Once the filming of the Living Suffering Place was completed, the crew headed towards the small underworld of Zhan Tu.



They traveled on the Underworld, which was specially designed for prison guards, and in less than half an hour, they arrived at the Zhan Tu Hell.



When Su Huaizhang got off the train, he couldn’t help but sigh, “Even the underworld has an express train. Such a long distance can be reached in just half an hour, if we can apply this technology to the high speed trains on earth, then wouldn’t our country’s transportation capacity be able to go to the next level.”


Xin Lu responded, “The technology of our underworld isn’t more advanced than that of the human world, this tunnel and train were constructed by Emperor Song’s own hands using the black rock of the underworld, so the friction is unusually small. The entire tunnel passes through the bottom of the sea and travels in a mathematically straight line, which is why it can have such a fast speed.”



“So that’s how it is.” Su Huaizhang was a bit disappointed, “Hey, it’s my whimsy.”



Qiong Ren secretly said, in short, this was an unscientific express built with unscientific materials, by unscientific means. He couldn’t imagine Emperor Song engaging in infrastructure and sent a text to ask about it.



Emperor Song immediately sent him more than ten new photos from various angles and expressed his strong desire for him to set his photos as a screensaver and wallpaper.


Qiong Ren automatically ignored Emperor Song’s request and found Secretary Kim on the edges of each photo.



Qiong Ren, it would be good if they quickly got married.



Just outside the station was the heart of the Zhan Tu underworld and the arranged tour bus was waiting for them.



Qiong Ren got on the tour bus and saw a herd of wild boars with foot-long tusks running wildly after the sinners on the plains, crows and vultures and vultures flew all over the sky, and every now and then they swooped down and pecked hard at the escaping condemned men.



Even if he didn’t have a phobia of denseness or birds, he couldn’t help but draw a breath of cold air.



Although he had done his homework beforehand, the difference between the information and what he saw with his own eyes, the hunting scene of ten thousand hogs swooping down and ten thousand birds pecking at the people, shook all the people in the crew to the point that they collectively lost their voices.



In the Zhan Tu underworld, the hunters were the evil birds and the jailers, and the hunted were the people serving their sentences.



Qiong Ren silently fretted, this documentary in the living world was on line, wouldn’t the screen be covered with mosaic, the audience would see only his face, right ……


Zhou Mi had been scared into a small quail, trembling with hot tears in his eyes.



The ghosts he had met these days were all loving, honest and friendly, giving him a false perception of how scary the underworld was.



Fortunately, the resident status brought by the work visa in underworld only worked in here, and he still couldn’t see the ghosts in the living world; when he was applying for the visa, he felt that he wasn’t blessed, but now he felt grateful.



Not everyone was Qiong Ren, he couldn’t afford this blessing.



He was about to faint and said with his last ounce of strength, “Can I not get off the bus?”



“Of course you can, just rest in the car.” Qiong Ren looked at him and couldn’t help but think of his former self and asked with sympathy, “Do you need me to knock you out, believe me, it’s much better to pass out.”



Zhou Mi: “No need, I still have to ……”



He struggled to say the last words, “Fetch ……”



Before Qiong Ren could do anything, Zhou Mi had a double take and fainted.



Worthy of being the filmmaker he looked up to, Qiong Ren secretly praised in his heart, he had the same dedication as him, he was still thinking about fetching material before he fainted from fear.


Su Huaizhang shook his head, “Xiao Zhou is still young, his mind is more fragile.”



“He’s already very strong,” Qiong Ren laid Zhou Mi out, “If this were the old me, I’m afraid I would have passed a few hours ago.”



The old man seemed disgusted, but in his heart he still loved his student, and took off his jacket and folded a pillow to cushion Zhou Mi’s neck.


The tour bus rattled and sped along, and there was no sun in the sky, but a sky full of red clouds.


Qiong Ren said to the camera:



“This is one of the sixteen small underworlds of the Black Rope Great Underworld, Zhan Tu.


“You viewers may be wondering, what kind of people will enter Zhan Tu to be punished? If someone is sick in bed and an evil person intentionally takes away his bed and medicines to cure him, or if someone is suffering from cold and discouragement, he takes away other people’s clothes and food, and afterwards hides his evil deeds and is not punished. Such a person enters Zhan Tu after death.”



“Wicked people who are punished here will have their eyeballs pecked out by evil birds, and they will also suffer from severe beatings by angry jailers, and be in agonizing pain every minute of every day.”



As soon as Qiong Ren’s words left his mouth, he saw a jailer running after the sinner with a huge axe raised, and behind him were a flock of hawks and vultures that pecked at the back of the sinner’s head.



The jailer cursed as he chased, and chopped down when he caught up, with vicious language and horrible looks, he looked more like a criminal than the condemned man.



Qiong Ren: “……”


He coughed dryly, “As you viewers can see, the jailers here seem to be a bit grumpy, so let’s find a random one to interview.”



Qiong Ren got out of the car and walked over to one of the jailers who was concentrating on beating up sinners with a mortar and pestle, “Hello, we’re filming a cultural promotional movie for the Black Rope Great underworld, it’s called ‘The Underworld Chronicles’, would you like to be interviewed by me?”



When the jailer saw him, he immediately threw the pestle and mortar away, wiped the blood from his hands, and was so excited that he was about to faint, “I attended your signing, do you remember me?”



Qiong Ren suddenly remembered, “Ah, you’re the fan who gave me a pack of black earth.”



“Hehehe, I didn’t expect you to remember me.” The jailer scratched his head, “What do you want to know? I promise to say everything.”



Being able to reunite with a fan who had attended the book signing, Qiong Ren was also happy, and he asked with a smile, “It seems to me that the jailers have extraordinarily personalized personalities, is this something that was purposely screened out when you joined the team, or is it part of the job requirements?”



The jailer sniffed and sighed deeply, a somewhat saddened look showing on his face.


“Of course it’s a job requirement. Everyone that works here are good people na.”



He let out another long, long sigh.



The jailer complained that the Zhan Tu underworld required the jailers to keep torturing the sinners with rage and anger, so that the sinners would experience helpless pain.



They had to chase after the sinners with big axes and hammers, and not to mention the very heavy physical burden, the psychological pain was actually even harder for people to bear.



The jailer’s eyes were sad: “I’m gentle and kind by nature, when I was alive, I didn’t even dare to step on ants, yet now that I’m dead, I have to carry an axe every day and chase people around, and I have to show a face of anger and hatred, is this me torturing the sinner, or the sinner torturing me?”



Qiong Ren: “……”


To put it that way, it was indeed very sympathetic.


While this was happening, a ragged sinner snuck up from behind the jailer, picked up the mortar and pestle he threw on the ground, and was about to smash it on his head.



The jailer made a spinning hug, and the sinner’s head smashed on the ground. He drew out the pestle held by the sinner, and with a single stroke sent the sinner flying, and then turned around, and continued to say with great sadness, “These sinners never seem to repent, and will continue to do harm to others at every opportunity. This job is too hard for someone as tender and kind as me.”



“Yes,” a skinny, white jailer came over to chime in, she windmilled in place with her huge machete, spinning and hacking away at all the sinners around her, then leaned on it and said, “We Zhan Tu jailers are all too soft to take care of ourselves, yet we’re forced to punish the sinners, and every day I’m so sad, it’s so painful.”



Qiong Ren: “……”



Where in the world are you soft …… don’t laugh if you are sad ……



The two jailers said in the interview that they hoped that the underworld would introduce robotic automatic torture technology as soon as possible, and that big data would intelligently customize the punishment plan, so that they, the poor jailers, could leave this horrible place and go to shine in a new position.



Whether the jailers here were soft or not, Qiong Ren found it hard to evaluate, but they did need regular psychological counseling, being so temperamental did make it easy to break down.


He suddenly remembered that King Qinguang said that since playing his songs as office BGM in the Ghost Judgement Hall, everyone’s mood was much smoother than before.



“Just a suggestion,” Qiong Ren said, “do you want to try playing my songs when you’re in between jobs, it might help to soothe your mood a bit.”



One of the jailers leaned delicately and feebly on the huge axe she was holding in her open hand and said, “We’ve been given the same advice, but this place is full of sinners, and if we play songs, they can hear them. If your song makes us feel better, won’t it make them feel better too, and won’t our shift be for nothing.”



Her willow eyebrows rose up, revealing a grim smile as she said word for word, “How do these people deserve to be happy?”


The jailers chanted in unison, “They don’t deserve it.”



Then they let out a sinister laugh together, the effect of which was similar to 10 Black Fiend Immortals gathered in one place.



Xin Lu looked embarrassed and waved her hand in an effort to explain, “Ladies and gentlemen of the audience, please believe me, our jailers of the Great Black Rope Underworld are hardworking, brave and unafraid of challenges, so please don’t let their momentary meltdowns determine your opinion on…… what the underworld is all about!”



When these people stood together it had the feel of a group meeting of per-verted criminals, he couldn’t explain it!



The jailers’ laughter was getting shrill and uncomfortable to listen to, and Qiong Ren stepped forward and said in a loud voice, “You can listen to the song on your headphones.”



The jailers’ laughter stopped and they looked at each other, “Ghosts in the underworld like to listen to music on speakers, headphones are hard to buy.”



“Yeah, speakers are easier to make right, it feels like no one burns headphones for the deceased.”



“I also want headphones, but my family members have already reincarnated, even if I send a dream to them, no one will respond, I want to cry.”


Xin Lu couldn’t help but reveal a look of adoration as she saw the atmosphere instantly change. Mr. Qiong’s words seemed mundane, but he was able to accurately hit the crux of the matter, he was truly an inscrutable living person na.



Qiong Ren, on the other hand, was silently wondering if he could make paper tie headphones to burn for these jailers.


Although it was a promotional video for the Great Black Rope Underworld, it was impossible to film all sixteen small underworlds, in that case the content would be too tiring, so only three of the more representative small underworlds were chosen to be filmed.



When that part was over, the jailers invited the film crew to their living quarters to taste the food.



As the saying goes, if a local promotional film didn’t have a specialty food segment, then the film was rounded up to nothing.



Although the proverb said so, Qiong Ren couldn’t help but show a bit of sympathy when he looked at the hot spring eggs, red oil egg custard, soy sauce eggs, tea eggs, tiger skin eggs, loose flower eggs, and the cake in the middle of the table that was as big as two people’s heads in front of him.



Such a big black rope underworld, the specialty food was actually only fancy egg making?



Xin Lu’s face was full of pleading, ”Please help our Great Black Rope Underworld publicize our specialty bird egg cuisine! Our bird eggs here are especially delicious, but we just can’t market them, and no one wants them even when we give them away for free. It’s really heartbreaking that no one knows about something so delicious.”



All the jailers looked at him expectantly.



Qiong Ren: “……”



It felt like it had suddenly turned into a scene like “Bird eggs are not selling well, please help the jailers in the underworld” or something like helping the poor and the farmers.



Su Huaizhang gently scooped a spoonful of red oil egg custard, closed his eyes and swallowed it, and when he opened his eyes, the light in his eyes burst out and he applauded: “Good! It’s smooth and delicate in the mouth, without any egg smell, with a long lasting taste, the flavor is similar to the brain flower in Sichuan hot pot, but its mellow and thick taste is one step better than the brain flower, it is worthy of being the representative cuisine of the Great Black Rope Underworld!”


Qiong Ren, as a living person, couldn’t eat food from the underworld, seeing Su Huaizhang eating so flavorfully, he also craved for it, silently gulping his saliva.


The other jailers saw Su Huaizhang start to eat, they also ate together, for a time the aroma was overflowing, Qiong Ren had thought that it was just eggs, but all of them ate with a satisfied face, closed their eyes and shook their heads ……



Damn! Why was he the only one who was alive, he also wanted to eat. Zhou Mi was so lucky, he was still in a coma and didn’t have to face the same torture as Qiong Ren.





Qiong Ren silently wiped the tears that flowed from the corners of his mouth due to his grief.



“Elder Su said that there’s no egg smell inside this egg, may I ask how did this happen?”



He’ll just be a qualified food program host.


Xin Lu seriously introduced, “Our birds are all free-range raised in Zhan Tu, and we don’t use artificial feed.”


Qiong Ren nodded, “The eggs from mountain free-range chickens do taste better then.”







Qiong Ren suddenly reacted, “The birds that lay eggs, wouldn’t they be the ones …… we saw in the Zhan Tu underworld?”



Xin Lu revealed a surprised smile, “You guessed it, it’s those evil birds.”



Su Huaizhang’s chopsticks stopped at once, he still had a piece of sweet and fluffy, melt in the mouth cake in his mouth, and he didn’t know whether to spit or swallow.



But as expected of an old artist, he quickly figured out that he had already eaten a lot anyway, and it didn’t matter if he ate more, so he continued to fling his chopsticks away and refuel.



When Qiong Ren saw these eggs, he thought of evil birds pecking at eyeballs, and he smiled, keeping his professionalism as a food host and asked, “Is there anything else special about them?”


Xin Lu honestly shook her head, “Nothing. It’s delicious just because the birds eat well, and our birds are incredibly active, sometimes flying thousands of kilometers in a day, taking a wide range of food, so the eggs have a strong flavor.”



She was a little sad, “Our bird eggs from the Great Black Rope Underworld are really delicious, so why don’t people want to buy them?”



Qiong Ren silently thought, “My friend, the reason this egg doesn’t sell is because the bird that lays them eats too well. Cows eat grass to produce milk, look how heartwarming that sounds.


Your evil birds eat souls and produce eggs, which sounds like a horror story summary.


It was human nature to be stagnant.



All the jailers looked at him with pleading eyes, expecting him to come up with a sales pitch.



Su Huaizhang had already eaten two more tiger skin eggs and sighed, “Their bird eggs are really delicious, it’s a bit of a shame if only the people in the Great Black Rope Underworld know how delicious it is.”


Qiong Ren couldn’t stand others looking at him with such anticipation, so he said, “Find me a better looking egg.”


Xin Lu carefully selected a blue bird egg with a smooth skin and handed it to him.



He handed his cell phone to Old Su and asked him to take a picture of it for him.



Holding up the bird egg, Qiong Ren first closed his eyes and silently brewed his state for a while, then opened his eyes and mobilized a super sweet and sincere 100% moving smile.



“When I look at this bird egg, I see not only the ingredients, but also the sacrifice and dedication of the Hellbirds. They ate the sinful souls of the scorned, and what they produced were delicious bird eggs, they have a spirit that touched me greatly.”



“If you have the courage to try the Zhan Tu eggs, you might just get a whole new taste experience. Isn’t the joy of ghost life in this.”



He put down the bird egg, retrieved his cell phone, uploaded the video to Weibo, and tagged the official Black Rope Bird Egg account.


“I tried my best, let’s see if it works.”



Lady Xin Lu cupped her heart, “The audience will definitely be impressed by your words.”


As soon as her words fell, the private messages from the official account began to ring frantically, and quite a few people called.



Xin Lu was so happy that her face stiffened with laughter and she said admiringly, “It must be because your words were so good just now that you were able to break the prejudices of so many people.”



Su Huaizhang wiped the red oil staining his beard.


The little girl was still too young ah, it was hard to say if Qiong Ren’s words could impress people, but his face must be very impressive.



The filming of the Black Rope chapter of the Underworld Chronicles was over, and it was currently undergoing intense post-production. The soundtrack was done by Ai Yinyye, and the theme song was the long-scheduled “You Won’t Have a Good End”.



Filming this documentary was particularly tiring, and after experiencing the work of a jailer at Zhan Tu, Qiong Ren’s entire body ached today, so he could only lie paralyzed on the couch and read the itinerary sent by his agent and some of the options for future work.



Recently he had also recruited a couple of employees for his Tengfei studio, two were introduced by Chen Ruize and the others were fans of Qiong Ren’s, who came to him on their own.



Chen Ruize’s daily filming schedule was worse than death, but he was still concerned that his studio had fewer people and not enough assistants. He was so thoughtful, making Qiong Ren’s heart warm.



There were a few appointments in the itinerary, and the shooting times were all concentrated in the second half of the month. One of the pre-selected jobs was a talent show variety show, asking him to be a mentor.



Qiong Ren’s heart immediately lifted three centimeters upwards, was it Psychic 101 again?



When he clicked on the specifics, his heart fell back three centimeters.



This was You Qiteng’s S+ talent show variety show this year, called “Create Youth 303”, or “Create Youth 3” for short, looking at the program introduction, this was an unadulterated pure blood talent show variety show.



Qiong Ren’s heart was pounding as he watched.



He finally received a variety show that had something to do with singing and dancing and at the same time had nothing to do with Li Kui, thinking about it brought tears to his eyes.



Qiong Ren called his manager and seriously asked for specifics, “There won’t be any archery, ghost hunting, psychic reasoning, spirit summoning talismans, Li Kui, or any other inexplicable elements in it, right?”


Agent: “What are you thinking about, You Qiteng isn’t part of Aikukun, except Li Kui, who can organize this kind of underworld program.”



Qiong Ren: “Don’t insult my underworld, we don’t have this kind of program.”


The agent agreed then his eyes coldly narrowed: “Your underworld?”



Qiong Ren: “Of course, no matter how, I’m the only Prince of the Third Temple, besides, our career in the underworld is so red-hot, we have to have the spirit of ownership.”


The agent immediately coughed twice, “You want to take this variety show, right?”



Qiong Ren: “Uh-huh. I want to take on a normal variety show that a normal idol would take on.”


The biggest attraction of this kind of program wasn’t the mentor, but if the mentor performed well, he could pull a wave of prestige value for himself.



Besides, this kind of program would 100% have to perform the mentor’s song, so he would be able to make a song in the meantime, with many benefits.



The two of them stayed in agreement to take on this variety show, and the specific salary was of course left to the agent to negotiate.



“Will you be back tomorrow?” He asked.


Qiong Ren: “For the Mid-Autumn Festival, ah, I’ll definitely be back. Oh, I’ll bring Yan Mo back with me then. Let’s not talk about it, bye.”



The agent could only sigh with regret.



Yan Mo came in with a fascia g.un.


“I heard that muscle soreness is very effective with this, I’ll give you a massage to try.”



Qiong Ren nodded. It was really great to live with a neighbor, who was so good at taking care of people that sometimes Qiong Ren was so embarrassed by the care that he felt like he wasn’t contributing much to his neighbor.



Yan Mo draped a towel over him and, without waiting for Qiong Ren to ask, he explained, “I’m afraid you’ll be in pain, so I’ll press it through the towel.”



Yan Mo turned on the power switch and started to press him from the lowest gear.



Qiong Ren: “Ow ow ow~”


Yan Mo was a bit nervous: “Does it hurt?”


Qiong Ren: “No, it’s comfortable, don’t stop. Lighter, no no no, still heavier~”


Yan Mo: “……”



Was this what the so-called sweet torture was all about? He silently turned his hearing off.



Qiong Ren was pressed for a while and felt that it did loosen up quite a bit, he got up from the sofa and rubbed his neck, pulling his collar to let Yan Mo look, “It feels like my skin is on fire, was the gear turned up too high, did it break the skin?”



Yan Mo took a look, his honey-colored skin was red, as if it had been rubbed hard, he took a deep breath and turned off his vision as well, whispering, “It’s a little red, I’ll help you heal it.”



He placed his finger on Qiong Ren’s skin from memory and gently slid it over.



Qiong Ren felt a little itchy, his body moved a little, “Alright, it’s not that big of a deal, no need to cure it.”



After not being able to see or hear, it was always more obvious to feel the nice smelling aroma on Qiong Ren’s body and the soft and delicate touch of his skin under his fingers.



Yan Mo insisted on giving him treatment, then tightly clenched his fingers and whispered: “What do you want to eat at noon?”



Qiong Ren: “Egg custard, marinated chicken eggs, gray pepper skin eggs, and I also want to eat cake.”


The corner of Yan Mo’s mouth turned up slightly, it seems that he craved the Zhan Tu bird eggs.



Qiong Ren was thinking about the headphones and searched the internet for people who were good at making paper mache. There were so many jailers that he couldn’t do it all, so it was better to find a reliable person to place the order.



Through searching and filtering, he found that the source page of several pictures of beautiful paper zhang was a website called Dragon City Psychic Forum.



Instead of the common household appliances and furniture and house pagodas, the most popular ones made in these paper zhang were Samoyed and Muppet cats, which were made in such an exquisite way that they looked especially like teacups and sticky rice cakes.



Aikuxun once gave Qiong Ren’s Tengfei Video platform a batch of cute pet documentaries, in which the most popular among the residents of the underworld was the Samoan named Teacup, and a Muppet cat named Glutinous Rice Cake.



The more Qiong Ren watched, the more he felt it was exactly the same, and then he thought about the name of this forum.


It couldn’t be that the residents of the underworld sent dreams to ask their relatives for it ……



This forum must be registered in order to see the full content, Qiong Ren was really curious, so he registered an account and named himself Paper Tie Lover.


After registering the forum opened up reading privileges.



“It’s really their dream ……”



Several people were exchanging their tips on making paper zippers in the threads, including those who had ordered them from professionals.



Speaking of which, the residents of the underworld couldn’t send dreams whenever they wanted to, and if everyone could dream without restraint and ask for this and that with their families, it would be a mess.



Generally speaking, each person had only three chances to dream per year. If the person’s wish was particularly urgent, or if he or she had some kind of grievance, he or she wasn’t subject to this rule.


There were a number of factors that could affect dreaming, such as the relationship between the dreamer and the person to be dreamed about, the time of day, and the location of the person.


It was easier to dream around the anniversary of one’s death, or on special days such as Qingming or Mid Autumn Festival, so that one could create a more precise dream and express one’s needs more clearly.


Qiong Ren became interested in this forum, so he exited from the current page and went to browse other boards, and he suddenly saw that there was actually a subforum named Qiong Ren.



Why would you psychic forums have a subsection named after me.


Qiong Ren had an ominous feeling, he clicked in.



Only to see that the top post inside was “Has my cub been up to no good lately?



The poster’s grandfather gave her a dream to ask for two cats, and she suspected that it was because Qiong Ren had messed up again.



Qiong Ren: “While it is indeed me, why do you guys have to pinpoint your suspicions to me ……”


He slid down the post and some horrible reposts burst into view without warning.



Qiong Ren’s expression gradually froze as he read the reposts with his eyes blank:


“Qiong Ren caught two ghosts in the subway the other day.”


“He thought he was hiding really well, but I actually recognized him even when he was dressed as a mummy.”



“Cub is so cute when he swings his fist at the air.”



“Miss Yin Yang Eyes text live streamed the whole process of cub catching ghosts ……”



“We just want to quietly watch him perform ……”



He suddenly remembered the scene not long ago when Yan Mo socially died and ran away.



Was this what made people want to disappear?



He thought to himself that the fans hadn’t even realized that he could see ghosts, yet the peace and quiet on Weibo was just a mercy given by the fans, and the truth of the matter was so cruel.



Qiong Ren found the other posts.


“He thinks he’s good at pretending, but we’re actually better at pretending.”



“The Cuteness of a Cub Who’s Afraid of Ghosts Breaks Out of the Galaxy and Goes to the Universe.”


“He’s watching ghost movies in the house, I’m watching him in front of the computer.”



“Cup and Mr. Su met cordially, suspected of opening up a new field of film and television.”



“Cub and Mr Su have gathered together, a real ghost movie is just around the corner.”



Qiong Ren realized, if they went after the scar-faced man, they would catch him faster than the Special Affairs Division and the Xuanmen people, right, the city god chose the wrong group ah.





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