When Yuan Tian appeared in the text, he was a sixteen or seventeen-year-old boy, and Luo Hao …… was now twenty-eight years old.

When Luo Hao, who was almost thirty years old, wanted to play the role of a sixteen or seventeen-year-old Yuan Tian, it was not a matter of acting, but a matter of going against the whole law of nature.

But Fan Junxi was different.

Although his acting were not as good as Luo Hao’s, he was only 23 years old this year, and in society, he had not even graduated from college for a year, so he did not have to show youthfulness and astringency of the youth.

Moreover, Fan Junxi was quite smart.

He went on stage after Luo Hao, and he carefully observed Luo Hao’s whole audition process, and the director’s eyebrows relaxed with a satisfied expression.

Fan Junxi’s performance could be described as an inferior performance.

During the audition, Ning Qin’er was obviously more engaged in the two scenes with Fan Junxi.

Sometimes, the chemistry between the main characters was more crucial than their individual performance, so Fan Junxi was brought into the scene by Ning Qin’er, and the more harmonious and natural scene shown by the two of them firmly grasped the hearts and minds of the audience.

The director nodded his head and said two good things.

The investors behind him were finally relieved and less nervous after seeing the audition of Fan Junxi.

Fan Junxi’s tense back relaxed, smiled slightly, cast a grateful look at Ning Qin’er, and then walked out of the picture in a relaxed environment.

The answer seemed to be obvious.

Although Zhou Yuhe’s performance on TV was not bad, it should be noted that shooting a TV drama was completely different from shooting a movie.

A TV drama with dozens of episodes takes only 2 to 3 months to shoot, while a movie takes at least 4 to 50 days to shoot in 2 hours. Because of time constraints, most TV drama directors and actors couldn’t pursue too much detail in their acting, and their requirements were to enter the state quickly and with few bad shots.

However, this kind of performance would not work in movies, because movies were shot in too much detail, and everything was based on reality, so a little over-acting would lead to excessive “performance traces”, which was also the reason why small-screen actors would not be able to adapt to the big screen, and even produce “TV flavor”.

Fan Junxi glanced at Zhou Yuhe, who walked into the shooting area, and was quite unconcerned.

He had also seen Shen Yan, it was perfect, but can the youth drama actor’s performance difficulty be compared to a film actor?

A newcomer who had only done one hit drama and was acting for the first time in a movie, how much better could he act?

Almost everyone in the room had the same doubts.

Just because he could act a role well didn’t mean he was a good actor, it was possible that he just happened to have the right role.

This time, the pre-blackout Yuan Tian and Shen Yan were in the same category, both being carefree, immature teenagers.

Many actors who had played a hugely popular role would subconsciously use an acting technique the next time they encountered the same type of character, using a few expressions or emotions to deal with the situation – and then they’d be able to do it again.

If Zhou Yuhe, who came from a TV drama background, had such an unprofessional problem, no matter how much the writer Zhang An liked him, the director would make him go straight out.

Ning Qin’er, who knew this, looked him up and down with slightly meaningful eyes.

Zhou Yuhe did not shy away from her gaze, smiling generously, “Miss Ning, please.”

Ning Qin’er glanced at him and went to the camera without making a sound.


As soon as the words of the stage manager fell, before Ning Qin’er could get into the mood, she saw Zhou Yuhe at her side lightly leap backward, taking two steps backward, putting some distance between her.

This leap and retreat landed in the left third of the picture, forming a precise and harmonious composition with Ning Qin’er’s standing position.

was this …… a coincidence?

The camera man’s eyes lit up.

At the same time, the director’s eyes also lit up.

Zhou Yuhe’s movements were light, his posture was upright, and just two steps away, he actually had a little sense of ease, as if he was not wearing a simple T-shirt, but an ancient robe with wide sleeves just like Ning Qin’er’s. Every move had an air of immortality.

The composition may be a coincidence, but this kind of acting – not just on the face, but all over the body, with every muscle working hard – was no coincidence!

He practiced!

The director’s expression changed, his back gradually straightened up, and he leaned forward to stare at the picture on the monitor.

Zhou Yuhe was holding a wooden ball in his hand, but he was not as careful as Luo Hao and Fan Junxi, but instead wrapped his arms around his chest and quietly protected the wooden ball at his waist.

Although Ning Qin’er could easily see the wooden ball in his eyes from today’s perspective, in the play, he was wearing a wide-sleeved robe, and the ball was covered!

His face was not as rigid and uninteresting as that of an ordinary disciple of the righteous school. A pair of beautiful eyes narrowed slightly, and he took a quick glance at Ning Qin’er, with some unworldly innocence, curiosity, and vigilance on his face.

“Miss, what are you doing here all of a sudden?” Zhou Yuhe grinned, his voice clear and soft, adding a hint of laziness to his handsome face.

He looked at Lin Xue with eyes that were a little heated, obviously because he was used to seeing weak and elegant girls on Mount Qilan and was intrigued by her beauty when he first saw such a charming beauty.

But this interest was not offensive or disgusting, but like a love for a beautiful horse or sword, it was devout and pure, without any hint of lust.

Under such a gaze, Ning Qin’er was very naturally drawn into the scene of the play, not remembering at all that the man in front of her was Zhou Yuhe, whom she hated.

Like an aroused cat, she took two steps forward, because of his posture, she turned to the back of the teenager, seemingly touching across the back of the teenager’s broad shoulders, a pair of sultry eyes looked at him, she said seductively.

“Little brother, the bead in your hand is of great use to me. Can you lend it to me for two days? I will definitely return it to you after two days.

The young man’s eyes were clear, and after hearing Ning Qin’er’s words, he realized that the gorgeous beauty had come for the wooden ball in his hand, and instead of being nervous, he mischievously threw the ball in his hand upwards and then caught it firmly. After seeing Ning Qin’er’s pupils rotate up and down with the wooden ball, he smiled slowly, with three parts probing and three parts teasing: “What if I don’t borrow it? What can you do?!”

Here he made small changes to his dialogue.

Aside from the fact that one needed to talk to the director to change lines for a formal shoot, improvisation in an audition was usually allowed.

Besides, he only added an exclamation.

The lines that followed were the same as the original ones, which did not cause Ning Qin’er any difficulties in articulation, but succeeded in stirring up Ning Qin’er’s mind.

She looked at this young and daring fellow who did not know the meaning of heaven and earth and thought she must teach him a lesson.

The slender white five fingers stretched to his waist, her eyes lit up with two clusters of exuberant flames, “Then I’ll have to take it by force.”


The sound of the director’s satisfied cut spread to every corner of the studio.

The momentum that was used made Ning Qin’er instantly regain consciousness from the scene.

She actually …… was brought into the scene by him unconsciously?

The feeling of being in the movie was so strong that she didn’t even realize that the first half of the audition was over.

When it came to how the other actor was acting, Ning Qin’er really didn’t pay much attention to it, she was completely absorbed in her role – which of course was a side effect of how well he was acting.

That kind of goodness, Ning Qin’er was in the middle of it, so she couldn’t feel it visually, but the other people around her did. They all showed surprised expressions.

They all wore surprised expressions.

They thought that Zhou Yuhe, who had played similar roles before, would use the same acting style for this audition, but they found out that they were wrong – they were wrong!

Completely different!

Shen Yan and Yuan Tian, although they were both young, youthful, and full of positive roles, they could be easily distinguished in this audition!

If Shen Yan was “Nature”, then Yuan Tian was “Spirit”!

Even with just a glance, they could clearly feel that Shen Yan’s carefree attitude was just an act of bravado, when he looked at you, he would always bring you a deep and hidden melancholy; but this young man was truly carefree!

A look in his eyes, a smile, and a small gesture of pacing were all full of life and vitality, and the innocence and curiosity in his eyes constantly reminded the viewer that this was a young man, while the mischievousness and activity of his character confirmed that although this character came from a famous school, he had a deviant spirit in his bones – a deviant spirit.

With this kind of character as an incentive, the subsequent blackout seemed to make a lot more sense.

After watching so many auditions, including the original actor Han Kun’s performance, they always felt that the character of Yuan-Tian was a mediocre one and something was missing.

They thought it was a juvenile feeling.

But now that they thought about it, what was juvenility?

It was not just the face, but the vividness and liveliness of the actor that was the most important core of youthfulness!

There was no doubt that Zhou Yuhe expressed this youthfulness to the fullest!

What was more, the dramatic tension between him and Ning Qin’er was eye-catching, the sparks of mutual attraction between the two of them, the collisions, the game of chess against the enemy was many times more exciting than the one-sided teasing!

Although Ning Qin’er hated Zhou Yuhe, she had to admit that the other candidate’s acting skills and the chemistry he brought to her were incomparable to the other two candidates.

Ning Qin’er looked in the direction of Fan Junxi, who also had the same nervousness on his face as the other candidate.

The second half of the audition began.

Hearing the sound of footsteps behind her, Ning Qin’er turned back in response but was completely stunned.

Was this the same innocent and carefree young man from earlier?

Zhou Yuhe slowly walked into the picture from a distance, each step hiding a restrained calmness, and in just a few minutes, all the youthfulness on his face was removed from his body, replaced by a cold and strange aura.

After falling into the devil’s path, Yuan Tian relied entirely on hatred to support his entire life. After enduring betrayal after betrayal, his heart gradually became numb, and he gradually became unable to feel the outside world.

His heart was dead.

The cold-bloodedness and ruthlessness that overflowed from his body deeply shocked everyone present.

Ning Qin’er was especially shocked.

She felt goosebumps rise on her body when she looked into the eyes of the empty, doll-like eyes – she had completely underestimated Zhou Yuhe’s acting skills!

Yuan Tian turned his head slowly and looked around twice, his movements were slow and stiff, before he finally set his eyes on Ning Qin’er, revealing a cold, treacherous smile, “You lied to me?”

He swept over Ning Qin’er’s beautiful face with the slowest speed, and his gaze was as arresting as a hand that tightly grabbed her neck, causing her to suffocate.

Ning Qin’er couldn’t help but breathe heavier, and she stumbled, trying to explain, “How did …… get this way? I don’t know …… I received a message that clearly said your master was in the Valley of Ten Thousand Demons!”

Yuan Tian sneered, his eyes indifferent and numb, his love for Lin Xue had been shattered by her sword in the Immortal Gate Competition, and his hatred for her had been replaced by an even greater grudge.

Now he looked at Lin Xue as if she were a stranger, pointless and heartless, even faintly ridiculous.

“Once, you lied to me; twice, you lied to me,” Yuan Tian’s voice was very soft, and the ending sound mixed with disgust and mockery was like a soul-piercing nail that nailed Lin Xue’s soul to the pillar of shame, and he laughed, “Again and again, how long are you going to lie to me?”

“…… Lin Xue, you really let me down.”

Lin Xue opened her mouth, perhaps because his words were too harsh, bringing out many of Lin Xue’s old memories, in the moment when those memories were intertwined and entwined, Ning Qin’er found a gap to breathe, her brain remained clear for a moment and then was immediately pulled back by this powerful grievance and sadness.

Although it was only for a brief moment, she immediately remembered what she should do.

Lin Xue laughed to herself, “Disappointed? Perhaps, I have been a disappointment since birth, my parents died because of me, my master forced me to grow up with the cruelest means, but I still didn’t do it at the last moment, I let my sister go, although she died in the end at the hands of my master ……”

The director and the rest of the crew, who had been so engrossed in the show, all turned pale…

Ning Qin’er had changed her lines!

And it was a big change!

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