cheng Hao’s body tensed up.


Jellal gave a contemptuous look at Cheng Hao and made an attacking pose, and just then, Cheng Hao rushed towards him.


Jellal didn’t expect Cheng Hao to be so fast and waved his hand to attack, but Cheng Hao had already landed a jab, hitting him in the face.



Before Cheng Hao crossed over, boxing matches had become a point system, hitting certain parts of the opponent could score points.


But if there was a chance to hit the opponent’s vitals, Cheng Hao, at that time, would rather be hit by his opponent to score points, but also to attack.



The “vital points” in his eyes were the facial nerve delta, the last rib on the left and right, and the heart socket.



Hitting these parts of the opponent’s body made it easy for them to lose their resistance.



When Chester and others came to Lin Yuxun’s rented house to find trouble, the still injured Cheng Hao attacked their vitals, and finally made that person vomit.



Now, what he attacked was Jellal’s facial nerve delta.



His head was tilted to the side by his blow and his movement slowed down a bit, and Cheng Hao followed with two punches, hitting the same part again.


Jellal fell down, and Cheng Hao retreated to the side.



The original shouting, cursing and shouting in Old George’s bar suddenly disappeared. Everyone looked at Cheng Hao who was standing, in shock, and Jellal who was so dazed that he couldn’t get up.


Jellal had lost, and so quickly?



The match had just started, and it was over?


In the audience, there was no sound for a while.


And at this time, Cheng Hao finally broke out from his special state.


His heartbeat was very fast, his body was covered in sweat, and although the match lasted a short time, he was very tired.


Also …… very, very hungry.


Thankfully, his injury didn’t fall apart …… perhaps his injury’s recovery rate was faster than he thought it would be.


Cheng Hao took a deep breath of air with the smell of smoke and walked towards Jellal, wanting to give the other a hug.



That was how it is on the field, no matter how great the fight was, there was always a friendly expression after it was over.


Unfortunately, he was dizzy and there was no way to hug him.



Not only that, there was no cheering around, the majority of the crowd was cursing: “What the hell? Is Jellal ruined? How can he be knocked down so quickly?”


“Rubbish, go to hell!”


“D-amn Jellal!”




These people cursed angrily, they didn’t just scold Jellal, in fact, Cheng Hao was also scolded by them.


Cheng Hao didn’t care, seeing Jellal being carried down, he followed and walked towards old George again, “George, how much money did I get?”

“You’ve taken boxing lessons, right?” George Sr. asked.


“As I said, I’m a boxer.” Cheng Hao said.


Old George took a drag on his cigarette and muttered, “Regular club set ……”


After muttering, he asked someone to count the money again.


Cheng Hao’s game was the first game of the day, many spectators hadn’t yet come, plus these people had little interest in Jellal and Cheng Hao, so they weren’t willing to bet more, the total amount of bets put together, surprisingly, it was only eight hundred dollars.



Cheng Hao was still a boxer without appearance fees …..


Old George said, “I’ll give you thirty-five dollars.”



“Thank you.”



Although he said thank you, Cheng Hao felt that the money was a bit small.


He had never had a match and ended up earning only a few dozen dollars for such a thing ……



Of course, this was dollar in 1980.



At this time, the purchasing power of the dollar was still relatively strong, through the process of Cheng Jinhao’s memory, and using the previous supermarket to understand the prices, he tried converting it, the purchasing power of a dollar now was the purchasing power of thirty yuan in China before he transmigrated.


If he did the math, it was equivalent to him getting a thousand yuan in 2020 for playing a game.



It wasn’t much money for him, but at least it got him out of the predicament of relying on Lin Yuxun.



Cheng Hao took the money and was ready to leave.



Old George said, “There’s a game later, you’re not going to stay and watch? Tonight, Crazy Bull will come over.”



Cheng Hao said, “There are people waiting for me at home, I have to go back.”



At this moment, there were two people playing on the stage, and the time was already 8:30.



He didn’t want to go back too late, so he planned to leave early.


“Okay.” Old George didn’t stop Cheng Hao.


Cheng Hao took the money and walked out, and halfway there, he was stopped by a white man who wasn’t young, with a particularly red face and a big stomach.



The vast majority of people in this bar were black, but there were still so many white people, and after this man stopped Cheng Hao, he said, “Little guy, good performance, you helped me win a large amount of money …… Do you want something to drink? I’ll buy you!”



Cheng Hao said, “I don’t drink …… can you treat me to a burger?”


He was really hungry now ……


The man said, “Yes, I’ll take you outside to buy, the burgers in the bar are too expensive!”



The man took Cheng Hao out of the bar and went straight to the burger store next to the bar, and asked Cheng Hao: “How many do you want?”


“More, of course.” Cheng Hao said.


There were only two people who bet on Cheng Ho to win today, and this man was one of them, so he made a lot of money and was generou and turned to the burger seller: “Ten burgers!”


Ten burgers only cost three dollars, so he paid and went back to the bar.



Cheng Hao waited for a while in the same place, and got ten hot burgers.


Since he transmigrated, it was the first time he saw such fragrant food …… Cheng Hao took out one and took a bite.


This burger was chicken, the chicken inside wasn’t KFC’s fried chicken, but the taste was okay …… Cheng Hao walked back while eating, after eating six in one breath, only then did his stomach feel a little better.



Originally with the money, Cheng Hao was going to buy something delicious to bring back to Lin Yuxun, but now with the burgers, it wasn’t necessary …… he went straight back home.



From a distance, he saw the light coming from underneath the roll-up door which wasn’t sealed.


Lin Yuxun was still awake?


Cheng Hao took out the spare key given to him by Lin Yuxun to open the door and found that not only was Lin Yuxun not asleep, Danny was also not asleep, both of them were waiting for him.


Cheng Hao put the bag in his hand into Lin Yuxun’s hand: “I’ve brought you guys something delicious!”


He said, and went to close the roll-up door.



This dilapidated tin roll-up door would make a loud noise whether it was opened or closed, so the landlord’s roar rang out, “Da-mn it, why are you going in and out at night? And my door! When the h-ell are you going to fix it?!”




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