C3— Are You A Little Girl


I checked on the novels I haven’t updated in a while and saw that this one hadn’t been picked up, I justtttt forgot about it, I guess, buhhh it’s been picked up again by lil me. Enjoyyy.

Xia Ze looked at him with contempt and continued to walk to the lavatory, when he came back everyone had dispersed and sat down in their positions, Bai Qing was standing on the podium with a serious look and didn’t speak.

When Xia Ze sat down he opened his mouth and said, “The first in our class this time is Liang Xi, he isn’t only the first in our class, but also the first in our grade, let’s applaud. ”

The class instantly resounded with applause, Liang Xi stood up to face his classmates to thank them, with a clean and beautiful smile, a few girls were dumbfounded and forgot to clap.

After the applause stopped, Bai Qing continued, “But I still have to say, Liang Xi, why didn’t you write the essay ah, that could have several ten points ah, if it was about time, you have to control the time ah”

“Well, second place is our class president Zhang Xina, student Zhang Xina was squeezed down by Liang Xi, but your results are still very good, I hope you continue to work hard and catch up next time”

“Third place ……”

Every time someone’s name was called out, Bai Qing made two comments in passing, and by the time he got to Xia Ze, more than an hour had passed.

“The last one is Xia Ze, you really deserve it, the Chinese language, English, chemistry and biology teachers told me that you always turn in a blank paper, what do you want to do, to reduce their workload a little? You would have double-digit marks if you answer a few multiple-choice questions, why do you always turn in a blank paper? And your math and physics, you only answered the last question? Is it show how high your IQ is? I’ve told you that basic questions are important, so why don’t you do the front ones if you know how to do the last ones? It isn’t good to get a perfect score? Your attitude should be corrected. “

“It used to be fine, but this is the second semester of your sophomore year, and you’re already halfway through your high school years. The next semester is senior year, and you’ll know how tight time is when you get to senior year, so if you don’t hurry now, you’ll lose!”

These words were getting to him and he didn’t want to listen to him anymore, he stood up and interrupted him, “Teacher, I want to explain, I didn’t turn in a blank paper, I wrote on the answer card, at least I have a good attitude, right?

“What did you write? I only saw that you wrote your name, the rest is blank. Forget it, I am too lazy to continue. Come out and line up according to your grades. Let’s start to choose seats. “

Bai Qing was so angry with him that he forgot about the summary and skipped straight to the last step.

Because the tables and chairs next to the lecture table was too disorganised, Bai Qing had Liang Xi’s table and chair moved to Xia Ze’s table, and then made some minor adjustments to make the classroom layout look better.

The first person to choose a seat was Liang Xi, and everyone thought that according to his character, he would prefer a quieter seat, sitting in the corner and reading quietly, but they didn’t expect him to go straight to the center of the first row, with a smile on his face, completely different from his usual expression.

Xia Ze didn’t really care about these things and took the time to go to the bathroom to smoke a cigarette while waiting to his seat, and when he came back slowly, everyone had already finished choosing, and he walked towards his familiar seat, only to find that there was someone in his place, and it was Ju Yuan.

And there was only one empty seat left in the class next to Liang Xi.

Xia Ze stared at him with a clear meaning, “You want to get beaten up, don’t you? Go back to your seat!”

Ju Yuan looked at him with a look of begging pity, with a strong meaning, his chin raised and looked at the seat next to Liang Xi, “Sorry Brother Ze, everyone is afraid to sit next to him, only you can calm him down, please have mercy on this child.”

Bai Qing couldn’t understand what they were expressing by squeezing their eyebrows and seeing Xia Ze standing still for a long time, he said, “What are you doing standing there, why don’t you study hard if you don’t want to sit in that seat, next time you will be able to sit in the seat you want if you do well in the exam”

“Forget it”, Xia Ze thought about it and walked over and sat next to Liang Xi, he’d settle the score later, he couldn’t  let that humiliating scene be remembered.

He went to sit down next to Liang Xi, and before he could say anything, Liang Xi spoke first smilingly, “Hello, my name is Liang Xi, from now on we will be at the same table, please take care of me, by the way, what is your name?”

Xia Ze looked at him in surprise, what was he doing? He had defeated him and didn’t even know his name, was this sudden gesture of goodwill? He was acting like he didn’t remember him.

He wasn’t supposed to smile so cleanly, it didn’t fit his persona.

“Xia Ze”, Xia Ze replied to him with two simple words.

It just so happened that the school bell rang and Xia Ze stopped paying attention to him and went back to his old seat to pick up his satchel and leave, and before he left he also threw down a sentence to the owner of his current position, “Help me move my desk”

Watching Xia Ze go, Bai Qing immediately stopped him, “Don’t try to leave, since everyone has chosen a good position, then move your previous table first”

Xia Ze ignored him and continued to walk towards the door, and Ju Yuan immediately put a smile on his face and replied to Bai Qing, “Teacher, Brother Ze has something to do first, I’ll help him move”

Bai Qing knew that Xia Ze was stubborn and couldn’t be pulled back, so he reluctantly agreed, “Okay, help him move”

After everything was settled, Bai Qing announced the end of school and everyone left happily.

The next morning when Xia Ze arrived at the classroom, he was the last one again. He habitually walked to his familiar seat and found that the seat was Ju Yuan’s before he remembered that he had changed his seat last night, so he turned around and went to the first row.

Liang Xi saw him coming and wanted to greet him, but before he had a chance to speak, he saw Xia Ze flopping down on his desk, closing his eyes and falling asleep quietly, he was quite good-looking, with his fair skin and thick eyelashes.

After he fell asleep, he looked particularly gentle, and the hostile aura in his body disappeared a lot, but his sleeping posture was still very care-free.

Did he not sleep last night? Why did he come to the classroom early in the morning and start sleeping? Self-study would begin in two minutes, and the class teacher would scold him if he saw him sleeping.

Thinking about it, Liang Xi kindly nudged Xia Ze’s elbow, he moved very gently.

Xia Ze was about to fall asleep when he was suddenly pushed awake, he opened his eyes to look at Liang Xi and cursed, “What’s wrong with your brain?

Liang Xi was obviously not expecting him to be so angry, and was startled by his sudden rise in tone, then immediately apologized, “Sorry, class is about to start, I just wanted to remind you”

Xia Ze was shocked, not expecting him to apologize so quickly, he was ready to fight, to take the fire out of his heart, but hearing his reply made his anger disappear.

“Don’t call me if you see me sleeping in the future,” he said, and then he laid back down to sleep.

Liang Xi picked up his English book and stopped paying attention to him.

Xia Ze slept uneasily, Liang Xi’s voice was always in his ear, it never stopped since the morning self-study. In the morning self-study, he actively read a book, and in class, he actively answered questions and interacted with the teacher. Although he had a good voice, he couldn’t stand his loudness, it made Xia Ze upset.

Xia Ze couldn’t take it anymore, how could he sleep if he went on like this, and when the class was over, Xia Ze raised his head and wanted to tell him not to talk in class, but he didn’t expect him to talk first.

Liang Xi laughed after seeing him finally wake up, “You’re finally awake, go with me to the bathroom, you’ve been sitting here all morning.”

Xia Ze looked at him impatiently, why did he talk so much, he kept talking and talking.

Xia Ze resisted the urge to punch him, “Are you a little girl? You can’t go alone? Or should I hold it for you? ”

“Ah?” Liang Xi was a little confused by his series of questions, but he igoned it and continued, “Let’s go, just think of it as an activity”

Was this …… him playing with him? Xia Ze looked at his hand that was holding his elbow and said in a cold voice, “Let go”

Liang Xi let go of his hand and put away his smile, his expression became aggrieved.

D*mn! Xia Ze cursed himself, why did he feel guilty looking at his expression?

With a deep breath, Xia Ze stood up, hands in his pants pockets, and said, “Let’s go”

At once, a smile reappeared on Liang Xi’s face as he pulled Xia Ze out.

Xia Ze couldn’t help but pause, why did he have the feeling that he had been cheated?

When Liang Xi pulled him to the door of the toilet, Xia Ze suddenly stopped, “I’ll wait for you at the door, you can go in by yourself.”

Liang Xi nodded and went in, but just as he was washing his hands after going to the toilet, he felt a tap to his head from behind.

He looked up and saw a few unfamiliar faces in the mirror and asked, “Who are you? Can I help you?”

“Your father is the chairman of Liang’s group, right?”

The man standing at the front took the lead in opening his mouth, and his hands were stuck in his trouser pockets, which made him look like a rascal.

“Yes,” Liang Xi nodded, turned around and asked, “You know my father? Is there something?”

“We’re looking for you, wanna be our friend?”

“Friends?” Liang Xi seemed to be very happy, someone wanted to be friends with him so soon, he immediately agreed, “Okay”

“But since we’re all friends now, shouldn’t you honour us?” He said, while indicating with his hand.

Liang Xi immediately understood what they meant and couldn’t help but let out a laugh, “Friends? I think you guys are trying to extort me, if you need money, why don’t you earn it? Why would you want to get money through such means?”

They were obviously furious by his words and shouted, “Beat him up!”

A teenager behind him suddenly rushed out to stop him, “Brother, this isn’t good, Liang Group is behind him, if he goes back and sues us, then what will we do?”

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