C5 — Breaking off relations with the Crown Prince

Shen Ning nudged at Chu Ye, signaling: you scared my father? What to do?


Chu Ye expressed his innocence, he didn’t say anything.


With a dry cough, he indifferently continued: “Minister Shen, get up, you are old, in the future …… You don’t need to kneel to me.”


They were obviously words of concern, but from the mouth of Chu Ye, Shen Tu’s heart jumped, his back was covered with cold sweat: “Minister …… this minister doesn’t dare.”


He didn’t have the guts to see the regent without saluting, when the time came, he was afraid he’d die without knowing how he died.


“Father, get up, he’ll be your son-in-law.”


Shen Tu: …………


Hearing what Shen Ning said, Chu Ye’s mood became better, his expressionless face held a very faint smile, he looked at Shen Ning with an extremely gentle gaze.



And Chu Ye had great power, so the eyes staring at him in the court were naturally indispensable. What Shen Ning did today had already been widely spread.



In the East Palace, a black-clad man clasped his fist and knelt down on one knee, his hoarse voice said: “Your Highness, the day after waking up from drowning, little Prince Shen went to climb the wall of the Regent’s residence, lost his footing and fell and was held by the Regent, many court ministers witnessed it, now, he has been escorted back by the Regent’s deputy Hou Ming.”



Long Wuyang, who was writing on the desk, gave a start, and the handwriting on the letter paper was blurred by the ink, Long Wuyang’s eyes crossed with a touch of ice.


He knew that Shen Ning was extremely timid and never dared to go near Chu Ye, how come he suddenly went to the Regent’s residence?


What made him more curious was that, in front of his ministers, Chu Ye, who caught him crawling over the wall in broad daylight, not only didn’t blame him, but also hugged Shen Ning? Moreover, the leader of the Iron Cavalry, Hou Ming, was assigned to escort Shen Ning back to the Prime Minister’s Mansion.



What an interesting story.


Long Wuyang’s face flashed with a sneer, Shen Ning said he liked him, but without his knowledge he went to meet up with Chu Ye.


Shen Ning ah Shen Ning, you really have the means.



Long Wuyang put down the brush in his hand and asked: “The reason for going to the regent’s residence?”


The man in black quickly responded: “Your subordinates are incompetent and cannot detect.”


As soon as the words left his mouth, the man in black felt an insidiously cold aura wrapped around him, oppressing him, he involuntarily shivered, and his back was instantly soaked with sweat.


He didn’t know how long it took before Long Wuyang spoke, “Stand down.”


“Yes.” Panicked, the man in black retreated and fled the hall as if he was on the verge of an amnesty.



Long Wuyang leaned on the back of the wooden chair, his gaze was cold and gloomy, the corners of his lips curved up, Shen Ning deliberately approached him at the same time, but also went to hook up with Chu Ye, he would like to see, what exactly was Shen Ning’s purpose.


On the other side, Shen Tu, after listening to Shen Ning’s words, originally thought it was absurd enough. How could this be possible?



And then the regent actually said that he would submit a petition to the emperor to marry Shen Ning as the regent’s concubine! He didn’t know what the etiquette was, so he just stood in confusion in the same spot.



Shen Tu didn’t know how he got back to the house, his mind was dim, all the way he was led around in a muddled manner, it was only when he woke up from his sleep the next day that Shen Tu came back to his senses from the shock.


“Shen Ning! You bastard boy!” A furious shout resounded through the Shen residence.


Shen Tu looked at Shen Ning kneeling in front of him, with a hateful expression, the ruler in his hand shook as he pointed at Shen Ning: “I think you’ve really knocked your brains out! When did you become so close to the Regent? Do you know what kind of person he is?”



Shen Ning grimaced aggressively, “I’m very clear-headed, who is he? It’s Chu Ye, I just like him.”


“You! You rebellious son! You want to kill your father, don’t you? I …… will kill you, you rebellious son!” Shen Tu only felt that he was going to die from Shen Ning’s behavior! Angrily, he raised the ruler in his hand and was about to hit Shen Ning.


At this moment, a furious shout came from outside the hall.


“Stop it!”


Old Lady Shen walked in with Cui’er’s support, walked up to Shen Tu and knocked the ruler out of his hand with a cane, and rebuked with a strong voice: “I dare you to touch him!”


As if seeing a savior, Shen Ning hurriedly hid behind Old Lady Shen.


Shen Tu looked at Old Lady Shen’s determined expression, this was another plan to protect her calf indiscriminately!


“Mother! What are you doing? You are the one who is spoiling him, that’s why he is so unaware of the sky! He has been pestering the Crown Prince for days, and now he has an unspoken relationship with Regent King Chu Ye.”


Shen Tu frowned tightly, his voice held anxious helplessness: “Mother do you know, now that the emperor is old, the dynasty is in turmoil, the matter of the crown prince and the third prince vying for the throne is already out in the open to make trouble!”



“Our family has always been neutral, Ning’er wanted to marry the Prince, I already didn’t want to agree! And now he wants to marry the Regent! The regent is now a high achiever, and is already a thorn in the side of the royal family!



“If Ning’er really wants to marry Chu Ye, then it means that our house also stands for the regent’s faction, if so, the emperor will definitely not tolerate this family, then, Ning’er will not only not survive, our entire family will be in danger of extinction!”



So this matter, he could never agree to Shen Ning and Chu Ye together!


Old Lady Shen was not a person who didn’t know what to do, but she did not want to hurt her favorite grandson, so she took Shen Ning’s hand and asked, “Grandma remembers that you and Chu Ye did not have any encounters, why do you like him?”



Looking at his grandmother’s kind and benevolent appearance, Shen Ning calmed down and gently said, “Grandmother, you may just think that I am talking junk, but grandmother, he had given up everything for me, even his life.”


The scene of Chu Ye’s death was one he could never forget.


He had the chance to be reborn, and now he was even using his two lives of love and guilt to make up for this one, but he failed once in that time period.


In this life, he didn’t want to miss out no matter what.


“Simply a bunch of nonsense!” Shen Tu flung his sleeve robe, with his face filled with anger.



Old Lady Shen smiled, she stroked Shen Ning’s hair, “Grandmother won’t interfere with you, grandmother wants you to think it over and deliberate, if you think it’s worth it, then don’t miss out.”



Hearing Old Lady Shen’s words, Shen Ning’s eyes warmed up a bit and he responded with a strong smile, “Grandmother, I don’t want to miss him, but I won’t drag the family into it either, don’t worry.”


“Silly child, this is your home, there is nothing to involve or not to involve.”


Shen Tu looked at the warm and scene, he felt his eyes stinging!



But he continued: “Something unwarranted isn’t worth…..”



Shen Tu intended to continue, but his eyes glanced at a glimpse of a figure walking in the distance.



Shen Tu lowered his voice and said, “The crown prince is here, you and the regent, the crown prince must know, let’s see how you explain to your sticky rotten peach blossom.”


After saying that, Shen Tu welcomed with a smile on his face: “I see His Highness the Crown Prince, I do not know what is important for the Crown Prince Hall to come here ……?”


Long Wuyang laughed lightly, this old fox was really knowingly asking.



“This prince heard that Ning’er drowned, I felt worried, so I came to see Ning’er.”


Shen Ning looked at Long Wuyang, he was still as he remembered him. Long Wuyang belonged to the rigid type, with high eyebrows, a straight nose and thin lips slightly raised, his deep and narrow phoenix eyes flashed with a hint of concern and care.


Shen Ning looked but only felt hypocritical and disgusting, he obviously didn’t love him, he pretended to be so affectionate because he weighed the pros and cons and gathered forces. Wasn’t it tiring?



Shen Ning avoided Long Wuyang’s gaze and said indifferently, “Thank you, Your Highness, for your concern, I’m fine.”


The person who had always been as warm as fire to him suddenly became so cold, this transformation really surprised Long Wuyang for a moment.


He raised his eyebrows, suppressing the doubts in his heart, and said in a caring tone, “Ning’er, do you need this prince to ask a doctor to take a look for you again?”


Saying that, Long Wuyang reached out to probe Shen Ning’s forehead to see if there was any fever, but was avoided by Shen Ning.


Faced with Shen Ning’s resistance, Long Wuyang was somewhat displeased, and anger was already rising at the bottom of his heart.


“Your Highness the Crown Prince, I am afraid, I also have some medical skills, so there is no need to bother Your Highness the Crown Prince to hire a doctor again.”



When he thought of Long Wuyang touching him, he felt his stomach flip, and the strong sense of resistance at the bottom of his heart made him instinctively dodge.


Stealing a glance at Long Wuyang’s already somewhat darkened expression, Shen Ning thought about it, “Your Highness the Crown Prince, may I borrow a step to talk?”



He thought it was better to break off the relationship with Long Wuyang before it was too late, lest any more variables occur.


After the two arrived at a small rockery, Long Wuyang looked at Shen Ning, who now had an indifferent expression, and felt that something was gradually getting out of his control.


Shen Ning bowed: “Your Highness, in the past it was I who didn’t know the sky was high and presumed to climb up to Your Highness, but now that I have thought about it calmly, I deeply feel that it is absurd, you are the Crown Prince of a country, how can you marry a man? So I will clarify my relationship with His Highness the Crown Prince and not add to His Highness’s worries.”


This was also to save the lives of his whole house ah, Shen Ning said: to cherish life, you must stay away from scum!



Long Wuyang frowned, his heart disdained, but his tone was incredulous and caring: “Ning’er, aren’t you still feverish? Why are you saying such nonsense?”



Still pretending, Shen Ning mentally rolled his eyes. On the surface his expression was still respectful: “Your Highness, I’m serious.”


Long Wuyang carefully looked at Shen Ning, and didn’t see any deceptive disguise on Shen Ning’s face.


“Ning’er, are you sure you’re serious?”


Shen Ning was indeed a pawn to him, marrying him would give him the support of the Sangha without any effort, so of course he would not refuse.



Shen Ning had been stalking him for so long, he was also somewhat used to it, now suddenly hearing that Shen Ning wanted to break off the relationship with him, he felt inexplicable annoyance in his heart.



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