C2- Looking For A Beating


The laughter that woke him up just now was probably caused by this old man, wasn’t it?

Seeing that he finally took his face off the table, Bai Qing then took his eyes off his face and continued, “Well, now that all the students are cheered up, let’s continue, based on the previous regulations, we have made some major changes in our school this year ……”.

“Teacher Bai, come out for a moment”, a head peeked out of the doorway, interrupting Bai Qing’s speech

Bai Qing took one look at him and immediately went out, and soon led a man in, a strange face he had never seen before.

Bai Qing introduced, “Attention everyone, we have a new student in our class.”

He was expressionless and indifferent, with a straight waist and a slightly tilted head, his eyes as bright as stars.
But compared to him, he was still a little bit behind.

Bai Qing pulled him up to the podium and asked him to introduce himself.

The young man frowned, a little impatient, but still picked up the white chalk and wrote two big words on the blackboard: Liang Xi

His handwriting was not very neat, even a little flamboyant, but it was very comfortable to look at and could be understood at a glance.

When he finished writing, Liang Xi turned around, threw his chalk head on the table, and said two words, “Liang Xi.”

His voice sounded a little bit out of character for Xia Ze, he didn’t expect him to look so cool and cold, but his voice was warm.

Liang Xi turned to Bai Qing and asked, “Teacher, where’s my seat?”

  There were no more desks and chairs in the classroom, so Bai Qing had to ask the sports commissioner to move a set to the office and put it next to the lecture table, a special place in the old elementary school, but rarely seen after high school.

After seeing Liang Xi tidy up his desk, Bai Qing knocked on the lecture table and waited for everyone to calm down before saying, “Liang Xi is a freshman who skipped a grade in high school and is younger than all of you, so you should take care of him.”

After hearing Bai Qing’s words, the crowd couldn’t help but exclaim-

“Wow, that’s awesome.”

“That’s right, so good-looking and with such good grades.”

“His voice is pretty good too.”

“But I don’t think he’s very warm when I look at his face.”

“Well, he’s not going to be arrogant just because he gets good grades.”

“Ok, be quiet”, Bai Qing patted the desk and continued, “There will be an entrance exam in two days. Don’t underestimate this entrance exam. After the results come out, we will choose the seats according to the rankings. If you have good grades, you can choose them first. After you have chosen them, the seats will be settled. This semester, it won’t be changed. Everyone, take advantage of these two days to review and try to choose a good seat.”

   Regarding the question of choosing a seat, Xia Ze didn’t pay much attention to it, because his seat would not change in any case, because no one in the class dared to grab his seat.

But the others were different. In a class of such a key high school, everyone wanted to sit in the center of the classroom and get the teacher’s attention, so this exam was especially important to everyone except for Xia Ze, and even equal to the final exam.

On the day of the exam, it was rare to have no early self-study, and the weather seemed to be good. Xia Ze slept late and woke up when the exam was about to start. Only then did he go to the canteen to buy two meat buns and walk to the examination room while eating.

He went to the entrance of the exam room and took a look inside. Everyone in the exam room had a serious face and was holding the knowledge points they had memorized in their hands, afraid that they had missed one.

After throwing the plastic bag into the trash can, he walked into the classroom and sat down, but he found that the person in front of him looked out of place with the others. What kind of person would be sleeping right now? He must have gotten in through connections!

There were still twenty minutes before the exam, and he could listen to a song to relax my mood. Thinking of this, Xia Ze took out the Bluetooth headset from his pocket and put a song casually. As he listened, his head slowly leaned against the table. Because the space under the table was too narrow and his legs were too long to be placed properly, he habitually extended his legs under the chair of the man in front and put his feet on the iron bar welded to maintain stability.

The man in front seemed to feel uncomfortable and put his chair forward, and then he stretched his legs forward even more recklessly and put them back on the bar.

“Put it back.”
  The voice sounded from the front, obviously a bright voice, but the tone was so cold that it felt like it was going to tear him apart and throw him in the trash the next second.

Xia Ze slowly raised his head, and before he could see who the person in front of him was, he spoke up, “You’ve got a big face, let it go?”

“Looking for a beating?”

“Afraid of you?” Only after he stretched out his hands, rubbed his eyes, and stretched out his back, did he see clearly that the person in front of him was the new student in their class.

Xia Ze laughed lowly, stood up and moved his muscles, gazed at him with a little provocation, looking like he was going to battle.

What? He was so angry that he had to be cleaned up!

Liang Xi also stood up without speaking and punched Xia Ze in the face, but Xia Ze was quick and avoided the attack by slightly deflecting his head to the side.

He then grabbed his wrist and was about to hit back but saw a wry smile on Liang Xi’s face, he suddenly realized that something was wrong and was instantly covered in cold sweat.

He let go and prepared to grab his waist, wanting him to fall down with him, but Liang Xi, as if he had expected it, threw his whole body to the left, and Xia Ze stretched out his hand and grabbed the air, sitting down on the ground with a heavy sound.

Liang Xi looked down at him with a condescending smile on his face, Ha Ze looked down, frustrated, this was the first time he had ever lost.

“What are you doing? Sit down and get ready for the exam”, the invigilator came and stopped them!

Liang Xi immediately put away his smile and sat down with a blank expression to prepare for the exam.

Xia Ze used the table to stand up and slowly sat down, but his butt hurt so much when he sat down that he had to raise his hand and say, “Teacher, can I take the test standing up?”

The invigilator looked at him with some impatience, “Reason?”

“Sitting affects my work, I can do better when I stand.” Xia Ze casually found a reason. He couldn’t say that he broke his ass in a fight. It was too shameful and threw away his school bully reputation.

Xia Ze was also a famous person in School. Although the invigilator had not taught him, he still knew him. So he didn’t care about him. “Ok, you can answer the question standing up.”

  He said he was standing to answer the questions, but he didn’t write and fell asleep leaning against the wall.
  Even though he violated the examination room discipline, the leaders wouldn’t guess he was sleeping if they saw him standing there, so let’s leave it at that!

In the beginning of the exam, he slept almost the whole time, only when it came to math and physics, he picked up the pen and did the final questions.

He was recruited as a special sports student, and his school was originally focused on academics, but every time they sat in the joint entrance exams, they were no longer competitive, so they wanted to make up for their weakness in sports and planned a program called “Sunshine Sports” to recruit special sports students from various schools.

He had just wanted to come over and give it a try, but he surprisingly got first place, so he naturally entered the sprint class and became a key training object, because the school needed such a student with double-achievement in sports to come out to support the scene, but what he didn’t expect was that soon after he entered the school, the video of his fight came out, and his academic performance had been unable to go up, so the school gave him up and let him concentrate on sports!

Because it was online marking, the school teachers had sufficient experience and high efficiency, so the test papers were quickly changed. The results came out the next day after the test, and they were printed by the study Committee and posted at the back of the classroom. Everyone scrambled to check their grades.

Xia Ze knew what his level was, so he didn’t care about the results and went to the bathroom while everyone was watching the results.

But on the way there, he saw the idiot who tripped him. He was talking to a woman, laughing happily, his eyes slightly curved like stars, and his “do not approach” air was not so strong.

The woman across from him was quite pretty, stylishly dressed, with a debutante air, and looked like she was from a rich family, but she was quite mature and looked older than Liang Xi.

Was that his girlfriend? He really couldn’t tell that he had two sides of him. With his handsome face, he was on the list of rich women. He laughed so much that his mouth was cracked. He was really a villain with a cold facade.

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