Although it was already the beginning of spring, it was still a bit cold. Pedestrians on the road huddled themselves in their jackets in a hurry to escape from the cold.


But there was a young man on the road who was really different. He was dressed in a school uniform and a long black jacket, but what he was wearing on his leg was not school pants, but a pair of straight jeans, with his trouser legs folded up twice, which made his youthful aura more prominent. His hands were in his pockets, he seemed like he couldn’t feel the cold wind, and he walked on the street wantonly. His pace was lazy, his expression was puffed up, and he looked like the most handsome man in the world.


However, he was not the most handsome. He still had a place in the list of the most handsome in the area.


Xia Ze walked on the street like this, occasionally attracting the gazes of some little girls, making them stop and stare.


He took a few steps forward, stopped, thought for two seconds, and walked back again.


Walking to an alleyway, he turned his head, watching the scene made him excited.


The alley was dimly lit, and he squinted slightly to see four gangsters who didn’t look like good people. They formed a circle and looked ferocious.



In the middle of the circle stood a slightly shorter man wearing the uniform of the junior high school next door. He could not see the expression on his face clearly, but after hearing their conversation, he generally understood what was going on.



Xia Ze removed his hands from his pocket, his fingers moved, his bones and muscles moved, and two cracking sounds were heard.


The corners of his mouth rose slightly and he removed his hair from his forehead. Ah, what kind of peerless good luck did he have to be born again on the first day of school to be a hero.


With a serious face, Xia Ze quickly stepped forward and punched the gangster who looked like a leader in the face. Before the others could react, he jumped up and kicked the other in the face.


Opening a breach, he took the child in the middle and ran, hiding in a clump of plants on the street.


 Cursing violently, the gangsters chased them, they looked around and found no one, so they forgot about it and left.


Xia Ze pulled the child out of the grass. Seeing that he was a little scared, he took out a piece of fruit jelly and stuffed it into his mouth. He asked, “Is Brother Li not strong?”


This fruit jelly was given by one of his relatives when they got married two days ago. He felt it was very bad to eat, and if he threw it away, it wasn’t very good. He put it in his pocket, but he didn’t expect it would be used to coax a child.


Trembling, the child nodded, making Xia Ze wondering whether he was cold or scared.


When he got the answer he wanted, Xia Ze smiled, then squatted down, making him the same height as the child, he took out his wallet and handed it to the child in front of him, “This is your wallet, right?”


The little boy continued to nod his head, looking clever.


Xia Ze looked at his cute appearance and rubbed his hair. “Don’t bring so much money with you in the future. It’s okay to leave a few dollars for spicy noodles and save the rest in your phone.”


 After that, he got up and left without looking back. He looked like a living Lei Feng and did a good deed without leaving a name. He felt that the child behind him must have cast admiring eyes at him.

 [TN:Lei Feng was a soldier in the People’s Liberation Army and is a communist legend in China. After his death, Lei was characterized as a selfless and modest person devoted to the Communist Party] 

 He put his hands back in his pocket and walked on. There were still about ten meters left at the school gate. He heard the roar of the grade director, “Xia Ze, hurry up! You’re late again on the first day of school! “


Xia Ze smiled and kept the same pace. He walked slowly to the grade director and said, “Hey, director Ding, something happened on the way.”


 Director Ding reached out and adjusted his golden frame glasses, “What’s up? Robbed a kid’s wallet? “



“Ah?” Xia Ze was surprised, and then reacted. It was probably that he was seen when he returned the wallet to the child. Someone reported the news to the school. It wasn’t known what version it was when it reached Director Ding’s ear.


Anyway, he had an image of a street bully in the eyes of his classmates and teachers. It wasn’t surprising that they thought about this aspect. Xia Ze did not give too many explanations and only said, “I realized my mistake deeply and gave him back the wallet.”


 Director Ding looked at him scornfully, his facial expression clearly said ‘I don’t believe you ‘, but there was no evidence. He sighed and asked him to stand behind him


Xia Ze looked behind him. There were already four or five people standing behind him. They were all familiar faces, but he couldn’t remember their names, but they were people who were often scolded with him.


Xia Ze walked over and stood behind them for two minutes. Two more comrades came.


Director Ding probably estimated that no one would be late again. He walked up to them and said, “Tell me, you guys are late on the first day of school. This is the second semester of senior high school. This semester is only a few months. After this semester is over, you will be at year two. Will you be late again. There are always a few of you. Why are you so thick-skinned? Don’t you know have shame?


“And you, Xia Ze! Why did you wear school pants to highlight your difference? Then why don’t you take off your clothes and go to the roof? At that time, everyone’s focus will be on you! “


As soon as his voice fell, several other people laughed, but when they saw director Ding’s sharp eyes, they had to hold themselves back. They were very uncomfortable.


Director Ding was notoriously venomous. regardless of the gender, grades and mistakes they made, there was once a girl who came to class with makeup on. he made her cry directly. There were rumors that after his scolding, the girl suffered from depression and committed suicide.


However, the director of this grade met his opponent today. The opponent was Xia Ze, the most cheeky person in school.


After hearing director Ding’s words, Xia Ze smiled and said, “Director, the school pants are short and small, and the pants doesn’t fit me, which also affects my good looks.”


In an instant, everyone started laughing.


Director Ding’s face flashed a trace of frustration and his attention began to shift to the rest of the people, “What are you laughing at?! It’s that good to laugh… “


After that, he began his scolding for half an hour. Still, he was too busy at the beginning of school and let them go.


Xia Ze walked slowly into the classroom and headed for his seat. Because the number of people in their class was odd, he didn’t sit at the same table. He took a seat in the last row of the classroom by himself. Although there was no one could chat with, it was also quite good and he had a quiet place.


Immediately he sat down, Ju Yuan in the front row turned around and said, “Yes, Brother Ze, you did a big job early in the morning, and gave nothing to your brother?”





Xia Ze paused for a moment before he realized what he was talking about. It seemed that he was really brainwashed by Director Ding. He slowly took off his jacket and put it on the chair, then replied  “Go away, how can I give you my brother’s lunch money, and who did you hear about this?”


Ju Yuan looked at him, “Why? Want to get him? “


Xia Ze shook his head. “No, I want to thank him very much. After all, it has expanded my prestige.”


Ju Yuan’s face was full of disbelief. Although he said so, how come his eyes looked murderous?


“I don’t know,” Ju Yuan said with a smile, “I heard it spread everywhere in the morning, saying that you are robbing children’s money again. You are so handsome, but you just do some shameful things.”


“Are you looking for a fight?” Xia Ze threw a book at his head. “Don’t you know me? Don’t follow them around! I let you go undercover.


“Oww!” Ju Yuan touched his head. “People know my relationship with you, and they won’t tell me if they have information.”


In fact, he knew what kind of person he was. Although his bad deeds were widely spread in the school, he didn’t do anything, just because a video of his fight was released.


From then on, everyone said that he was a muddle-headed person. Once he had a little incident, it would be magnified indefinitely. Over time, he became the school bully in everyone’s eyes, and he was still the kind of person who was not easy to handle.


Everyone was curious about why he had not been expelled from the school. Most people heard rumors that he was too smart to leave any evidence after doing bad things. The school could not expel him for no reason, so he was able to stay.


“All right, I’ll let you go today, I want to sleep.” Xia Ze stopped talking about him and put his head on the table to sleep. He didn’t sleep all night yesterday, so sleepy that he fell asleep as soon as his head touched the table.


He didn’t know how long he slept. He was awakened by a burst of laughter. Xia Ze looked up discontentedly and looked around. On the platform stood the head teacher, who was staring at him. Everyone in the class was looking back at him, but when he looked at them, they turned around again. It seemed that they were afraid of provoking him. Xia Ze frowned. Maybe his aura was too heavy and scared them.


In fact, he didn’t need to guess what happened. The head teacher said something about him, which made the whole class laugh.


The head teacher’s name was Bai Qing. He was a 50-year-old man. However, he didn’t have a beer belly. He looked lean, taught mathematics, and had presbyopia. Therefore, he put on his glasses every time he read teaching materials in class. When he had to write a book on the blackboard or give a lecture, he took off his glasses, which was especially troublesome for once. Moreover, he moved slowly, which was especially worrying.


When he saw someone sleeping in class, he didn’t bring it up directly or hit people with a chalk, but made innuendos in front of the whole class.




In his class last semester, when Xia Ze was sleeping, he stood on the platform and said something like “Let’s talk quietly, don’t disturb the students sleeping in the back row”, “I’ve said it so many times, how can you still not understand it? The genius in the back row can understand it when sleeping”, “Seeing how good the student sleeping in the back row sleeps, he must be dreaming of doing math problems” and so on


These were also what he heard when he was sleepy. As for what he said when he was asleep, he didn’t know.


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