Qiong Ren choked as he ran, his hands were so sore, why hadn’t he gotten out yet?


If he had a choice, he’d rather physically fight a lion on the East African savannah than come face-to-face with a female ghost in white.



The haunted house had a limited space, so in order to create a sense of space and increase playability, the girls fully utilized their talents and came up with a ghostly wall.



Without taking the trouble to engage in architectural design, they could have the effect of nested space, and then the ghosts would follow the visitors, which would let the guests experience the extreme fear of being scared half to death, not caught, yet not being able to run out.



“What should I do if the ghostly wall can’t be withdrawn, will my cub be scared out of his wits?”



“Cub got scared and cried, mom’s heart hurts.”


“My husband looks good when he cries!!”



The ghosts kept their voices to a minimum, but Yan Molu still heard them.



What was with all these messy names?


If he hadn’t been so shocked just now, he would have realized that the haunted house was set up with a ghostly wall. King Yan heard Qiong Ren’s cries and felt some guilt in his heart.



With a movement of his mind, the nested space instantly lifted.


A door suddenly appeared at the end of the corridor, and right in front of it floated a ghost with an axe sticking out of its head.



“Ah ah ah–”


Qiong Ren’s tears came out, he was going too fast to stop, he was about to come into close contact with the ghost, but somehow he blinked and actually returned to the waiting room.



He hugged his friend, and was warmly hit by the sunlight that shone in at a slant, he stood at the exit to calm down for a while, and couldn’t help but feel sorry for the money for the ticket.



Obviously, he had come to practice his courage, knowing that the haunted house was filled with actors, but he was still scared off in one look.


Thirty yuan could buy five bags of potato chips.



Qiong Ren pursed his lips, the corners of his mouth curved downward.



There was no one in the waiting room, he didn’t know where the conductor went, Qiong Ren called out a few times and no one answered, so he could only put his friend on the long sofa in the waiting room.


He put his ear close to his patient’s chest to hear if his heart rate was normal.



The patient’s chest was warm and elastic, and his body had a clean scent.


There was just no heartbeat. ……



Crap! There was no heartbeat!



Qiong Ren swished to his feet, pulled out the phone and dialed 120, and Yan Molu immediately got up and pretended to have just woken up.



“Why am I here?”


“You’re not dead,” Qiong Ren sighed in relief, “You just passed out in the haunted house. Is there any discomfort anywhere?”


Yan Molu shook his head.



Qiong Ren crossed his arms and lectured him, “Don’t wander around the haunted house alone if you are timid, fortunately you didn’t bump into anything when you fainted, what if you bumped your head, it’s too dangerous.”


Yan Molu’s gaze couldn’t help but linger on him.



This beautiful face in front of him in the haunted house was scared and wet from crying, his crimson lips were slightly open and tongue subconsciously licked, adding a touch of softness to his lips.



The tip of Yan Molu’s heart itched slightly, and he leaned his upper body towards Qiong Ren, saying seriously, “Next time, don’t go into the haunted house alone.”



The sick friend was tall, and when he leaned over, he naturally carried a sense of imposing oppression. Qiong Ren subconsciously said, “Uh-huh,” and later realized that he had said this to the patient. How come he responded the same way?



In his defense, he said, “I wanted to team up with you, but you left so quickly that you disappeared in the blink of an eye.”



Qiong Ren’s rosy lips turned lightly downward, his brows knitted a little, his eyes were still wet, making him look a little aggrieved.


Yan Molu vaguely felt as if he was being pampered, yet felt that Qiong Ren didn’t really pamper him.


For people who were too good-looking, a little expression would also make people think more.



At this time, the conductor came in carrying a mattress. When she saw Yan Wang, she first gave a series of neat shivers.


“Da, uh, Boss. Secretary Nan called and said that you want to sleep in the haunted house, so I went and bought you a memory mattress, which room do you want to sleep in? I’ll move you in.”



Qiong Ren froze, “Sleep?”



In retrospect, from his years of experience of being stunned by fear, the position of his sick friend lying on the floor was indeed too peaceful.



“You just …… in there …… weren’t you stunned?”


Yan Molu was embarrassed and remained silent, not answering right away.



Qiong Ren understood.



So, not only did he carry out a person who purposely went into a haunted house to sleep, but he also lectured the person that he was too timid to wander into a haunted house alone ……



Qiong Ren took out his cell phone and religiously searched – what is the best way to immediately escape from Earth?


None of the answers were actionable.


Qiong Ren put down his cell phone and comforted himself.


Life was short, he could get through it.


Yan Molu turned to the ticket agent, “Put it in, and get Secretary Nan to reimburse you for the mattress, thank you.”



The ticket agent’s shivering legs suddenly stood up straight. Though it was said that the King was cold and frightening, how cold could a great king be who would thank a little person like him? She hemmed and hawed and laughed twice, carrying the mattress into the haunted house.



Yan Molu looked at Qiong Ren and said seriously, “You were very brave just now.”


He was obviously so scared, even so scared that he shed tears, yet he still chose to come back to save him.


Such courage was only possessed by very few people.


Although it didn’t help, it was still worth encouraging.


King Yan: “I have chronic insomnia, and my doctor advised me to sleep in an environment where I feel comfortable. I shouldn’t have overlooked the special nature of the haunted house, and it’s my fault that you misunderstood.”


Qiong Ren: “……”


Comfortable environment, haunted house?



Qiong Ren felt compassion in his heart, “You must be under a lot of pressure at work during the week.” This was working overtime to the point of mutation, right? Otherwise how could he find a haunted house cozy?



He was indeed very busy, thought Yan Molu.


The population had exploded in the past few decades, and there were so many sinners that the Underworld wasn’t enough.


He had to split off seven incarnations to work at the same time to barely keep up with the workload.



While the ghost pawns were able to work shifts, he had no days off.



One of the springs on the couch in the waiting room was collapsed, and not wanting to shortchange himself, Qiong Ren had to move over to the patient’s side.


Yan Molu smelled the scent of Qiong Ren’s body again, wisps of it diffusing toward him.



His throat moved and he averted his eyes slightly, “The main reason I can’t sleep is a song.”


“What song?” What kind of ugly song would it have to be to cause someone to suffer from chronic insomnia.


Yan Molu: “The Light Chaser.”


Qiong Ren: “Chase, Light Chaser ……”


Yan Molu: “You’ve heard of it?”



Qiong Ren immediately denied out loud, “Never heard of it! What a strange song title. Never heard of it before, hahahahahahahaha.”


Calm down, Qiong Ren!


There are a lot of renamed songs in this world, you are so muddled, and the population of the City is in the millions, so how can you so easily meet a living person who has heard your song.



Yan Molu: “It’s sung by a singer named Qiong Ren, my secretary loves him and sings his songs every day.”



It was the same name, it must be the same name. How could his song make someone lose sleep?


“Why don’t you scold him a few times out of anger.” Qiong Ren suggested in a whisper, too ashamed to lift his head.



He had unintentionally ruined his sick friend’s sleep three times, it was hard to argue that it wasn’t a nebulous fate.


“I’m sure Qiong Ren wouldn’t mind you scolding him if he knew he was causing you to lose sleep.”



Or even help him curse himself.


Yan Molu raised his eyes, “He didn’t cause me to lose sleep.”


“What?” Qiong Ren was puzzled, “But didn’t you say that it was after listening to his song that you lost sleep?”


“Neither the song nor the singer is responsible for my insomnia.”


Yan Molu looked at Qiong Ren with a serious expression, “Some people are allergic to sunlight, but that’s not the sun’s fault.”


Qiong Ren froze.


There shouldn’t be a second person in this world who would compare the singer who made him lose sleep to the sun.


As soon as the ticket seller entered the door of the haunted house, the employees immediately gathered around.


“Director, can you find a way to deal with the axe on my head, my son is here and I want to catch him in person.”


The ticket agent froze at the sound, “Your son? Haven’t you been dead for 400 years? He reincarnated?”


White-skirted female ghost: “She’s talking about the handsome guy with the hat outside. I’ve sent my daughter’s song to you, and you’ve even set it as your cell phone ringtone.”


Ticket seller: “Oh, it’s him …… But isn’t that singer a man? How could he be your daughter?”


“Director, don’t care about the minutiae. Can you help us with our appearance so that we look like living people for the time being.”



The ticket seller found it difficult: “This …… is a bit difficult. It’s hard to use our power where King Yan is present.”



For the first time, Qiong Ren, who was compared to the sun, was very touched, who would not be moved by the integrity and gentleness of his sick friend?


But as the lyricist, songwriter and original singer of “Light Chaser,” he still couldn’t help but ask, “Is that song really that hard to listen to?”


“Very hard.” Yan Molu seriously admonished, “Don’t try it just because you’re curious, there are some taboos that shouldn’t be touched.”



Qiong Ren: “Forbidden, taboo ……”


Worried that Qiong Ren was in the same insomnia predicament he was in, Yan Molu aggravated his tone, “As much as my secretary likes it, my secretary is a woman who thinks that scorpions are churlish looking, and that her aesthetics need to be viewed judiciously.”


Qiong Ren: “Well ……Q^Q”


The ticket clerk, who couldn’t solve the appearance problem for the employees, got herself out of the haunted house and held out three albums to Qiong Ren:


“Hello, may I ask if you’re Qiong Ren? My coworkers really like you and they asked me to get three autographs from you.”


Qiong Ren: “……”


Yan Molu: “……”


The waiting room suddenly became particularly quiet.


The ticket seller had a look of innocence, “Huh?”



What happened? Why did he feel that the air in the scene had suddenly stagnated?


The ticket seller cautiously recalled his statement.


There was nothing wrong with it.


He continued, “Your song ‘Light Chaser’ is especially good, I specifically cut out that da-da-da-da and set it as my caller ringtone, and since then I’ve been especially looking forward to someone calling me, and I can’t get tired of listening to your songs a hundred times. Hahahahahahahaha.”


A feeling of horror echoed in the waiting room.


Qiong Ren glanced quietly at the patient.


His eyes were half-lidded, his head was slightly bowed, but his expression was stoic and cold.


But his earlobes were so red that it almost seemed like they were dripping blood.


Qiong Ren silently took the album, swished and signed, and then took out his cell phone, “Ah, it’s you, well, I’m busy, I’m …… here.”



His cell phone ringtone suddenly rang at an inopportune time, he had pressed it too close, so it shocked his eardrums to the point of pain.


Qiong Ren: “……”


What kind of day was today? Was this world of rotating social deaths real?



Qiong Ren slid open his cell phone expressionlessly, the call was from his manager.


“You’re on the hot search! Come back quickly to discuss how to take advantage.”


Old Yang was so excited that his voice cracked, and Qiong Ren hurriedly opened Weibo to find his name hanging in the forties, popping one place forward with a refresh.



The hot search phrase is #Qiong Ren, dreaming #



Weibo alerts kept ringing, unread comments and @s were over thirty thousand, and private messages were bouncing upwards. Now he did have to hurry back.



Qiong Ren cupped his phone, he kinda wanted to get his sick friend’s contact, but looked up ……


The redness had already spread from the earlobes of his sick friend to his cheeks, and his body maintained the exact same posture as earlier, like a shy little zombie.




I still haven’t figured out a schedule for this, but til then, see ya tomorrow ✌️

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