C79 —- My boyfriend


Seeing Gu Yanshen wasn’t inferior in this battle, Lu Wenxing was really surprised.


After realizing Gu Yanshen’s special attention towards him, Gu Yanshen often concealed or dodged, even secretly giving him a cufflink.


In Lu Wenxing’s opinion, Gu Yanshen was particularly wimpy!



Therefore, Lu Wenxing thought that his interruption of Gu Yanshen’s confession might make him disoriented, or that he might misunderstand that he didn’t mean it.



He secretly asked Sheng Chao about Gu Yanshen’s schedule after he came back, and he also knew that Gu Yanshen was free on Friday, so Lu Wenxing planned to ask Gu Yanshen to have dinner.



He didn’t expect Gu Yanshen to ask him instead, but Lu Wenxing went along with it, also wanting to take this opportunity to confess. But he misunderstood, he only thought Gu Yanshen would book the box, he didn’t expect Gu Yanshen to suddenly become brave.


He ordered the special package, coupled with a different mood of the lobby layout, and Lu Wenxing also ordered the same set, he immediately knew that this wasn’t simply dinner.



It was a coincidence, but at the same time, Lu Wenxing was a bit surprised.



“Teacher Gu, go ahead first. I’ll go to the restroom.”


Gu Yanshen didn’t want to think too much, he nodded and followed the manager inside, he also wanted to go through everything with the manager again, it was perfect that Lu Wenxing wasn’t present.


After the two turned to leave, Lu Wenxing walked toward the front desk.


The woman in a suit and on high heels, wearing exquisite makeup, saw Lu Wenxing walk over and politely greeted.



She was the manager of the second floor, because there was two guests that made reservations, she and the other manager stayed to serve the guests.


“Hello sir, how can I help you.”


“Hello, my last name is Lu. My reservation is for the second floor.”


The manager couldn’t collect the surprise on her face, seeing Gu Yanshen and Lu Wenxing appear at the same time was already enough to surprise her. But after hearing Lu Wenxing’s words, she associated it with the fact that the one who booked the first floor was Mr. Gu, and the second floor was booked by Mr. Lu.


So it was both of them who were hiding from each other wanting to give each other a surprise.


This ……



Although she firmly believed that it was real, it was too sweet.



“The money for the second floor will be paid as it is, but please don’t mention the second floor in front of him.”



Gu Yanshen wanted to surprise him, so he would just pretend he didn’t know anything about it.


The manager understood what he meant and smiled appropriately, but in her heart, she had already gone crazy.


“Okay. Mr. Lu don’t worry, no one will disturb later.”





Lu Wenxing returned to his seat, the male manager of the first floor asked him with a smile.



“Hello, can we serve the food now?”




The two of them didn’t mention the main topic the entire time, eating as usual, chatting about recent events or their schedule in passing, and also talking about newly released TV or movies.



After dinner, the soothing soft music was changed to a light and romantic tune, and the manager wheeled in the food cart with a cart on it.


“Sorry to interrupt.” She set the contents of the food cart on the table.


The small six-inch round cake was milky white, in the upper left corner was a rose made of red buttercream, and in the center was a chocolate sauce drawing of tiny version of a little man, Lu Wenxing thought the drawing should be him.


At the bottom was the words written in chocolate sauce.


Mr. Lu, hello.


“You’re quite good.”



Lu Wenxing looked at him with amusement, “Mr. Gu invited me to dinner today to say hello to me?”


The scene was set up so grandly, but the confession was too subtle, wasn’t it? If Gu Yanshen couldn’t do it, he’d replace him.


But meeting Lu Wenxing’s teasing gaze, Gu Yanshen subconsciously opened his mouth.


“No. I asked the dessert chef to draw the character, but the words weren’t requested.” The manager called him before and asked him what the person’s surname was. It turned out that it was added on the cake.



“Oh?” Lu Wenxing deliberately trailed off, “Then why did Mr. Gu request that drawing?”


“I don’t know if you still remember, the first time I recorded a variety show, I took your rose.” Gu Yanshen picked up large bouquet of roses from under the dining cart.



Lu Wenxing originally thought that Gu Yanshen had forgotten about that incident because when he gave Gu Yanshen the rose brooch, the other didn’t understand the implication of his return gift.



“Then what do you …… mean by giving this to me?” Lu Wenxing blinked, his translucent eyes carrying a light smile.


“Xingxing, I like you.”


Gu Yanshen’s expression was so serious that it looked like he was studying a script.


“I don’t know when I was moved, I only remember that when you sent flowers, I took them in accordance with my heart.”


“I haven’t liked anyone else before you. When I knew I was moved, I double-checked it a few times. I even mistakenly thought that it was because I got too deep into the drama, but now I can tell you for sure that I like you.”


Speaking later, Gu Yanshen was a little apprehensive.


“Xingxing, I want to be with you. Can you give me a chance to pursue you?”




Gu Yanshen also thought about being rejected, but still, the loss in his eyes wasn’t well concealed, he continued.


“I’m the one who was abrupt, sorry. The cake here is delicious, do you want to try …… it?”


“The flowers aren’t for me?”



Gu Yanshen froze for a few seconds as Lu Wenxing repeated.


“The roses, aren’t they for me?”



Gu Yanshen didn’t think that what Lu Wenxing cared about was this bunch of roses, he quickly gave the flowers to Lu Wenxing.



“Just now you spoke, now it’s my turn.” Lu Wenxing took the roses in a good mood.


Gu Yanshen: ?


Lu Wenxing took out a small gray box from his pocket and pushed it in front of Gu Yanshen.


“Open it.”



Inside the box was an exquisite pair of rings, Gu Yanshen was momentarily stunned and looked at Lu Wenxing in surprise. “Xingxing, you ……”



“How could you confess like that?” Lu Wenxing’s disgust was very obvious.



“If I give you a chance to pursue me, at your speed, we won’t even be able to be together this time next year.”


Gu Yanshen was stunned again by what was said, and Lu Wenxing raised his chin.



“Ask again.”



After reacting, Gu Yanshen’s eyes instantly lit up, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t stop the smile from rising. “I’m sorry, it was me who misrepresented myself.”


“Xingxing, I like you. Are you willing to be my boyfriend?”


Gu Yanshen’s eyes were deep and serious as he looked at Lu Wenxing, the deep love in his eyes couldn’t be hidden.



“You were so subtle just now, but now you’re asking like you’re proposing.”


Gu Yanshen smiled and took the ring out of the gift box for Lu Wenxing to put on.



“Whether you answer or not, the ring is on anyway. From now on, I’m your boyfriend.”



“Be reasonable, I bought the ring.”



“Yes.” Gu Yanshen put the other ring on his hand, “So I’ll buy it when we get married.”



“It’s just a boyfriend tag, who’ll marry you?”



“You.” Gu Yanshen cut into the cake and divided a small triangle for him. “Try it, you’ll like it.”



The cream melted in his mouth, it was sweet but not greasy.






Lu Wenxing’s eyes shone brightly, seeing that he liked it Gu Yanshen was also happy, not waiting for him to continue cutting, Lu Wenxing had already forked up a piece and brought it to Gu Yanshen’s lips.



Gu Yanshen paused for a second then opened his mouth to bite into the cake, the soft cream melting in his mouth.



He didn’t love sweets because they were too greasy, but the cake here was sweet but not greasy, and he liked being fed by Lu Wenxing.



“Xingxing, you brought the pair of rings over today, isn’t it ……”






“I came only to find out that you booked this floor.” Lu Wenxing pointed to the second floor.



“Do you want to go upstairs and take a look?”


Gu Yanshen smiled, “Of course I do, I can’t let my Xingxing spend money for nothing.”


Lu Wenxing hummed lightly, “I was letting you off the hook.”



At night, Gu Yanshen sent Lu Wenxing back home before ten thirty.



The two had just finalized their relationship, it was the time when they wanted to get mushy, but considering that Lu Wenxing was still living at home, for the sake of the long term, Gu Yanshen thought that he couldn’t leave a bad impression on aunt and uncle.


“I’m getting off.”


Gu Yanshen pulled his hand, “I ……”



“You what?”


Lu Wenxing’s gaze was clear, Gu Yanshen suddenly couldn’t speak, his throat rolled, “Nothing.”



“I like things being said directly.”


Lu Wenxing stared at him for a few seconds, came over, with their faces so close, Gu Yanshen’s heartbeat suddenly skipped beat, he sat in the driver’s seat, not daring to move.



Lu Wenxing laughed softly, his breath hitting the side of his face, Gu Yanshen felt his face heat up.



“Teacher Gu, you’re shy.”




“You are.”



Lu Wenxing was very close to him, his reddish lips brushing his ear. Knowing that he was teasing him, Gu Yanshen turned his head to ‘sneak up’ on Lu Wenxing, but he didn’t expect him to come closer.



Their lips touched, no one moved.



Gu Yanshen’s tongue subconsciously swept over Lu Wenxing’s lips, it was soft like jelly, and tasted creamy, Gu Yanshen suddenly realized that eating desserts could really be addictive.



The dexterous tip of his tongue was gently bitten by Lu Wenxing, it didn’t hurt, but it prevented him from following through.



“I have a shoot tomorrow.”



Lu Wenxing opened the car door, “I’m leaving, drive carefully.”



Gu Yanshen was a bit regretful and watched him get out of the car, but he saw Lu Wenxing go around to the driver’s seat and knock on his car window.


The window rolled down.


“Forgot something?”



Gu Yanshen only thought that Lu Wenxing had left something behind, and inclined his head to look at the passenger side, when Lu Wenxing reached out and pulled his tie, Gu Yanshen’s body leaned forward slightly, and a gentle kiss landed by the corner of his mouth.


Lu Wenxing slyly smiled, “I forgot to say good night to Mr. Gu.”



“Good night.”



Gu Yanshen’s response was completely subconscious, and it wasn’t until Lu Wenxing entered the front door that he calmed down from the gentle kiss, his heart thumping.



Lu Wenxing was actually not as calm as Gu Yanshen saw him, still sleepy even after a shower, he picked up the tablet and stylus.



On the drawing board was a slender and beautiful hand, with red-colored roses pinched between his thumb and forefinger.



Thinking of his Weibo page that he hadn’t logged in to receive work for a long time, Lu Wenxing put up this casual drawing.



His page had hundreds of thousands of followers, excluding a few regulars, most of them were students. Because he regularly shared illustration-related experience, he recorded the entire process of drawing and posted it on Weibo after speeding it up.



[Ah ah ah ah ah, Mrs. Updated]



[Tonight’s drawing is a small rose.]



[When will there be another tutorial? I want to see my wife draw.]



[Is it true that your wife doesn’t accept celebrity requests? I’d love to request something.]



[I’ve sent you a lot of private messages. I want you to read them.]


Lu Wenxing clicked on a private message, and he realized after reading a few private messages that it was all because he had drawn a fan image of Gu Yanshen for a client before that he had attracted this many fans.




Several fans had written to him privately, hoping that he could draw a homage to their favorite star, emphasizing that the price could be renegotiated.



There were too many private messages for him to reply to all of them, so he posted a comment under his latest post.



[Sorry, due to personal issues, I won’t accept commissions of Wenxing]



Soon someone replied to him.



[What about Gu Yanshen?]



Lu Wenxing initially accepted this drawing out of friendship, that customer had looked for him many times, coupled with the fact that it was a birthday gift for someone, so Lu Wenxing, who didn’t take celebrity drawings, responded to her request, and he drew Gu Yanshen, but didn’t receive money.


[I’m a fan of Gu Yanshen.]



This short sentence made Gu Yanshen’s fans boil over, the wife who never took on celebrity drawings was actually a fan of their beloved, and the fans of other stars half-jokingly dug in.



[Madam, take a look at my older brother? He’s tall, has long legs, and has a delicate and soft body.]


[Our brother Yi too.]


[Our Brother Feng is not bad either.]


[Madam is a fan of brother Shen’s movies. Do you want to follow our Xingxing too?]


[Will Mrs. still draw brother Shen in the future?]


Just as fans were happily leaving messages on his page, Lu Wenxing, who had only posted once in a long time, posted a picture of Gu Yanshen.


Wearing a suit and holding a bouquet of roses.



[I found out that Mrs. seems to like roses]


[Brother Shen’s eyes are so affectionate as he’s holding the roses!]


[His eyes are so teasing!]


The fans were surprised and forwarded the picture, and there were so many people who forwarded it that Gu Yanshen saw it as well. Speaking of which, Gu Yanning was the first person to know about Lu Wenxing’s hidden identity, so Gu Yanshen naturally knew about it.



He gave Lu Wenxing a call, because their schedules were full, the two hadn’t seen each other for two weeks.





“It’s fine, but it’s not right for Teacher Gu to call at this hour.”



“I just want to ask Mr. Lu, isn’t it true that you don’t draw celebrity pictures?” Gu Yanshen’s tone contained a smile. “You made an exception for me?”


“There’s no exception, I’m not drawing celebrity pictures.”


Gu Yanshen: “Huh?”


“What I drew was my boyfriend.”




Happy new year 🎉

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