It was simply more than reasonable for his neighbor to do this kind of thing, it perfectly fit his persona.



Yan Mo nodded, “These are all bribes that people in the underworld tried to bribe me with, I was unable to return them and unwilling to accept them, so they were all converted into living world currency and donated.”


He didn’t realize that the orphanage was where Qiong Ren grew up.


“Wow–” Qiong Ren couldn’t help but exclaim, then he smiled, “Doesn’t that mean that all the money I’ve used since I was a child had a share donated by you?”


This small coincidence made both of them happy, so it turned out that when they didn’t even know each other yet, there was already a kind of hidden connection between them.



Qiong Ren smiled, “We really are related.”


Yan Mo’s quiet eyes reflected Qiong Ren’s smiling face and he smiled softly along with him, “Uh-huh.”


The agent looked in the mirror and adjusted his tie and the Dean frowned, “What are you wearing such a grandiose outfit for?”



Agent: “It’s the first time Qiong Ren has brought someone here, it means a lot, so of course I have to dress decently.”



Dean: “His Yan Mo is here for the festival, not to talk business, he’ll be under a lot of pressure if you dress like this.”


After seeing Yan Mo, the dean immediately realized that he was arbitrary.



Yan Mo was dressed in a suit that was straight and ironed, complete with cufflinks, brooches and tie clips, just like he was coming to get married. Even Qiong Ren, who wore sportswear every day, wore the same style of suit as Yan Mo today, could it be that they were going to announce some important information today?



The dean’s heart skipped a few beats, why didn’t these two kids give a little mental preparation, were they getting engaged or were they ready to get married?


He felt mentally pressurized.


Qiong Ren introduced: “This is our dean Li Jiahe, he raised me. Dean, this is Yan Mo, my roommate.”



He couldn’t believe he didn’t say that Yan Mo was his boyfriend, could it be that Qiong Ren felt that it wasn’t the time for a stable relationship yet and wanted to drag it out a bit more. But he had already taken someone else’s house and was living together, how could he not give Yan Mo a name?



The dean’s eyes that looked at Yan Mo took on a faint compassion.


After the introductions, everyone sat on the sofa in a slightly awkward atmosphere.


Qiong Ren hugged his rabbit and watched the first episode of the recording sent by You Qiteng, not bothering to speak. But if he didn’t speak, no one knew what to say.



Fortunately, in the face of such a dilemma, the elders would always have a fixed solution.


The dean looked at Yan Mo and asked kindly, “Do you want to see Qiong Ren’s photo album from when he was a child?”


He saw Yan Mo’s eyes light up.



Yan Mo: “May I? Thanks.”


The dean chuckled, he looked cold and scary, but he was actually quite cute.


He found Qiong Ren’s photo album from the cabinet and said with a smile:



“Qiong Ren has been a good-looking boy since he was a child, and he’s smart and has a good temperament. A lot of people wanted to adopt him, but he was especially creative, he always said that he didn’t want to leave the orphanage, if it wasn’t …….”



The dean quickly stopped talking and turned the first page.


The first photo was Qiong Ren’s admission photo, he was a chubby, pretty baby then, big eyes staring at the camera, grinning stupidly, his hair had been in little curls since he was a little boy.


His face was so fleshy and bouncy that one could not wait to bite and rub it twice, but seeing him so good and so cute with a smile, one could not wait to give him all the good things!


Yan Mo covered his heart, his blood was already boiling from the cuteness, he said pleadingly, “Can I reprint one?”


The dean nodded, “Sure.”



Yan Mo clasped his hands in front of his chest and said sincerely, “Thank you.”


The dean was very pleased with himself, only the first one was like this, if he saw a few more, would he go crazy?


The agent turned his head sideways and whispered to Qiong Ren, “See, showing off your kids is just about every older person’s favorite thing to do.”



Qiong Ren also put his head over and whispered, “I recorded that, you said he was older.”



The agent’s fat face shook with pain, “You’ve really grown, you weren’t like this before.”



The dean flipped through the photos while telling him interesting stories about Qiong Ren’s childhood, he brought out a photo of Qiong Ren holding a doll and said with a smile, “This one was taken when he was just in kindergarten.”



Qiong Ren in the photo was no longer a chubby baby, he was a bit slimmer than his peers and his face was small, his cheeks were still fleshy, but you could already see the outline of a defined jaw.


He stood by the wall holding a rabbit doll, looking at the camera with a resigned look, his eyes brimming with tears, looking at it made him feel heartache.



Yan Mo looked at the rabbit doll, his eyes paused on it then he asked, “Why is he crying?”


The dean saw him gently frowning, and his heart instantly settled down a bit, it seemed that he really cared about Qiong Ren, and that was why he was heartbroken about the crying Qiong Ren when he was a child.


“On his first day at kindergarten, he heard a kid bragging that their nickname was especially nice, called Qiuqiu. He was so envious that when he came back he said he wanted a nickname too.



“And he’s already thought of a favorite name for himself.”


Yan Mo: “What’s it called?”



Qiong Ren looked overwhelmed, how many times was the Dean going to tell this story.



The dean stifled a laugh, “The nickname he picked out was Teacher. He thought that all the kindergarteners listened to their teachers, so if he named himself Teacher, wouldn’t he be Mr. Qiong, and that way all those kids would listen to him too. When I told him that his nickname couldn’t be Teacher, he cried in aggravation.”



Qiong Ren covered his face, “Everyone does something stupid when they’re little, can you forget about this as soon as possible?”



Yan Mo said seriously, “It’s not stupid, it’s cute.”


Qiong Ren slowly lowered his hand, “Really? You’re comforting me, right?”



Agent: “Then what else?”


“No, it’s really cute.” Yan Mo sternly disproved, “And then what? What exactly is your nickname?”



Speaking of this, Qiong Ren immediately continued, “The dean actually had the nerve to talk about me, he’s the one who’s super unreliable, okay. He told me that I can’t be called teacher, if I can’t be called then I can’t be called, so I let him give me one, do you know what he gave me?”


Yan Mo: “What?”


“Ah Ran.”


“Ah Ran ……,” Yan Mo recited these two words back and forth in his heart several times, and said in a deep voice, “It’s very nice to hear.”


“Good how ah,” Qiong Ren was speechless, “At that time the TV was playing ‘Man and Nature’, do you understand? Ren and Nature, this harmonic terrain is too bad!”



“I think it sounds good,” Yan Mo lowered his voice to call him, “Ah Ran, can I call you that?”


Qiong Ren’s ears instantly exploded in red, he buried his face into the plush rabbit’s skull which muffled his voice, “Please, please don’t call me that in the future.”



The neighbor’s voice was so nice that there should be legislation forbidding him to call people by their nickname so as not to put them into a trance.



The killing power was just too great.



The plush rabbit struggled to reach out with his short little hands and patted him comfortingly on the face.


The dean had been eating dog food when he saw the plush rabbit move and blinked hard, “Did Qiong Ren’s doll move?”



The stuffed rabbit immediately stiffened and played dead.



Qiong Ren raised his head, his ears red but full of bashfulness, “No ah, you’re looking at it wrong.”


Yan Mo: “It didn’t move.”



“Old Yang?” He looked to the agent.


Agent: “Indeed it didn’t move.”


“Okay then.” The Dean took a few more glances at the stuffed rabbit and saw that it really didn’t move anymore, so he didn’t care.



The highlight of the Mid-Autumn Festival was of course eating mooncakes and enjoying the moon.



As young laborers, Qiong Ren and Yan Mo rightfully took on the task of setting up the moon viewing venue.



The work wasn’t much, they just had to set up the tables, chairs and benches, put out the mooncakes, cut the big ones and build a cake tower for the small ones.



The fruits were cut into pieces and peeled, and made into something that could be eaten directly. The two of them moved quickly and finished in a while.



Qiong Ren looked at the big round moon in the sky, took a bite of the white skinned bean paste mooncake, and let out a meaningless sigh, “It’s so round.”


Yan Mo also looked at the moon in the sky, “Hmm. So round.”


“The world is a big dream. Ready, sing!”


A resounding song came from the distance.


Qiong Ren: “Did you hear it?”


Yan Mo: “I heard it.”



There was a martyrs’ cemetery next to the orphanage, so it wasn’t possible that they were having a mid-autumn festival party too, right?



“Qiong Ren-” the dean stood upstairs and called him, “Pack up some mooncakes and fruits and send them next door.”






By next door, the dean was referring to the Martyrs’ Cemetery. This Martyrs’ Mausoleum was built very early, and the tombs of the martyrs in the mausoleum were joint tombs, it was relatively less famous, but still got flowers all year round.



The manager of the mausoleum was familiar with Qiong Ren and opened the door directly when he saw him, “I haven’t seen you for a while, you’ve become a big star.”


Seeing Yan Mo beside him, the administrator’s eyes lit up strangely.



“I’m just a small star,” Qiong Ren said frankly, “But I’ll work hard and become a big star as soon as possible.”



He handed the administrator mooncakes and fruit, “Dean asked me to send them over, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.”



“Thanks a lot,” the administrator inclined his head towards the inside, “Go in by yourself, I’ll watch the Mid-Autumn Festival Party for a while.”



Qiong Ren and Yan Mo carried their things inside as the singing became clearer and clearer. The ghosts were singing the famous actress Song Yunyun’s masterpiece, West River Moon.



Only five souls in front of the tombstone were seen trying to sing as one. But the harder they tried, the more out of tune they became, and the five sang with the effect of fifty people singing fifty songs at the same time.



When they saw Qiong Ren coming over, they were excited: ”Qiong Ren is here, and he has brought along a quite spirited young man. Is it his new friend?”



“I don’t know if it’s his date.”



“Can a man be a date?”


“Of course they can, the Thai drama Xiao Zhong watches every day is about two men having an affair.”



“Then Xiao Zhong also ……”



“No no, I heard Xiao Zhong chatting with others and said that his kind is called a corrupt man, and the one he likes is still a girl. He likes a girl that also likes to see men and men in love. The two of them met on the internet, their relationship is so good, that little girl said that she will move over to this side of Longcheng next year.”



Qiong Ren had been coming to the Martyrs’ Cemetery often since he was a child, but this was the first time he had seen their ghosts, and he had never expected to get such amazing news.



Administrator Xiao Zhong actually had a girlfriend!



Damn it, why did everyone have someone and only he was still single.



He placed the things in front of the grave, put his palms together and chanted, “I don’t know what kind of mooncakes you guys like to eat with fillings, so I brought a little bit of all of them, eat whatever you like, and if you want to watch TV, you can go to the administrator’s place to watch it, he’s watching the Mid-Autumn Festival Gala.”



The ghost chattered, “How come the kid’s recitation of the ritual is still so homely?”



“I heard he’s become a star. He’s the one who sang the ‘Order of The Folded Laurel’ that you’ve been howling for half the night, isn’t he?”



“You have the nerve to talk about me, didn’t you howl too?”



Qiong Ren listened to these recitations and tried desperately to hold back his laughter, he didn’t realize that they had such lively personalities.



As the five souls chatted, they suddenly sighed in unison and looked at Qiong Ren.



“If I were still alive, my grandson would be this old.”



“What’s the use of having grandchildren, my grandson doesn’t even come to see me, he can be a real grandson!”


The five ghosts who had been dead for decades hugged each other and cried.



Qiong Ren: “……”



Their emotions changed so fast!



Mid-Autumn was a day of reunion, and it didn’t feel good to make them cry during the holiday.



He sighed, “Stop crying.”



The five ghosts instantly stopped crying and wiped their tears and looked at him, their ghostly faces filled with confusion, “Is he talking to us?”


Qiong Ren: “Uh-huh. Little Qiong Mid-Autumn Festival Wish Special, whoever stops crying first I will reward them first.”



Yan Mo couldn’t help but laugh, wasn’t this the tactic that Qiong Ren used to coax the children in the orphanage during the day?



The ghosts, however, ate this up, and their tears instantly stopped.



They asked with concern, “There’s no one in your orphanage who can see ghosts, is it that your luck has been low lately and you’ve been unlucky?”


“No, no,” Qiong Ren hurriedly explained, “You guys can just take it as me suddenly opening the eyes of heaven when I became an adult.”



He used the tone of coaxing a small child to give instructions, “If you feel lonely when your family doesn’t come to see you, you can consider reincarnating early, and you’ll have a new family after reincarnation.”



Yan Mo: “Martyrs can take the fast track to reincarnation, and in their next life they can be reincarnated in a good life with a harmonious family and a happy life.”


“This, we also know.” The ghost muttered.



“You guys know ……,” Qiong Ren wondered, “Then why don’t you go to reincarnation?”



Yan Mo looked around and already understood the reason, “Because the orphanage is still here.”


The ghosts exclaimed in unison, “A master.”



What did this have to do with the orphanage? Qiong Ren didn’t quite understand.



Yan Mo said, “This is where the five of them buried their bones, it’s kind of a small battlefield, and it’s a bit heavy with demonic energy. The orphanage is full of children, and children’s souls are unstable, so the collision of the demonic qi may cause the living souls to go off.”



“The righteous and loyal bones can subdue the souls. You are worried about the children in the orphanage, that’s why you refuse to reincarnate, right?”



Qiong Ren was stunned at his words, they actually stayed in the living world to protect the children of the orphanage.


He walked down the steps and bowed deeply towards the five martyrs floating in front of the tombstone, “Thank you for protecting our orphanage.”



A shy look appeared on all five souls’ faces.



“Aiya, there’s actually no need to say it, listening to this little guy, why am I still quite embarrassed.”



“Just doing a favor by the way, it’s nothing.”


“Of course the flowers of the motherland should be well protected, no need to bow.”


Qiong Ren straightened up, “If I can find a place to move the orphanage, you guys will be able to reincarnate without worrying.”



“If you move, it won’t be convenient for the children to go to school.”



“Right, and with prices so expensive now, I’m afraid it won’t be too easy to find such a big place to open an orphanage again.”



The ghosts weren’t in a hurry to reincarnate, instead they were more concerned about the children’s schooling.



“There’s no need to move,” said Yan Mo, “If the five of you believe in me, just go and reincarnate.”



As he spoke, Yan Mo appeared in the form of King Yan.



The five ghosts immediately realized that this young man was the legendary King of the underworld. When the King of the underworld spoke, it was natural to believe it.



“I wonder what method you plan to use?”


They still had to hear the solution for themselves before they could rest assured.



Yan Mo: “As long as the Thunder Part incantations are recited next to each other, even the heaviest demonic aura can be swept away.”



Qiong Ren and Yan Mo followed the moonlight back to the orphanage, which was already full of people. The dean and the agent were leaning against each other enjoying the moon, talking.


The children usually had to go to bed at nine o’clock, but today they could make an exception to go to bed late, and they were all very excited, running wildly in the yard.


Seeing their carefree appearance, Qiong Ren said softly, “Even though we are all orphans, we have always been thought of and protected. I feel very lucky.”



He turned his head to look at Yan Mo, a section of moonlight held in his eyes, making it look more and more pure, “Those five are about to be reincarnated, if I go again, will they still receive the offering?”



Yan Mo: “Of course they can. It’s just that the way of manifestation is slightly different. For example, if a person in the living world suddenly makes a small fortune, perhaps a loved one in his previous life burned money for him. Karma is intertwined, it’s hard to tell one by one, but sincerity can lead to heaven and earth, at least if you wish, heaven and earth will definitely listen.”



Qiong Ren smiled, “Why, because my roommate is the King of the underworld?”



Yan Mo: “Because you are Qiong Ren.”



Emperor Song had said that Qiong Ren wasn’t a reincarnation of a sage or a divine rebirth, and had no background, he was just an ordinary good person.



This was true, but also not true. Yan Mo personally went through Qiong Ren’s life and death book and looked upwards for ten lifetimes, and surprisingly, he was a good person for all ten lifetimes.



It wasn’t easy to be good in one life, let alone ten.



He, the “ordinary good guy”, was originally a miracle.



“Do you want a reward?” Yan Mo asked.


Qiong Ren swallowed his saliva: “Touch, touch the dragon’s horn?”


Yan Mo shook his head, “Better than that.”



There was a better reward than touching the dragon horn?



Qiong Ren was shocked, could it be that Yan Mo was really going to cook for him in his half-dragon form wearing an apron tied with a bow, and after the meal, he could still keep his tail, claws, horns and a dragon’s horn for him to touch.


Yan Mo: “About ten years ago, Secretary Nan and I were on a business trip, when we passed by the Spirit State Railroad, we felt a hint of demonic aura, I thought it was strange, how could there be things of incipient spirit alongside the railroad in such a noisy place.”



Although he didn’t understand what this had to do with the reward, Qiong Ren still listened attentively, “Well, then what happened?”



“I ordered the dragon carriage to stop and saw that the one that opened up its spirit was a doll. Someone was carrying its owner and threw it off the train. It wanted to return to its master so badly that it actually opened its spirit with this obsession.”



“But no matter what, it was just a doll, and it was almost impossible to successfully transform into a spirit. That day was also the mid-autumn festival, perhaps the moon was too full, and thinking that it was pitifully alone and thrown by the railroad tracks, I gave it a little chance.”



Yan Mo beckoned out of thin air the lavender plush rabbit that was struggling to be a customer service agent and shoved it into Qiong Ren’s hand.



“Even though it took ten years, it still returned to its master.”




They’re so cute (⁠ ⁠ꈍ⁠ᴗ⁠ꈍ⁠)


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