C4 — How About We Get Married?

Chu Ye carried Shen Ning into the bedchamber, gently put Shen Ning on the bed, and pressed him against it, his low domineering voice rang out: “Today’s incident, is there an explanation?”



His deep gaze locked on the person beneath him, Shen Ning’s amber eyes were full of happiness, Chu Ye reached out and caressed Shen Ning’s fair and smooth face, his fingers sketched over Shen Ning’s upturned nose, and finally his fingers rested on Shen Ning’s red and soft lips, gently pressing and rubbing ……



He had fantasized about this scene for a long time, dreaming about it.



When he knew that Shen Ning liked the Crown Prince, his whole being went crazy, he once thought of killing the Crown Prince and then snatching Shen Ning back and imprisoning him by his side.


But he couldn’t do that.



What happened that year …… he also promised Shen Ning that he wouldn’t appear in front of him again …… so he could only decide to protect Shen Ning in the dark.


He spent ten years doing his best, fighting for his life in exchange for the power and supremacy of the dynasty, just to be able to really protect him…



Before that, Shen Ning had cowered and avoided him when he saw him, never looking up at him, he should have hated him.


He wanted to hug him more than once, wanted to embrace him into his arms, but was afraid to scare Shen Ning, so he forced down the hot and urgent love.


Now, the person was in front of him, or he took the initiative to fall over, Chu Ye felt that the defense in his heart of at this moment completely broke, he didn’t want to let go, even if he had to use forceful means to keep Shen Ning.



Shen Ning smiled: “What explanation does His Highness the Regent want? I took the wrong road.”


“What wrong road can go to the wall of my Regent Palace? Hmm?”


Chu Ye’s voice was dark and deep, as if it carried a sultry sound that could take the heart and soul, so that Shen Ning couldn’t help but sink into it.


Shen Ning sank down and stretched out his arm to hook Chu Ye’s neck , “I had a dream last night, a long, long dream.”




“I dreamed that our family was punished and all the people died, I ……”


His lips were pressed, and the words that he wanted to say were blocked in my throat.


“This kind of thing won’t happen.” Chu Ye knew what Shen Ning was going to say next, and he didn’t want to hear such words come out of Shen Ning’s mouth, even if they were unreal.



Shen Ning pulled down Chu Ye’s hand that covered his mouth, “So you will protect me, right?”


Chu Ye nodded, covetously stroking Shen Ning’s face, and said in a deep voice: “Yes, I will protect you forever, unless I die, no one can hurt you.” This was his promise, a promise that he would never renege on.


Chu Ye’s domineering and decisive voice impacted Shen Ning’s heart, eating away at his sanity, tears could no longer be controlled, wantonly flowing out of his eyes, gradually blurring Shen Ning’s vision, the scene of Chu Ye’s death in his last life, suddenly surfaced in Shen Ning’s mind.



Chu Ye made a promise, it was true that he could use his life to keep it, what did he do to make Chu Ye so ……



Seeing Shen Ning crying more and more, Chu Ye, who had always been as cold as ice, panicked, his hands eagerly wiped away Shen Ning’s tears, he stuttered, “Ning …… Ning’er, don’t cry …… is it that I said something wrong ……”



Shen Ning took a deep breath and choked, “You …… are …… not …… allowed to die.”


Chu Ye obviously froze for a moment, then a he smiled, full of doting, “Okay, I’ll listen to Ning’er, Ning’er is willing to be close to me, how can I surrender to death.” Saying that, he also reached out and playfully hooked the tip of Shen Ning’s nose.


Shen Ning knocked away Chu Ye’s hand, stared at Chu Ye, and said, “I am with His Highness the Prince ……”


Sure enough, Chu Ye’s face instantly turned gloomy, Shen Ning shrunk his neck, against the icy cold air someone had been emitting, and continued, “I was trying to say, I don’t have any more relationship with the Crown Prince, how about …… we both get married?”


Chu Ye stopped breathing for a moment, ecstasy occupied his entire heart, but compared to the inner joy, he was more concerned about Shen Ning’s strangeness today, someone who used to avoid him today was suddenly close, and what Shen Ning said now, it didn’t seem real.


Looking at Shen Ning’s serious expression, it wasn’t mixed with a trace of amusement.


So …… what Shen Ning said …… was true?


Chu Ye looked at Shen Ning for a long time, he tried to speak several times, but he didn’t know what to say.


“You ……”


“You can’t refuse!”


“No ……”


“No what? You don’t agree?”


“I ……”


“I’m sad that you hesitated!”


Interrupted one after another, even if Chu Ye had more doubts, there was no more patience! He directly pounced on him, attached to Shen Ning’s ear, and whispered, “Interrupting my speech three times, you have a lot of guts, huh?”


The seductive and gentle whisper was almost spoken with a nibble on the ear, the wet and warm hot air drilled into Shen Ning’s ear, it was like a firework exploded in his head.


Shen Ning’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated, his face was instantly bursting red, he was ashamed to reach out to push Chu Ye away, but Chu Ye was tall and strong, his small body couldn’t move him.


Chu Ye propped up his upper body, clamped down on Shen Ning’s fidgety hands, stared unblinkingly into Shen Ning’s eyes, examined all the emotional fluctuations in Shen Ning’s eyes, and said in a deep voice: “Are you really sure you want to marry me?”


He didn’t want to ask Shen Ning why he suddenly wanted to break off his relationship with the Crown Prince, what he cared about was whether Shen Ning was serious when he said he wanted to marry him.


“Of course.”


An affirmative answer, his eyes were also full of determination.


Chu Ye pondered for a moment and asked again, “What happened before …… you are willing to forgive me?”


“What is it?” Shen Ning didn’t understand, did he know Chu Ye before?


Chu Ye looked at Shen Ning a look of incomprehension, although his heart was full of doubts, he smiled: “Nothing, think clearly? If you marry me, later you will regret, I will never let you go.”


Perhaps Shen Ning not remembering, was a good thing.


Shen Ning was full of smiles: “Even if you drive me away, I won’t go, well …… when you like me? I didn’t even notice.”


Finally asking the last life’s doubts, Shen Ning full of expectation Chu Ye’s answer.


“A long, long time ago I fell in love.”


” ~ a long, long time ~ so you’ve always liked men? No wonder at such an old age, not to mention the regent consort, you don’t even have a concubine.”


Chu Ye seemed unhappy, he reached out and pinched Shen Ning’s waist, said he was pinching, but he spared no force there, it was just a symbolic pinch.


“I like only you, moreover, my regent consort’s seat, only you can sit.”



Hearing Chu Ye’s domineering oath, Shen Ning’s heart overflowed with joy and sweetness, he sweetly laughed out “Won’t you ask me why I don’t like His Highness the Prince? Are you not afraid that I am joining hands with the Crown Prince to harm you?”


The world knew that Chu Ye was ruling, bu virtue of his strength, he had sole control of the imperial power, even the emperor also had to take into account Chu Ye before he acted, so it was obvious that the imperial family hated Chu Ye.


Naturally, the desire to get rid of Chu Ye was also growing day by day, especially in recent years, they moved both openly and secretly unusually active.


And he had always been obsessed with the Prince in the eyes of outsiders, so when he suddenly came to the Regent’s residence to tell Chu Ye that he liked him, people were going to suspect that he had an agenda.



Chu Ye listened and snorted contemptuously: “The crown prince doesn’t have that ability, and I believe you will not harm me, even if it is harming me, I am willing to do so.”



Chu Ye rubbed up against Shen Ning’s neck, greedily sniffing Shen Ning’s scent.



Finally …… Ning’er still returned to him, no matter what the reason was, as long as he was back to him, it was good ……



“Knock, knock, knock,” a knock sounded outside the door.

“Regent, Prime Minister Shen requests to see you.” Hou Ming reported back.


Father? Shen Ning pushed Chu Ye away and got up in a panic: “It’s been so long, father and grandmother should be worried, I have to go back.”


The sudden feeling of emptiness in his arms made Chu Ye unhappy, staring at Shen Ning, his eyes seemed to be tinged with a little aggression: “Can you not go back? There are many empty rooms in my royal residence.”


This accusatory tone, and this aggrieved expression, made Shen Ning feel like a black hearted man that ruthlessly abandoned his beautiful and delicate wife.


But Shen Ning still refused Chu Ye .


While sitting in the main hall, Shen Tu was sitting on pins and needles, constantly wiping the cold sweat from his forehead with his sleeve.



He repeatedly told his mother that Shen Ning wouldn’t be in danger, after all, the regent who didn’t allow people to get close to him was holding Shen Ning, based on this alone, there could be no danger, but his mother didn’t listen and forced him to come.


To put it bluntly, it was still Shen Ning, the stinky boy, who made people worry. He was good at climbing the Regent’s Wall! Otherwise, at a very old age, how could he sit at the Regent’s Mansion under such great pressure!?



Shen Tu was thinking angrily when he suddenly saw Shen Ning and Chu Ye walking in from the door, and Chu Ye was following Shen Ning.



What? The regent was following behind Shen Ning? Shen Tu was immediately confused and forgot to salute the regent for a moment.



“Father? Why are you here?” Seeing Shen Tu dazed, Shen Ning reached out and waved his hand in front of Shen Tu’s eyes.



“Ah …… This humble servant pays my respects to the Regent.” Realizing his disorder, Shen Tu hurriedly kneeled down and saluted in a panic, with cold sweat seemingly soaking out of his back.


“Minister Shen, it’s already dark now, what are you doing here with me if you don’t stay well in the ministerial residence?”


Ha? When Shen Tu heard this rhetorical statement, he subconsciously raised his head and suddenly met Chu Ye’s cold and indifferent gaze, Shen Tu was startled and lowered his head.


Me? Wasn’t the regent’s self-proclaimed name “lone”? How ………


The regent didn’t know what he was doing here? His son was here! If it weren’t for Shen Ning, he wouldn’t be here!


But what was the situation with the Regent? This was the first time he heard the Regent say so many …… useless words to him.


Moreover, the meaning between the lines of the words held a little accusation and dissatisfaction?


Shen Tu sank his breath and said with trepidation: “Your regent, I …… came to pick up my dog son, today’s incident, is because of incompetence, I hope the regent will have a high hand …… to spare my dog son.”


He looked at Shen Ning to kneel down, this was the regent’s residence, not a place where he could be free!



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