C26 – Gentle Neighbor


The rickety old man’s eyes flashed with a trace of obscure light, he covered his mouth and coughed twice with difficulty, bowed and respectfully replied, “Yes …… but, this situation is very rare. ”

He couldn’t tell the madman that Chen An was back yet.

Chen An was still useful to him.

He trembled as he looked at the statue he had worshipped for a hundred years, afraid that Xu Moshu would smash the statue if he was unhappy.

His face was covered with black and gray spots, but his heart was full of hatred for Xu Moshu.

But he didn’t dare to easily anger this monster.

He still remembered how the residents of the third to first floor of the neighborhood died.

Xu Moshu raised his eyebrows and looked at the old man.

He picked up the gold-plated candlestick on the table and played with it, and changed the subject, “I heard you’ve been getting pretty close to Qu Jiu lately. ……”

The old man’s hand on the crutches were trembling, he coughed twice more, lowering his head and not daring to make a sound.

“What, you also want to get me killed?” Xu Moshu’s voice was mixed with a morose laugh.

He placed the bowl-sized candlestick on his palm and casually tossed it upward twice.

The stooped old man’s body was as thin as wood, his face was slack and deformed, his face was panic-stricken, he lowered his head and hurriedly said, “I don’t dare! Absolutely don’t dare! This body is so old, how dare I disobey you ……”

Xu Moshu pinched the weight of the candlestick and lifted it to his eyes, and then aimed it at the incense and mist draped statue.

This statue was pitch-black, with red eyes, a strange face, and it wore a strange costume Taoist robe, a black beard long to the collar of the robe, this was how the rickety old man learned evil. The ancestor worshipped by him.

“Is that so?” Xu Moshu laughed slyly, “there is no matter, try it, maybe it will kill me.”

After saying that, he threw the candlestick in his hand at the statue.

For a moment, the house was covered with the sound of broken porcelain tiles, the statue’s face was smashed.


A few drops of blood-colored wax oil dripped on the circumference of the statue.

The old man’s eyes were wide and his hands were trembling as he watched with regret the destruction of the statue he worshipped.

The corners of Xu Moshu’s lips curled up, and treacherous light and shadow wavered on his handsome, perfect face.

It was like he was from hell, a madman on earth.

“What’s the use of believing in this, your life still has to hang on by someone else’s soul.”

He passed by the old man in the daoist robe, he sharply turned sideways and smiled at the old man, “I wish you ah a long life …… no, better live to be two hundred years old.”


The stooped old man’s complexion was pale, the cane in his hand fell, he was lost in thought as he looked at the statue, hearing the words “live long and prosper”, his heart trembled as he covered his mouth and began to cough uncontrollably on his knees on the ground.

“Cough! Cough …… cough ……”

Xu Moshu leisurely walked towards the door, without looking back, he muttered, “Old thing, you better not lie to me.”

When Xu Moshu left.


The rickety old man coughed until his eyes were scarlet, he crawled on his knees to the venerated statue and picked up a fragment with pain.

“Xu crazy …… cough …… This old body should not have let you leave this …… cough monster alive back then, monster ……”

He indignantly squeezed the fragment with his hand, and his pale and prolonged eyes were full of killing intent.

Xu Moshu walked up the stairwell of the seventh floor, he stood in the middle of the hallway, turned sideways, and looked deeply at the door of 702.

He stood in place for a long time, the bottom of his eyes covered with gloom, only quietly looking at that door.


For a long time.

Only then did he take a step and walk towards the door of 702.

The door was tightly closed.

He comfortably took out the key of 702 and unscrewed the door softly.

The living room of 702 was quiet.

Only Chu Chen’an was huddled in the corner of the sofa, placing his small white feet on the sofa, sitting with his legs bent, and was holding a piece of dry and hard bread to nibble on.

From the angle of the door, only his thin figure could be seen, his cheeks puffed out and his whole body was glowing.

Like a lonely kitten.

The evening sunlight was pale and mild, spilling over the sofa through the antique window.

It sprinkled on the teenager’s cheeks.

Xu Moshu was fascinated.

His eyes were gloomy, looking at the figure of the teenager for a long time, he frowned and quietly left the door of 702.

Shortly after.

When the sun set and the bloody evening sun began to dim, he came back.

Chu Chen’an was hugging his bread and thinking about things.

He was hesitating.

Should he take a chance tonight and go to the fourth floor to find out?

But the middle-aged woman looked different from Jiao Jiao, she no longer had the ability to think, if he rushed down, the probability of being used as dinner by the female ghost would be high ……

Just when he was worried, he caught a glimpse of Xu Moshu’s sudden appearance from the corner of his eyes.

He was so frightened that he shuddered violently, and the bread in his hand fell on the sofa. “When did you …… you come in?!”

“Just now.” Xu Moshu was carrying a dinner plate with a bowl of noodles and a fruit plate on it.

He placed the steaming soup noodles on the table to the left of the sofa, and then arranged the fruit plate freely.

He pulled out a chair and sat down at the table, his gaze gently looking at Chu Chen’an, “You’ve been eating bread for the past few days, right? Eat a bowl of noodles, there’s also fruit here.”


Chu Chen’an’s heart seized, “No.”


What did this pervert want again!

“Don’t worry, don’t be so afraid of me, I figured it out.”

Xu Moshu propped up his chin, his face no longer smiling, he looked deeply at the teenager’s face, “You and my lover are just a lot alike, I probably miss him too much. So I always saw you as him …… this bowl of noodles is as an apology to you, after you eat, I won’t do this again, and will not bother you again.”

Chu Chen’an listened half-heartedly as he looked at Xu Moshu.

Xu Moshu slowly and methodically arranged the large strawberries on the fruit plate, while saying, “This bowl of noodles was my lover’s favorite before, with fresh coronary and five-flowered pork on it …… you can consider eating it for him, just this once.”

Chu Chen’an swallowed his saliva.

He was tempted to refuse Xu Moshu’s last invitation.


But there was tender and crispy meat in the noodles yeah.


Chrysanthemum ……

His favorite ……

Chu Chen’an raised his eyes and blinked his peach blossom eyes a few times.

Looking to Xu Moshu’s eyes that were filled a little sadness, and a slight dullness and decadence.

He was completely softhearted.

Just eat once.

After eating this time Xu Moshu wouldn’t be like this.

He said it himself.

Chu Chen’an looked at the steaming soup noodles and the fresh strawberries and raisins on the fruit plate, and he quietly swallowed again.

His bright brimming eyes were so bright that they glowed.

He hadn’t eaten noodles and strawberries for many days ……

Xu Moshu looked at Chu Chen’an’s appearance of forcing himself to hold back his cravings, the corners of his mouth pursed up in a subtle arc, “Come over and eat, it will get cold soon.”


Chu Chen’an hesitated, then went to the table and sat down.

He was cold, his face handsome and haughty, his eyes drooping like a cat, not looking at Xu Moshu.

In fact, his eyes were staring straight at the soup noodles in front of him.

“Try it, you should like it too.” Xu Moshu handed him chopsticks.

Chu Chen’an hesitated for a moment and took the chopsticks.

Deliberately looking at the noodles in the bowl with picky eyes, he first slightly chucked a stick of noodles into his mouth and chewed slowly.

Xu Moshu’s eyes were gentle and his gaze stayed on him, “How is it?”


Chu Chen’an haughtily lowered his eyes and reluctantly commented, ” …… just average.”


Xu Moshu’s gaze looked slightly lost as he said, “Really, it doesn’t look too much to your liking.”

Chu Chen’an scooped another spoonful of the soup, which tasted fragrant and just the right amount of salty.

“Also ……” he glanced at Xu Moshu’s lost expression, and was a bit soft-hearted, “It’s also okay, it’s not very hard to eat.”


In fact, his heart had blossomed with countless fireworks.

It was really a long time ……

It’d been a long time since he’d had such delicious noodles in soup!

These days he had been eating lukewarm water with dry bread, and the coronary noodles in front of him were simply a delicacy.

“Then eat more and try the fruits in the bowl.” Xu Moshu patiently watched him eat.

The bowl of noodles had a lot of tender green chrysanthemum, which almost buried the noodles and meat.

Chu Chenan reluctantly, but in reality, he couldn’t wait and shoved it in his mouth.

So crispy.

He took two more and put them into his mouth.

So tender.

He just had a few bites of bread, and now his stomach was still hungry.

When Chu Chen’an saw that Xu Moshu was silent, he buried his head and ate by himself.

He wanted to eat all of the vegetables on the bowl of noodles!

Gradually, he ate to the point of forgetfulness.

Just like a rabbit that had gotten a carrot, he ate well and quietly.

Xu Moshu watched him quietly, maintaining his original sitting position.

When Chu Chen’an finished the noodles, he just wanted to put down the bowl and drive him away, Xu Moshu reminded him in a warm voice, saying, “There are still strawberries next to it.”

Chu Chen’an put down the bowl and hesitantly glanced at Xu Moshu, only to see that the bottom of Xu Moshu’s eyes were full of compromised decadence and loss.

Chu Chen’an softly pinched the strawberry and took a bite of the strawberry tip.

Eat it.

This was the last time to eat his strawberry anyway.

The rose-red strawberry juice was stained on his lips, and the small mouth opened and closed between chewing, moist and tempting.

Chu Chen’an held a strawberry in both hands, his cheeks bulged, each bite was only the tip of the strawberry tip, and then he put the strawberry butt back on the plate.

He didn’t eat these.

Xu Moshu looked deep in his eyes, he warmly reminded, “Eat slowly, don’t choke.”

Chu Chen’an nodded, still eating by himself.

“You say, my lover and I used to be very loving, why did he leave me?” Xu Moshu looked disheveled and looked at Chu Chen’an.

Chewing the sweet strawberry, Chu Chen’an answered without thinking, “Maybe …… maybe he doesn’t like you.”

“What if he had said he liked me ……”

Chu Chen’an’s chewing motion paused.


That was one night when you held me on the carpet and forced me to say it.


Chu Chen’an took another hard bite of strawberry and said perfunctorily, “Then maybe he had some reason that he had to go.”

Xu Moshu was silent.

He propped up his chin and lowered his eyes, with a disheveled and gloomy expression.

Chu Chen’an remembered the original body was lying in the ice cellar, and suddenly realized that he had poked him in the wound.

He comforted Xu Moshu, “Hey, old age and sickness is normal, you …… don’t want to be too sad, let him go into the ground in peace.”

He actually couldn’t bear to see his game body still lying in the ice cellar ……

Xu Moshu sat up straight and looked sincerely and slyly at Chu Chen’an, and was silent for a long time before saying, “…… you’re right, thank you for comforting me.”

He drew a piece of drawing paper, slowly and methodically, wiped away the strawberry fruit crumbs at the corners of Chu Chen’an’s mouth.

Chu Chen’an finished eating, he took the piece of tissue paper handed by Xu Moshu, “I’ll do it myself, I’ll finish ……”

“By the way, I don’t seem to have mentioned that my lover passed away.” Xu Moshu interrupted Chu Chen’an’s words.

He said in a pretend question, “How did you know that?”

Chu Chen’an shivered from head to toe and almost choked on the strawberry that ended up in his mouth.




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