C41[Kill That Gentleman 4]

 The person who came was from the Island of the Ten Extremities informed Shen Jue and Liu Xuan to bathe and change their clothes immediately, and to go to the main hall of the Subterranean Palace of the Island of the Ten Extremities immediately.

Before Liu Xuan knew what day it was, Shen Jue already knew what day it was.

Today was the day he had been chosen in his previous lives, and after today, in a few days, he would be sent to Sang Xinghe’s bed.

When the person of the Ten Extremities Islands left, Liu Xuan was a little worried, for they had been here for so long and had never been summoned before. He couldn’t even eat, so he wanted to ask about the others, but as soon as he went out, he saw someone guarding the entrance of the courtyard.

They were from the Ten Extremities Islands.

They were guarding the location to prevent the Celestial Luo Body from escaping.

Liu Xuan was not particularly stupid and knew that the summoning was not an ordinary matter.

Shen Jue was the youngest of the group of Celestial Luo Bodies. Two days ago, when Shen Jue turned eighteen, Liu Xuan cooked a bowl of Longevity Noodles for Shen Jue. When Shen Jue turned eighteen, it meant that the twenty or so Heavenly Luo Bodies could choose their masters.

There was no way to hide whether the Celestial Luo Body was eighteen or not because once it turned eighteen, a small cinnabar-red mole would appear on the earlobe of the Celestial Luo Body.

Liu Xuan bit his hand in fear, but Shen Jue didn’t want to eat the fatty meat, so he had put down his chopsticks long ago, and when he saw Liu Xuan pacing nervously in the room, he reminded, “If we delay long, the people of the Ten Extremities Islands will be angry.”

Liu Xuan’s face was so worried that it was dripping with sweat. He saw Shen Jue acting normal, and he only thought that Shen Jue was heartless and was not worried about such a big event as choosing a master. But it was useless to be nervous, worried, or afraid, as the time had come.

After bathing and changing clothes, they left the courtyard and were led to the Subterranean Palace by the people of the Ten Extremities Island. On the way, Liu Xuan saw other celestial bodies and understood better.

When they arrived at the Palace of Subliminal Mind, some of the Celestial bodies were already sweating profusely, and some beads of sweat seeped out from Liu Xuan’s forehead, while Shen Jue did not sweat at all.

When they entered the Palace of Subliminal Mind, they were asked to take off their hats, and for a while, everyone was arranging themselves, but Shen Jue was standing there, so fresh that people felt relaxed and happy.

Shen Jue’s practice of the “Scourge of the Heart” seemed to have subtly affected Shen Jue’s physique, so that even on a hot day, he didn’t feel hot, and his body temperature was even a little lower than normal people.

After wiping the sweat from his forehead, Liu Xuan instinctively went to help Shen Jue, but was stunned when he saw that Shen Jue’s face was white and clean.

Shen Jue shook his head gently.

After all of them had stood in the Hall of Subliminal Mind for a while, a group of people came in from outside.

The leader of the group was dressed in mysterious clothes, with a high waist and long legs, and was so fierce that Shen Jue knew who the person was with just a glance.

It was the master of the Island of Ten Extremities, Yu Ci.

In fact, his appearance was rather feminine, but because of the rage in his eyes, no one dared to treat him as a woman. They saw him sitting in the first chair, with a long leg bent slightly, and looking at all the people in the temple defiantly.

“Are they all here?”

The left guardian of the Ten Extremities Island, standing beside him, bent his waist slightly and nodded, “Returning to the island master, all twenty-seven Celestial Luo bodies are already in the palace, the oldest being twenty-two years old and the youngest eighteen.”

After he finished speaking, he turned to the people in the palace and said, “You stand in a row according to your height.”

Shen Jue looked to his left and right. In his previous lifetimes, he had leaped upwards in the last few months, but in this lifetime, he was not taller, so he stood at the end of the line, and Liu Xuan, who was half a head taller than Shen Jue, stood at the back of the line.

As a result, the person who was originally standing beside Shen Jue was not Ji Lian.

He swept past them one by one. It must be said that although the celestial bodies were born beautiful, a row of celestial bodies standing in front of each other would only make people feel blind because they all had white skin and watery blue eyes.

When he swept over to Shen Jue, his gaze faltered.

Why was this one so short?

However, his gaze only stopped on Shen Jue for an instant, and then he moved his eyes away. He looked at Protector Zuo, who immediately nodded slightly, took a step forward, and said in a loud voice: “I have called you here today because of a matter. There is a guest of the Ten Extremities Islands staying at the Yi Shui Pavilion, and the guest has no one to serve him, so he needs a Celestial Luo Body.”

Although most people didn’t know that Yi Shui Pavilion’s guest was Sang Xinghe, they all knew that Yi Shui Pavilion was a person close to the heart of the island’s master, Liu Xie, and they even heard some ridiculous rumors, such as that Liu Xie had killed an impolite Celestial Luo Body, just because Yi Shui Pavilion’s guest was looking for the world’s greatest treasure.

The Celestial Luo Body was so precious, and yet, just because it said a few words about the Yi Shui Pavilion’s guest, he directly killed him.

They didn’t dare to go to Yi Shui Pavillion to serve, which was, to serve, but actually to serve as a bed-warmer for the island master’s beloved.

Liu Xuan had secretly inquired about it since he became wary of Ji Lian, and learned about the importance of Yi Shui pavillion’s guest. Even if the other party was Sang Xinghe, he would not go. He also specifically told Shen Jue, going there meant dying. 

So as soon as he said that, Liu Xuan immediately looked over at Shen Jue and saw that no one had come forward, he was slightly relieved.

No one was willing to go.

Guardian Zuo looked at Yu Ci.

Yu Ci’s face remained unchanged as he swept over the faces of the people in the palace again. Sang Xinghe was very reluctant to use a Celestial Luo Body to restore his martial power, so he still had to pick the one Sang Xinghe liked.

But what kind of person did Sang Xinghe like?

Yu Ci thought of Sang Xinghe’s little sister.

He had met her a few times, and every time she was by Sang Xinghe’s side, she was so stubborn that he couldn’t pull her away.

Perhaps, Sang Xinghe liked the little sister a little bit.

When Yu Ci thought of this, his eyes became a little colder. He turned his eyes, and his gaze fell on Shen Jue. If one looked at his figure, it seemed that this Celestial Luo Body was the closest to Sang Xinghe’s little sister.

At first glance, he realized that Shen Jue was different from the others.

The cheeks of the Celestial Luo Body next to him were all slightly red from the sun, and even more so, the sweat on the back of his neck couldn’t be stopped, except for Shen Jue, who was standing on his own.

However, this one was too weak to withstand the torment, and might not be able to use it many times.

He preferred the stronger one, so he looked at the team again.

So he looked at the first few in the line, who were slender, tall, and in the front. The people who were sized up by him were all tearful and sweating, and they hunched down unconsciously.

When he saw those people sweating so much, he frowned in disgust, and his eyes fell back on Shen Jue, who was still clean and fresh.

But it was really too weak, and he didn’t know if it could hold up in one round.

Yu Ci looked to the left protector, with a slightly disgusted tone, “That one is so weak, how did you send it up?”

After looking at Shen Jue, Guardian Zuo leaned over, “Island Master, that Celestial Luo body fell into the water a few months ago and had a serious illness, that’s why it looked feeble.”

“Fell into the water?” Yu Ci narrowed his eyes, “How did he end up in the water?”

The left guardian said: “I don’t know.”

“How is he related to the others?” Yu Ci asked.

Guardian Zuo thought about it. “Liu Xuan, who lives with him, is a recent group of celestial bodies sent to the island, and his relationship with other celestial bodies is not very close.”

So that meant he was not liked?

This was an advantage.

He asked Guardian Zuo to come over and whispered a few instructions.

When he straightened up, he said to all the people in the palace, “Since no one has volunteered, you will decide the winner by your martial arts skills.”

As soon as he said this, everyone was shocked.

The winner went, which meant they could lose without a word.

When Liu Xuan heard this, he wanted to go to Shen Jue. He thought that if he defeated Shen Jue first, then Shen Jue would not have to go. But before he could get to Shen Jue, he was pestered by someone, Ji Lian.

There were twenty-seven Celestial Luo Bodies in total, and as soon as the words of Dharma Protector Zuo fell, everyone started to fight, but only Shen Jue was left behind in the chaotic hall, because everyone felt that it was too difficult to lose to Shen Jue without a fight.

Shen Jue was known for his poor martial arts skills.

Yu Ci saw the abandoned Shen Jue and thought it was a bit funny, but what was even more interesting was that no matter how hard they fought, no one fought with Shen Jue.

Half a tealight passed, but Shen Jue was still alone in the palace.

There were only seven Celestial Luo Bodies left on the field.

After another round, Liu Xuan lost to Ji Lian and was knocked off the field, leaving only three people on the field.

Only three people were left on the field. Another person took one look at Shen Jue and attacked Ji Lian without turning back.

With so few people on the field, it was even more difficult to lose without a fight.

When Shen Jue saw the two of them fighting, he turned his gaze to the other man and struck him directly. There was nothing he could do. He wanted to lose this game.

In the end, it was Shen Jue and Ji Lian who faced off.

Ji Lian looked at Shen Jue and squeezed out a smile, “Fists and kicks have no eyes, so let it go.”

Shen Jue’s eyes were serious, “Brother Ji, I will.”

As he brushed past Shen Jue, he lowered his voice and said quickly, “Little Jue, do you want to go?”

Shen Jue shook his head slightly, and Ji Lian said, “Then lose on purpose later, don’t be afraid, I’ll protect you.”

He thought that Shen Jue would be so moved that he wouldn’t be able to bear to let him go.

But never would he have imagined that ……

As soon as his words fell off, Shen Jue fell to the ground in a very lame manner.

Ji Lian: “……”

Lu Ci: “……”

Did the dwarf think he was blind?

He didn’t even pretend well?

After Shen Jue fell to the ground, as if he did not notice the silence around him, he slowly got up, lowered his head, and said to Ji Lian, “I am not as skilled as others, so I admit defeat. After saying that, he was about to step aside.

Ji Lian’s face had become particularly ugly.

Yu Ci kept his eyes on Shen Jue, and when he saw that he was about to blend into the crowd, he coughedand someone immediately caught Shen Jue, who was trying to mingle with the crowd.

Yu Ci hooked his lower lip, “You moved too fast just now, I didn’t see it clearly.”

Ji Lian was overjoyed. He suppressed the joy in his eyes and pretended to look at Shen Jue with regret, while Shen Jue shrank down, seemingly reluctantly.

The second round began.

In this game, the dwarf was going to pretend.

In less than three strokes, Shen Jue fell to the ground again, even before Ji Lian’s palm touched him.

He glanced lightly at Yu Ci, and it turned out that Yu Ci was already angry.

Yu Ci felt that this little dwarf was challenging his patience, and even though he had made his words so obvious, couldn’t this little dwarf understand?

He looked to the side of the Left Protector.

When he saw the look in the eyes of the island master, he understood what the other party meant. With a slight nod of his head, he turned his head to the bottom and said, “Since the winner has already been determined, there is no need to fight anymore. Shen Jue, congratulations.”

Liu Xuan gave a cry and said urgently, “Didn’t Shen Jue lose? He’s down!”

The left protector’s face didn’t change, “No one said that the first one to fall is the one who loses.”

Yu Ci stared at Shen Jue fixatedly, and when he saw Shen Jue’s face turn white, the corner of his lips tugged upwards in satisfaction.

It was no wonder that such a person who fished in troubled waters could not grow taller.


Ji Lian: Let me…

Shen Jue: Say no further. dead.jpg

Ji Lian:… 😐

Shen Jue: Too much?

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