C3—– Go Over The Wall


That night.



Inside the Regent’s residence, Chu Ye leaned lazily on the black jade throne of the main hall with his eyes closed, placing one hand on the arm rest of the throne, tapping his fingertips once or twice.



Hearing the footsteps gradually approaching outside the door, Chu Ye slowly opened his eyes.


“Lord Hou Ming!” The person outside the door bowed low.


Hou Ming, who was dressed in black and had a cold and resolute expression, knelt in front of Chu Ye respectfully, “Regent, little prince Shen is alive and jumping around cheerfully.”


“The reason for jumping into the river.”



“Little Prince Shen asked Prime Minister Shen to ask for a decree to join him and His Royal Highness in marriage, Prime Minister Shen didn’t agree, and that’s why Little Prince Shen jumped into the river.”



As soon as Hou Ming’s voice fell, he saw Chu Ye on the throne, his thick eyebrows wrinkled, his dark and deep eyes flashed a bloodthirsty cold light, sharp and cold, and the ferocious air around him swept the whole hall, and the anger mixed with it seemed to overturn and destroy everything in front of him!



The regent was angry!



Hou Ming bowed his head. Half a year ago, young childe Shen suddenly showed his love to the prince. Since then, every time he came to deliver the news of young childe Shen and his highness, the king was extremely angry.



He was rescued by the regent and stayed by his side to serve for more than seven years, and he knew that the regent had been paying silent attention to Little Prince Shen.


Hou Ming knew that the regent liked Little Prince Shen.


It was this that made Hou Ming wonder, the regent was the ruler of this country, no one could refuse to confront the regent, since he liked Shen Xiaogu, why not tell little prince Shen?


Even if the person was imprisoned by his side, Prime Minister Shen, His Highness the Crown Prince, and even the Emperor were not qualified to make a comment.



But every time he sulked alone, it was clear that with one word, little Prince Shen would make the regent submit!



Chu Ye forced down his inner manic anger and said coldly, “Retreat!”



After Hou Ming withdrew, the hall once again fell into a dead silence.



After an unknown period of time, Chu Ye on the throne stood up and walked straight into his bedchamber.


Chu Ye sat beside his bed and pulled out a jade pendant from under his pillow.


The jade pendant was only half palm size, milky white in color, and the shape of the jade was extremely simple, round, hollow in the middle, and a small flower was carved in the lower left corner, which looked out of place overall.



Chu Ye held the jade pendant, his stiff and cold face seemed to show a bitter smile, but his eyes were soft.


This jade pendant was very ordinary and could be bought everywhere on the street, but for him, it was a priceless treasure.


After all, this was what he gave him.


The jade pendant in his hand was gently fondled by Chu Ye for a long time, and the night was already deep.


Chu Ye sighed and held the jade pendant in his arms, drawing on the non-existent warmth of the jade pendant, he fell into a deep sleep.




The next day.


Shen Ning dressed up, his head peeked around, he didn’t see anyone, so he hummed a little song and slipped out of the Shen Palace.


Grandma gave him the order to lie honestly in bed and get well.



He should have listened, but he couldn’t lie down at all! Just lying down for a while made him bored. There was no one to talk to.


Shen Ning walked in the street with a clear goal in one direction.


That was the Regent’s Mansion. Yes, he wanted to find Chu Ye.



Thinking about Chu Ye, Shen Ning’s originally cheerful expression was tinged with a hint of sadness, but it was quickly suppressed by him.


He still had to find Chu Ye to ask clearly, when did he like him ~


After asking clearly, he was planning to stick to Chu Ye.


At last, Shen Ning stood and looked at the huge Regent’s Mansion in front of him. The structure of the mansion was magnificent and solemn. The gate was made of valuable black jade. The black jade pillars on both sides of the gate reflected dazzling light under the sun. The walls, even the court floor inside the door, and the steps were made of black jade.



Shen Ning stepped forward and was stopped by the cold-faced guard at the door. Then he remembered that the regent was no less than the emperor. This was not his own door, so he could not enter at will.


Shen Ning smiled, “I want to see the Regent, please go inform.”


In between the words, Shen Ning also stretched his neck to watch the Regent’s residence.



“Please leave!” The cold-faced guard said indifferently.



“Did you not hear what I said? I said I want to see the regent, please go and pass the word!”



“Please leave!” Again, the same words.



Shen Ning was a little angry: “Do you really not understand what I said?”


After that, no matter how much Shen Ning said, the guard didn’t answer and didn’t let him enter.



Shen Ning had to give up and leave for the time being. He found a food stall not far away, ordered a bowl of noodles, and ate while thinking of a solution.


He couldn’t go in through the front door, so how should he get in?


He suddenly glanced at the side of the Regent’s Palace wall, Shen Ning smiled wickedly …………


Shen Ning borrowed a long ladder, stepped on it and quickly climbed up, since he wasn’t allowed to enter the front door then he could always go over the wall, right?



Shen Ning inwardly shouted: Chu Ye ~ ~ I’m coming!



Finally struggling to climb up the wall, Shen Ning gasped and hugged the two walls, stabilized his body, tilted his head to look into the courtyard, and then Shen Ning was dumbfounded.



In the courtyard, he saw Chu Ye leaning on a long throne, surrounded by powerful courtiers, and all eyes moved to him on the wall in unison! Including his father ……


At this moment, Shen Ning felt incomparable regret ……



He could only speak with a stiff upper lip: “Hahaha, I went the wrong way …… you guys continue, I …… I’m leaving …… “Saying that, Shen Ning wanted to go down the long ladder again.


Shen Tu reacted, he pointed at the wall Shen Ning with an angry shout: “You brat! What are you doing going over the wall in broad daylight!”


What was more, it was the wall of the Regent’s residence! This brat was really looking for death! What kind of person was the Regent? He was a violent, ruthless, murderous devil!



At least in Shen Tu’s eyes, he felt like a devil. However, with the help of Chu Ye, he led Qi to take the first place in the southern land, calmed the war and laid a peaceful and prosperous life for the people. Shen Tu still worshipped Chu Ye in his heart.


Suddenly, Shen Ning was startled, and immediately lost his balance and fell back.

It was the end! He would either die or become crippled!


Shen Ning closed his eyes tightly as if resigning to his fate ……


There was no pain as expected, but instead he fell into a strong, broad arm.


Shen Ning opened his eyes, it was Chu Ye who caught him!


Shen Ning stared at Chu Ye’s face, a little dazed, he was naturally handsome, no one in the entire Southland was estimated to be comparable to it.



How come he didn’t find Chu Ye so handsome in his last life? Well …… thinking about it, he seemed to have never dared to look up at Chu Ye, because he felt that Chu Ye was too terrifying.



Not to mention looking closely, but wherever Chu Ye was, he wouldn’t go near.


That was why he never crossed paths with Chu Ye.


This year’s Chu Ye was supposed to be twenty-four years old, but his calm and arrogant temperament and the momentum accumulated after years of fighting in the battlefield made people unable to distinguish his real age. Even if he knew it, he felt it was unbelievable. He was unfathomable and terrifying.


Chu Ye’s thick eyebrows wrinkled and his long eyelashes were lowered, making his originally deep eyes darker. Looking carefully, Shen Ning clearly saw the fear.



Yes, at the moment when Chu Ye saw Shen Ning fall from the wall, his heart clenched tightly and skipped a bit. If he fell to the ground, how could he stand it?



Chu Ye dared not continue to imagine, his tall body vaguely trembled, fortunately, he caught ……

It took only a few seconds for things to happen. When people reacted and saw the scene in front of them, everyone’s face was full of disbelief. What did they see?


The regent held the young master of the Shen family???


Didn’t the regent never allow anyone to come so close to him? They remembered that the last time a blind man accidentally hit the Regent and was directly cut down by the Regent. The dead man was miserable.



But what was the situation at present? The regent took the initiative to hold the young master of the Shen family.



Shen Tu looked at the scene in front of him, and was stunned in place.

Shen Ning shrank, reached out and grabbed the lapels of Chu Ye’s chest, and moved a few more points closer to his arms.


Shen Ning allowed himself to be immersed in Chu Ye’s domineering and regal aura.


He felt a sense of solidity and peace of mind that he had never felt before, his tense nerves relaxed, and the panic and anxiety that had enveloped him since his rebirth seemed to have faded.


Feeling Shen Ning’s closeness, Chu Ye’s body stiffened, his eyes darkened, and then his thin lips rose, his arrogant and domineering voice rang out: “Today’s matter will be discussed later.”


No longer paying attention to the bewildered ministers, he held Shen Ning and left the backyard with big steps.


The ministers looked at each other, without exception, they all looked confused.



Everyone dispersed, only Shen Tu remained stiff in place.



Seeing this, Hou Ming asked, “Prime Minister Shen, your son’s behavior today ……”


Suspicious! Young master Shen, who used to be so afraid of the king, actually climbed the wall of the Regent’s Mansion. He probably didn’t lie she he said he took the wrong way.



Shen Tu regained his mind and said leisurely, “Maybe he hit his head when he fell into the river…”



Shen Tu turned around and left the Regent’s residence.


As soon as he returned to Shen Mansion, Shen Tu was ready to drink some tea to calm his mind, when he heard a loud noise coming from outside the door.


With the help of Shen Yuanqi, the old lady Shen walked into the room with disordered steps and said anxiously, “My son, Ning Er is missing. He has just recovered from a serious illness. Ning Er is still so weak. Where can he go? What should I do if something happens again?”



“Grandma, Xiao Ning will be fine. Take it easy first.” Shen Yuanqi comforted.

Shen Tu sighed, Weak? Who was weak? have you seen a weak person who can go over the walls of other people’s homes?


Drinking a mouthful of tea, he responded leisurely: “That bastard boy went over the wall of the Regent’s residence.”



“What? The regent? What is he doing at the Regent’s residence for no reason?” Shen Yuanqi exclaimed, Xiao Ning had always been afraid of the Regent, how could he go there?


The old lady Shen almost fainted, “So you left Ning’er alone in the Regent’s residence?”



“What kind of person is the Prince Regent? Mother, you don’t know, the emperor does not dare to accuse the regent for anything, I am not qualified to speak.”


And he felt that Shen Ning wouldn’t be in danger …… Well, he shouldn’t ……





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